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Young and The Restless Spoilers for March 20 – March 24: Devon Loses His Cool With Amanda, Phyllis & Jeremy Advance Their Agenda, and Genoa City Celebrates its Bicentennial

These are the Young and The Restless spoilers for the week of March 20 through March 24, 2023. Y&R spoilers and sneak peeks are posted every Friday for the upcoming week!

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Coming up on The Young and The Restless this week…

Genoa City’s bicentennial celebration brings back some familiar faces to the town including Mamie Johnson, Nina Webster, Gina Roma, and Leanna Love.

Abby is forced to defend herself.

Phyllis takes matters into her own hands.

Devon seeks forgiveness from Amanda.

Monday, March 20

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Nikki enlists Traci’s help with the gala.

Diane finds Jeremy and Phyllis together.

Lily and Devon’s feud heats up as Amanda Returns to Genoa City.

Jack tells Traci that he and Diane are engaged.

Tuesday, March 21

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Audra pushes Elena’s buttons.

Devon loses his cool in the arbitration.

Victor has a proposal for Jill.

Audra tells Elena that she’s concerned about Victoria and Nate getting so close.

Wednesday, March 22

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Phyllis and Stark plan to make the gala night one everyone will remember… In their own way.

Jill makes a grand entrance to the arbitration and tells Devon and Lily that she wants to cancel the IPO and keep the company together.

Mamie Johnson – the Abbott’s long-time housekeeper – returns to Genoa City.

Thursday, March 23

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Victor and Nikki host the party of the year to celebrate Genoa City’s bicentennial.

Amanda & Abby face off.

To Jack’s chagrin, Ashley chooses to go to the gala with Tucker.

Friday, March 24

Victor and Nikki pay tribute to the past

Leanna Love returns to her former stomping grounds

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