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Y&R Recap – Wed Nov 22: Gloria & Michael Reveal the Truth Behind Gloria’s Prison Time in Singapore, While Ashley and Tucker Reach a Mutual Understanding

Gloria and Michael, Tucker and Ashley.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on DAYday, MON DATE, 2023, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Nikki, Jordan, and Kyle.

On the last episode of Y&R, Claire & Jordan’s trap for the Newmans brought Cole Howard to the Lake House, and Nikki fell off the wagon into despair.

Lily’s Penthouse Apartment

Mamie tells Devon, Lily, Nate, and Daniel that she’s thankful her family is together on such a special day.

Nate smiles and says it means a lot to him to be included. He raises his glass, and everyone toasts.

Lily, Daniel, Nate, Mamie, and Devon.


Lauren enters the restaurant and sees Abby behind the bar, busy preparing. She tells Abby that she looks as stressed as she feels.

Lauren Fenmore.

Abby wishes Lauren a happy Thanksgiving and says it’s a busy day. She says she’s going to meet with Devon and have drinks with them and then go out to the Newman Ranch, but Victor called her and told her they had to leave town to deal with Nikki, which means that she will eat at The Abbotts. To end her day, she will go home and have dessert with Devon and Dominic.

Lauren says it’s good that Thanksgiving only comes once a year. She thanks Abby for coming to the rescue of the “Baldwin-Fisher Thanksgiving catastrophe.”

Abby laughs, and they high-five.

Abby Newman high-fives Lauren.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Tucker and Audra are sitting at a table, and a waiter brings them a couple of burgers and fries. Tucker grins widely and rubs his hands together in anticipation. As they dig in, Tucker jokes about Thanksgiving falling on a Thursday and wonders about the pilgrim’s hats and shoes.

Audra takes a bite of a fry and steers the conversation onto a more serious note. She asks how Tucker sees things playing out regarding Kyle and Jabot.

Audra Charles and Tucker McCall.

Tucker says he doesn’t want to talk business on Thanksgiving.

Audra smirks. What does Tucker want to talk about instead?

Tucker says he wants to talk about Kyle and Audra but doesn’t want to discuss business. He says Audra is saying it’s just meaningless sex with Kyle, but Tucker thinks there’s more to it than just that.


The Abbott Mansion

A smiling Jack and Diane greet Chelsea and Billy. Jack asks Chelsea if she’d like a drink, and she asks for a non-alcoholic beverage since she’s driving. Jack pours her a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly and asks after Connor.

Chelsea talks to Jack as he pours her a drink.

Chelsea tells Jack that Connor is thriving at the new school.

Jack’s happy to hear it.

Ashley walks into living room.

Jack sees her and asks if she will leave now that everyone’s gathered for dinner.


Traci walks in the front door carrying grocery bags and wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Billy explains that Traci was out buying non-traditional desserts, a yearly custom. He says he hates pumpkin pie, and Harrison doesn’t like pecans.

Traci says it’s a travesty.

Chelsea, Billy, and Jack.

Chelsea laughs. She’s only hearing this now?

Diane knows that Chelsea will have dinner with Connor and her mom but asks her to stay for some appetizers before she heads out.

Billy asks Chelsea if Adam is joining her at Thanksgiving.

Diane and Chelsea.

Chelsea says Adam and Anita don’t get along, and after discussing it with Connor, they decided it’d be best if Adam didn’t go along.

Jack thinks Connor’s very mature to avoid conflict on a family holiday. He turns to Ashley as he talks, ensuring she knows precisely what he’s implying.

Ashley asks Jack if she’s ever complimented him on his subtlety.

Jack smiles at Ashley.

Jack says she hasn’t.

Ashley says there’s a reason for that, and everyone, including Jack, laughs.

Jack says it’s not that funny.

Ashley and Jack.

The GCAC Dining Room

Audra tells Tucker she thinks he’s jealous that she has any connection with Kyle Abbott at all.

Audra and Tucker.

Tucker says he’s just protective. Audra’s a part of his plan for Jabot.

Audra shrugs. They can call it “protective” if he wants.

Tucker wonders if he heard a twinge of disappointment in her voice.

Audra tells him not to read too much into it. Bourbon makes her nostalgic.


