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Y&R Recap – Wed Nov 29: The Newmans Are Freed, Claire is Arrested, but Jordan Evades Capture

Nick getting bandaged, Claire being led away by police.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Nikki, Victor, Nick, and Jordan.

On the last episode of Y&R, Nick was slashed by Jordan’s knife as Nikki fought through alcoholic hallucinations to rejoin Victor, while Jordan revealed she stole Claire as a baby.

Newman Media

Audra walks into the office carrying some files. She places them on Nikki’s desk and calls Nikki, leaving a voicemail asking for clarification on some deals they’re working on. She says she’s left multiple messages and asks Nikki to phone her as soon as possible.

Audra Charles.

Crimson Lights

Billy calls Victoria and leaves her a voicemail. He asks if she can call him back.

Nate comes into the shop and orders a coffee.

Billy Abbott talks to Nate Hastings.

Billy asks Nate if he’s heard from Victoria.

Nate says he hasn’t… Why?

Billy explains that Victoria left him a message saying that Nikki had a seizure and she was flying to Oregon to see her. He says he hasn’t heard anything from her since.

Nate talks to Billy.

Nate asks Billy if he knows what type of seizure it was and says that Nikki’s MS could put her in a vulnerable condition.

Billy says he doesn’t know anything more. He figured that Nate would be Victoria’s first call and is surprised that Nate doesn’t know anything about it.

The Lake House

Nick stumbles down the stairs, gasping in pain from being slashed across the torso by Jordan.

Victoria crawls across the floor to him, calling his name, while Claire looks on in shock.

Victoria Newman and Nick Newman.

In the upstairs bedroom, Jordan asks Victor if there’s something wrong… Is he feeling a little piqued? Is the poison getting to him?

Victor holds Nikki and points at the knife in Jordan’s hand. He asks whose blood is on the knife.

Victor Newman and Nikki Newman.

Jordan says it’s not Victor’s… Yet.

Victor tells her to put down the knife, but Jordan just laughs. Victor tells her if she’s going to use the knife, she’d better make it fatal, because he’s going to come after her.

Jordan just laughs.


Crimson Lights

Nate joins Billy at a table. He texts Victoria. “Everything all right? I’m with Billy. We’re both concerned.” He tells Billy he’ll let him know if Victoria responds.

Nate sends Victoria a text message.

Billy asks if he’s missing something… Are Victoria and Nate not together anymore?

Nate says he doesn’t feel like he needs to get into it.

Billy disagrees. He has two kids with Victoria, and if Nate’s going to be in their lives, he needs to know.

Billy talks to Nate.

Nate says his situation with Victoria won’t affect their kids at all.

Billy says he’s heard that Nate’s leaving Newman… Does this have anything to do with it?

Nate says he and Victoria have hit a rough patch.

Billy asks what Nate did.

Nate Hastings.

The Lake House

Jordan is incredulous that Victor is ordering her to put the knife down after what he’d done to her sister and her family.

Victor says Jordan has conveniently forgotten that Eve tried to kill his wife.

Nikki and Victor Newman.

Jordan says they’re living together happily ever after at the expense of her sister’s sanity. She says Victor destroyed Eve and allowed Victoria and Eve’s son, Cole, to abandon their baby.

Victor says they did no such thing.

Jordan says maybe Claire was better off because the Newmans would have never loved her because she was Cole’s daughter. She loved Claire, though! She gave her guidance and a purpose. Without Jordan, Claire would have become a broken woman.

Jordan holds a knife.

Victor says Jordan turned Claire into a monster.

Jordan says she hated bringing Cole into it, but it was for a greater purpose, and maybe someday, he’ll forgive her.

Nikki asks what Jordan is talking about… She doesn’t get it! Cole? Baby Eve?

Nikki Newman.

Victor comforts Nikki and tells her that Jordan is trying to kill them.

Jordan laughs. She says it’s over; she’s already killed them… Don’t they feel the poison in their body? Is Victor slurring his words like his drunk wife? She says it won’t be much longer now.

