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Y&R Recap – March 23: The Gala Begins, Amanda & Abby Face Off, and to Jack’s Chagrin, Ashley Goes to the Event With Tucker

Phyllis holds up a golden mask with gems for teardrops

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, March 23 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Jeremy smiles as he talks with Phyllis

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis & Stark vowed to make the bicentennial gala a night nobody could ever forget, Jill burst into the arbitration meeting with a proposal to cancel the IPO, and Jack welcomed Mamie’s return to the city.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Victor and Nikki get their pictures taken in front of a gala backdrop as they head into the party.

Victor and Nikki get their photos taken in front of a Genoa City Bicentennial backdrop. A bunch of photographers are taking their pictures.

Nikki and Victor go inside the club and Victor asks how Nikki pulled it off.

Nikki says she had plenty of help.

Victor says he thinks this will be the most memorable night in Genoa City… Ever.

Victor and Nikki talk inside the Athletic Club

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley comes down the stairs to answer the door. It’s Tucker.

Ashley answers the door to find Tucker there with a mask held up to his face

Tucker says he’s come to pick Ashley up. He asks if she’d like to come on a date with him to the gala at the Athletic Club.

Ashley says she’s going alone, and Tucker says she should go alone with him.

Jack comes down the stairs and sees Tucker at the door.

Ashley answers the door as Jack stands in the background looking at Tucker

Crimson Lights

Amanda says to Abby that she looks surprised, and asks if she forgot that she was there for the arbitration.

Abby says she didn’t forget about her. She says she’s sorry for what happened between them.

Amanda talks with Abby

Abby continues to apologize profusely and says that things just happened with Devon that night.

Amanda says she’s gone over that moment hundreds of times in her memory, but she doesn’t care anymore.

Abby asks why she came back if she doesn’t care.

She asks if Amanda is trying to punish Devon, and says that Amanda shouldn’t punish him for a mistake that Abby and Devon both made.

Abby talks with Amanda

Abby says that Devon is fighting with Jill and Lily and it’s tragic. She says that she hopes that Amanda can resolve the situation and that it can work out for everyone.

Amanda says that it’s nothing personal against Devon. She says she was hired to win the case, and that’s what she’s going to do.

She says she’s through with their conversation, and that Abby should “let the grownups figure things out”, and that she has no need or want to talk to Abby ever again.

Amanda and Abby talk

Devon/Nate’s Apartment Lobby

Devon steps out of the elevator and sees Nate locking the door to his own apartment.

Nate and Devon talk in their apartment lobby

Nate asks how things are with the arbitration, and says that he hates to see Lily and Devon at each other’s throats.

Devon says it’s a bit late for that.

Nate says it’s not too late.

Nate and Devon talk

Nate says that a highlight of his brief stint at Chancellor-Winters was watching Devon and Lily work together, and he doesn’t want to see the family break up.

He says that if there’s anything he can do to help, to let him know.

Devon says there’s nothing, and enters his apartment, leaving Nate alone in the lobby.

Devon and Nate talk


Lily and Jill are sitting in the restaurant talking.

Lily and Jill sit at a table and talk

Jill says that maybe Devon will come around if he takes the time to think about it.

Lily says that Jill didn’t consult with her and asks what Jill’s not telling them.

Lily says that Jill was convinced she should take the company public, and now she wants to stay private… She just doesn’t understand why Jill would change her mind about it.

Jill talks with Lily

Jill says that a strong leader needs to be able to change her mind.

She says that she spoke to somebody who reminded her what Katherine would want and got some sage advice and an alternative to the IPO. She leaves Lily at the table.

Sally’s Hotel Room

Nick enters the room and Sally says she’s nervous because she’s never been to a masked ball before.

Sally talks to Nick

She says she can see the Athletic Club from her room. She’s worried that she’s starting to “show” as she’s in her second trimester.

Nick jokingly asks if she’s showing and puts his hand on her stomach.

Sally says that she tried on her dress from a month ago, and she could see her baby bump.

She says she doesn’t want people to talk about her at the party.

Nick and Sally talk

Nick reassures her that people will only be looking at how stunning she is.

He says that he thinks her baby bump makes her sexy.

They kiss.

Crimson Lights

Victoria is at the coffee shop and thinks back to her conversation with Nick about Adam and McCall Unlimited.

Victoria thinks back to a conversation with her and Nick

In a flashback, Nick tells her that she should let Adam run McCall, and how she didn’t want that to happen, and said that she wouldn’t let Adam run the company.

At that moment, Adam walks into the coffee shop and interrupts her reverie.

Adam comments on how she’s taking a casual approach to the evening as he jokes about her outfit.

Victoria snipes a bit at him and then says that she hopes he doesn’t have his heart set on McCall Unlimited.

Adam and Victoria talk

She tells him that Newman will acquire McCall Unlimited and he won’t be the one running it.

Adam says that he was about to say the same to her.

As Victoria fixes her coffee, Adam says that it doesn’t matter what she’s heard about the McCall acquisition, she’s never going to control the company.

Adam and Victoria argue in the coffee shop

She tells him that Newman will take over McCall, and she’s in charge of Newman, so there’s a flaw in his logic.

They argue for a few minutes and Adam says that Victoria doesn’t know what she’s doing.

At that moment, Nate walks in and tells Adam that he should watch his mouth.

Nate comes into Crimson Lights and confronts Adam

Victoria tells Nate not to worry about her brother, he won’t be a problem.

Adam says that Nate either cares a lot about the acquisition, or he cares a lot about Victoria.

Adam asks Nate if Elena is going to the gala, or whether Nate and Victoria are going together.

Nate and Victoria leave Adam in the coffee shop

Nate scoffs and says of course Elena is going.

