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Y&R Recap – Wed Sep 20: Phyllis & Tucker Reach an Agreement, Billy Goes Behind Jack’s Back, and Lily Prods Victor for Information

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Summer, Tucker, and Phyllis.

On the last episode of Y&R, Tucker made Phyllis an offer she couldn’t refuse, Tessa returned home, and Summer admitted her feelings for Chance.

Jabot Cosmetics

Jack tells Billy he talked to Ashley earlier, and she’s doing okay.

Billy says that they have to move before Tucker does. Who talks to Devon first?

Jack and Billy talk in the boardroom.

Lily’s Penthouse

Devon comes over and gives his sister, Lily, a peck on the cheek. He says she sounded upset on the phone.

Devon and Lily.

Lily tells Devon that Victor, who had bought some shares in Chancellor-Winters to stop them from taking it public, wants out of the company. He’s sold off his stake in the company to a third-party investor.

Devon asks who the investor is who bought Victor’s shares.

Lily says that’s the million-dollar question.

Lily talks to Devon.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Phyllis walks into the dining room, lost in thought. She’s startled when Diane says good morning to her and asks Diane not to start anything with her.

Diane says she just finished a morning meeting and is trying to make polite conversation.

Diane talks to Phyllis.

Phyllis says they only tolerate each other and shouldn’t pretend there’s more than that.

Diane says they need to be civil to each other for Kyle and Summer’s sake… Especially since Phyllis is the one responsible for their breakup.

Phyllis doesn’t think so.

Phyllis talks with Diane.

Diane says Phyllis put Summer into a tight spot by making her lie over and over again.

Phyllis shoots back that Kyle didn’t even wait three minutes before he jumped into bed with “that Audra girl.”

Diane says the thought of emotional sex must be offensive to Phyllis’s “deeply ingrained moral standards.”

Phyllis says she can’t have this conversation with Diane right now.

Diane Abbot-Jenkins.

Crimson Lights

A server places a croissant and an iced tea in front of Kyle, who thanks him.

Kyle sits and looks at his phone as Summer walks in.

Summer Newman.

Summer sees Kyle and thinks back to their conversation about moving ahead with their divorce.


Summer told Kyle she hoped they could keep it friendly for Harrison’s sake, and Kyle told her they’d handle it as adults.

Summer has a flashback.

Summer walks up to Kyle and says hello.

Kyle says she saved him a phone call by showing up.

Summer asks if Harrison is okay.

Summer Newman.

Kyle says Harrison is fine. Kyle wanted to ensure Summer had received the paperwork for the custody agreements.

Summer says she’ll be at the hearing; she wants to make the divorce as easy and painless as possible for Harrison.

Kyle smiles and invites her to have a seat. He says that Harrison comes first and needs two invested parents who won’t get in the way of his happiness. He says things will work out the way they should.

Kyle and Summer sit and talk.

Summer asks if they’re calling a truce.

Kyle says they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves.

Summer laughs and says they should go back to fighting.

Summer talks with Kyle.

Kyle says he doesn’t want that… For Harrison, or them.

Summer says their conversation feels different; it’s nice.

Kyle says that putting Harrison first simplifies things.

Kyle smiles at Summer.

Summer says being Harrison’s mom has fulfilled her, and she’s relieved that Kyle and her seem to have moved past their anger with each other.

Kyle says Harrison doesn’t need an angry mother or father.

Summer says she doesn’t know how they got to where they are, but she’s glad they did.

Summer smiles at Kyle.

The GCAC Dining Room

Diane asks Phyllis if she’d like to see their kids find their way back to one another.

Phyllis promised her daughter she wouldn’t get involved, and she won’t break that promise.

Diane talks with Phyllis.

Diane scoffs and says it’s pretty convenient that Phyllis is hands-off after all her destruction. She says she cares about her son, but he’s hiding his feelings by throwing himself into work and his “ridiculous” affair with Audra.

Phyllis agrees it’s a nightmare, but Diane can’t make Summer forgive Kyle… That’s not the answer.

Diane says she’s not trying to make anyone do anything. She says that Phyllis doesn’t have to meddle, but if they present a united front, then maybe Kyle and Summer will do the same.

Phyllis talks to Diane.

Phyllis reiterates that she’s not willing to break her word to Summer.

Diane tells her to forget it. She doesn’t know why she’s even trying to have a rational conversation with Phyllis.

