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Y&R Recap – March 20: Jack Reveals a Secret to Traci, Diane Finds Jeremy & Phyllis Together, and Amanda Returns to Genoa City

Jeremy comes very close to Phyllis while he's talking

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, March 20 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Nate and Victoria talk

On the last episode of Y&R, Nate rebuffed Victoria’s advances, Adam wanted to run McCall to ensure a legacy for his baby, and Victor met with Devon about McCall Unlimited.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci welcomes Jack home and asks if he had a nice time away, as short as it was.

Traci talks with Jack in the Abbott Mansion

He says it was drama free, and he has some exciting news.

Traci asks what news he’s got for her.

Jack says that he proposed to Diane, and is a lucky man, because she accepted.

Jack talks with Traci

Traci says that it happened suddenly. She says she knew that Jack was going to find this type of love again.

She says she’s happy for him, and he deserves it more than anyone.

Jack says he appreciates that but isn’t sure what everyone else’s reaction to this news will be.

Traci and Jack talk

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Phyllis arrives in the hotel lobby and sends Stark a message that she’s on the way up.

Jeremy comes into the hotel lobby after working out

Jeremy comes into the lobby in workout clothes, he was obviously just in the gym. He calls her name.

Phyllis tells him to be quiet, they can’t be seen together.

Diane walks into the hotel at that moment and sees the two of them talking.

Diane comes into the hotel lobby and sees Jeremy and Phyllis talking

She says that she should have known, everything out of Phyllis’s mouth was a big fat lie.

Phyllis says she didn’t lie.

Diane says that she did in the restaurant by saying Jeremy had left town.

Diane stands in the lobby of the hotel and talks to Phyllis and Jeremy

Phyllis says she had no idea he was back.

Jeremy says he forgot his lucky socks and says that it’s a surprise to see Diane home again.

Diane says that his tactics don’t work on her, he has no power over her.

Phyllis and Jeremy are confronted by Diane in the hotel lobby

Phyllis asks Jeremy if he believes Diane’s bravado… Phyllis doesn’t find it believable at all.

Diane says it’s fresh hell to see them together.

Phyllis says that Diane would know what hell is, after being “dead” for years.

Jeremy looks at Diane as she talks to them

Diane says that Phyllis used Summer as a pawn in her scheme.

Phyllis says that at least Diane knew she was a terrible person before, but now she thinks she’s reformed.

Diane says she has reformed and has made every effort to change.

Phyllis and Jeremy talk to Diane

Phyllis says that some people don’t believe that, and that some people want to make Diane pay for what she did.

Diane says that she hopes that Jeremy and Phyllis will be happy together and that their machinations have only helped her relationship with Jack.

Phyllis says she doesn’t believe that, or Diane would be screaming it from the rooftops.

Diane gesticulates as she talks with Jeremy and Phyllis

Diane says Phyllis is obsessed with Jack, and that soon they’ll hear news about her and Jack. She says she doesn’t have time to talk to them and stalks out of the hotel.

Crimson Lights

Daniel comes into the coffee shop and sees Lily, who’s buying a coffee.

Daniel meets Lily at the coffee shop

Daniel asks Lily if everything’s good for the arbitration meeting.

Lily says she didn’t sleep well.

Daniel asks if they can sit and talk.

Lily and Devon talk as Lily fixes up her coffee

Lily says that she knows he wants to, but he can’t help in her fight against Devon.

They sit down and Daniel says he knows that family is important to her.

Lily says that’s why she got into business with Devon in the first place.

Daniel looks concerned as he talks to Lily

Daniel says there are a lot of variables, and tells her that every time he had a show that went wrong, he’d have a post-mortem and figure out what went wrong.

Lily says she’s tied that. She says that she really tried to work things out with Devon.

Daniel says he wants her to stop beating herself up about it, that it’s not her fault.

Lily talks with Daniel at the coffee shop

Daniel says that Devon acts like he’s the only one who can grieve for Neil.

