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Y&R Recap – Thu Nov 30: Billy Tells Jack He Suspects Kyle’s Motives, While Ashley Meets With Devon & Abby To Discuss Tucker

Billy talks to Jack; Ashley talks with Devon.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Thursday, November 30, 2023, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Nick getting bandaged, Claire being led away by police.

On the last episode of Y&R, the Newmans freed themselves from the Lake House, Claire was arrested, and Jordan evaded capture.


Ashley sits down with Devon and Abby. She says she never gets to talk to them alone and asks how things are.

Ashley Abbott, Abby Newman, and Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Abby says things are going well. There is nothing really new! She asks if Ashley is happy to be home.

Ashley says it’s nice to be home; surprisingly, she’s getting along with Diane. She asks how Dominic is.

Abby says Traci took him to the park this morning.

Ashley talks to Devon and Abby.

Devon says Traci is one of Dominic’s favorite people.

Ashley agrees with Dominic. Traci is one of Ashley’s favorite people, too!

Abby asks what Ashley wants to talk about… Surely, she didn’t want to have breakfast with them just to talk about Dominic.

Devon grins and says Ashley might feel crowded in the Abbott house and needs some air… Either that, or she wants some information on Tucker!

Abby smiles at her mother.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack rushes around talking on the phone while Kyle and Diane prepare for their morning.

Diane helps Kyle with his tie against his protests, telling him to hush; it’s his first day on the job!

Diane Abbott-Jenkins adjusts Kyle Abbott's tie.

Jack finishes the call and says that he and Diane couldn’t be prouder of Kyle… He’s starting his first day as Chief Operations Officer at Jabot!

Kyle says they’re biased about how smart, wonderful, and talented he is.

Diane laughs and says he’s all of that and more.

Jack Abbott smiles at his son.

Jack says Kyle’s first day has a bit of a hiccup. He just spoke with the building supervisor, and there’s an electrical issue on the top few floors of the building, and the Jabot offices are affected.

Kyle says he’ll have to work from home. As Chief Operations Officer, he knows what he needs to do first! He’ll make sure the problem is fixed.

Jack says no matter where they are, it’s a special day. He says Kyle’s grandfather, John, would be proud of Kyle.

Kyle and Jack hug as Diane looks on.

Kyle says he appreciates everything that’s been done to make this happen. He’s excited about it. He thanks his dad for having faith in him and promises not to let him down.

They shake hands and pull each other into a hug.

Crimson Lights

Billy takes off his coat as he prepares his coffee. Tucker walks into the coffee house, and Billy greets him.

Tucker McCall and Billy Abbott.

Tucker asks Billy if it’s a slow day at the office.

Billy says it’s a typical day, but Tucker’s body clock must be out of whack from not having a real job.

Tucker says he has a real job, but Billy doesn’t know what it is or where he’ll turn up next.

Tucker talks to Billy.

Billy figures he’d find out if he looked under enough rocks.

Tucker says he’s surprised at Billy’s restraint; he restrained his urge to crush Tucker. He says Jack seems to think Billy wants to release the damning information they have on Tucker.

Billy says he likes holding the Sword of Damocles over Tucker’s head. He thinks that the damning information they have seems to be working since Tucker hasn’t made any moves against Jabot or the family.

Billy and Tucker talk.

Tucker says, “Maybe I already have.” He says he might have already succeeded in sabotaging things, but Jack, Ashley, and Billy haven’t noticed yet.

Billy grins and says Tucker is a smooth operator.

Tucker says he’s already lit the fuse.

Tucker and Billy.

Billy says he’ll find out soon enough whether Tucker is bluffing or whether it’s another of his unhinged plots.

Tucker says it doesn’t matter either way. They could still hurt his reputation by releasing the information, but it might be too late. He leaves the coffee shop.


Ashley asks Devon about his relationship with Tucker. Does he communicate with him?

Devon talks to Ashley.