In the living room, Cole crawls over to Nick and takes off his jacket. He places it over the wound on Nick’s torso and presses down, telling Nick he’ll be okay and not to give up.

Victoria, Cole, and Nick.

Victoria pleads with Jordan to call an ambulance.

Claire says it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Victoria was supposed to be hurt emotionally and destroyed by the news her daughter had found her. Claire’s waited twenty years for this! Victoria was supposed to tell her how horrible she felt for leaving her and how much it haunted her! She wants to hear Victoria tell her that she’s sorry.

Victoria says she is sorry. She’s sorry for the lies that her aunt told her to believe these terrible things. She’s sorry for the way she was raised to be filled with so much hate.

Claire Grace.

Claire says that her aunt wouldn’t lie to her.

Victoria says they loved their baby and were destroyed when Eve died.

Claire protests that she’s baby Eve.

Cole Howard.

Cole tells Claire she’s been lied to her entire life, and she’s been living with her misguided anger for too long. It all ends right here! Claire shouldn’t want to kill the ones that didn’t do anything wrong. She’s better than that!

Victoria pleads for Claire to listen to Cole. Deep down, Claire knows this is wrong! She says they’re dying, and Claire knows it. She begs Claire to call an ambulance and promises to help her if she does.

Claire looks torn.

Claire holds her head.

Victor tells Jordan that if the poison is already killing him, he might as well take her down with him! He lunges at her and knocks the knife from her hand.

They struggle briefly, and Victor throws Jordan onto the bed and helps Nikki through the door, locking Jordan in the room behind them by throwing the deadbolt.

Victor and Nikki run down the hallway.

Crimson Lights

Nate says that he finds it amusing that Billy figures Nate did something to cause his dismissal from Newman.

Billy says it doesn’t matter if it was Nate’s fault or not… The Newmans would make it look like Nate’s fault; that’s how they roll. What happened?


Nate says he was caught in one of Victor’s infamous traps.

Billy smirks and says that as an ex-son-in-law of Victor’s, he prides himself on those traps. He relates how Victor had Victoria arrested on her wedding day to try to stop her from marrying Billy.

Nate laughs.


Billy says that there are two ways of dealing with Victor’s traps. Gnaw off your leg and fight, or cut your losses and show yourself the door.

Nate says he chose the door.

Billy says that Victoria must be upset that Victor took back the CEO position… Is that how this all began?


Nate says it began and ended with that. He’s not going to get into the details with him, but medically, professionally, and ethically, he felt he did everything right. He says that Victor misinterpreted his advice, and because of that, so did Nick and Victoria.

Billy says that Victoria has grown up a lot and doesn’t follow her father’s lead like she used to, so she must have had a reason to turn against Nate, and it wasn’t just because her father did.

Nate says he doesn’t have the patience to explain it to someone whose opinion doesn’t matter much to him.


Billy says he doesn’t know how not to be offended about that.

Nate says he’s learned that Billy can’t be objective regarding his relationship with Victoria, so he can’t put that much weight into his opinions either.

Billy says that’s fair, but he sympathizes with Nate about being the “latest Victor Newman casualty.”


The Lake House

Victor and Nikki make their way carefully down the stairs.

Victoria pulls herself to her feet, crying out for her mother. She hugs her, thankful that she’s okay.


Nikki says she wouldn’t call it okay, but she will be.

Claire looks worried. She asks where her aunt Jordan is… Did they hurt her?

Nikki is distracted by Nick and rushes to his side.

Victor, Victoria, and Nikki.

Victor asks how bad it is.

Cole explains that they have pressure on the wound, but he’s lost some blood.

Victor tells Jordan to “call a damn ambulance right now” and to give them the antidote.

Cole, Nikki, and Nick.

Claire protests that her aunt Claire…

Victor interrupts. “Who gives a damn about that bitch?” He sits down with Nikki at the table and says that Jordan will spend the rest of her life in prison, and if any of them die because of Claire’s inaction, she’ll meet a fate worse than theirs!

