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Y&R Recap – Tue Nov 21: Claire’s Trap For The Newmans Involves Cole Howard, Nikki Falls Off The Wagon, and Kyle Negotiates With Audra and Tucker

Nikki, Jordan, and Kyle.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Kyle, Jill, and Devon.

On the last episode of Y&R, Kyle took the job at Jabot, Jill offered Chance a position at CW, and Devon involved Mamie & Nate in his plans.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane rearranges the table for their very first Thanksgiving together. She reminds Jack that she was afraid that Ashley would stab her with a fork when they had Christmas dinner together last year.

Jack and Diane.

Jack says that Ashley and Diane’s relationship has progressed a lot since then.

Ashley walks in and says that she owes Diane gratitude for saving her life. Amazing that they’re working toward the same goal now!

Jack says that they’re working together against Ashley’s ex-husband, but he wants to forget about Tucker for one day to focus on the things they’re grateful for.

Ashley says she wants to invite Tucker for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ashley Abbott.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Audra and Kyle sit at the bar. Audra says she was a little surprised to hear from Kyle again after their last meeting.

Kyle Abbott and Audra Charles talk.

Kyle says his emotions got away from both of them the last time they spoke.

Audra says she was hesitant to meet with him. She wasn’t sure what she was going to be walking into.

Kyle says they had too much of a connection to leave things the way they were.

Audra talks to Kyle.

Audra asks why he backed out of the plan they agreed to.

Kyle won’t tell her why, but he wants back in.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria walks into the lobby, talking on her phone. She leaves a voicemail for her mother saying that she hopes she’s having a good time with Aunt Casey. She asks for Nikki to call her when she can… She could really use some advice.

Victoria talks on the phone.

The Lake House

Nikki, trembling, sets the bottle of vodka down on the dresser.

Nikki puts the bottle of vodka on the dresser.

She gets the bottle of water from the nightstand and takes a drink. It seems uncontaminated. She wonders how much alcohol Claire had pumped into her system… She hasn’t felt this way in a long time.

Nikki calls out, “Claire! Why are you doing this to me?”

She looks at the bottle of vodka on the dresser and tells herself to leave it alone. She figures that Claire wants her to suffer and knows her weakness… No, not a weakness, it’s a disease!

Nikki holds a bottle of water.

Nikki rocks herself back and forth. She tells herself she knows how to do this… One day at a time… One minute at a time.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria looks at her phone, eyeing Nate’s contact information.

Victoria looks at her phone as Claire steps out of the elevator.

Claire walks out of the elevator and almost bumps into Victoria.

Victoria asks Claire why she’s there… She thought she was out west with Nikki.

Claire says she came back to get some work, but something happened to Nikki.

Claire Grace and Victoria.

Victoria and Claire rush into the office. Victoria tells Victor that something has happened to Nikki.

Claire says that she just got a call from her aunt, and Nikki had some kind of seizure this morning.

Victor is stunned. “What?!”

Victor Newman.

Claire says that Jordan had called an ambulance, and Nikki was taken to the hospital.

Victor pulls out his phone and calls to have someone get the jet ready… They’re taking off soon! He asks Claire what the nearest airport is.

Claire answers that it’s Redmond, Oregon.

Victoria Newman.

Victoria says she’s going with Victor, and they can pick up Nick on the way to the airport.

They leave the office.

The GCAC Dining Room

Audra says Kyle’s reversal on the situation is making her dizzy. First, he was in, then he was out, and now he’s back in?

Audra and Kyle talk.

Kyle says he was working through things.

Audra says he accused her of using him.

Kyle smirks and says she called him a coward.

Kyle talks with Audra.

Audra asks why he’d consider working with her again.

Kyle says he wants what he wants… And she can help him get it. He wants to be co-CEO of Jabot.

Audra says he made it clear that he didn’t want to get the position by working with her and Tucker… What’s changed?

Audra talks to Kyle.

Kyle asks if she’d believe him if he said he was willing to betray his family and stab his father in the back.

