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Y&R Recap – March 22: Phyllis & Stark Plan a Gala Nobody Will Forget, Jill Proposes a Deal, and Mamie Returns to The Abbott Mansion

A young Mamie talks with Jack

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, March 22 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Devon talks to Amanda and Lily in the hall at the arbitration offices.

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon faced off with Amanda at the arbitration table, Victor had a proposal for Jill, and Audra offered to “help Elena.


The arbitrator says that the relationship between the parties has become unproductive.

Devon, Christine, Lily, and Amanda walk into the arbitration room

She asks for there to be no further interruptions to the proceedings and then asks if there is anything anyone would like to start with.

The two lawyers jump on top of each other’s words as they both have something they’d like to bring up.

Jeremy’s Hotel Room

Phyllis tells Jeremy that she found a giant ring in Diane’s purse.

Phyllis talks with Jeremy in his hotel room

Jeremy says this must be what Diane was talking about.

Phyllis says she’ll never see Summer again because of Diane’s antics. She says, “This evil must be eradicated.”

Jeremy says that with their plan, Diane will be stopped dead in her tracks.

Jeremy talks to Phyllis in his hotel room

The Abbott Mansion

Jack brings Diane a dress for the bicentennial, and they talk about having a celebration of their own.

Jack says they should tell everyone at the gala that they’re engaged.

Diane asks if he’s sure.

Diane and Jack smile and talk

Jack says they’ll be the toast of the town.

Diane says they’ll have to face their critics, and Jack says they’ll face them together. She agrees after a moment.

She tells Jack that Phyllis came by looking for Summer, and she was acting “off”.

Jack and Diane stand and talk

Jeremy’s Hotel Room

Phyllis says that Diane will make the whole gala about her by parading around with her “big disgusting ring on her finger”.

Jeremy says that Diane will get what’s coming to her.

Phyllis says she doesn’t know why she’s the only one who sees through her.

Phyllis gesticulates as she talks to Jeremy

Jeremy says they will have to make their move at the gala.

He says because it’s a masquerade ball, he can work his magic behind a mask and nobody will know he was there.

Phyllis worries that things will go awry.

Jeremy talks with Phyllis

Jeremy says it’ll happen with clockwork precision.

Phyllis says it’s literally life or death.

Phyllis holds her phone with tears in her eyes

Her phone pings, and Jeremy asks who’s messaging. She says it’s her daughter, Summer.

She looks upset as she holds the phone and Jeremy asks her if she’s having a change of heart.

Phyllis says that if they go through with this, her entire life will change, and every day will be about keeping the biggest secret she’s ever had in her life.

Phyllis leaves Jeremy's hotel room

Jeremy asks if she’s afraid of lying now. He says it’s her final chance to call it off.

Phyllis says she has to go and hurries out the door.


Amanda is talking to the arbitrator when Jill walks in, saying how she’s sorry she’s late.

Jill comes into the arbitration room and holds her hands up as she passes Amanda and Lily

Amanda asks her to have a seat, but Jill declines.

Jill walks to the end of the table and says she is going to solve the whole mess right now.

Jill stands at the end of the table

Crimson Lights

Daniel and Chelsea sit down at a table and discuss some scenarios that Omega Sphere will have in the game.

Daniel and Chelsea sit in the cafe and talk

Chelsea says they’re changing the world one player at a time.

Daniel says it’s an honor to work with her, and says they’ve both been through rough times and that it’s nice they can help people.

Chelsea thanks him.

Chelsea and Daniel talk over coffee

Daniel says she can thank him by designing a great game world. He leaves, and Billy comes in.

Chelsea says he looks like he just won the lottery.

Billy says he might have… He took the job offer at Jabot.

Chelsea says she thinks things are going to be great for both of them.

Daniel and Chelsea stand in the coffee shop and talk

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says he won’t let Phyllis or Stark or anyone else rob them of their happiness and he wants to shout it from the rooftop.

Diane says she can’t wait to tell everyone as well. She says that they were going to hold off until they knew that Kyle was fine with their engagement.

Jack says he hasn’t talked to Kyle, but he’s sure he’s good with it.

Diane smiles as she talks with Jack

The doorbell rings and Jack answers the door.

It’s Mamie! Jack welcomes her with open arms and they hug.

Mamie comes in and sees Diane.

Mamie and Jack embrace each other at the door

Mamie sees Diane and says, “But you’re…”

Jack interrupts and says that he can’t wait until Ashley and Traci see Mamie again.

Jack asks how long it’s been.

Mamie holds a cup of tea as she sits and talks with Jack

She says it’s been a long time, and she hopes that he found it in his heart to forgive Dina.

Jack says they found peace before Dina died.

Mamie says she can tell he’s in love.

Jack and Mamie sit and talk to one another

Jack laughs and says she can still tell.

She says that she’s surprised he’s back with Diane.

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Lily asks Jill what’s going on.

Jill says it’d be a perfect time for a break. Maybe a mini-break.

The arbitrator says that if there’s a way to fix things, they should have done it before starting the arbitration process.

Lily and Amanda look on as Jill talks to the room

Jill says that may be so, but she needs to speak to all the parties and it shouldn’t take long to resolve this.