Phyllis tells her to give it up… Forever.

Diane, Tucker, and Phyllis.

Tucker walks into the dining room and greets the ladies.

Diane laughs and tells Phyllis, “Of course this is who you’re meeting. You two are perfect for each other.” She leaves the club.

Tucker tells Phyllis he doesn’t think Diane meant that as a compliment.

Tucker talks to Phyllis.

Jabot Cosmetics

In the boardroom, Jack tells Billy that his idea of turning Devon against Tucker kept him awake half the night.

Billy says they’re only presenting evidence to Devon that Tucker hasn’t changed and is still conniving.

Billy talks with Jack.

Jack wonders if telling Devon that Tucker is incapable of change will drive a wedge between them.

Billy hopes so… If Tucker loses Devon, he’ll lose his connection to Genoa City, and hopefully, he’ll leave town.

Jack says that Tucker is Devon’s father, and Devon already lost Neil. He says it’d be like someone coming between Billy and their father or between Billy and Johnny.

Jack and Billy talk.

Billy says it’s not the same thing. Tucker’s a jackass who doesn’t deserve Devon or Dominic.

Jack says they shouldn’t drag Devon into it, even if they can convince themselves they’re doing it for the right reasons.

Billy shakes his head in disagreement. He says Tucker’s dangerous, and it’s only a matter of time before he screws things up with Devon like he did with Ashley.

Jack and Billy Abbott.

Jack asks why they need to force the issue.

Billy says the longer Tucker’s in town, the more damage he’ll deal to the family and the company.

Jack says they have to find another way to drive Tucker out of town. He tells Billy to drop the idea of using Devon against Tucker. Jack looks at his watch and realizes he has a meeting to attend.

Jack talks to Billy.

Billy says they’ll finish their discussion later.

Jack says they have already finished it. He leaves the boardroom.

Billy kicks his chair away in frustration. He pulls out his phone and sends a message to Devon. “Free to meet? Need to discuss something important.”

Billy sends Devon a text message.

Lily’s Penthouse

Devon asks Lily if Jill knows who the investor might be.

Lily says Jill doesn’t know. She doesn’t even know why Victor sold his interest in the company. She wonders if Victor lost faith in Chancellor-Winters.

Lily talks to Devon.

Devon wonders why Victor would have sold his shares without giving Jill a heads-up. He asks where they can find out who the investor is.

Lily will meet with Victor and see if he’ll tell her anything. She says Victor demoted Victoria and reinstated himself; perhaps that had something to do with his decision.

Devon’s phone pings. It’s Billy asking him to meet.

Devon looks at Lily.

Lily asks what Billy wants.

Devon thinks it’s probably about Tucker… Ashley broke Tucker’s heart, and the Abbotts are worried he will retaliate against them. He thinks Billy wants to find out what Tucker is up to.

Lily asks what Devon thinks about Tucker returning to town and what he says about Ashley.

Lily Winters.

Devon says if it were anyone else, he’d give them the benefit of the doubt, but Ashley keeps reminding him that Tucker hasn’t changed. He figures Tucker’s probably not the victim in all of it, and he’d love to believe in him, but he wants to know the truth about what happened between Tucker and Ashley.

Lily says Tucker is Devon’s birth father, so it makes sense that Devon wants to believe in him.

Devon says that talking with Billy will let him know how the Abbotts feel about things, which might help him figure things out.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker and Phyllis sit at a table. Tucker says he figures that Phyllis is there to see him for one of two reasons… Either she’s interested in the offer, or she missed him.

Phyllis talks to Tucker.

Phyllis gives Tucker a long-suffering look and tells him she must reimburse the insurance company for the payout, or they’ll sue her. She’s interested in his offer, but…

Tucker says, “But? No buts.” He asks if she’s in or out and needs to know right now.

Phyllis says she needs to know the name of the company he wants her to hack into before she makes up her mind.

Tucker grins as he talks to Phyllis.

Tucker says she doesn’t need to know until he decides to tell her.

Phyllis thinks she knows the company Tucker’s targeting. She says that Ashley and Tucker aren’t a couple anymore, and he wants payback; it’s obvious he’s going after Jabot.

Tucker says she’s close… But not quite.

Phyllis Summers.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Crimson Lights

Summer asks Kyle how he’s doing at Newman; how is her grandmother taking over as CEO at Newman Media affecting him?

