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Y&R Recap – Tue Sep 19: Tucker Makes Phyllis an Offer She Can’t Refuse, and Summer Admits Her Feelings for Chance

Summer, Tucker, and Phyllis.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Sally & Adam kiss, Victoria looks at Victor's portrait.

On the last episode of Y&R, Sally and Adam kissed, and Victor replaced Victoria’s portrait as Nikki begged him to delay the takeover.

Sharon’s House

Mariah says she’s glad that Sharon’s trip got postponed… She doesn’t want her flying in this weather.

Sharon and Mariah talk.

Sharon says she’s disappointed she can’t meet with the Kirsten division heads and will have to set up video calls with them in the morning. She asks about Aria’s hearing test results.

Mariah says that they have an appointment with Dr. Grace, and after the tests, they’ll know whether hearing aids will help. She worries whether Tessa will get home in time due to the weather.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Tucker walks up to Phyllis and says hello.

Phyllis Summers.

Phyllis says Tucker is alone and mentions that he asked Heather for a good attorney… That doesn’t spell good tidings between him and Ashley.

Tucker asks if Phyllis is offering him some comforting words.

Phyllis says she’d feel bad for him, but she remembers how he held Carson over her head and threatened her future.

Tucker McCall.

Tucker says Phyllis is free and easy; it all worked out.

Phyllis asks what Tucker did to Ashley to make her dump him.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy pours a drink for himself and Jack as they talk. Billy says he’s glad they heard from Ashley and know she’s okay.

Billy and Jack talk.

Jack says that hearing about Ashley’s fight with Tucker was infuriating.

Billy says Tucker’s a sonofabitch who’s hurt her more than once, and he’s a threat. He asks if Ashley believes her marriage is over for good.

Jack says they can’t come back from it… Ashley had thought Tucker had changed, but he clearly hadn’t.

Billy talks with Jack.

Billy says he’s glad it happened before they started their marriage.

Jack wants to know what Tucker is planning and how they can minimize the threat.

Billy says Tucker’s gone after Jabot in the past and may do it again… Or he might target their entire family out of revenge.

Jack looks at Billy.

Sharon’s House

Mariah says she wants to talk about something other than Aria. She says it’s great that Sharon will be working with Nick again.

Sharon thinks so, too.

Mariah and Sharon.

Mariah says she’s more comfortable without Adam in the picture, and Sharon and Nick compliment each other. She asks how Nick’s doing on his trip.

Sharon says Nick is doing great. The division heads he’s met with are happy to have new leadership.

Mariah asks what Sharon has planned.

Sharon and Mariah.

Sharon says she wants to streamline the technology and expand into new markets such as schools, medical clinics, and nonprofits like New Hope.

Mariah is excited to start work.

Sharon explains how they had to put the office space on hold because of the chaos with Newman, and they’ll finalize things when Nick gets back.

Mariah talks with Sharon.

Mariah asks how Chance is. How perfect is he?

Sharon says she may have competition… She thinks Summer has a “growing attraction” to Chance.


Summer approaches Daniel at the bar. She says it looks like they’re both having restless nights.

Summer and Daniel.

Daniel asks if he can buy her a drink.

Summer accepts and orders a dirty vodka martini. She sits down and asks how Lucy is.

Daniel says Lucy is great but is returning to Portugal with her mom tomorrow.

Summer talks to Daniel.

Summer thinks Daniel must be pretty bummed about it.

Daniel says he’ll see Lucy for breakfast tomorrow but has no idea when he’ll see his daughter next.

Summer doesn’t think she could handle it if Kyle left the country with Harrison.

Daniel talks with Summer.

Daniel asks if anything’s changed with Kyle.

Summer says it hasn’t. They’re in the process of getting a divorce, but the good news is that their mom has backed off from forcing her back together with Kyle.

Daniel laughs and says their mom has stopped trying to get him back together with Heather too. He says he’s worried about Summer, though… Is she sure she’s okay with everything?

Summer Newman.

Summer says divorce is awful, but she’s okay. Kyle’s moved on, so has she, and she’s ready for her next adventure.

Daniel asks if her next adventure will be of the romantic variety.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Billy that as much as he hated the thought of Ashley and Tucker getting married, he hoped they’d ride off into the sunset and bring some calm back to the household.

Jack talks to Billy.

Billy says the upside is that Ashley is free of Tucker’s grip and coming back to Jabot.

Jack says Ashley will be working remotely for a while; she wants to stay in Paris and clear her head. He can’t believe it took her almost leaving her family to reach this point.

Billy asks if Jack will forgive Ashley for the hurtful things she said to him.

