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Y&R Recap – Mon May 29: Chance and Christine Discuss Damning Evidence, Victor Interrogates Nate, and Phyllis Searches for Exonerating Clues

Christine is angry as she talks with Chance.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Monday, May 29 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Cameron Kirsten smiles at the hostess as he takes the keycard for his room from her.

On the last episode of Y&R, Cameron Kirsten returned to terrorize Sharon, Summer begged Phyllis to come home, and Sally & Chloe landed a contract.

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The Genoa City Athletic Club

Liily comes up to Daniel and says that the only thing he’ll find at the bottom of that coffee cup is the jitters. She asks him if he’s having problems sleeping lately.

Lily sits and talks with Daniel.

Lily says she’s going to yoga, and jokingly asks Daniel to join her. She says she wishes there was something to help him.

Daniel asks her up to his room, he has to talk to her about something.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Phyllis works on her laptop.

She says that every slug leaves a trail… “And where’s your trail, Stark, and will it help clear my name?”

Phyllis works on her laptop.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer is carrying some paper grocery bags. She sneaks around and grabs a pair of keys that’s on the counter.

Diane walks into the room and asks her where Summer is going.

Summer sneakily grabs keys as Diane sees her.


Victor walks up to Chance in the restaurant and says that he now understands what happened between Chance and Abby. He apologizes for his past actions and says that Chance had every reason to raise his fist against him.

He asks about the accusations against Diane… That she killed Phyllis. He asks if they’re true.

Victor talks with Chance.

Chance says he can’t tell him anything about an open investigation.

Victor tells him to have a good day, and Chance heads out.

Nate walks into the restaurant and sits with Victor.

Nate walks into the restaurant.

Victor asks what Nate will have.

Nate says he’s curious as to why he’s there. Is he barbecue that’s going to be grilled, or is this about Newman Enterprises?

Crimson Lights

Victoria walks into the cafe, and Billy says she’s got some pep in her step.

Billy smiles as he talks with a grinning Victoria.

Victoria says it must be the shoes.

Billy says it’s not just the shoes. He says he knows her too well… He asks when he’ll get to meet the guy who’s responsible for the pep in her step.

Victoria twirls her hair between her fingers and smiles. She says she’s seeing someone.

Victoria and Billy talk.

Billy says that’s great, she went through hell with he-who-could-not-be-named.

Victoria tells him that the man in her life is Nate Hastings.

Billy asks if that’s the same Nate who lives with Elena Dawson.

Billy and Victoria talk.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer tells Diane she’s going to the woman’s charity, and today they’re accepting children’s clothes.

Diane says she wishes she could go with Summer, she’s going crazy being stuck in the house.

Diane talks with Summer.

Summer says she’s going for a long drive afterward to clear her head.

Diane says to wait for a minute, she’s sorry that her situation is causing stress between Summer and Kyle.

Summer says they’ll be fine.

Summer holds a grocery bag as she talks to Diane.

Diane says she wants the case resolved as soon as possible, and she really cares for Summer, even though she’s had problems with her mother.

Summer thanks her and leaves.

Daniel’s Hotel Room

Daniel and Lily sit down on the couch and talk.

Lily and Daniel sit on the couch and talk.

Lily asks if he wanted to talk about Lucy.

Daniel says it’s not about her… Lucy couldn’t be better.

Lily asks if it’s about work.

Lily and Daniel talk.

Daniel says work is on time and under budget.

Lily figures out he wants to talk about Phyllis.

Daniel says that he hasn’t been grieving lately for his mother, and he regrets his inaction.

Daniel listens to Lily as they talk.

Lily asks what inaction he regrets.

Daniel says he regrets that he didn’t tell her the truth.

Lily wonders what he lied to her about.

Lily is stunned when Daniel tells her that Phyllis is alive.

Daniel says that Phyllis is alive. He tells her the story of what happened.

Lily can’t believe it. She asks what world his mother thinks it’s ok to fake her own death.

Daniel says that Phyllis wanted out, but Stark trapped her. He says that Phyllis had to act in self-defense and admits that Phyllis killed Stark.

Lily says that’s not what a mother does… A mother protects her children. She can’t believe that Phyllis made them think she’s dead. She gets really angry and says that Daniel’s mother is selfish and a coward.

Lily is in disbelief as she talks with Daniel.


Victor tells Nate that this isn’t a grilling, it’s a friendly catch-up. He says that Nate has known the Newmans for a while now and has seen how they work.

Victor sits with his arms crossed as he talks with Nate.

Nate says things were complicated with the Newman family and that they’re probably having this talk because Nick is questioning his character.

Victor says he forms his own opinions. He says his relationship with Victoria has gone beyond the professional, so he wants to know more about Nate personally.

Nate smiles as he talks with Victor.

Crimson Lights

Billy asks Victoria if he’s a hypocrite for having an opinion on Nate.

Victoria changes the subject and says that they should talk about the kids instead. She says that Johnny was going on about the dinner they had the other night.

Billy closes his eyes and smiles as he talks with Victoria.

She recites the guest list and says that nobody could have planned that on purpose.

Billy laughs and says that he just went along with it and it turned out great.

Victoria says that she heard good things about Lucy.

Victoria talks with Billy.

Billy says Victoria’s being nice, and he’s following his heart just like Victoria is following hers.

He asks if Victoria is happy.

Victoria says she’s very happy.

Billy says he’s happy for her, then.

Billy smiles as he talks with Victoria.

Chancellor Park

Chance is on the phone talking with the forensics lab.