Audra says Tucker thinks that Kyle can’t commit and follow through.

Tucker comes down the stairs at that moment and sees Audra and Kyle talking.

Kyle, Tucker, and Audra.

Kyle says Tucker’s wrong, and he has the evidence to prove it.

Tucker walks up to them and asks what evidence he has.

Kyle suggests they go down to the jazz lounge to talk.

Tucker talks to Kyle and Audra.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Tucker, Kyle, and Audra sit down in the lounge. Tucker asks what evidence Kyle has to prove his sincerity.

Kyle looks around to see who else might be listening. He gets out his phone and plays a recording of Ashley that he’d recorded the night before. Ashley had said that if they could help Devon forgive his father, perhaps Tucker would forget about Jabot.

Kyle pulls out his phone.

Tucker says it’s not news. He already assumed Ashley was manipulating him. It sounds like Ashley thinks she can still change Tucker into a better man. What’s Kyle trying to prove with this, anyhow?

Kyle says it shows he’s willing to throw his aunt under the bus to show them whose side he’s on.

Audra says it was a dirty, sneaky move. She’s impressed!

Tucker laughs. He didn’t think Kyle had it in him!

Tucker and Audra listen to Kyle's recording.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack is outraged that Ashley would want to invite Tucker to their family Thanksgiving dinner.

Ashley says she wouldn’t actually invite him for dinner. She wants to invite Tucker and Devon together for drinks.

Jack Abbott talks to his sister.

Jack asks if Ashley is trying to get Tucker in touch with his humanity; the man never had any to begin with!

Diane says this spoils the whole Thanksgiving mood.

Ashley says she thought Diane was her ally. What happened?

Ashley talks to Jack.

Diane says it’s Thanksgiving. It could ruin the day!

Jack asks why Tucker would agree to meet them.

Ashley says Tucker is going to be alone on one of the biggest family holidays, and he’ll be miserable and possibly vulnerable.

Jack and Diane talk to Ashley.

Jack says he doesn’t care if Tucker’s going to be sad. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! He’s putting his foot down, and won’t allow this to happen in their house… Not on Thanksgiving!

Diane agrees with Jack.

Ashley asks if they can’t put aside their dislike of Tucker for the greater good.

Jack says she wants them to ruin Thanksgiving by having Tucker there. It’s not going to happen!

Ashley talks with Diane.

The GCAC Dining Room

Victor, Victoria, and Nick are sitting in the dining room. Victor is on the phone.

Nick asks if Victor’s heard anything from Nikki.

Victoria, Nicholas, and Claire.

Victor shakes his head. She’s not answering his calls.

Claire says she’s been trying to reach Jordan for an update, but she’s not answering the phone either.

Victoria wonders if she might be driving Nikki back from the hospital.

Victor on the phone.

Victor’s phone rings, and he answers. He asks the person on the other end why the jet has been delayed by half an hour… They have to leave as soon as possible! He hangs up.

Victoria thinks half an hour is too long; they must get going immediately!

Victor says everything will be alright.

Victoria talks to her dad.

The Lake House

Nikki reaches for the bottle of vodka before getting herself together. She places the cloche back over the bottle, hiding it from her view. She wonders what type of person could do this to her.

Nikki chugs down vodka.

She tells herself to get rid of the vodka, to pour it out. She picks the bottle up again. She takes it into the washroom and goes to pour it down the drain, but doesn’t. She lifts the bottle to her lips and takes a drink, clutching at her chest.

Nikki takes another drink and brings the bottle back into the bedroom, closing the washroom door behind her. She takes another drink with tears running down her face, nearly emptying the bottle, before releasing it, where it smashes on the floor beside her bare feet.

She crawls onto the bed, crying. “What have I done? God help me!”

Nikki cries.

The GCAC Dining Room

Victor asks Claire what else Jordan had told her about Nikki’s condition.

Victor Newman.

Claire says she didn’t say much else; Aunt Jordan was focused on getting Nikki help.