Nikki asks Claire how she could do this. She says she cared for Claire and trusted in her. What kind of a monster is she?

Nikki and Claire.

Victoria begs Claire to turn things around. She can help everyone.

Cole tells Claire they can help her but can’t do anything until she helps them.

Nikki tells Claire the rest of her life depends on what she does next.

Claire looks worried.

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Y&R Spoilers

Crimson Lights

Nate stands alone at the counter and thinks back to his conversation with Victoria after he’d been fired. He had thought they were a team, but she didn’t have his back. He wanted to protect her father and give Victoria back what she deserved while he healed.

He sits back down with Billy and tells him he’ll land on his feet; he always does.

Billy talks to Nate.

Billy asks if Nate got a response from the text he sent to Victoria.

Nate looks at his phone. Nothing, but that’s not a surprise to him. He asks if Billy’s heard anything yet.

Billy shakes his head. Nope. He says Victoria is very prompt to answer him, and it’s worrying that she hasn’t responded yet. Something serious must have happened with Nikki. He excuses himself to call Victoria again and heads to the patio for privacy.

Nate and Billy talk.

Audra walks in and passes Billy. She tells Nate she never expected to see him and Billy hanging out.

Nate says he’s glad she’s there. He explains that they’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get ahold of Victoria and asks if Audra has heard from her or talked to her.

Audra says she’s left dozens of messages for Nikki and hasn’t responded either.

Nate and Audra Charles.

Nate says Audra may not hear from Nikki for a while, depending on how severe her seizure was.

Audra is confused. Nikki had a seizure? Nobody told her about it.

Billy walks into the room and nods. He says that Nikki had a seizure, and Victoria had told him she was going to Oregon to be with her.

Audra talks to Nate and Billy.

Audra says it doesn’t make any sense. Nikki always responds quickly, and if Audra can’t reach her, Claire will let her know what’s happening… But Claire isn’t answering either.

Billy wonders what is happening.

The Lake House

Claire asks Cole and Victoria to promise that they’ll help her.

Victor, Nikki, and Victoria.

Victoria says she’ll do whatever she can. She begs for Claire to help.

Claire walks over to the cabinet and unlocks the top drawer.

She takes out two vials and hands them to Victoria, telling her it’s enough for two people. She her to drink it; it will counteract the poison.

Claire gets antidote vials from the drawer.

Victoria shakes her head. She’s going to give the antidote to her parents.

Claire says that Nikki doesn’t need it. She says Nikki wasn’t poisoned; she was “only” given an IV of alcohol.

Victoria is shocked.

Claire, Victor, Nikki, and Victoria.

Claire tells her to drink the antidote, and she’ll find the other vials. She thinks she knows where her aunt hid them. She leaves the room.

Victoria unscrews the vial and holds it before Victor, telling him to drink it.

Victor protests and tells her to drink it first, but Victoria won’t let him. She makes him drink it.

Victor drinks the antidote.

Victoria gives Cole the next vial and tells him to drink it.

Nick gets up and painfully makes his way to the cabinet. He finds his cell phone and calls 911. He tells the dispatcher the address and says there are four victims, a stabbing and poisonings. They need an ambulance.

Claire rushes up to Nick and tells him to drink an antidote vial. He does. Claire brings another to Victoria and gives it to her.

Claire gives Nick the antidote.

Victoria snatches the vial from Claire’s hand and drinks it.

Cole asks if Nick is going to make it.

Victoria says help is on the way; Nick will be fine.

Victor, Victoria, and Nikki.

Cole apologizes. He says he didn’t know about his aunt.

Victoria knows.

Cole asks about their baby. She’s dead, isn’t she?

Victoria and Cole.

Victoria hesitates a moment before answering. She says it’s confusing because of what happened, but what Claire said isn’t true. Their baby, Eve, is dead.

Claire sinks down the wall, crying.