Lily laughs and thanks him for saying that. She says Devon is trying to throw away everything they’ve worked for.

Daniel agrees and says she needs to walk into that arbitration thinking about what she wants, not what Devon wants.

Daniel and Lily hug

He says she’s got this, and to go get him!

Lily thanks him, and says she really needed to hear that. She gets up and hugs him.

Devon’s Penthouse

In the living room, Abby asks Devon how he’s feeling.

Devon and Abby stand in Devon's living room and talk

Devon says that he has a great attorney, and he feels confident.

Abby says the opposing council, Amanda, might be an issue.

Devon says that he can’t believe that Lily’s twisting the knife deeper by bringing Amanda back.

Abby and Devon talk in his living room

Abby says she’d like to go with Devon to support him, but Devon doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

She asks why Devon doesn’t want her there. Is it about Amanda?

Devon asks if she’s going to be comfortable with Amanda saying anything that she can use against him.

Abby looks down at Devon as they talk

Abby says she just wants to support him.

Devon says she would best support him by staying home with Dominic.

He asks if she’s going to talk to Victor about when he saw her at Devon’s in just a shirt.

Devon smiles as he talks with Abby

Abby says she wasn’t planning on it today. She asks Devon to keep his anger down, as Lily will use his emotions to manipulate him.

Devon says he won’t let his personal feelings affect what happens at the mediation.

Abby doesn’t look so sure.

Abby talks with Devon in his living room

Devon asks if she thinks he’ll start flipping tables when Amanda starts grilling him.

Abby says he has that capacity, but he usually keeps it under control.

She says they know he can lose his temper. She asks what will happen if Amanda gets in his face with a lot of questions.

Abby starts roleplaying as Amanda, getting really personal and in Devon’s face.

Devon responds as Abby roleplays

Devon says that Abby is preparing him for it, and he’ll play it cool.

Abby asks how he can be so calm.

Devon says no matter what happens, he has her and Dominic to come home to.

He says that a while ago they both agreed that with real love and a real relationship, people can depend on one another. He says he can depend on her.

Abby and Devon kiss passionately

Devon leaves and tells Abby not to worry. He says after the hearing, he’ll come home and they’ll have a lovely time at the gala that night.

She kisses him and wishes him good luck.

She thinks back to when they talked about what love felt like.

Devon said that love could be dangerous, but if it’s real, there’ll always be someone to catch you.

In her flashback, they talk about how someone had told her that she shouldn’t talk about love if she’s never been in love.

Abby smiles as she thinks about it.

Abby smiles as she thinks about Devon

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Y&R Comings and Goings Updated for March 2023

Y&R News


Traci and Nikki sit down and Traci says that she’s excited about the bicentennial gala later that night.

Traci and Nikki sit in the restaurant and talk

Nikki asks about the guests.

Traci says there are a bunch of VIP guests coming.

Nikki says it’s going to be an amazing celebration, and her only regret is that she and Traci didn’t spend enough time together planning it.

Nikki and Traci talk

Traci says there’s something about a masked ball that sparks the writer in here. She says the timing is perfect, they need a joyous occasion like this, especially in light of recent events.

Nikki asks what events she’s talking about.

Traci says that she’s just talking in generalisms, and thinks that it’s a great time to bring together people for something uplifting.

Traci and Nikki talk at a table in Society

Nikki says she’s not a good liar and asks whether Traci’s nervous about Jack and Diane’s rekindled romance, or whether it’s about Jeremy Stark.

Traci asks why she’d bring up Jeremy Stark.

Nikki says just to be clear, bringing Jeremy back to Genoa City was Phyllis’s idea.

Nikki folds her hands as she speaks with Traci

The Abbott Mansion

Diane comes home to the manse and tells Jack that she ran into Jeremy and Phyllis in the hotel lobby.

Jack sits on the couch reading a tablet when Diane comes into the room

Jack can’t believe it. He says that it’s bad enough, but she’s lied to Summer and Kyle too. He wonders what they’re planning.

