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Y&R Recap – Thu Sep 14: Billy and Jack Plan to Fool Tucker While Audra and Tucker Strike a Deal About Jabot

Audra looks at Tucker.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Thursday, September 14, 2023, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Audra and Tucker kiss, while Nikki warns Adam.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victoria was demoted from her CEO position, Nikki issued Adam a dire warning, and Tucker worked out his frustration with Audra’s help.

The Abbott Mansion

Abby enters the house. Jack figures Abby is there to talk about Ashley.

Abby comes into the house.

Abby says Ashley hasn’t returned her calls or text messages; something’s wrong.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker and Audra are in bed talking.

Audra talks to Tucker.

Audra says Tucker was bitter and miserable a few minutes ago but is good now.

Tucker says she’s had to spend her nights with Kyle Abbott… No wonder she came back to Tucker.

Audra says it was a one-time thing.

Tucker smiles at Audra.

Tucker asks if she has any ulterior motives.

Audra says she was worried about him.

Tucker says Audra is on a fishing expedition to discover what happened between him and Ashley.

Tucker and Audra talk.

Chancellor Park

Daniel asks Lucy if she’s ready to get into school.

Lucy says she’s still in “Summer Zen mode” and doesn’t want to discuss school.

Daniel talks to Lucy.

Daniel says it was a treat to have her there for the summer. He asks if Lucy knows that her mom is considering staying in the States instead of returning to Portugal.

Lucy says that they’d talked about it. Moving to Portugal was great at first but it turned out that her mom’s boyfriend, “Chris”, was a big jerk.

Lucy tells her father that she’d like to return to the States. She asks if her dad wants her and Heather to come home.

Lucy and Daniel Romalotti.


Phyllis thanks Heather for meeting with her, saying she wants to officially thank her for taking on her case.

Heather says she wants to thank Phyllis because she hasn’t brought up her relationship with Daniel, which must be difficult for her.

Phyllis talks with Heather.

Phyllis asks why Heather thinks it must be difficult for Phyllis.

Heather says Phyllis is pretending their lunch is just about catching up.

Phyllis says it is about catching up… What else would it be about?

Heather smiles at Phyllis.

Heather figures Phyllis is trying to push her and Daniel back together.

Phyllis laughs and says that she’s learned her lesson about interfering in Daniel’s love life. She wants them to be happy and solid emotionally, for Lucy’s sake.

Heather says they’re already there.

Phyllis Summers.

Phyllis says she doesn’t want to be responsible for breaking up Daniel and Lily.

Heather asks how serious Phyllis thinks Daniel and Lily’s relationship is.

Phyllis says she has mixed feelings about Daniel and Lily’s relationship, which has nothing to do with Heather. She says Daniel seems happy but has a horrible track record with Lily.

Heather and Phyllis.

Heather says she can’t throw stones… She has a bad history with Daniel, too. They could have both done things differently.

Phyllis says that Daniel screwed up, but he’s working on himself.

Heather says it’s nice to see Daniel happy again.

Phyllis asks if Heather would want to be with Daniel again.

Phyllis talks to Heather.

Chancellor Park

Daniel laughs and asks if Lucy seriously just asked him whether he wants her to move back to the States… Of course he does; he wants her as close as possible!

Lucy asks what Daniel thinks about Heather moving back.

Daniel talks to Lucy.

Daniel says that he hopes Heather can find happiness wherever she lives, and even better if it happens to be in Genoa City.

Lucy says Genoa City has always felt like home.

Daniel says he needs to be frank with her… If Lucy and Heather moved back to Genoa City, it doesn’t mean he and her mother would be a couple again.

Lucy and Daniel.

Lucy asks if her mom said that Lucy wanted them to get back together.

Daniel says Heather may have mentioned something about it.

Lucy says that’s embarrassing.

Daniel talks with Lucy.

Daniel says he knows she might want them to be a family again, but things don’t always work out, and you can’t go back.

Lucy says Daniel and Lily must be really happy together.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Abby he doesn’t want to jump to any conclusions, but he doesn’t know what to make of the situation between Ashley and Tucker.

Jack and Abby.

Abby says she reached out to the concierge at Ashley’s apartment in Paris, and he told her that she was on a day trip to the country.

Jack says that sounds like Ashley… She isolates herself when something goes wrong.

Diane says it’s strange… Ashley and Tucker seemed content when they left.

Jack and Diane talk with Abby.

Jack says Tucker must have done something awful to push Ashley away. He calls Tucker a son-of-a-bitch.

Diane wonders why Tucker had to come back to Genoa City… Wasn’t there someplace else he could go to lick his wounds?

