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Y&R Recap – March 21: Devon Faces Off With Amanda, Victor Has a Proposal For Jill, and Audra Offers to Help Elena

Lily and Amanda sit at the arbitration table

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, March 21 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

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The Newman Ranch

Jill comes to see Victor.

Jill and Victor talk as they have a seat in the Newman living room

She says that she’s late for the arbitration, but Victor wanted to talk to her, and she wants to hear what he has to say.

Newman Enterprises

Nate comes into Victoria’s office and sits down across from her at her desk.

Nate and Victoria talk in her office at Newman Enterprises

Victoria says she’s glad he’s there, she wants to go over some budgetary items.

Nate says he wants to discuss something else first.

Audra comes to the door, sees them talking in the office, and walks away.

Audra sees Victoria and Nate talking

Nate asks if everything is fine between them… He doesn’t want what happened the other night to affect them professionally.

Victoria says she overstepped and apologizes if she made him uncomfortable.

Nate says she doesn’t feel like she’s overstepped. They laugh about it.

Victoria talks to Nate

Victoria says that she would have liked to explore their explosive chemistry, but understands they’re in two different situations. She says she saw something interesting in him and acted on it, but she respects his choice.

Nate says he’ll assume she means that.

Victoria says they’re smart, and can resist their attraction for each other… No matter how powerful it is.

Nate laughs as he and Victoria talk


Devon says hello to Amanda and tells her that he’s surprised to see her… He thought she’d never want to see him again.

Devon talks to Amanda and Lily in the hall of the arbitration

Amanda says that she sees this as a natural extension of working with Jill and Lily.

Devon asks if it’s about revenge.

Amanda says she’s there for the arbitration and that watching him lose is just a perk.

Christine comes to the arbitration, and meets Devon, acting as his council

Christine comes by and tells Devon to head inside the room.

She tells Devon that he seems rattled.

He says they’re getting to him a bit.

Lily and Amanda sit at the arbitration table

Lily and Amanda come in, along with the arbitrator.

Devon asks where Jill is.

Amanda tells the arbitrator that Ms. Abbott will join them as soon as she is able to get there.

Christine and Devon sit at the arbitration table

Newman Media

Elena comes to Nate’s office and asks Audra if Nate is around.

Elena speaks with Audra

Audra says Nate is in a meeting with Victoria and invites Elena to have a coffee with her.

The Newman Ranch

Victor says he’s surprised that Jill wants to pit Devon against Lily.

Jill says she takes no pleasure in the battle with Devon but has no choice.

She says that Devon accepted the merger knowing that Jill would retain a controlling interest, and she likes the company the way it is.

Jill and Victor sit and talk

Victor asks how Katherine would feel if she knew that Jill was playing hardball with her grandson.

Jill says that he’s playing the Katherine card and she misses Katherine dearly, but she doesn’t miss how Katherine ran the company.

Jill continues and says that Devon’s playing with a weak hand, and has no legal standing.

Jill talks with Victor

Victor says that sounds about right, but figures that her personal relationship with Devon is going to suffer damage.

He says that he’d like to offer her an alternative.

Jill says that Devon wants his autonomy, and wants to hear what Victor has to say.

Victor talks with Jill

Victor says that by going public, she’s inviting shareholders to make company decisions, and he understands why Devon might be against that.

He says that maybe Jill didn’t think it through.

Jill is affronted and says that she thought he had a proposal.

Jill throws up her hands as she talks with Victor

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Y&R News


Christine talks to the arbitrator, saying that Hamilton-Winters was founded by family and recounts how Hamilton-Winters was started. She says that Chancellor Industries coerced Devon into merging.

Christine continues and says that shortly after they convinced Devon to merge, the family-run company was then put up for an IPO, and was no longer going to be a family company.

She says that Devon is simply asking to walk away with the company that he and his father created.

Amanda speaks with the arbitrator

Crimson Lights

Elena and Audra sit down and have a coffee in the cafe.

Elena and Audra sit at a table in the coffee shop and talk

Elena says she’s struggling with how much time Nate spends at work.

Audra says it’s not her place to say it, but Victoria and Nate are very close.

Elena says that he’s a social persons, so she can understand that.

Audra talks with Elena

Audra says that Nate and Victoria’s relationship doesn’t feel like a normal employer/employee dynamic.

Elena asks how so.

Audra says they’re always together, and she thinks there’s a lot more going on between them than just business.

Elena and Audra sit and talk in the cafe

Elena looks thoughtful.

Audra says it must be difficult to hear.

Elena thanks her for her honesty and asks if Audra thinks that Victoria and Nate are having an affair.

Audra and Elena sit and talk over coffee

Audra says that if they haven’t done anything physical yet, she thinks they’ll act on it soon.

Elena says she doesn’t see why Nate would jeopardize their relationship, as they went through a lot previously.

She says they’re all adults and she has to make a choice. She wonders if she should confront him.

Audra and Elena sit and talk

Elena says that Nate loves his job, and he’s passionate about it, and Victoria has him right where she wants him.

Audra says that she has an idea of how to change the dynamic.

She says that she did research on Victoria and says that Victoria’s had some extreme relationships in the past, and wonders if Elena knew about Ashland Locke.