Devon says there’s been a lot of communication, but Ashley doesn’t need to be concerned. Devon wants nothing to do with Tucker. He says it’s disappointing, but it’s necessary.

Ashley says it must be difficult for him.

Devon says he can’t risk Tucker getting close to Dominic.

Ashley talks to Devon.

Abby says that Ashley wanted to keep her relationship with her family and keep her job, but Tucker couldn’t handle that.

Ashley knows. Tucker exploded. He said he was sorry… Kind of.

Abby hopes Ashley’s not falling for his act.

Abby talks to her mom.

Devon nods. He doesn’t think Tucker is capable of being sorry for anything.

Ashley says Tucker was a different person when they were planning their life together. She thought they were in love with each other and would like to think some part of it was genuine.

Abby asks if Ashley is saying she could forgive Tucker for what he said and did to her.

Ashley smiles.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane tells Kyle he looks handsome, like the business executive he is.

Kyle says he’s not playing dress up… He is a business executive, and he’s ready to dive into his first day at Jabot.

Jack talks to Kyle as Diane listens.

Jack says it’s a short commute since he’s working from home.

Kyle says there’s a surprise he needs to talk to his mother about.

Jack says he’s meeting with Billy at the coffee shop and will be back soon. He leaves.

Kyle, Jack, and Diane.

Diane asks Kyle to explain how things are going with Tucker. Has he made any progress?

Kyle says he finally has Tucker in his pocket. Tucker thinks that having Kyle on the inside at Jabot will help with his plan to take over.

Diane asks if Kyle knows what Tucker’s plan is.

Diane and Kyle.

Kyle says he hasn’t been told yet, but Tucker needs him to make it happen.

Diane warns Kyle that he has to be careful. Tucker is a dangerous snake.

Kyle reassures his mother… Tucker thinks he’s playing Kyle but has no idea that Kyle is actually playing him.

Kyle and Diane.


A waiter pours Ashley a drink, triggering a memory of being in Paris with Tucker.

Flashback. Ashley and Tucker are sitting on the patio of a Paris cafe.

Ashley talks with Tucker.

Ashley wants to talk, but Tucker prefers to drink. Ashley presses on and says she loves Tucker.

Tucker scoffs and says those are kind words, and he’ll hold them near to his heart.

Ashley says it shocked him when she told him she wanted to stay at Jabot. It wasn’t an insult to him as a man or a betrayal of what they have. She’s wearing his wedding ring, and they’re in Paris on their honeymoon!

Tucker rages at Ashley.

Tucker says she’s fixating on her family and her family business… Her true love. He says she, Jack, and Billy are emotionally stunted. It’s disgusting how obsessed they are with each other. He’s made his choice by putting her first, and this is their only chance to be more than a team. They could be two halves of a whole!

Ashley says it’s sweet, but it’s not realistic. They’re two different people, and she doesn’t want to change who he is; she fell in love with the man he is.

Tucker yells at her, telling her to stop lying to him.

Ashley talks with Tucker.

Ashley is startled. She whispers that she can’t talk to him when he’s like this.

Tucker is okay with that. He doesn’t want her to talk to him.

Ashley starts to cry. She asks if Tucker thinks that what they have isn’t meaningful.

Tucker mocks Ashley.

Tucker says they don’t have anything. They have nothing. She made him beg her to trust him and gave him nothing in return, just morsels of affection. She dropped him like a hot stone once he’d proven his worth to her.

Ashley asks Tucker to calm down.

Tucker yells loudly. She wants him to calm down?! She can’t tell him to calm down; she destroyed him! He says he was a fool to ever believe in her.

Tucker yells at Ashley.

Ashley cringes away from him and asks if they can talk about it tomorrow so that he can get his temper in check.

Tucker says he’s not keeping anything in check anymore.

Ashley starts crying in earnest.

Tucker mocks her. “Boo-hoo!” He doesn’t care what she does or where she sleeps. He’s done. He finishes his wine and smashes his glass on the table. He tells Ashley to go to hell and stalks off, fuming, leaving Ashley alone at the table.