Abby says that when she talked to Tucker, he made it seem that Ashley had hurt him, not the other way around.

Diane talks to Jack.

Jack says that’s more than they got from him… Tucker told him to ask Ashley, which they can’t do because she’s avoiding them.

Diane wonders if Tucker might be telling the truth… Maybe Ashley did instigate this. Maybe it wasn’t malicious, but Ashley might have realized she made a mistake by marrying Tucker.

Abby says Tucker was frustrated when she blamed him, and he seemed hurt.

Jack says if Tucker is frustrated and angry, he might retaliate against the Abbotts.

Abby Newman.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Audra tells Tucker that she wants to know his plans for the future. She assumes things blew up with Ashley since Tucker ended up in bed with Audra. She says he was a faithful husband but understands if he doesn’t want to discuss it.

Tucker asks what her point is.

Audra talks.

Audra says he might be feeling vindictive and wants to go after Jabot.

Tucker asks Audra why she’d care about Jabot.

Audra says she wants to know his mindset.

Tucker McCall.

Tucker wants to know what Audra’s angle is… He figures she wants more than to protect her new boyfriend’s family company; there must be something in it for her.

Audra says she’s just surprised by his turnaround… Ashley seemed to be “the one” for him and made him a better man. Now, he’s just reverted to the way he was. She says she’s fascinated and curious.

Tucker says Audra’s trying to cover her bases. He figures something must be happening at Newman.

Audra Charles.

Audra says there’s always something shaking in a big company like Newman.

Tucker figures she’s stalling. He says he might share his plans with her if she’s willing to share.

Audra says he does have plans, then.

Tucker smiles at Audra.

Tucker says if he did, would Audra entertain the idea of working with him again? He says there’s something that always pulls them back together.

Audra says she’d need to trust him more than she does right now. She says things have changed.

Tucker says they still have something. He’s always been straightforward with her, even though he hurt her, and he regrets that.

Audra says she’ll entertain the possibility but wants to know his agenda first.

Tucker and Audra in bed.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy enters the house with Traci and asks why they’re having another family meeting.

Traci asks if it’s about Jabot.

Trtaci, Billy, and Abby.

Jack says something is going on with Ashley and Tucker… They’ve split up.

Traci can’t believe it. She asks how Jack knows this.

Jack says that Tucker is back in town, and Ashley is staying out of touch on purpose.

Billy and Traci Abbott.

Traci asks where their sister is.

Jack says as far as they know, she’s still in France.

Abby says they haven’t been able to contact her mom and asks if Ashley has reached out to Billy or Traci.

Abby Newman.

Billy says he hasn’t heard anything.

Traci says she hadn’t heard anything either… She just assumed they were having a great time on their honeymoon. She wonders what Tucker has done now.

Jack says that’s the question.

Diane and Jack.

Billy says that Tucker was on guard when they last saw him.

Traci asks if anything would shed light on what’s happened.

Jack says details are scarce, but he thinks they all must be on alert.

Billy Abbott.

Traci says she doesn’t like that Ashley hasn’t contacted them. She wonders if they’re jumping to conclusions.

Jack says it’s better to be safe than sorry where Tucker is concerned.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News


Phyllis tells Heather that she cares about her, Daniel, and Lucy. She says she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Phyllis and Heather talk.

Heather thanks her for her concern, but Phyllis needs to accept that Daniel will choose his own path, which may be something that Phyllis doesn’t like.

Phyllis says she doesn’t want Heather or Daniel to give up on happiness because she’s afraid. She wants to help them.

Heather says Phyllis may think she’s fixing something, but she could worsen matters with Daniel.

Heather talks to Phyllis.

Phyllis says she’s made mistakes with her children in the past, but she wants them to be happy.

Heather urges Phyllis to stay out of Daniel’s private life and to stay out of hers too. She excuses herself and thanks Phyllis for lunch.

Chancellor Park

Daniel tells Lucy he’s very happy and can’t speak for Lily, but he thinks she’s happy too.

Lucy and her dad.

Lucy says that Lily seems to like him.

Daniel says they have history; this time, it feels new and special.

Lucy asks whether there would be any chance for Daniel and her mom if he wasn’t with Lily.

Daniel and Lucy.

Daniel thinks there was too much damage done, and he’s happy he can have a civil conversation with Heather. He’s really happy that Lucy has forgiven him as well.

Lucy says she has forgiven him.

Daniel says her mom might have forgiven him, too, but she could still have difficulty trusting him after he let her down.

Lucy and Daniel.

Lucy says he won’t let Heather down again. He’s changed, and her mom knows that.

Daniel says she may be right.

Lucy asks him again if he wasn’t with Lily, wouldn’t there be a chance with him and Heather?