Tucker says that in an alternate universe, he and Audra would have been a perfect match, but in this one, they’re just too alike to have a shot at more than what they have.

Audra asks if he really believes that.

Tucker says Audra’s brilliant, talented, and stunningly beautiful. He admits that he’s jealous and says that in another world, they’d have been a couple for the ages. He takes her hand and kisses it. He says she’ll never get anything like that from Kyle Abbott, and he thinks she deserves it.

Tucker kisses Audra's hand.


Lauren thanks Abby for letting her use the restaurant for their family dinner. She says Gloria just flew into town with Michael without any warning or phone call, and now they expect a homemade Thanksgiving dinner!

Lauren Fenmore.

Abby says Lauren is lucky Gloria didn’t show up with a full entourage.

Kevin and Chloe walk in. Kevin hugs Lauren in greeting, saying that Gloria changed things at the drop of a hat. They were going to have Thai food and watch football, but now they’re at a family reunion that “nobody wanted.”

Chloe says that Kevin needs to smile and pretend he wants to be there like the rest of the adults.

Lauren goes to hug Kevin and Chloe.

Kevin doesn’t like surprises.

Lauren says Kevin should be happy to see his brother and mother.

Kevin nods. He’s happy to see Michael, but Gloria’s been in and out of prison for the last few months, and he has no idea how she will act when she arrives.

Gloria, Kevin, Chloe, Lauren, Michael, and Abby.

At that moment, Michael and Gloria walk in. Michael hugs and kisses everyone in greeting.

Gloria walks over, bobbing and weaving. She complains that she’s exhausted and has barely slept over the past few months. Gloria hugs Kevin and Chloe and asks where her grandchildren are.

Chloe says they’re home with her mother.

Kevin, Chloe, Lauren, Michael, and Abby.

Kevin says they’ll see them later for dessert.

Gloria says her grandchildren are her reason for living. She falls onto the couch, exhausted. She starts snoring.

Kevin laughs and tells everyone he thought it would be worse.

Gloria passes out on the couch.

Lily’s Apartment

Devon asks Mamie to share with them what Tucker’s true intentions are. He reminds her that Nate coming back to Chancellor-Winters depends on this information.

Mamie smiles and says she’ll tell them what they want to know, but not today… Today is about family, not business.

Mamie and Nate.

Daniel says he doesn’t know Tucker like any of them, but he doubts that Tucker’s going to be making any big moves on Thanksgiving day.

Nate says whatever Tucker is up to, the fact that they’re even considering letting Nate return to Chancellor-Winters means the world to him, and he won’t let them down.

Mamie says he’s right… He’s their blood, and they won’t allow it!

Devon and Lily.


Abby tells Michael that she’s happy he’s home and she’s glad that he kept Gloria out of prison.

Gloria is awake again and flaps her hand in recognition.

Gloria Fisher and Michael Baldwin.

Michael gives two thumbs up.

Abby explains that the food is in warming trays in the kitchen and they’ll have to serve themselves, since the waitstaff have the day off.

Gloria gets up and says when she owned Glow, there was…

Michael cuts her off and puts his hand over her mouth, laughing. He says Abby’s employees must be grateful.

Abby Newman.

Abby tells everyone to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. She waves and leaves.

Lauren says Abby getting a dinner together like this with no warning is amazing… She’s a superwoman.

Gloria says after three months of prison food, she wanted to have a home-cooked meal… Is that too much to ask?

Lauren says, “Frankly, yes.”

Gloria and Michael.

Kevin says they should go into the kitchen and check on things. They run off into the kitchen.

Lauren tells Gloria that if she wanted a homecooked meal, she should have let her know she was coming beforehand instead of just showing up on her doorstep.

Michael says that wasn’t all Gloria’s fault. He tried to send texts and call Lauren, but none of his messages got through. What should they have done? Stay in Singapore?


The Abbott Mansion

Ashley tells Jack she’s going to go to the club, have a drink with Tucker and Devon, and hopefully make it back for dinner.

Ashley talks to Jack as she puts on her coat.

Jack says it’s the best he can hope for, but he has a feeling she’s wasting her time.

Ashley says it’s a good thing it’s her time and not Jack’s. She wants to mend the rift between Tucker and Devon, and hopefully that’ll make Tucker rethink his plans to attack Jabot.

Jack says there’s no decency or civility left in Tucker.