Crimson Lights

Nate tells Billy and Audra he spoke to someone at Newman and discovered that Victoria, Victor, and Nick went to Oregon to be with Nikki.

Nate and Billy.

Audra says she spoke to Nikki’s sister, Casey, but she hadn’t heard from Nikki either.

Billy asks if Audra mentioned anything about Nikki’s seizure to Casey.

Audra shakes her head. She didn’t say anything since she didn’t know enough. She says she hasn’t heard back from Claire either, who usually answers her quickly.

Audra talks to Nate.

Billy thinks it’s time for them to call the Oregon police and have them visit the aunt’s house.

Nate says they don’t have the address and wonders if they should involve the police. The Newmans have only been gone half a day.

Billy says the billionaire CEO of Newman Enterprises, his co-CEO, and the head of Newman Media are all unreachable. That’s suspicious on its own.


Audra wonders why Victor, Victoria, and Nick would all fly out to Oregon to be with Nikki without reaching out to anyone and letting them know what’s going on.

Billy says they should start calling hospitals in Oregon.

Audra thinks they should try calling the Newmans again instead of making random calls to the police and hospitals. She doesn’t want to draw any attention to the family if it’s a private matter.

Billy and Nate.

Nate says the most likely scenario is that everyone is too busy to answer their calls because they’re dealing with Nikki’s health problem. What trouble does Billy think they’ve gotten themselves into, anyhow?

Billy calls Victor’s phone and leaves a message, asking him for any word on Victoria and Nikki. He says that Victor not answering his phone is very suspicious… Usually, Victor wouldn’t miss an opportunity to yell at him. “Billy-Boy, you worthless degenerate!”

Nate asks if Billy thinks Victor likes him.


Billy shakes his head. Nope, not at all. Victor hates him, and his hatred gets deeper every single year. He says his mother is Jill Abbott, and she’s more vicious than Victor, but at least she loves him. He says he was never good enough for Victor’s daughter, and Victor loves to remind him of that every chance he gets.

Nate says he gets the opposite… Victor has always treated Nate with respect and admiration.

Billy laughs. What’s up with that?


Nate says that he was Victor’s family doctor previously.

Billy asks Nate if he’s “buddies” with Victor. Do they watch football together?

Nate says they’re friendly, and things were going well… Until they weren’t.

Audra and Nate.

Audra says that she tried calling Nick but only got his voicemail.

Billy says it’s time to worry. He’ll keep trying to get ahold of Victoria. He will drop by Newman Tower to see if anyone there has any information. He tells Nate and Audra to let him know if they hear anything. He leaves the coffee shop.

Audra tells Nate that he’s acting like it’s no big deal and everyone is fine. She asks if he’s worried about Victoria.

Audra and Nate.

Nate says he’s worried, but Victoria’s ex-husband doesn’t need to know about that.

Audra is surprised. She didn’t think things were good between Nate and Victoria anymore.

Nate says Victoria’s actions hurt him, but he still cares for her.


Audra warns him not to get sucked back into the Newman vortex.

Nate says he’s better off being away from Victor and Newman Enterprises, but he’s not sure if there’s a future for him and Victoria.

Audra says Nate set himself up to be blindsided; Victoria will always choose Newman over anyone else. She mentions that her offer to come and work with her is still on the table.

Audra talks to Nate.

Nate asks why he’d accept an offer for a job that he knows nothing about.

Audra says he knows the important part… That he’ll be working with her!

The Lake House

Police and ambulance crews are on the scene, and Nick is being bandaged by an EMT.

Nick is bandaged.

Cole explains to Victor that they’re all going to the hospital, where Nick will be fixed up, and they will run some tests to make sure all the toxins are gone from their system.

Nikki says she wasn’t poisoned, but she’s glad it’s over.

Victor asks an officer if they’ve arrested the woman who was locked in the bedroom.

Victor talks to the police officer.

The officer explains that they did a thorough search, but there’s nobody in that room or any other room upstairs.

Victor asks how that’s possible.