Ashley cries.

Abby asks Ashley if she’s alright, snapping her out of her reverie.

Ashley says she was just thinking.

Abby hopes she wasn’t thinking about Tucker.

Abby looks at her mom.

Ashley says she was thinking about the fight they had and how Tucker blew up.

Abby reminds her mom that it wasn’t her fault.

Ashley says she played a part. What Tucker did was wrong, but she feels partially responsible for what happened in Paris.

Ashley closes her eyes and centers herself.

Devon doesn’t agree. He says Tucker is a narcissist who can’t take the blame for anything. It’s never his fault.

Ashley says she pulled a change of heart on Tucker and could have handled it better. She’s not defending what Tucker did, but the whole thing could have been avoided. She has a lot of regret because of how their relationship ended.

Abby says Ashley needs to see Tucker as he is… A rage-filled man who masqueraded as the love of her life.

Abby and Ashley.

Ashley nods.

Devon says he’s defended Tucker many times, and Ashley needs to know that she is the victim, not Tucker.

Abby says Ashley needs to be finished with Tucker because she can’t go through this anymore.


Ashley agrees. She has to remember that she’s not the only person affected by what happened in Paris.

Abby tells her to turn her back on Tucker and walk away. She needs to forget about Tucker… Forever.

Ashley says they don’t need to worry about her… Her eyes are wide open when it comes to Tucker! She can be forgiving, but she’s not foolish. She says Tucker is arrogant and thinks he’s calling the shots, but she has his number and won’t be lured back into his lies. Ashley just needs to figure out what he’s up to when it comes to Jabot.


Devon says he understands. He doesn’t know what Tucker is up to or what he has planned for Chancellor-Winters either.

Ashley wonders what harm Tucker could do to Chancellor-Winters.

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Y&R Spoilers

Crimson Lights

Billy thinks back to his conversation with Jack and Ashley about Kyle. Billy had told Jack and Ashley that he’d asked Kyle to use Audra to spy on Tucker for them, but Kyle had refused. Billy thinks Kyle is looking out for himself and figures Tucker got his claws into Kyle and turned him against them.

Jack Abbott.

Jack walks into the coffee shop and says hello to Billy.

Billy says he had a disturbing conversation with Tucker, who was wondering why they hadn’t used the information they have on him.

Jack figures they got under Tucker’s skin. He asks what Tucker said.

Billy says that Tucker implied he’d already set something in motion at Jabot that would take them all down.

Billy Abbott looks at Jack Abbott.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane tells Kyle he shouldn’t get cocky about pulling the wool over Tucker’s eyes. Tucker is shrewd and could be setting Kyle up.

Kyle reassures Diane he’s watching his back and will keep his eyes open.

Diane talks to her son.

Diane says she’s had a lot of experience dealing with Tucker. Maybe she can help Kyle figure out a way to outmaneuver him.

Kyle tells her it’s alright… He’s got this and has Audra as an ally.

Diane is worried that Kyle thinks Audra will have his back in this.

Kyle talks to Diane.

Kyle asks his mother if she’s worried that Kyle can’t pull off his part of the plan.

Summer walks into the room and asks what they’re talking about… What can’t Kyle pull off?

Diane is surprised to see Summer. She asks how things are going.

Summer smiles.

Summer says it’s good. She apologizes for interrupting them and explains that Mrs. Martinez let her in earlier. She asks what they were talking about.

Diane stammers and says it’s Kyle’s first day at Jabot as COO.

Kyle says that his mom is worried about him, as usual. He explains that Diane thinks he won’t be satisfied with his position of COO because he wanted the co-CEO job.


Summer thinks it’s great that Kyle is working with his family again.

Kyle says he’s up for whatever challenges lie ahead. He asks what brings Summer to the house so early.

Summer says she has a present for Harrison that she wanted to leave on his bed, and she was hoping to talk with Jack. There’s an issue at Marchetti that she wants his advice on.