Ashley says they’ll see. She says goodbye to everyone and leaves the house.

Jack and Ashley talk.

The GCAC Dining Room

Audra says Tucker seems to be saying that she deserves someone like him… But not him.

Audra Charles.

Tucker says it’s complicated. His phone pings. It’s Ashley, asking if they can have a drink together. He slides his phone over to Audra to see what’s going on.

Audra reads Ashley’s message and says she never saw that coming… And obviously, Tucker hadn’t either.

Tucker says he’s not going to respond. He doesn’t trust Ashley’s invitation any more than he trusts Ashley herself. He says Audra heard Kyle’s recording of Ashley with Jack, and Ashley is just setting him up.


Audra says it sounds like Ashley is trying to turn Tucker into a human being.

Tucker laughs.

Audra says if Ashley is setting Tucker up, that’s fine… He loves a game of cat and mouse, and a person can love and hate someone at the same time. She thinks that’s how he feels about Ashley. If it’s a lost cause, he should just tell Ashley, “No.”


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Y&R Spoilers

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle stands apart from the rest of the family and looks at his phone.

Kyle and Diane.

Diane walks up to Kyle and asks him if he’s okay… He seems a little preoccupied.

Kyle says he’s got a lot on his mind.

Diane asks if it’s because Harrison is spending the day with Summer.

Diane talks to her son.

Kyle shakes his head. He says he spent time with Harrison in the park in the morning, and he’s okay with Summer taking Harrison for the day.

Diane says he must be thinking about his involvement with Audra for his plan.

Kyle isn’t worried about it. He’ll be using Audra way more than she’ll be using him.

Kyle, Diane, Jack, Chelsea, Billy, and Traci.

The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker is hesitant to say no to Ashley.

Audra says she rests her case.

Tucker McCall.

Tucker says Audra doesn’t have a case. This is a golden opportunity for him to find out how far Ashley will take things. On second thought, he’d be a fool not to respond. He picks up his phone and dictates a text message. “Sure. Meet me in the Jazz Lounge.”

Audra says Tucker did the exact opposite of what she proposed.

Tucker says that shouldn’t surprise her. He tells her not to pretend she has more insight into him than he does.

Audra says she does have more insight about him than he does. He says she knows his heart in another universe, but she knows it here, too. She says she’ll be brutally honest. She thinks he’s going to blow things up because he can’t get Ashley out of his head.

Audra Charles.


Chloe and Kevin walk back into the dining room. Chloe claps her hands, waking Gloria. She says they have their favorite restaurant all to themselves, and Michael and Gloria are home safe and sound.

Gloria says she may be home, but she’s jet-lagged, malnourished, and sleep-deprived.

Chloe and Kevin.

Chloe says they should make the most of it. She tells the men to pour the wine and asks Lauren to help her in the kitchen.

Gloria says Chloe was just in the kitchen.

Chloe says things need some extra attention and promises Gloria will love every bit of it.

Gloria and Michael.

Lauren heads into the kitchen with Chloe.

Gloria takes off her sunglasses and fixes her makeup. She walks over to the bar, where Michael and Kevin pour wine.

Kevin says he’s happy to have her home and asks how her trip went.

Gloria checks her makeup.

Michael laughs and says Kevin can’t imagine how it went.

Kevin says Michael and Gloria were gone so long that he and Chloe thought they had moved to Singapore permanently.

Gloria shakes her head. Perish the thought. She says while she was away, the only thing that kept her alive was the thought of coming home to her family.

Gloria talks to Michael and Kevin.

Lauren and Chloe walk out of the kitchen, and Michael hands Lauren a glass of wine.

Michael tells Gloria that she wouldn’t have been in prison if she’d managed to stay out of trouble for once in her life.

Lauren says they’d all love to know what happened in Singapore. Why did it take Michael so long to exonerate her?

Lauren, Chloe, and Michael talk to Gloria.

Lily’s Apartment

Devon tells Mamie he thinks it’s great that she’s trying to bring the family together, but it hurts a lot to be betrayed by a family member, and that’s why it’s so hard to get past.

Daniel, Nate, and Mamie raise their glasses in a toast.

Mamie understands. She thinks everyone’s “inching” their way back to family is enough for her. It’s progress! She lifts her glass in a toast and says not every family is as united as theirs.