Kyle says he thinks he’s safe for now, but there’s a lot of upheaval at the company right now. He mentions that Nikki found out about his fling with Audra.

Kyle and Summer talk.

Summer cringes and thinks Nikki wouldn’t have been too happy about that.

Kyle says Nikki was “way past not happy” and forced Audra to end things with Kyle if she wanted to keep her job. He says Summer has a very protective grandmother.

Summer says Nikki is very generous, too. She thinks it took Nikki a lot of reserves not to fire Audra’s “opportunistic ass.”

Summer talks to Kyle.

Kyle says Summer should be mad at him, not Audra.

Summer says she’s calling it as she sees it. She’s glad things are over between him and Audra because nothing good could have come from it… Just ask Noah.

Kyle says it’s over with him and Audra, so it doesn’t matter.

Summer says she’s sorry… Kyle probably wouldn’t have gotten involved with Audra if she hadn’t hurt him so badly.

Kyle listens to Summer.

Jabot Cosmetics

Jack paces around, thinking about Tucker.


Jack has a flashback with Billy.

Tucker had told Jack that Billy wanted to take over Jabot, and if Jack wanted to trust Billy, that’s his prerogative.

After Tucker left, Billy told Jack that he was sure Jack didn’t trust him.

Diane walks into the boardroom, and Jack gives her a quick kiss. He sees the look on her face and asks what’s wrong.

Diane and Jack.

Diane says she’ll give him three guesses… And they all start with “Phyllis.”

Jack asks what happened.

Diane says she tried talking with Phyllis and suggested they be civil with each other to try to get Summer and Kyle to reconcile, but Phyllis refused to get involved. She figures that maybe Phyllis doesn’t want Kyle and Summer to get back together because of Diane being in the picture.

Jack talks with Diane.

Jack says that if that’s the case, he agrees with Phyllis. They have no business getting involved in their breakup.

Diane protests that Kyle still loves Summer.

Jack says that Kyle and Summer have to work it out themselves. Jack and Diane need to stand back and support them no matter how it goes.

Jack looks at Diane.

The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker tells Phyllis he’s considering how much he should tell her.

Phyllis says she could walk away from this right now.

Phyllis and Tucker.

Tucker thinks about it and says that he wants Phyllis to get access to Billy Abbott’s personal finances.

Phyllis asks what axe Tucker has to grind with Billy.

Tucker says it doesn’t matter. He knows the dynamic between her and Billy and knows her history, and he can’t imagine that Phyllis would be Billy’s ally.

Tucker McCall.

Phyllis wants to know why Tucker’s going after Billy. She asks if it’s part of a bigger plan.

Tucker says if she doesn’t know, she’ll have plausible deniability.

Phyllis says she’s just been through a nightmare and wants to know what’s going on so she knows whether to be part of it or whether to refuse.

Phyllis leans in and listens to Tucker.


Devon meets Billy at the restaurant. He imagines that Billy wants to talk about Tucker.

Devon talks to Billy.

Billy tells him that he hates to do it, but he has to warn him… Tucker is out of control.

Devon asks what Billy means by “out of control.”

Billy says Tucker’s up to his old antics… He asks how much Devon knows about Ashley and Tucker’s breakup.

Devon and Billy.

Devon says that they have different stories of what happened.

Billy says that he’s putting his money on Ashley’s version. He says that Ashley and Jack made up, and Ashley decided she didn’t want to cut ties with the family or Jabot.

Devon says that Abby told him that Ashley had changed her mind about creating a competitor to Jabot.

Devon talks to Billy.

Billy says that Ashley said Tucker went “ballistic,” and she’d never seen him that angry. She was really scared, and if Tucker threatened the woman he said he loved, that shows there’s more to it.

Billy goes on to say that he and Jack believe that Tucker had planned to use Ashley for her money and expertise so he could build himself a new empire, but since that’s not happening, he’s coming after Jabot.

Devon says that sounds pretty extreme. He asks why Billy is talking to him about it.

Devon and Billy talk.

The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker says that Phyllis is being too inquisitive.

Phyllis says she’s trying to stay out of prison; of course she’s inquisitive.

Tucker says Phyllis can’t get the money she owes any other way, but there are other tech geniuses in the world… He’ll have to find another one to help him.

Tucker talks to Phyllis.

Newman Enterprises

Lily gets off the elevator and sees Victor at his desk in his office.