Billy Abbott.

Jack figures Tucker was responsible for most of it. He had an amazing conversation with Ashley as brother and sister before she left for Paris, and they really reconnected.

Billy says that Diane saving Ashley’s life helped.

Jack says that shook Ashley, making her see her whole life differently.

Billy says Jack and Ashley have something special. He’s always admired Jack’s ability to forgive and forget.

Jack Abbott.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Tucker tells Phyllis he’s not discussing Ashley with her. There are other things he’d rather talk about… Two million other things.

Phyllis says it sounds like a setup for a joke.

Phyllis smiles.

Tucker says he’s referring to the $2m payout on Phyllis’s life insurance that Stark hid somewhere.

Phyllis asks how Tucker knew about it.

Tucker says that since Phyllis isn’t dead, the insurance company must be looking for payback, putting her in a “bit of a pickle.”

Tucker talks to Phyllis.

Phyllis asks why he’s worried about her; shouldn’t he be picking up the pieces of his marriage?

Tucker asks if Phyllis knows where Stark hid the money and half of her life savings.

Phyllis says she’s working on it.

Tucker laughs and says she’s nowhere close to finding it. He asks if she wants to strike a deal with him.

Phyllis talks with Tucker.


Daniel asks Summer if she thinks she’s ready to start dating again.

Summer sarcastically says she’s dying to jump from one relationship to another. She’s getting over the grief of breaking up with Kyle, and her emotions are all over the place, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Daniel points at Summer.

Daniel asks if she’s sure. He says Kyle and Summer have come back from so much in the past.

Summer says they’re done, and there’s no coming back from it.

Daniel says he’s sorry.

Summer takes a drink.

Summer says it will be a while before she dives into another “love story,” and even the hint of attraction she’s feeling for someone right now scares her.

Daniel asks who she’s attracted to… Is it someone he knows?

Summer says sometimes she feels like she has a friend she can talk to, but sometimes it’s… More. She finds herself wondering why things are better when she’s talking to him.

Daniel laughs.

Daniel asks who she’s talking about.

Summer whispers, “Chance.” 

Daniel laughs. Chance, the cop, who was after their mother?

Summer talks to Daniel.

Summer says Chance was only doing his job and was very compassionate with her, even though she was bending the law.

Daniel brings up that Chance and Sharon are dating.

Summer says that’s the part she hates the most.

Daniel asks if Summer hates having feelings for Chance or if she hates that he can’t reciprocate.

Daniel talks with Summer.

Sharon’s House

Mariah wonders how Sharon knows that Summer has a “thing” for Chance.

Sharon says it’s a feeling she got when she saw them earlier. Chance had helped Summer through her ordeal with Phyllis, so it’s doesn’t surprise her that Summer might feel a connection.

Mariah Copeland.

Mariah says Sharon’s being very reasonable about it.

Sharon says there’s nothing to worry about.

Mariah asks how Sharon feels about Chance… How serious are things between them?

Sharon Newman.

Sharon says they enjoy each other’s company, and it’s fun and exciting, but who knows what will happen long-term between them.

Mariah asks if Chance feels a connection with Summer.

Sharon says that Chance cares for Summer and wants to look out for her, but Sharon isn’t too concerned because she doesn’t know how serious things will get between her and Chance.

Sharon and Mariah talk.

Mariah says she’d hate to see Summer ruin it for Sharon. That’s how Summer works.

Sharon says she knows Mariah doesn’t like Summer, but Sharon needs to focus on her company, not her relationship with Chance.

Mariah says it’s nice that she doesn’t have to pretend to like Summer anymore… She’s annoying!

Tessa smiles at Mariah.

Sharon laughs.

There’s a knock on the door.

Sharon opens the door. It’s Tessa, who rushes in and hugs Mariah.

Tessa and Mariah hug.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

The Abbott Mansion

Billy tells Jack that Tucker doesn’t deserve grace since he’s no longer with Ashley.

Jack agrees. He says Ashley forced Tucker into their lives.

Jack and Billy Abbott.

Billy says they might need to be on the offense instead of the defense; they should hit Tucker first and drive him out of town.

Jack says he’d like to, but he figures Tucker doesn’t have a weakness now that Ashley’s not in his life.

Billy thinks he does… If they can turn Devon against Tucker, they’re halfway there.

Jack Abbott.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Phyllis tells Tucker that making a deal with him doesn’t usually work out for the best.

Tucker asks if she’d change her mind if he paid off her debts in full with no strings attached.

Tucker and Phyllis talk.

Phyllis asks why he’d do that… There are always strings attached to a deal.

