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Y&R Recap – Thu Nov 23: Eve Howard Visits Victor, Traci Drops in On Lauren, and Michael Stalks Christine

Eve, Victor, Lauren, and Traci.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Thursday, November 23, 2023, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Please note: This recap is a replay of an episode that first aired on February 4, 1993.

Last Episode

Gloria and Michael, Tucker and Ashley.

On the last episode of Y&R, Michael & Gloria revealed the sordid truth behind Gloria’s prison time in Singapore, while Ashley & Tucker reached an agreement.

Victor’s House

Upon returning home, Victor Newman and Douglas Austin reflect on their recent restaurant visit, with Douglas praising it highly.

Victor Newman and Douglas Austin.

Victor, less impressed, playfully chides Douglas about his weight. Their banter is interrupted by a call from Victor’s service, informing him that Eve Howard has reached out. Victor, intrigued, agrees to her visit, pondering her motives.

Douglas, curious, learns about Eve’s six-year tenure with Victor and her unrequited love for him. Victor offers a word of caution against romantic entanglements with employees, revealing Eve’s past feelings for him, and that she believes he is her father’s child.

Eve’s arrival prompts Douglas to discreetly leave.

Eve Howard.

Victor and Eve engage in a conversation filled with nostalgia and tension. Victor clarifies that much of their shared past was embellished by Eve’s imagination.

The conversation shifts to Nikki, now married to Jack, as Eve subtly seeks more information.

Victor, aware of her probing, reveals his single status but questions her intentions.

Eve insists on the possibility of Victor being the father of her child, Cole, yet admits she has never told Cole about it. She tantalizes Victor with the mention of a photo but refuses to show it. Frustrated, Eve leaves abruptly, leaving Victor to reflect on her visit.

Victor Newman and Eve Howard.

Lauren’s Apartment

Traci unexpectedly visits Lauren at her home, citing a desire to reconnect for nostalgia’s sake.

Lauren hesitantly allows Traci inside.

Lauren and Traci talk.

Traci reveals she’s staying with Brad, then confronts Lauren, suspecting her of having an affair with Brad, despite Lauren’s recent marriage to Scott.

Lauren firmly denies the accusation.

Traci reflects on their past dynamics, noting Lauren’s tendency to mock her and her popularity with men. Proudly, Traci shares her life updates – she’s now a New York-based author, in a relationship with a man keen on marrying her.

Traci talks to Lauren.

Lauren, somewhat cynically, encourages Traci to seize the opportunity and marry him.

The conversation takes a sharp turn as Traci criticizes Lauren’s pursuit of power and wealth, contrasting it with her lack of a fulfilling marriage and maternal responsibilities.

Shocked by Traci’s blunt remarks about her not having custody of her child, Lauren dismisses Traci’s opinions and asks her to leave.

Lauren and Traci.

After Traci’s departure, Lauren receives a mysterious piece of mail – a puzzle piece accompanied by a cryptic message hinting at a developing picture and more intrigue to come.

Puzzled, Lauren tries to fit the new piece with others she has, wondering about its significance. She speculates whether it forms an image of a bed, but remains uncertain.

A puzzle piece sent to Lauren.

Gina’s Restaurant

Nina unexpectedly meets Ryan at Gina’s restaurant, where she curiously asks about Victoria’s whereabouts.

As they begin to chat, Gina comes over with a tray of drinks, suggesting a delicious yet low-calorie option for Nina, who readily agrees. Ryan places his order, and Gina departs, leaving them to continue their conversation.


Ryan explains that Victoria is preoccupied tonight and changes the subject to Nina, inquiring why she’s dining out alone.

Nina admits she’s been feeling down, a sentiment echoed by Ryan, who expresses his happiness at her presence, finding her company enjoyable.

As Gina returns to serve their food, Nina seizes the opportunity to ask Ryan for a dance. He accepts her invitation, suggesting they hit the dance floor after they’ve enjoyed their meal.

Nina and Ryan.

After some time, Nina and Ryan enjoy several dances together, both agreeing that they had a delightful time.

Afterward, Nina extends an invitation to Ryan to continue the evening at her place. Ryan hesitates initially but ultimately decides it’s wiser to end the night there.

Ryan and Nina.

Jack & Nikki’s House

At Nikki and Jack’s house, a young Nick arrives and asks why Victoria has come home instead of staying with Ryan.

Nikki, attempting to shield her son from the complexities, suggests he visit Victoria upstairs.

Jack talks to Nikki.

Jack comes home and affectionately embraces Nikki, his hand tenderly resting on her pregnant belly.

Jack’s joy is evident as he talks about their future child, whom he holds dear above all else. He inquires about Victoria, expressing surprise upon learning that her therapist, who’s assisting with her “sexual problems”, advised her to return home.

Jack and Nikki discuss how this move might affect Victoria’s personal challenges, with Nikki uncertain but hopeful it could be beneficial. She urges Jack to keep this information from Victor.

Nikki and Jack.

The couple speculates about the impact of Victoria’s stay at home, with Jack expressing concern that she may be too young for marriage.

Upstairs, Victoria finds herself alone and attempts to reach Ryan by phone.

Receiving no response, she tries again, unaware that Ryan is currently out with Nina, thus unable to answer her calls.


Michael’s Apartment

Michael paces his room, agitated about Christine hiring a detective to guard her. He’s determined not to be deterred, believing that even an army wouldn’t be enough to stop him after what she did.

Michael devises a plan and decides that being in New York will absolve him of suspicion. He calls the front desk to book a flight to NYC.

Michael Baldwin.

Once his travel is arranged, Michael pens a note to Christine, informing her of his move and extending his regards to Danny. He expresses a hope to reconcile and mend past rifts in the future.

Reading the closing line, “Most sincerely, Michael,” he chuckles to himself, seals the letter, and departs.

Michael Baldwin talks on the phone.

Ryan’s Home

Engrossed in his thoughts, Ryan is brought back to reality by a call from Victoria, who is relieved to hear his voice. She inquires about his whereabouts.

Explaining that he had run out of food at home, Ryan tells her he went out for dinner. Victoria expresses regret for not stocking the house with food.

Victoria talks to Ryan.

Curious, she asks about his meal and whether he dined alone. Ryan mentions enjoying a pasta dish and confirms he was by himself.

Victoria then shares her mother’s misconception that she had ended things with him, but reassures him that she’s managed the situation and plans to return home in a few days.

Ryan hopes this information doesn’t reach her father.

Expressing her affection, Victoria ends the call.

Soon after, Nina phones Ryan, expressing gratitude for their time together. From her bed, she playfully suggests he should reconsider joining her, suggesting that she just got out of the shower and hinting at her longing for his company. Ryan, however, declines.

Nina talks to Ryan.

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