Elena talks with Audra

Elena says he was a friend of Nate’s, but he was a piece of work.

Audra agrees and starts talking about J.T. Hellstrom, one of Victoria’s exes, and how he was violent and almost killed a few people, including Victoria.

Elena says she remembers his story. She says his behavior wasn’t his fault on account of a brain tumor that caused the changes in his personality.

Audra says that JT has been released from prison and has been out of the public eye, but with Elena’s medical background, she should make one of her podcasts about JT.

Audra smiles as she talks to Elena

Audra says it’d be a great way to restart the podcast, and she could bring JT back to the spotlight.

Elena says she doesn’t want to exploit anyone for ratings.

Audra says that it would help JT and the listeners heal and it would give her a reason to work closely with Nate.

Elena says it’s true, and she would like to work directly with Nate.

Elena and Audra sit and talk over coffee

Audra says that looking into JT might make Victoria think about things differently, that maybe she still has feelings for JT… She says it’d be a win-win situation.

Elena says she likes the thought of bringing awareness to brain tumors and how they can affect people, but there’s a downside…

She doesn’t want to toy with Victoria’s emotions just to turn him away from Nate, so she can’t agree to it.

Elena says that Audra’s given her a lot to think about, but the podcast is off the table.

Audra and Elena talk in the cafe


Amanda says there’s no doubt that Devon’s work that he put into Hamilton-Winters was admirable, but he entered into a contract.

Amanda continues that there was nothing in the contract that precluded the company from going public.

She says that Devon came to arbitration to get the arbitrator to help him breach a contract.

The arbitrator looks at Devon as she listens to Amanda

Amanda goes on to say how the two companies had made compromises before the merger, and she had gone through the merger papers and ensured things were fair to both parties.

She says that Nate is calling foul and pointing fingers at her clients. She says that there’s only one person who is responsible for trying to break up the company, and that’s Devon.

Devon asks if they can take a recess, and the arbitrator says they can have lunch.

Devon squirms uncomfortably as he requests a recess from arbitration

The Newman Ranch

Jill tells Victor that the IPO was not unvetted or impulsive on her part.

Victor says he didn’t mean to imply any wrongdoing on her part, but he knows that she wants to keep control.

Jill says she cares about the bottom line.

Jill gestures as she speaks with Victor

Victor says he thought of taking Newman public, but he didn’t want strangers making decisions. He says that he would only do it if he needed the money, and suspects that Chancellor-Winters needs money, and that’s why they’re taking it public.

Jill asks what he’s about.

Victor says that she should look into private investors to raise money instead.

He says that if Devon keeps on that path, he’ll destroy the company that Neil made.

Victor sits and talks with Jill

Jill says it’s about Neil, then.

Victor says it’s about Neil and Devon, and that he wants to make sure that the legacy of Neil’s company passes down to his grandson.

Jill asks what he’s proposing.

Victor says that he will offer her the money that he thinks she’ll need to keep the business afloat without going public with it.

Jill talks with Victor

Crimson Lights

Amanda and Lily sit in a booth at the coffee shop and talk, and Amanda asks how Lily thinks things are going.

Amanda and Lily sit and talk in a booth in Crimson Lights

Lily says that she thinks that Amanda is attacking Devon both personally and professionally.

Amanda says that Devon is trying to destroy everything that Lily’s worked for. She says that Lily worked many late nights, and Devon didn’t put as much time and energy into the company as Lily did.

Lily sits and talks with Amanda

Lily says that Daniel told her the same thing.

Amanda says that she’ll do anything to make sure that the companies stayed together. She tells Lily that she has to let her work her way. She says that Jill wants Chancellor-Williams to stay intact and she intends to deliver.

Amanda talks with Lily as they sit in a booth in the coffee shop

Newman Enterprises

Victoria and Nate talk about finding new revenue sources, and Nate says he’ll go over some items line by line to make sure they find what they need.

Victoria smiles as she sits and talks with Nate

Nate looks distracted, and Victoria asks if there’s a problem.

Nate says he’s having problems concentrating, as Devon and Lily’s arbitration is ongoing. He says he’s worried about them both and wishes he could help.

Victoria says that she understands that Nate wants to make things right in the family. She says that convincing Nick to come back to Newman was very satisfying.

Nate talks with Victoria

Nate says it must be, but it didn’t work out for him, and he takes responsibility for it.

Victoria says she hopes he can heal the rift in his family.

Nate says he does too.

Victoria says she’s been with people who were morally unscrupulous, so she appreciates that he’s doing the right thing. She says he needs to cut himself some slack.

Victoria and Nate sit and talk


Devon and Christine sit and talk, and Devon apologizes and says he shouldn’t have asked for a recess.

Devon and Christine sit and talk at a table in Society

Christine says that it’s the lawyer’s job to ask for it.

Devon says he was frustrated by Amanda and he couldn’t help himself.

Christine says he has to try not to let it affect him.

Devon talks with Christine, his lawyer

Devon says that Amanda just wants to watch everything he’s built burn to the ground.

Christine says she empathizes, but he has to keep things under control. She says they’re counting on him to explode.

Devon asks her if she got a read on the arbitrator.

Christine and Devon sit and talk at a table in Society

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