Summer laughs.

Diane says Summer just missed Jack.

Summer shrugs. She’ll catch up to him at the office.

Kyle tells Summer about the power issues at the office and lets her know that she might have to work remotely.

Kyle laughs.

Summer grins and says that she’ll file a complaint with the new Chief Operations Officer.

Kyle laughs. He saw that coming.

Diane asks Summer to work from the house… She’s sure Harrison would love to see Summer when he gets home.


Summer says it’d be convenient.

Diane says since Summer used to work with Kyle at Marchetti, maybe she could run the problem she’s having by him, and they could figure it out together.

Crimson Lights

Jack tells Billy that Tucker can’t admit the Abbotts have beaten him.

Jack and Billy Abbott talk.

Billy says he doesn’t think so… Tucker knows something that they don’t and isn’t bluffing. He says Tucker has some kind of attack planned, and they need to figure out what it is and stop it before it goes any further.

Jack says he’s skeptical.

Billy says he can read Tucker and knows he’s hiding something.

Billy talks to Jack.

Jack scoffs and tells Billy he’s a gambling addict and has lost hundreds of thousands at the poker table. He doesn’t think Billy can tell if someone’s bluffing.

Billy says it’s not true. He lost at horses, sports, blackjack, etc, but he’s a winning player at poker.

Jack asks how he figures.

Jack looks at Billy.

Billy says poker isn’t gambling.

Jack shakes his head. The hell it’s not!

Billy says when you’re playing poker, you’re not playing against the cards but against the person. He thinks Tucker has a strong hand.

Billy and Jack.

Jack asks what makes Billy think that.

Billy says people have tells when they’re lying, and Tucker wasn’t lying. He thinks that Tucker is acting like he already has someone inside at Jabot.

Jack doesn’t think so. He can’t imagine who would trust Tucker.

Billy shrugs. Someone high up, maybe someone new, or maybe someone who’s been around a while. Maybe it’s both.

Jack talks to Billy.

Jack asks Billy if he’s implying that Tucker has his claws into Kyle.

Billy nods.


Devon explains to Ashley that Tucker has made investments into Chancellor-Winters and told Devon that he was doing it for Devon’s benefit and for Dominic’s future.

Ashley, Abby, and Devon.

Abby says Devon figures there’s more to it than that.

Devon nods. He says he’s certain there’s more to it, and that’s another reason he’s cut Tucker off.

Ashley wonders if Tucker is all in regarding Chancellor-Winters, and figures he might be telling the truth when he said he has no interest in going after Jabot.

Abby says she doesn’t believe it. Tucker won’t be happy burning down one company; he won’t be satisfied until he burns the whole world.

Abby smiles at her mom.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle puts on his jacket and tells Summer that as much as he’d like to help her with her problem at Marchetti, he has a lot on his plate.

Summer grins and says his first order of business should be getting the lights turned on at the office.


Kyle agrees. He says he has to run some errands beforehand. He leaves the house.

Summer tells Diane that Kyle doesn’t want to be in the same room as her unless they’re discussing Harrison.

Diane says she noticed and she’s sorry.

Diane talks to Summer.

Summer says she knows they’re getting divorced but hoped they could be friendly with one another.

Diane says it’d be nice if Kyle and Summer could find their way back to each other. She asks if Summer would give their marriage another try.

Summer shakes her head and says Kyle already made his choice. She just wants peace between them.

Diane says she thinks Kyle finds things awkward, especially when Diane is “meddling.” She says Kyle is as sad about the situation as Summer is.

Summer Newman.

Crimson Lights

Billy tells Jack he’d love to give Kyle the benefit of the doubt, but he’s having difficulty trusting that Kyle suddenly changed his mind about the COO position. He understands that Jack may have a hard time believing his son may be mixed up in something shady.

Jack says Billy’s right. In fact, he doesn’t even want to have this conversation!

Billy and Jack.