Daniel talks to his daughter.

Daniel says, “Maybe.”

Lucy gets up to leave, and Daniel stops her.

Daniel says he thinks their conversation got a little out of hand and wants to make sure Lucy isn’t planning anything.

Lucy talks with her dad.

Lucy laughs and says she’s going to “parent trap” them… Go camping with him and Lily; they’ll get stranded, and it’ll be great!

Daniel says that’s not funny. He tells Lucy not to pressure her mother into believing something untrue.

Lucy says she can’t make someone love someone else, and you can’t make them fall out of love.

Daniel looks at Lucy.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci asks Jack if he thinks Tucker is a threat.

Jack says Tucker has a history of lashing out when he feels wronged.

Diane Abbott-Jenkins.

Diane says Tucker had asked her to find out about Jabot’s financial stability.

Traci says that Diane seriously considered getting Tucker that information. She wonders what his plans are for Jabot.

Jack says whatever move Tucker makes, it will be a direct strike at him.

Traci Abbott.

Abby asks why Tucker would go after Jack.

Jack says that whatever happened between Tucker and Ashley was probably because of her loyalty to her family and Jack.

Billy says he has an idea… If it works, it could solve everything.

Billy talks while Abby looks on.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker brings Audra a robe. He says that Ashley and him have different priorities and irreconcilable differences.

Audra says it sounds like a divorce is coming.

Tucker talks to Audra.

Tucker says he doesn’t want to say anything more about Ashley. He will do what he should have done when he first moved back to Genoa City… What he originally planned.

Audra asks if he’s talking about targeting Jabot.

Tucker says he’s going to do more than target Jabot… He’s going to take it from the Abbotts in its entirety. He asks if that bothers Audra because of her relationship with Kyle.

Audra puts on a robe.

Audra says she has to keep her affair with Kyle a secret from Nikki. She says that if she resumed her relationship with Tucker, she’d want something in return.

Tucker grins and says, “There it is.”

Audra says he taught her everything she knows… Almost everything.

Tucker asks what she has in mind.

Tucker and Audra.

Chancellor Park

Heather walks into the park and says hello to Daniel and Lucy.

Lucy asks how the lunch with Phyllis went.

Lucy, Daniel, and Heather.

Heather says it went fine, but she has some news. Unfortunately, they have to head back to Lisbon sooner than she thought. She got a call from her firm.

Lucy says she thought the offices were closed.

Heather says the offices were closed, but there’s been a meeting called for a trial that she has to attend. She also needs to talk to the firm about possibly returning to live in the States.

Lucy talks to her mom.

Lucy says she was talking about it with her dad and would love to move back to Genoa City.

Heather says they’ll do what’s best for both of them, and they have to figure out schooling if they decide to come back.

Daniel asks if there’s more to it… He wonders if Phyllis did something to change Heather’s mind.

Lucy and Daniel.

Heather says that she had a nice lunch with Phyllis.

Daniel asks if his mom stepped out of line. Maybe she tried to run Heather’s life and tried to make her do something.

Heather says that Phyllis loves Daniel.

Heather talks to Daniel.

Daniel laughs and says Heather’s making him nervous now.

Lucy says she’s sorry they’re leaving so soon. She’s really enjoying being here with her father.

Heather says nothing’s set in stone… There’s a lot to consider.

Daniel looks at Heather.

Daniel says it’ll get sorted.

Heather says they must get ready to leave, but they’ll see him before they leave.

Daniel says they’d better.

Lucy hugs Daniel as Heather watches.

Lucy hugs him and says goodbye.

Heather and Lucy leave the park together.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy says he’s the best bet to discovering what Tucker’s up to.

Jack and Traci.

Jack asks him what his strategy is.

Billy says they must make Tucker think that Jack and Billy’s relationship has worsened.

Diane isn’t sure Tucker would buy it.

Jack, Traci, Abby, Diane, and Billy.

Jack says that Tucker might think it’s true… He “outed” Billy right before he left for Paris.

Billy says that’s right… Tucker had said that Billy thought he was more suited to run Jabot than Jack.

Traci is taken aback.

Diane talks to Billy as Abby looks on.

Billy explains that it was part of their plan to derail Ashley and Tucker. He tells her that Tucker threw him under the bus before he left to cause more turmoil between him and Jack. They need to make Tucker think that his plan worked and has caused Jack and Billy to fight even more.

Jack says he sees the logic but is not sure it’s a good idea.

Traci talks to Billy as Jack looks on.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Audra tells Tucker that he’s right… Things are shaken up at Newman, and Victor has made one power move after another. She explains that Adam is out completely, and Victor broke up Nick, Sharon, and Adam’s venture but has allowed Sharon to take back her company.