Victoria asks what Jordan saw.

Claire says Nikki started twitching, got dizzy, her arms started jerking like they were out of control, and then she collapsed.


Victoria says it sounds like it could be related to Nikki’s Multiple Sclerosis.

Victor says they need to tell Nikki’s medical team. He asks Claire the name of the hospital, but she doesn’t know. There aren’t any near the Lake House.

Nick asks where her aunt had treatment for her broken arm.

Victoria and Nicholas Newman.

Claire says a retired doctor who lives on the lake takes care of her aunt… Jordan hates hospitals. She apologizes for not asking where Nikki was being taken.

Victor says it’s imperative that Claire gets ahold of her aunt so they can tell her about Nikki’s MS. He tells her to call again immediately.

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Y&R Spoilers

The Jazz Lounge

Tucker tells Kyle it was a promising start.

Kyle Abbott.

Audra asks how Kyle thinks he can help them achieve their goal.

Kyle says he told his father that he accepted his offer to be Jabot’s Chief Operating Officer.

Tucker thinks that’s a smart move.

Tucker McCall.

Kyle says he wants to show Jack that he’s a team player who’s willing to put his family over his own personal ambition.

Audra asks if Jack believed it.

Kyle says his father wanted to believe it, so he did. It was too easy to exploit his father’s weakness.

Audra Charles.

Audra says they all need to be convincing for this to work.

Tucker says that Kyle will be able to gather information as COO of Jabot.

Kyle asks what type of information Tucker is looking for.

Kyle raises a finger as he talks.

Tucker says he needs information that will help him damage the company and destroy it from the inside.

Kyle asks if that’s supposed to be a joke. He wants to run the company, and if it’s destroyed, there won’t be anything left to run.

Audra says “destroy” is too strong of a word.


Tucker smirks and asks if “cripple” would be better.

Audra nods and says the company is too financially stable right now and could weather any storm they create.

Kyle says he sees that, but he’s not sure he agrees with their methods.

Tucker says he needs leverage to take control of the company, and without any damage or crisis at Jabot, he doesn’t have any leverage. He asks if this is going to be a problem for Kyle.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack asks Ashley if one night without Tucker is too much to ask for.

Ashley says she thinks he can survive one night for the sake of their family and Jabot.

Jack and Ashley Abbott.

Diane doesn’t think Tucker would want to come over.

Jack agrees and doesn’t think Devon would either… Devon probably has his own plans with his family.

Ashley asks why Jack is fighting her on this.


Jack says that Thanksgiving should mean something. It’s about family, and they have to value that. He says there are too few family traditions that they can keep up.

Ashley says she’s grateful Jack is trying to keep the family traditions going.

Jack asks what their father would say to this.

Ashley and Jack talk.

Ashley says John would agree with her, but if Jack doesn’t want to allow her to have one drink with Devon and Tucker in the house, she’ll meet them at the club.

Diane says she wants to have Ashley at home with them on Thanksgiving.

Ashley says she’ll be there for part of it, but this is something she has to do.

Jack, Diane, and Ashley talk.

Jack says he won’t argue with her but can’t believe she will spend part of her Thanksgiving with “the most despicable man in Genoa City.” Why is she so stubborn?

Ashley retorts that Jack is a control freak. She says she’s going to spend part of the day with Devon, too, for the good of the family.

Jack knows, but he doesn’t have to like it. He still worries about her.

Ashley talks to Jack.

Ashley says she’ll be fine.

Jack says she’ll be missed.

Ashley grins and says they’ll have the opportunity to talk about her behind her back… And that’s the real family tradition!

Jack and Diane.

Jack tells her to be careful.

Ashley hugs Jack, and wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving.

Jack returns the holiday wish and leaves the room, heading to the kitchen.

Diane, Jack, and Ashley.

Ashley thanks Diane for what she said.

Diane says she wanted it to be their first Thanksgiving without so much animosity.

Ashley laughs and says she won’t be gone long.

Diane tells Ashley there may be a problem with her plan.