Victoria tells Adam that playtime is over, and Nate says he’ll escort Victoria out.

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Y&R News

The Abbott Mansion

Jack flips out at Ashley and says that he can’t believe that she’s going to the gala with Tucker.

Jack rants to Ashley about Tucker

Ashley says Jack needs to give it a rest.

Jack says Ashley doesn’t need to give Tucker his attention.

Ashley retaliates by telling Tucker that she’s ready to go on a date with him. They head out to the party.

Summer and Kyle come down the stairs and are surprised to see Tucker with Ashley leaving together

Kyle and Summer come down the stairs and see Tucker and Ashley leaving.

Kyle asks Jack what they missed… Why was Ashley with Tucker?

Jack says not to worry about Tucker and Ashley and says he wants to run something by them… He and Diane want to announce their engagement tonight.

Summer and Kyle ask why they’re making the announcement at the party.

Jack and Diane talk to Kyle and Summer in the Abbott living room

Jack asks Summer if she’s worried about how Phyllis will respond to it.

Summer says she doesn’t care, and if they want to announce it, they should.

Summer says they have to go tuck Harrison in.

Kyle says they should go without them, they may be a while.

Kyle and Summer excuse themselves to "tuck in Harrison".

Genoa City Athletic Club

Michael comes up and says hello to the Newmans who are sitting at the bar.

Michael, Victor, and Nikki sit at the bar talking

Nikki says that Michael is on the beverage board, and Victor has him to thank for the drinks he’s enjoying.

Michael says that things are moving ahead as planned, and can’t wait to unveil a little surprise for everyone.

Victor and Michael toast and Nikki tells Victor his only goal tonight should be to celebrate.

Michael suggests they go check to see if the room is ready.

Victor and Michael toast while Nikki looks on

Devon’s Apartment

Devon is sitting and looking at some family photos when Abby walks in. They kiss hello.

Devon and Abby kiss in his living room

Abby asks how things went, and Devon says the arbitration didn’t go well.

Devon says that he didn’t keep his cool, and tells her that Jill showed up and told them that she wants to kill the IPO and keep the company private.

Abby says that’s amazing, what great news! She says it could change everything.

Devon says that he can’t trust Jill and Lily to keep their word if he goes along with it.

Devon talks with Abby

Abby says she ran into Amanda, and they talked. She says that Amanda was very calm, but it went ok.

Devon says that’s a bright spot.

Abby says another bright spot is the city’s gala.

Devon says he doesn’t want to go, he’s not in the mood.

Abby kneels beside him and says that there’s something extraordinary happening tonight, and he needs to be at the gala.

Abby kneels next to Devon as he sits and talks with her

Genoa City Athletic Club

Tucker and Ashley show up and get photographed, and reporters ask if Ashley and Tucker are together.

Tucker and Ashley get their pictures taken

They laugh about it, and continue into the party.

Sally’s Hotel Room

Nick and Sally snuggle in bed, naked, and Sally says she’d love to stay in bed forever with him, but they have a party to get to.

Nick and Sally lie in bed and talk

She says that with him beside her, nothing can bring her down.

Crimson Lights

Adam tells Sharon that he was going to go solo to the party, but he says they should go together.

Adam talks with Sharon

Sharon says he just wants someone to complain to when he sees Nick and Sally together at the party.

Adam says that they’d have fun together.

Sharon says that she’s in, she can use some arm candy.

Adam says she’s made his night!

Sharon and Adam talk

Genoa City Athletic Club

Devon and Abby show up and get their pictures taken in front of the backdrop.

Devon and Abby get their picture taken

They say some words about how they’re excited to be there and celebrate the town’s 200th anniversary.

Jill, Daniel, and Lily show up.

The press asks for a group photo.

Jill tells everyone to keep smiling for the cameras.

Abby, Devon, Jill, Lily, and Daniel get their photo taken together

Inside the club at the bar, Abby tells Devon that she can’t believe they ran into Lily and Jill outside.

Devon says he’s not going to let it ruin his night.

He says that he’s looking forward to the surprise she has for him.

Devon and Abby toast with a glass of champagne each

Lily and Daniel come into the club and Daniel laughs and says it’s ironic that they ran into Devon.

He says they should get a drink, and they head to the bar and order champagne.

Devon looks over and sees them, and looks are exchanged between him and Lily, who covers her face with her mask.

Lily and Daniel are wearing masks as they enter the club

Tucker and Ashley sit down and joke about having to wear masks.

Ashley and Tucker sit at a table in the Athletic Club and talk

Victor comes up and says he hopes he’s interrupting something.

He says that he understands that Ashley bought Tucker’s debt, and wonders if it was to piss him off or whether she had other reasons.

Victor smiles as he talks with Ashley and Tucker

Nick comes up to the photo backdrop with Sally, and the photogs ask if he has anything to say.

Nick and Sally look at Adam and Sharon

Nick says they’re happy to be there.

Adam walks up with Sharon at his side, and looks are exchanged between the two groups.

Adam and Sharon look at Nick and Sally

The Abbott Mansion

Diane brings her engagement ring to Jack, and Jack places it on her finger.

Jack and Diane smile as he places the ring on her finger

She says she’ll cherish him and the symbol of his love for the rest of her life.

Jack says he can’t wait to tell the world about their engagement.

Jeremy’s Hotel Room

Jeremy looks at his watch and says it’s time.

Jeremy and Phyllis talk in his hotel room

Phyllis comes out of the washroom and asks how she looks.

He says she looks incredible.

They walk out of his hotel room, and Phyllis says it’s time to make things amazing.

Phyllis holds up a golden mask with gems for teardrops

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