The officer says the window in the bedroom was open, but it’s too high to jump.

Nikki and Victor.

Victor says there’s no way she could have escaped without injuring herself.

Nikki says she must still be in the house. She asks Claire, who is being put in handcuffs, where her aunt would be hiding.

Claire says she doesn’t know.

Claire and a police officer.

Crimson Lights

Nate tells Audra that he admires her self-confidence and asks where she developed her skills.

Audra asks if he wants to know where she grew up, what her parents were like, and how many boys she kissed.

Audra Charles talks to Nate Hastings.

Nate says he’s not interested in that. He wants to know how she became the person she is now.

Audra says the only thing that matters is that she’s in Genoa City with him, doing what she does best, which is facilitating, negotiating, cultivating, disseminating, and dominating… And she looks good doing it!

Nate says she’s a one-of-a-kind piece of work. Before he accepts her so-called job offer, he’ll need more to go on.

Nate Hastings.

Audra says she’ll let him buy her dinner, and she’ll give him a few hints about the job.

Nate says it’s a date.

Newman Enterprises / The Lake House

Billy arrives at the empty office. He pulls out his phone and makes a call to Nick.

Billy Abbott calls Nicholas Newman.

Nick answers. “Billy?”

Billy asks what’s going on. He says he’s been trying to get ahold of the Newmans but nobody was answering. He asks if Nikki is okay and whether Victoria is with him.

Nick says he can’t get into it right now, but they’re all together, and they’re safe.

Nick talks to Billy on the phone.

Billy asks what Nick means by “safe.” What’s going on??

Nick says they’ll be home soon and will let Victoria fill him in when she can.

Billy asks Nick to level with him. Is everyone alright?

Billy talks on the phone.

Nick says he has to go. He hangs up the call.

Victor tells the officer that she needs to find Jordan, who is criminally insane!

The officer nods. “Yes, sir!”


As Claire is being led out the door by the police in handcuffs, she tells Victoria that she doesn’t know what to say. She says she’s sorry… She doesn’t even know who she is anymore. The police take her outside.

Victoria wonders how someone as bright as Claire could end up like that.

Victor says Claire is as bad as her aunt… She’s nuts!

Victoria, Nikki, and Victor Newman.

Cole says the EMTs are ready to take them to the hospital.

Everyone leaves the house.

Jordan peers through a vent, unseen by anyone.

Jordan peers through a grate.

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24 thoughts on “Y&R Recap – Wed Nov 29: The Newmans Are Freed, Claire is Arrested, but Jordan Evades Capture”

    1. Was not happy with how this ended. I wanted Adam to save them. Now they’ll just hate him more for not being there. This show just can’t get it right. Maybe Nate will be decent and tell them that Adam was worried.

      1. I agree. This storyline was a waste of air space and time.

        The storyline didn’t make sense. Poor acting on the aunt’s part, especially her close-up facial expressions.
        At least Claire was able to produce tears.
        No one checked the attic.
        How did the aunt fit into the vent?

        For all the alcohol that was pumped into Vicki’s veins, she sobled us up quickly by up-chucking in the toilet.
        She should have had alcohol poisoning or at least half dead.
        Nick was sliced with the knife, not stabbed acting as if it was life-threatening, but everyone was still standing and walking out together.
        Thumbs down on this one writers 👎👎
        Business goes on as usual.
        Adam is still the black sheep in the family, outside looking in!

    2. Finally, a few good scenes that were interesting and left me rooting for the good guys. Now the question is if Jordan will be caught and punished? Hopefully yes.

    1. I’m so sick of Nate he’s know it all. Always in his doctor mode! I was hoping Adam would save them I can just hear Nick, you were to busy with Sally to investigate why none of us were here and maybe for once be there to help with the family!! And it goes on n on n on! Write something to help Adam against these evil people who constantly berate him!

      1. I agree w Diane. Wanted Adam to come to the rescue. Write in Adam helping. Tired of the Adam berating. This story line was the worst.