Tucker asks about Nick… Where does he stand?

Tucker smiles at Audra.

Audra says Nick is separating himself from the rest of the Newmans and will work with Sharon at Kirsten.

Tucker says that Victor doesn’t like it when the family isn’t united.

Audra says that Victor promoted Nikki, and she will be her boss at Newman Media. She’s thankful she has a job still, but Nikki’s already asserting her authority by telling Audra to stay away from Kyle.

Audra talks to Tucker.

Tucker says Audra needs a backup plan.

Audra says she needs to work somewhere she doesn’t need to prove herself continually.

Tucker wonders if that someone could be him and whether that place could be Jabot. He says Audra’s not just two steps ahead… She’s ten steps ahead.

Audra says if Tucker manages to take Jabot, she’s all his.

Tucker looks at Audra.

Daniel’s GCAC Suite

Lily shows up at Daniel’s suite. She says she got his text and it sounded urgent.

Daniel doesn’t say a word. He takes Lily in his arms and kisses her passionately.

Daniel and Lily kiss.

In bed after, Lily says she wasn’t expecting this when he told her he wanted to see her, but she’s glad he had the urge. She asks if he’s okay.

Daniel says he’s good. He wants to be honest with her about something, though. He feels his mother is trying to push him and Heather back together.

Lily asks what happened to make him think that.

Daniel and Lily.

Daniel says he felt Phyllis was up to something, so he confronted her about it, and she said it was nothing. She had lunch with Heather, and suddenly, Heather and Lucy are leaving for Lisbon in a day or two.

Lily thought Heather was staying until the end of the month.

Daniel says Heather said it was work, but it seems like too much of a coincidence.

Lily and Daniel talk.

Lily asks if Heather said something about her meeting with Phyllis.

Daniel says she didn’t say much, but he got the feeling there was something she wasn’t telling him. Maybe he’s reading too much into it. He’s bummed because he was looking forward to spending more time with Lucy.

Lily says that she knows that Phyllis loves to meddle, but she thinks something else might be behind it.

Daniel and Lily lie in bed and talk.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy says Jack doesn’t need to worry about him… He can handle Tucker.

Traci says he has to proceed with caution and isn’t sure that more deception is needed.

Traci talks to Billy as Jack looks on.

Jack says that Tucker will pull out all the stops if Ashley isn’t there to stop him.

Billy says he can sidestep Tucker.

Jack says that Tucker just saw Billy, Jack, and Diane together, and they probably seemed just fine.

Billy says he can handle it.

Billy and Jack talk.

Daniel’s GCAC Suite

Lily says that Phyllis may not be why Heather wants to leave town… She thinks that Heather may still have feelings for Daniel.

Daniel asks why Lily would think that.

Lily talks to Daniel.

Lily says Heather is awkward around her, especially after she had met with Daniel.

Daniel doesn’t think Heather could have feelings like that for him, especially after what he’d put her and Lucy through.

Lily says wounds can heal, and maybe Heather sees Daniel as the man she’s always wanted him to be.

Daniel looks at the ceiling as he talks with Lily.

Daniel doesn’t think it’s possible. Even if it was true, he and Lily are together.

Lily says she’d understand if Daniel’s feeling conflicted. He didn’t break up with Heather because they fell out of love… He was in a bad place, and he’s not there anymore, and Heather could want him back in her life.

Daniel asks if it would bother Lily if Heather wanted that… She’s not worried, is she?

Lily smiles and kisses Daniel in response.

Lily kisses Daniel.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker says he’s intrigued with the idea of working side-by-side with Audra. He says that Audra’s relationship with Kyle could prove useful… They’ll talk about it later.

Audra laughs and asks if this is Tucker’s way of kicking her out.

Tucker says Audra has her job at Newman and he’s got work to do. He takes her in his arms and tells her he’s glad they’re “back in action”, and hopes she is too.

Audra looks at Tucker.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci says they still need to take things one step at a time. She asks if they can wait to hear from Ashley so they know what’s going on.

Jack kisses Abby.

Abby says she’s going to keep trying to contact Ashley. She kisses Jack on the cheek and leaves.

Traci says they must be smart and not let Tucker come between Jack and Billy. He’s not worth it.

Billy says Diane knows Tucker and how fast he moves when he’s on a mission. Does she think they should wait?

Billy and Jack Abbott.

Diane says Billy has a good point. What’s the harm in seeing what Billy can get out of Tucker?

Jack agrees. He tells Billy to suss out what Tucker’s up to but begs him to be careful.

Billy nods. He says he’ll be in touch soon and leaves the house.

Billy and Jack talk.

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