Tucker admits there are some strings attached.

Phyllis says she’s not interested at all.

Phyllis listens to Tucker.

Tucker says he’s not asking her to kill anyone, do anyone harm, or even die again… He needs her exceptional I.T. skills.

Phyllis says she already has an IT job and has a non-compete clause in her contract.

Tucker laughs and says if only it were true.

Tucker smiles at Phyllis.

Phyllis says it’s true… She’s working with Sharon, Nick, and Adam.

Tucker says he heard that the Adustus/SNA/Newman deal fell apart when Victor got his hands on it, which would mean her new I.T. job is not happening.

Phyllis says it’s not over until she hears differently.

Phyllis looks at Tucker.

Tucker figures that Adam was the one who hired her, and she probably hasn’t heard from him, which leaves Nick and Sharon to run the company.

Phyllis says she’s worked with both Nick and Sharon before.

Tucker asks if they’re excited to have Phyllis on board and wonders if Phyllis is still sure she doesn’t want to hear his offer.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Phyllis.

Sharon’s House

Mariah and Tessa kiss in greeting, and Mariah wonders how Tessa got there so quickly.

Tessa and Mariah talk.

Tessa said she was determined to get there, and there was no way she’d miss Aria’s appointment tomorrow. She says Aria’s babysitter told her where Mariah was, and she came to see her.

Sharon tells them they should go home and be together with their baby.

Sharon talks to Tessa and Mariah.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Billy he can understand turning Devon against Tucker, but he’s uncomfortable turning someone against their family… That’s exactly what Tucker was trying to do to them.

Billy says he wants to open Devon’s eyes to Tucker’s behavior, and if Tucker had already talked to Devon, he’d probably whitewashed the situation between him and Ashley.

Jack talks to Billy.

Jack agrees.

Billy says that Devon deserves to know the truth, and they’d be doing him a favor.

Jack says he’ll think about it but feels like going out right now. He asks Billy to go to the jazz lounge with him for a drink.

Billy thinks that’s a good idea. They leave.

Billy talks to Jack.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Phyllis tells Tucker she knows what he’s trying to do, and it won’t work.

Tucker says he wants Phyllis to consider him “an angel on her shoulder.”

Tucker gestures as he talks to Phyllis.

Phyllis says she’s going to raise the money legitimately.

Tucker laughs and says raising the money will take ten years unless she lives in a cave like a hermit.

Phyllis says she’s no stranger to hustling.

Phyllis looks at Tucker.

Tucker says she doesn’t need to hustle… He’s offering her $2m to wipe the slate clean.

Phyllis says their last deal went bad.

Tucker says it’s because she used Adam to change the dynamic.

Tucker talks to Phyllis.

Phyllis says she had to get Adam involved to help her escape from under Tucker’s thumb.

Tucker says he’ll add another ten percent and make the offer $2.2m for her troubles.

Phyllis leans in and talks with Tucker.

Phyllis says she’s not negotiating with him.

Tucker says she must be curious… What does Tucker want her to do with all that cash?

Jack walks into the lounge and sees Phyllis and Tucker together. Phyllis smiles at Jack.

Jack looks at Phyllis and Tucker.


Summer tells Daniel she doesn’t want to be the “other woman” in Sharon and Chance’s relationship. She says Kyle slept with Audra the moment they broke up, which was awful.

Daniel can tell Summer is broken up by it.

Daniel and Summer talk.

Summer says she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, including herself.

Daniel says she’s reacting that way because her feelings for Chance are more complicated than she wants to admit.

Summer says she knows… She hates that she’s feeling that way about Chance and hates that he’s not available.

Summer and Daniel.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Phyllis says she’s done talking to Tucker. She gets up to leave.

Tucker says she knows where to find him when she changes her mind.

Phyllis leaves Tucker.

Phyllis walks over to Jack and tells him it’s not what it looked like.

Jack tells her that he doesn’t care. He’s come to expect very little of Phyllis these days.

Phyllis asks why Jack is so furious with her.

Jack and Phyllis talk.

Jack says he hasn’t given her much thought lately.

Phyllis says, “Point taken.” She leaves the lounge.

Tucker orders a shot of rye at the bar.

Jack talks to Tucker.

Jack wanders over to Tucker and says he’s spoken with Ashley and knows the truth now.

Tucker says Jack knows Ashley’s version of the truth.

Jack says he doesn’t care. He’s glad that Ashley broke Tucker’s hold over her, and she’s come to her senses.

Tucker talks to Jack.

Tucker says he loves Ashley, and it’s real.