Devon says he’s willing to listen.

Jill asks if they can give it one more try without the attorneys, and they can come back if it doesn’t work out.

Devon and Christine talk as Jill speaks with them

Christine tells Devon that she doesn’t advise it.

After a bit of talking, Devon and Lily agree to leave the lawyers out of it.

Christine and Lily leave the room, leaving Devon and Amanda alone.

Devon and Amanda talk in the arbitration room

Devon tells Amanda that she had a lot of fun tearing him down during the hearing.

Amanda says that if he thinks that, Devon will never understand her, and that every minute was a painful reminder of a man who would humiliate her in such a hurtful way.

She says she didn’t see it coming, especially not with Abby. She tells Devon that she takes no pleasure in any of it, and she’s thankful that she knows the truth about him now. She leaves the room.

Devon has a sour face after speaking with Amanda


Diane sits down with Kyle at a table, and says that Jeremy is back.

Diane sits with Kyle at a table in the restaurant

Kyle’s shocked and says that he had confirmation that Jeremy had bought a ticket.

Kyle messages Summer and tells her that her mother has teamed up with a monster.

Diane speaks with Kyle

Diane tells Kyle that security details will take care of him and the family.

She wonders if he’s given any thought about his parents getting married.

Kyle says that they should talk, all three of them so there are no misunderstanding.

Kyle and Diane sit at a table and talk

The Abbott Mansion

Mamie looks around the room, remembering Jack talking about Diane to him years ago, and when he told her he was marrying her.

Billy walks into the house and calls out for Jack. He sees Mamie and gives her a big hug.

Mamie asks about Billy’s mother.

Billy says she’s the same as she always is. They laugh together about that.

Billy and Mamie talk

Mamie says it feels like home. She heads upstairs.

Billy asks whether Jack knew anything about Mamie coming back, and Jack says he had no idea.

Billy says he’s ready to come to Jabot.

Billy and Jack stand and talk in the living room

Jack asks if he’s serious.

Billy says with everything he’s learned, he’ll do the old man proud this time.

Jack says there’s been a change in Billy, he thinks it’s because of Chelsea.

Jack and Billy stand and talk

Billy laughs and says that Chelsea’s been through hell, and it’s made him realize that what doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger.

Jack says that he can’t be happier for Billy. He hugs Billy and says, “Welcome home.”

Jack and Billy hug

Billy asks what’s happening that evening, as Jack looks like the cat who’s got the canary.

Jack, with a twinkle in his eye, says he has no idea what Billy’s talking about.

Kyle and Diane come in, and Billy leaves.

Kyle says he wanted to speak to both Jack and Diane at the same time.

Kyle and Diane enter the Abbott home and see Jack and Billy talking


Jill and Lily sit at a table in the restaurant and talk.

Devon joins them and asks what this is about.

Devon joins Jill and Lily at a table in Society

Jill says she’s reached a decision, mutually beneficial to everyone.

They ask what she’s proposing.

Jill says the IPO is dead, and the company will remain a private entity.

Jill talks with Lily and Devon

Lily asks how she changed her mind, just like that…

Jill says that since it’s a private company, maybe Devon can accept it, too.

Devon and Lily listen as Jill tells them her plan

Jill says she knows it’s a lot to take in.

Devon asks how they expect them to work together after what Lily said.

Lily responds, and Devon verbally attacks her, saying that she hired Amanda to instigate him.

Lily sits and listens to Jill talk

Jill pounds the table and says they have to stop fighting. She says that she wishes she had a time machine and could go back to before the IPO.

Devon says he can’t get over it, and he’s not willing to budge.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Phyllis comes down to the hotel lobby from Jeremy’s room and sees Summer waiting for her there.

Phyllis meets Summer in the hotel lobby

Summer remarks that Phyllis sure got there quickly.

She asks if Phyllis lied straight to her face about Jeremy leaving town.

Phyllis tries to explain herself, but Summer doesn’t let her.

Phyllis and Summer talk in the hotel lobby

Summer says that Phyllis joined forces with Stark. She says she doesn’t know who Phyllis is anymore.

Phyllis says she’s Summer’s mother and she would do anything to protect her family.

She says that everything she does is to keep Summer safe and protected.

Phyllis and Summer talk

Summer says it’s hurting and traumatizing her. She says she needs Phyllis gone before someone gets hurt.

Phyllis stalks away back to the elevator.

Crimson Lights

Abby is in the cafe, and sends Devon a text message asking how things are going. Amanda walks into the cafe and sees her there.

Amanda and Abby meet in the lobby of Crimson Lights

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Kyle that they want to hear his thoughts.

Kyle says that he’s been thinking of how this will affect everyone’s lives. He says the road to true love never runs smooth.

He says that Diane and Jack love each other, they’ve proven it to each other, and says he won’t stand in their way.

Kyle speaks with Jack and Diane

Diane asks if he’s ok with their decision.

Kyle says of course, and they have his blessing.

There are hugs all around.

Jack goes to hug Kyle as Diane smiles in the background

Jeremy’s Hotel Room

Phyllis knocks on Jeremy’s door and comes inside.

She says she’s in, and this will be a party the town will never forget.

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