Billy says Tucker is up to something, and Kyle flipping over to be a team player is too much of a coincidence.

Jack knows Billy thinks he can read people, and maybe Tucker does have a plan in motion, but that doesn’t mean Kyle is involved. He refuses to believe it.

Billy says he doesn’t want to believe it either. Kyle is his nephew, and he loves him.

Jack talks to Billy.

Jack says Kyle knows how devastating this betrayal would be and would never get involved with Tucker.

Billy says he’ll drop it for now, but he’ll keep digging and stay on guard. He promises not to say, “I told you so!” if he’s right.

Jack grabs his jacket and says he’s leaving.

Billy tells him to wait.

Billy and Jack Abbott talk.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker answers the door. It’s Kyle. Tucker invites him in and asks how his first day on the job is going.

Kyle says he hasn’t started yet. He explains there is an electrical problem at the building and asks if Tucker’s behind it, using it to disrupt things at Jabot.

Kyle Abbott and Tucker McCall.

Tucker smirks. Does he look like an amateur?

Kyle wanted to ensure Tucker wasn’t messing with him on his first day.

Tucker explains that as much as he likes the idea of Billy and the rest working in the dark, it wasn’t him.

Tucker and Kyle.

Kyle says they should only meet face-to-face… No emails or text messages.

Tucker agrees that’s best.

Kyle asks Tucker how he plans to take advantage of Kyle’s COO position.

Tucker says he thought Kyle would never ask.


The Abbott Mansion

Summer says she was the reason Kyle started divorce proceedings. She says Kyle probably slept with Audra to make a statement that he was moving on from Summer.

Diane says that’s the wrong type of statement to make… Kyle is smarter than that!

Summer and Diane.

Summer says it must be hard for Diane to witness her son going through these things.

Diane says it’s more than that. She doesn’t like or trust Audra and doesn’t want her in their lives.

Summer tells Diane to forget about Audra. Kyle’s just flexing his muscles, trying to prove he’s the “big man on campus.”

Diane thinks Summer might be right. She worries that Kyle has gotten himself into something he can’t get himself out of.

Diane and Summer talk.

Crimson Lights

Billy tells Jack he can’t just walk away; this is important!

Jack says if they let it play out, it might be too late to fix it. He says that if Tucker has Kyle in his clutches, he’s going to find himself in a world of pain, and he won’t see Jack coming!

Billy thinks Ashley might be the only person who could stop Tucker in his tracks.

Billy and Jack.


Ashley tells Devon that she doesn’t think Tucker wants to burn the world… He wants to own it.

Abby doesn’t get how Ashley could be fooled by someone as deranged as Tucker. Why is she still talking to him?

Ashley and Abby.

Ashley says she figured she might be able to reconnect with him, manipulate him, and find out what he’s up to. She’s realized, though, that Devon is the only one who could probably affect Tucker. Devon is Tucker’s Achilles Heel!

Devon doesn’t think that he or Ashley could manipulate Tucker.

Ashley says Devon doesn’t need to manipulate him. Tucker is so desperate for Devon’s love and approval that he craves his forgiveness.

Ashley and Devon.

Devon wonders what will happen if he pretends to forgive Tucker… Will Tucker just open up and reveal his plans?

Ashley says Tucker would see through any attempt to lie to him. Devon would have to be sincere.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker tells Kyle there are many ways they could take advantage of his position. He mentions that he set the wheels in motion with Billy this morning. He offers Kyle a “muffin stump.”

Kyle Abbott.

Kyle declines the muffin stump. He asks how Tucker set the wheels in motion with Billy.

Tucker says he made Billy think he was already up to something, so he needs Kyle to find out what they think Tucker is up to.

Kyle asks specifically how Tucker intends to use him. Since he’s the inside man, he wants to know some of the details of Tucker’s game plan.

Tucker says he’ll find out when he needs to know. Keep playing a spy and tell him what he finds out.

Tucker McCall.

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