The Jazz Lounge

Tucker asks Kyle if he’s willing to be part of dismantling Jabot.

Kyle says in order for their plan to work, they need him to work with them. They’ll need to damage the company without killing it outright, and that’s something only someone with insider information can give them. He says that he doesn’t trust Tucker or Audra.

Kyle Abbott.

Kyle tells Tucker that he understands that Ashley hurt him, and he wants to punish her and his entire family since they’re important to him.

Tucker laughs and asks if Kyle got that from his freshman Psychology class. He tells Kyle that he knows more about him than he thinks and not to forget it. He asks if Kyle is in with their plan.

Kyle says he won’t let Tucker and Audra burn down the company out of spite. He wants to run the company, and this is the only way he’ll be able to do so. He’s in.

Audra Charles.

Tucker says he’s glad Kyle has found clarity.

Kyle says that if they don’t make the mistake of playing him, everyone will get what they want.

Tucker shakes his hand and welcomes him aboard… Again.

Tucker shakes Kyle's hand.

Kyle says they don’t have to question his commitment.

Tucker grunts non-committedly. He tells Kyle to return to the family Thanksgiving and keep playing the prodigal son, grateful to be back in his family’s good graces.

Audra says she’ll walk out with Kyle, and they leave the lounge together.


The GCAC Lobby

Audra tells Kyle she’s glad he’s back with them.

Kyle says Tucker must be pleased with her efforts.

Audra talks to Kyle.

Audra says Kyle doesn’t seem very happy for a man who’s going to be getting everything he wants.

Kyle tells her not to manage him.

Audra says she doesn’t expect him to trust her. She says it’s all about self-interest, and there’s nothing there for her if Tucker burns it to the ground. She needs this to succeed, too. When they gain control, they’ll rebuild the company, better and stronger than ever. This is what Tucker does best!

Kyle nods. That’s why he’s putting up with both of them. He leaves the club.

Kyle talks to Audra.

The Lake House / The GCAC Dining Room

Jordan’s phone rings. It’s Claire. Jordan answers the phone.

As Victor, Victoria, and Nick listen, Claire says she’s glad that Jordan picked up.

Aunt Jordan.

Jordan says to remember that she just got back from the hospital.

Claire agrees. She says that Victor is eager to talk to her and passes him the phone.

Victor takes the phone. “Hi, this is Victor Newman.”

Victor talks on the phone to Jordan.

Jordan talks to Victor but pretends that the cell service is bad at the cabin… Can he hear her?

Victor thanks her for helping his wife.

Jordan says she doesn’t need thanks… Nikki gave her a scare!

Aunt Jordan talks to Victor on the phone.

Victor asks how Nikki is.

Jordan says the doctors are tending to her.

Victor says Jordan needs to tell the doctors that Nikki has Multiple Sclerosis.

Nick, Victor, and Victoria.

Jordan says the doctors figured that was what was behind Nikki’s symptoms.

Victor says he’s relieved to hear that and asks if Nikki is responding to the medication.

Jordan says the doctors gave Nikki epilepsy medication and something else she can’t remember, but it seems to be working, and Nikki seems to be getting over the episode already. Jordan says they’re going to keep Nikki overnight at the hospital.

Nicholas and Victor Newman.

Victor says they’re leaving shortly and will be flying into Redmond. They should be there in a few hours.

Jordan says it’s handy having a private jet.

Victor asks the name of the hospital.

Aunt Jordan.

Jordan pretends the line is breaking up again. She hangs up.

Victor sighs and says the call dropped.

Claire says the service near the lake isn’t the best.

Victoria and Claire.

Nick says that at least their mom is okay… That’s all that matters.

Victoria asks what else Jordan had to say.

Victor says that the doctors gave Nikki some epilepsy medication, which stopped the seizures. They owe Jordan a “tremendous debt of gratitude,” and he can’t wait to thank her in person.