Jack says Tucker blew it, and that’s real. He wonders why Tucker returned to Genoa City right after his marriage ended. He asks what Tucker is up to.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Billy runs into Phyllis in the lobby and asks if she’s okay; she’s looking a little frazzled.

Phyllis talks to Billy.

Phyllis says she just saw Tucker in the lounge, and then Jack came in… And Jack’s not a fan of hers. She asks Billy if he’s “not a fan” too.

Billy says he has no beef with Phyllis. He’s glad she’s not in jail and has been exonerated.

Phyllis thanks him and says not everyone feels that way.

Billy talks with Phyllis.

Billy says there are always haters; don’t let them get under her skin.

Phyllis says that’s easier said than done. She asks what happened with Tucker and Ashley… Did they implode?

Billy says he thinks so but doesn’t know all the details.

Phyllis smiles at Billy.

Phyllis asks why Tucker’s still in town and hasn’t left yet.

Billy says he doesn’t know, but Phyllis should avoid Tucker for her own good.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Tucker tells Jack that he has a life outside of Ashley. He came back to Genoa City for his son and his grandson.

Tucker looks at Jack.

Jack says he hopes that’s Tucker’s only motive because if he came back for revenge, there will be a problem. He says that whatever happened between Tucker and Ashley is entirely Tucker’s fault.

Tucker asks if Jack was there.

Jack says that Ashley realized she couldn’t turn her back on her family and the company, and Tucker felt diminished.

Jack and Tucker.

Tucker says it’s different in his version of the story.

Jack scoffs and says he doesn’t need to hear Tucker’s version. He’s fine only knowing Ashley’s side of the story. He tells Tucker to go away and reinvent himself elsewhere.

Tucker says all the action is in Genoa City.

Tucker talks to Billy.

Jack says he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his family if Tucker is thinking about doing anything vindictive.

Tucker nods and leaves the lounge, passing Billy on the way out. He tells Billy that he might be right… He might be the only level-headed Abbott left.

Sharon’s House

Sharon answers the door, and Phyllis rushes in. She asks what Phyllis wants.

Phyllis gestures as she talks to Sharon.

Phyllis says she wants to know what’s happening with SNA. She says she heard “rumblings” and wants to know where she stands, job-wise.

Sharon asks if they can talk about it later.

Phyllis says she deserves an answer. She knows that Adam hired her as head of IT and thinks Sharon seemed okay with it.

Sharon talks to Phyllis.

Sharon says she can’t speak for Nick, but she accepted it.

Phyllis wonders whether her history with Sharon is going to affect things.

Sharon says that things are still in flux.

Phyllis asks if she’s out of a job.

Phyllis looks at Sharon.

The Tack House (Mariah & Tessa’s House)

Tessa and Mariah enter their bedroom.

Mariah welcomes Tessa home, and they fall onto the bed, undressing as they kiss.

Mariah and Tessa kiss.

Later, they lie in bed, snuggling as they talk.

Mariah asks how the Marchetti photo shoot went.

Tessa says it was tough… She was a “hot mess” because she could only think about getting back home to Mariah and Aria. She asks if Mariah is nervous about the appointment tomorrow.

Mariah and Tessa.

Mariah says she’s going back and forth between controlled terror and numbness. She wonders what happens if the hearing aids don’t work at all.

Tessa says they have to do as Sharon and Devon said… Take it one step at a time. They’re unstoppable together.

Mariah says she never wants to be apart from Tessa.

Tessa says Mariah’s stuck with her forever.

Tessa smiles as she rests her head on Mariah's shoulder.


Phyllis walks into the lobby and sees Tucker, who’s heading upstairs. She tells him to wait.

Tucker stops and listens.

Phyllis is curious… What exactly does he want in exchange for his “investment”?

Phyllis and Tucker.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Jack tells Billy he’s right… They have to go on the offense with Tucker.

Billy says he agrees.

Jack says they have to be relentless. They’ll get Devon on their side and run Tucker out of town. 

Billy and Jack Abbott.

The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker and Phyllis sit at a table. Tucker tells Phyllis that he needs her to hack into a “certain business” and gather information for him.

Phyllis says she assumes it’s not his business, so he wants her to do something illegal.

Tucker talks with Phyllis.

Tucker says there’d be minimal risk to her. He says she would get $2.2 million for a couple of keystrokes.

Phyllis says it sounds simple enough.

Tucker says it’s worth it to him.

Phyllis talks to Tucker.

Phyllis says she needs to know the company’s name she’d be infiltrating.

Tucker says he’ll only tell her the company name when he knows she’s on board with the plan. He asks if she’s in.

Tucker McCall.

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