Abby laughs and says if Devon doesn’t believe her, he can go to Society and hang out with the Baldwins and the Fishers.

Mamie says she spent years in the Abbott house, and they have a strong family bond, which helped their family business thrive. She covers her mouth and says she didn’t want to talk about business, but she believes that their family is headed for something magnificent.

Devon, Lily, and Abby raise their glasses.

Lily says Mamie can tell them how Tucker plays into it all. They deserve to know.

Mamie says since everybody is waiting to hear… It has nothing to do with Tucker getting a piece of Chancellor-Winters. It’s all about Devon!

Devon asks what Mamie means by that.

Mamie Johnson.

Mamie says it’s about Devon’s future and Tucker’s legacy for his grandson. Tucker never believed that Jill should have owned Katherine’s company and believes that Devon is the true Chancellor heir.

Devon asks if Tucker plans to push Jill out of the company.

Mamie doesn’t answer.

Lily Winters.

Devon figures that means “yes.” He says they should probably warn Jill about it.

Lily says Jill is expecting this, and Mamie isn’t telling them anything they don’t know already.

Devon asks Mamie if she can share how Tucker plans to overthrow Jill.

Devon and Abby.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy tells Kyle that Jack told him about the COO position.

Kyle confirms it. He’s coming back.

Billy and Kyle Abbott.

Billy asks what changed his mind.

Kyle asks if Billy is questioning his motives. He says there’s nothing to worry about.

Billy says he’s not worried, but he’s being protective of the company, the family, and Jack in particular.

Chelsea, Jack, and Traci.

Kyle asks if Billy thinks he needs to protect his father from him.

Billy says he never said that.

Chelsea has been listening to them and tells Billy she has to leave to meet with her mom and Connor.

Billy excuses them and leaves with Chelsea.


The GCAC Dining Room

Ashley walks into the dining room and wishes Tucker and Audra a happy Thanksgiving. She says it’s a surprise to see them all cozied up to one another.

Tucker says he and Audra have decided that turkey dinners are passe. The hip people drink whiskey and eat cheeseburgers at a hotel bar on Thanksgiving.

Audra, Ashley, and Tucker.

Audra nods uncomfortably and says she should get going… They obviously have a lot to talk about. She thanks Tucker for dinner and wishes Ashley a happy Thanksgiving. She leaves the dining room.

Tucker beckons Ashley to sit with him and says he didn’t expect to hear from her. He thought she’d be at the “sacred Abbott dinner table,” laughing and enjoying dinner with family.

Ashley says she’ll be home in plenty of time to enjoy the festivities.

Audra and Tucker.

Tucker asks what she’s doing at the GCAC.

Ashley says she was thinking of Tucker and how he’d be all alone for Thanksgiving. It made her sad for him and Devon, and she thought it’d be a great day to start trying to bridge the gap between them.

Tucker smiles and nods knowingly.

Ashley and Tucker.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Tucker and Ashley head down to the lounge and take a seat. He tells Ashley not to bother pretending to feel bad for him; he’s been through calamities worse than the one they went through. He asks that they please leave Devon out of it. He doesn’t trust her motives when it comes to helping him reconcile with his son.

Ashley knows Tucker is in pain even though he doesn’t act like it. She texted Devon and asked him to join them there to try to make peace.

Tucker talks to Ashley.

Tucker shakes his head and calls her presumptuous. He says she probably doesn’t expect Devon to show up… What’s her real reason for being here?

Ashley says that’s the real reason, but she does have a proposition for Tucker.

Tucker grins and motions for a drink from the bartender.

Tucker smiles.


Gloria says she wanted to reunite with her family for months, but she’s not going to “contaminate” this occasion by recounting the unspeakable nightmare she’s been through.

Michael snickers and says that’s a bit overstated, but he agrees. There’s no point in dredging it up.

Gloria and Michael.

Kevin disagrees. He says their mother did something that landed her in a Singapore jail and now she’s trying to shrug it off with a wave.

Gloria says it was just a case of mistaken identity.

Michael laughs and says that was the defense, anyhow… Now that it’s out in the open, there was no case of mistaken identity. She was as guilty as hell of the crime she was charged with.

Kevin Mitchell.

Chloe asks what Gloria was guilty of.

Kevin says they won’t let up until she tells them… Might as well come clean!