The Abbott Mansion

Diane tells Ashley that she doesn’t think Ashley should sacrifice the whole day for Tucker’s sake. It means a lot to Jack to have her there for Thanksgiving dinner, and it means a lot to Diane, too.

Diane goes on to say she doesn’t have any angle or secret agenda… She just loves Jack and his devotion to his family. She mentions that last Thanksgiving, Jack had found out that he had another grandchild.

Diane talks to Ashley.

Ashley says it’s a shame Allie can’t be there… She’s in Paris pursuing her dreams.

Diane says life pulls people in different directions, and that’s why Thanksgiving is so important.

Ashley says it seems like Diane means what she’s saying.

Ashley Abbott.

Diane says she does mean what she’s saying… That’s why she wants Ashley back in time for dinner; the table would feel empty without her.

Kyle walks in and says it smells delicious… How are the preparations coming along?

Ashley says that Diane decorated the room to the extent that Martha Stewart would be jealous. She excuses herself and heads upstairs to get ready to leave.

Kyle, Ashley, and Diane.

Kyle asks his mother where Jack is.

Diane says he’s in the kitchen checking on things; he should be back soon, since Mrs. Martinez will probably kick him out.

Kyle sits down and lowers his voice. He says he met with Audra and Tucker, and things couldn’t have worked out better. He explains that he told Tucker and Kyle he’d reconsidered their plan to take over Jabot.


Diane asks if Tucker believed him.

Kyle grins and says he’s in… He thinks Diane came up with the right way to handle things.

The Jazz Lounge

Tucker pulls out his phone and dictates a text message to Devon. “Hey Devon. Can we fix this? Can we try? I would love to spend Thanksgiving with you.”

Tucker dictates a text message to Devon.

Audra walks up to Tucker and says it’s just the two of them now.

Tucker smirks and says that’s the way he likes it. He says he’s never cared for Thanksgiving… Turkey sucks, it’s dry, and nobody does mashed potatoes right. It’s like hospital food! He asks if Audra would like to go upstairs.

Audra sighs. NO.

Audra talks to Tucker.

Tucker says he didn’t mean up to his room. He meant the dining room. He’ll buy her a burger and a bourbon.

Audra laughs and says that she’d like that.

Tucker tells her that her mind is in the gutter, thinking he wants to take her to his room.

Tucker smiles at Audra.

Audra laughs and says of course her mind is in the gutter… She spends too much time with him!

They head upstairs, arm-in-arm.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle tells Diane that he will undercut Tucker, eliminate the threat, and make this his gift to his father.

Kyle and Diane sit and talk.

Jack walks into the room, saying it’s a welcome sight to see a mother and her son on a wonderful family holiday. He asks if Ashley left.

Diane says Ashley went upstairs to get ready and explains that she tried to convince Ashley to make it back in time for dinner.

Jack says he truly believes in Thanksgiving.

Jack Abbott.

Kyle laughs and says even Harrison knows Thanksgiving is Jack’s favorite holiday.

Jack says he just wants them all together on Thanksgiving. He can’t believe Tucker is still “invading” their lives.

Kyle says they should forget all about Tucker. Today should be about their family… The Abbotts!

Kyle and Diane.

The GCAC Dining Room

Victor tries calling Jordan back, but to no avail.

Claire says that the cell service is worse when the weather is bad.

Claire Grace.

Victoria didn’t know her mom would be in such a remote location.

Claire says people move there to be off the grid.

Nick says Claire must worry about her aunt living out there all alone.

Victor makes a call.

Claire says she does sometimes, even though her aunt is one of the most capable people she knows.

Victor keeps trying to call, but gets no response. He says they should go, and they leave the club.

The Lake House

Nikki lies in bed. She hears a noise and calls out, asking who’s there.

The washroom door creaks open, but nobody can be seen.

Nikki Newman.

There’s a knock at the front door. A man’s voice calls out. “Nikki? Victoria?”

The man tries the door, and it opens. He steps into the house, calling out that he got the text about Victoria… Is she alright? He calls out again, “It’s Cole! Everything alright?”

Cole Howard.

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