  1. I’m wondering what happens to Claire & if Jordan is found in the house? There’s lots of tests to be done on all of them. Starting with a DNA on Claire, to see if she belongs to Victoria and Cole. Who rescues the Newman Family from this nightmare & what’s next for them. Where’s Adam & why is he not concerned about his family? IJS. What’s up with that?

    1. Well, Adam was too busy trying to get back with Sally! I May be wrong but Adam May get hurt again by sally, when Nick return and sally see he’s been hurt she Will then realize she really wants to be with Nick thinking she could have lost him….. my thought! Other then that none of that made sense everything happened to fast. They didn’t give Adam the chance to say let him track them down. Now it’s going to turn out that Claire is going to be Victoria child which will bring her and cole together and Nate being jealous and then Nate and Audrey will end up sleeping together.

  2. I love this episode, but I don’t want Audra to be the person that turns out to be a problem for the Newman’s

  3. Time for Adam to run the empire to show his worth while the Newman’s are recovering and Sally rushing to Nick’s side. Victoria and Nate should reunite and marry with a twist, Nate takes Victoria last name hint No one but a Newman can run the company. Jack will kick Wife to the curve. Ashley will come to her defense and become secret lovers!!!Sharon will win out over Sally! If you need more let me know # fan 1976

    1. I believe Victor will put Victoria back in charge of the company after seeing she would do anything for her dad now Victor see she really do care and don’t want to see him dead! After she gave him the antibiotic first before herself! I was definitely glad to see that! Only person missing was Adam being there it would have been a chance for all them to connect!

  4. I enjoyed this story line. The only thing missing was Adam’s concern for his family. He does ❤️ them at the end of the day. He sacrifices so much….

  5. I have been watching this show since it began and can remember the storyline when Victoria had her baby with Cole. Somehow I knew that this story was going to come back and bite Victoria in the butt. Jordan did steal her baby, but I thought they were going to put that into a storyline at that time, not wait 20 years to bring up the fact that Victoria’s baby was still alive. Oh well, it made an interesting story for 2.5 seconds. I know we have not seen the last of Ms Jordan. She will come back and either Victoria or Clair/Eve will wind up killing her to protect one another. They will do a paternity test and find out that Clair is Victoria’s daughter and this is where both Billy and Nate will be rather upset, because Ms Victoria is going to choose Cole, her long lost love. Can’t wait to see this unfold.

  6. I remember when Jordan played on as the world turns her name on there was Barbara Ryan.She was evil on that soap too..I hope Nicki or Victoria gets ahold of her and tears her up..Claire I believe was caught up in a bunch of lies and believed her aunt Jordan…if she was really her aunt..I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  7. How can they not find Jordan? She has to come out of hiding sooner or later. Bring in the dogs. Claire will be Victoria’s. Does Victoria have any blood children? I think they are all from other mothers. Newman’s gone for a couple hours and the whole world is worried…lol. Victoria will reunite with Cole. Adam will shine and get married to Sally who is pregnant. Summer will get with Chance. Nick with Sharon. Lets have some love and good vibes in this show during this time of year.

  8. Yes. Victoria does have two biological. Oldest son from JT and dhgtr from Billy. Remember they did a DNA w Billy and the guy that kidnapped Maiah when she was pregnant 😆 🤣 😂 that was involved w Ashley and Abby also.

  9. In the golden age of soap operas, this story would have not picked for at least into the following year. Nikki would have been obvious to Claire as she lead Nikki along for the longest time. It would have been interesting if Claire were Victoria daughter. Adam is a Newman, why isn’t he running the place, or kept up to speed. Adam is going to get the shaft again with Sally, she will speeding to Nicolas bed side like the road runner.

  10. What a waste of time.This story is absolutely ridiculous.The story line doesn’t make sense.Jordan has escaped and it’s plain to see she will show up like Sheila.Come on writers I know you can do better!!!! I’m just about ready to stop looking at Y&R!!!!

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