Gloria sighs. She says they’re very cruel by asking her to relive the most horrible time of her life. She says they can’t comprehend the pain this unfortunate incident caused her. It’s a miracle she’s even alive!

Michael and Gloria.

Michael rolls his eyes and says she’s milking it for all it’s worth. It’s not like she kidnapped the prime minister’s daughter or committed a capital crime!

Gloria says she was “persecuted.”

Michael says, “Enough!” He says they’ll sit down, get dinner, give thanks, and clear up the mystery once and for all. And if Gloria won’t tell them… He will!

They all sit down at the table.

Lauren and Michael.

Lauren says even though it was a “shotgun Thanksgiving,” it brought them all together. She’s thankful her husband is back. He’s been gone too long, and she’s happy he’s home where he belongs. They kiss. She says they have an interesting family, but they have each other, and that’s what she’s thankful for. She points at Kevin. It’s his turn!

Kevin says he’s thankful for their happy and healthy children. He’s happy for his own health so he can enjoy every moment with his family, and he’s thankful for this dinner. He tells his mom that it’s her turn now.

Gloria smiles. She says she’s happy and grateful for her family too, but she’s most grateful for Michael, who saved her from a fate of unspeakable suffering.

Kevin and Chloe.

Michael says she’s drained the table of all sympathy. He tells her to tell everyone what happened.

Gloria reluctantly agrees. She reveals that she had an affair with a diplomat, and one sunny fateful day, his wife showed up and caught them together. She was a drama queen who had an over-the-top meltdown. She says she was thrown out like a common trollop.

Michael says there’s more. He prompts Gloria to continue.

Gloria looks shocked.

Gloria says she went into the closet to get her clothes, but she took three pairs of designer shoes and a “divine silk cocktail dress” on her way out.

Chloe says that was despicable.

Gloria says she deserved it after what she was put through. She says the worst part was the husband was the one who pressed charges. The gall!

Lauren laughs. She can’t believe Michael got Gloria off on a mistaken identity defense!

Michael says he did. He’s just that good.

Everyone toasts to that.

Gloria, Kevin, Chloe, Michael, and Lauren.

The Jazz Lounge

Ashley reminds Tucker about the company they bought as a base for Simply Ashley. It was named Glacade.

Ashley takes a sip of her drink.

Tucker asks what about Glacade.

Ashley says it’s solid as a rock and has a lot of potential. Tucker should take the company, and they can pick up right where they left off. Tucker can move forward in a productive, fantastic direction.

Tucker and Ashley talk.

Tucker laughs. What would Ashley do?

Ashley says she’d do absolutely nothing. He should consider it a gesture of goodwill since she reneged on their business partnership, and for the sake of their children and their grandchild, they can have some kind of peace and tranquility.

Tucker says it’s a deal. They clink glasses in a toast.


Lily’s Apartment

Mamie says that she and Tucker went into their agreement with two common goals. Hers was to get back together with her family, and Tucker’s goal was to get rid of Jill so he could clear a path for Devon and Lily to take over the company. She asks what it’d be like for Devon and Lily to not have to run every decision by Jill… To run their own company without outside interference.

Mamie Johnson.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci tells Jack it’s past time for them to eat… Everyone is starving!

Jack hugs and kisses his sister, Traci.

Jack says he’s hungry too, but he was trying to see if they should wait for Ashley.

Traci says they should think it through together. They know where Ashley went, and they know who she’s with. Does he want to let their Thanksgiving hinge on what may or may not happen between Ashley and Tucker?

Jack laughs and says Traci is always the voice of reason. He gives her a hug. He tells everyone that dinner will be served shortly, but wants to say something first. He says he’s married the woman of his dreams, and it’s brought him joy that’s changed who he is as a man. It’s been a challenging year for their family, but they got through it because they are stronger as a family.

Everyone toasts.

Billy, Traci, Diane, Kyle, and Jack toast.

Next Week on The Young and the Restless

Nikki tells Jordan, “You did this to me!”

Jordan shakes her head. “No, Nikki. You did this to yourself!”

Nikki and Jordan.

Jordan tells Victor, Nicholas, and Victoria that she’s poisoned them, and they’ll all suffer from heart attacks while she watches them die.

Victor, Nicholas, and Victoria.

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