Jack wonders why Phyllis is so against them.

Diane says that she and Phyllis fought for his love in the past and that the feeling has carried over into the present.

Diane talks passionately to Jack

Jack says that he thought her family would pull her back to reality.

Diane says that Phyllis only cares about her vendetta against her. She wonders what Jeremy and Phyllis have planned for her.

Jack says that he won’t let anyone take their happiness away.

Jack and Diane hug

Jeremy Stark’s Hotel Room

Phyllis asks what Diane was talking about downstairs.

Phyllis and Jeremy come into his hotel room

Jeremy says it doesn’t matter, and soon, whatever Diane and Jack have planned is a moot point, and they have to focus on their plan.

Phyllis says she’s got it.

Jeremy says he needs her full attention and needs to know if she’s 100% on board with him.

Jeremy and Phyllis talk

Phyllis tells Jeremy not to micromanage her.

Jeremy says they make a good team. Together, they could light the world on fire, and endless opportunities could open up for them.

He gets closer to Phyllis, and Phyllis tells him to focus. She says she won’t get distracted by some strong shoulders.

Jeremy comes very close to Phyllis while he's talking

Jeremy says he’s flattered.

Phyllis tells him he shouldn’t be.

Phyllis pats Jeremy's shoulder as she rejects his advances


Jeremy comes into the restaurant and sees Nikki at a table, signing the bill. He comes over and says it’s good to see her.

Jeremy comes up to Nikki in Society

Nikki says he doesn’t know her and she doesn’t want him there.

Jeremy says out of the three women who got together against him, she’s the one he’s most interested in.

Nikki tells him not to make assumptions about her.

Nikki looks up as she sits at the table and talks with Jeremy

Jeremy says that he’s only there to help her.

She says that’s rich coming from someone who was accused of stealing her necklace.

Jeremy says he was set up, and he’s not a danger to her.

Jeremy talks with Nikki

Nikki says that Victor Newman thinks differently, and to watch out for him.

Jeremy says that Diane will get what’s coming to her.

Nikki says she doesn’t give as much thought to Diane as he thinks she does.

Nikki gets up and talks to Jeremy

Jeremy says that he learned how to be patient in jail, especially since he wants to attend the gala tonight.

Nikki says his name isn’t on the guest list, and she’ll make sure he doesn’t get in.

Jeremy says he wants to make a donation to the gala foundation. He says he’ll do his part to make it a success, and it’ll be a night to remember.

Nikki leaves in a huff.

Nikki leaves Jeremy alone in the restaurant

The Abbott Mansion

Phyllis rings the doorbell at the Abbott house, and Traci answers the door and invites her in.

Traci invites Phyllis into the Abbott Mansion

Phyllis says she’s there to meet with Summer.

Traci says she’s on the way out, but Phyllis can stay there for a minute while she’s gone, as Jack and Diane are upstairs with Harrison, and Summer should be along soon.

Phyllis sees Diane's purse in the Abbott living room

She jokes that Phyllis can hang out downstairs and wait, as long as she doesn’t steal anything.

Traci leaves the house.

Phyllis looks around and sees Diane’s purse. She reaches in and pulls out the ring case and the ring inside.

Phyllis looks at Diane's ring

Diane comes down and asks what the hell Phyllis is doing, and why she’s lurking around.

Phyllis says that Traci let her in.

Diane accuses her of using Summer for whatever she’s up to.

Phyllis reacts to Diane

She says that now that she knows that Phyllis is working for Jeremy, she shouldn’t be at the house.

Phyllis slips Diane’s ring back into Diane’s purse and pretends to get a text from Summer. She leaves the house while Diane watches.

Diane watches as Phyllis leaves the house


Lily sees Devon outside the meeting room and says it’s their last chance.

Lily and Devon talk outside the mediation room

Devon asks what it’s their last chance for.

Lily asks if they can find some common ground.

Amanda walks in and tells Lily not to say another word.

Lily and Amanda stand side by side as they talk to Devon

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