Lily and Devon talk in a flashback.


Lily and Devon are at the centennial gala, and Lily tells Devon that Jill canceled the IPO.

Devon told Lily that Victor was the one who convinced Jill to cancel it.

Lily and Devon had agreed to run the family business together since the IPO was canceled.

Victor looks at Lily.

Lily takes a breath and walks into Victor’s office.

Victor smiles and gives her a hug. He invites her to take a seat and tells her that she’s probably there to find out why he sold his stake in Chancellor-Winters.

Lily says that’s why she’s there. She wants to know what happened.

Victor and Lily hug.

Victor says he has his reasons.

Lily figures he might have lost faith in her, Devon, or Jill.

Victor reassures her that it had nothing to do with them… They’re doing a wonderful job.

Lily is confused. Why is he backing out?

Lily talks with Victor.

Crimson Lights

Kyle tells Summer he had no idea she felt responsible for him getting involved with Audra… That’s all on him.

Summer says she doesn’t forgive him for it. It was a crappy move on his part. She explains that she isn’t Audra’s biggest fan since she broke Noah’s heart in England.

Summer and Kyle talk.

Kyle doesn’t blame her.

Summer says Kyle should use this as a wake-up call. Maybe it’s awkward between Kyle and Audra in the office since they broke up, but he should take it as a sign that it’s time to return to Jabot, where he belongs.

Summer’s phone pings, and she says that Marchetti business is calling her. She asks Kyle to think about it. She leaves the cafe.

Summer leaves the cafe.

Jabot Cosmetics

Jack tells Diane that people have interfered in their relationship all along, but they managed to be together, and if Summer and Kyle see it the same way, they’ll work it out without any help.

Jack talks with Diane.

Diane says she understands Jack’s logic but hopes Kyle will come to his senses and quit his job, the “insanity” with Audra, and come home.

Jack says there’s nothing he’d like more, but leaving Jabot was Kyle’s decision.

Diane says Kyle decided to ask Summer to move out instead of dealing with things. She doesn’t want to stand back and let Kyle spiral out of control.

Jack and Diane hug and kiss.

Jack says they have to let Kyle work it out alone. He wants to put Kyle’s troubles aside and have a quiet meal with his wife.

Diane smiles and tells Jack she keeps falling deeper in love with him. They kiss.

Newman Enterprises

Victor tells Lily that investors come and go for many reasons.

Victor smiles.

Lily says she knows Victor well enough to wonder what his reasons are.

Victor says he decided to buy a stake in Chancellor-Winters because there was a divide between Lily and Devon, and he wanted their family reunited.

Lily says she’s appreciative that he did step in, and Neil would have appreciated it, too.

Lily smiles.

Victor says he has other reasons for selling… He has problems that he needs to fix at his own company.

Lily thanks him for the explanation and the compliments on how she’s running the company.

Victor says she’s done a wonderful job; her father would be proud.

Victor looks at Lily.

Lily says she has another question: Who’s the “mystery investor” taking Victor’s place?

Victor says he’s not at liberty to tell her… The investor wishes to keep their identity a secret.

Lily laughs and asks why Victor can’t tell her, Devon, or Jill… It’s their company, after all!

Lily talks.

Victor says he’ll tell them in due time.

Lily says that it’s nerve-wracking. The company is doing well, and what will happen if the investor and destroys the progress they’ve made?

Victor says that won’t happen. Lily has to be patient until the contracts have been worked out and the investor will come and introduce themselves to her.

Victor listens.


Billy tells Devon it’s not his intention to interfere with his relationship with his father.

Devon wonders what Billy is trying to accomplish by talking to him.

Jack steps into the restaurant with Diane and sees Billy and Devon talking. He tells Diane that Billy’s gone behind his back again.

Jack sees Billy and Devon talking.

The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker tells Phyllis that their “useless” meeting was very memorable. He gets up to leave and tells her to take care… Or not. Whatever she wants.

Phyllis tells him to wait.

Tucker stands up to leave.

Tucker sits back down.

Phyllis tells him she wants half of the money right away and the other half when she gets into Billy’s financials. Once she’s done that, she’s out.

Tucker agrees. He asks her to meet him in his suite in an hour; he’ll transfer the money to her, and she can get to work. He asks if there’s anything else.

Phyllis and Tucker.

Phyllis says that’s all.

Tucker leaves the dining room and goes upstairs to his suite.

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