They tell him the results. He says, “Well, what do you know!”

Chance talks on the phone in the park.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Phyllis’s Hotel Room at the GCAC

Phyllis says that everyone leaves breadcrumbs, there’s got to be a sketchy search or something Stark forgot to encrypt…  Some proof.

The door unlocks, and Phyllis gasps and hides behind it.

Phyllis talks to herself about Stark as she stares at the laptop.

Summer opens the door, and Phyllis says she’s glad it’s her.

Summer plops down on the couch and Phyllis asks if anyone saw her in the lobby.

Summer says she took the stairs, that’s why she’s so winded.

Summer and Phyllis sit and talk.

Phyllis says she’s still looking for proof to use against Stark.

She asks about Summer’s “monster-in-law”, and asks if she’s raking Phyllis over the coals.

Summer says something non-committal.

Phyllis looks at Summer as they talk.

Phyllis mentions Daniel, and Summer says she doesn’t want to talk about Daniel… He opened his mouth to the wrong people.

Phyllis says they should look at it from Daniel’s perspective.

Summer doesn’t want to look at it that way.

Summer talks with Phyllis.

Phyllis apologizes and says she shouldn’t tell Summer how to feel, she’s an adult.

Summer says Daniel is infuriating, she asked him to do the easiest thing.

Phyllis says that Daniel is Danny’s son, and his moral compass always tells him to do the right thing.

Phyllis leans on the arm of the couch as she talks with Summer.

Summer asks what that says about her and Phyllis’s moral compass.

Phyllis says that sometimes they do the wrong thing, but they make up for it.

Summer says she hopes that Phyllis has a backup plan.

Summer looks at her mom while they talk.

Phyllis says she obviously has a backup plan. It’s obvious she doesn’t, though.

Summer says she needs to clear her name so they can come back.

She says her relationship with Daniel is not a priority

Phyllis talks with Summer.

Daniel’s Hotel Room

Lily apologizes and says that came out a bit harsher than she meant.

Daniel says that’s ok, he has to face reality.

Lily talks with Daniel.

Lily says that Phyllis won’t come back unless she faces zero consequences.

Daniel asks Lily what is was like for her after the “Hillary incident”.

Lily says that she hated going to jail, but Hillary died because of her actions and she had to pay the consequences.

She says she met a lot of amazing women in jail and came out stronger for it.

Lily and Daniel talk.

Daniel says that Phyllis is willing to frame an innocent woman and have her go to jail, and Summer’s going along with Phyllis’s every wish.

Lily says she supports Daniel and knows that he loves his sister and mother.

Daniel says he’s not sure love is enough right now.

Daniel stands in front of the fireplace as he talks with Lily.


Victor and Nate laugh and talk.

Victor laughs as he talks with Nate.

Nate says he knows Victor’s heard it a thousand times, but Victor is the reason that Nate enrolled in business courses in the first place.

He says Victor’s book, “The Man and the Myth” was his business bible, and it talked about Neil in the book.

Victor says that Neil was one of the few people he trusted.

Nate talks with Victor.

Nate says it really struck him how Victor built so many companies up from nothing.

Victor says he got lucky.

Nate laughs and says he respects him and how he raised Victoria.

Victor says he wants to cut to the chase. He asks Nate what his plans are for Victoria.

Victor talks with Nate.

Crimson Lights

Christine asks Chance about the lab results.

Chance says she may want to sit down for this.

Christine meets Chance in Crimson Lights.


Victor says that Nate has known Victoria for a while… He was the best man at Victoria’s wedding to Ashland.

Nate says that when he lost the ability to do surgery, he found he had a good head for business, and Victoria has been a big part of his success. He says it’s been a hard road, and his family has turned their backs on him.

Nate and Victor sit and talk.

Victor says he probably feels unappreciated.

Nate says Victoria appreciates him, and he needs that right now.

Victor asks if he knows what Victoria had to endure with Ashland.

Nate says he knows, and he’d never undermine the company and wouldn’t want to cross Victor either.

Victor and Nate talk.

Daniel’s Hotel Room

Lily tells Daniel that he needs to let a judge and jury figure it out.

Daniel says that Summer doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Lily puts up her hands as she talks with Daniel.

Lily says he was just doing what he thought best.

Daniel says that he figured Michael could come up with a defense and they’d have time to figure things out.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Summer says there’s a lot she’d do for Phyllis, but Phyllis can’t dictate how Summer feels about Daniel. She says they need to focus on the mess that Phyllis created.

Phyllis puts her hand on her chest as she speaks with Summer.

Phyllis says that Stark manipulated her, he’s behind it all.

She says she’s doing research on Jeremy Stark’s emails and doing a deep dive.

Summer asks if there’s anything to support Phyllis’s claim of self-defense.

Summer sits at Phyllis's laptop as they talk.

Phyllis says she hasn’t found anything yet, but Summer has to trust her… She says the two of them are smarter than Jeremy Stark ever was, and there’s something out there that will get Phyllis off the hook.

Crimson Lights

Christine and Chance are sitting on the indoor patio in the coffee shop as they talk.

Christine sits and talks with Chance.

Chance tells Christine that the pamphlet had Phyllis’s fingerprints all over it, and the DNA in the tearstains is a match to “the deceased” (Phyllis) as well.

Christine looks stunned and then angry at the revelation.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane turns over a picture of Jack and Ashley.

Diane turns over a picture of Jack and Ashley.

Billy comes in and asks if Jack is home.

Diane says he went off on an adventure… He’s out buying her a book.

She says that it must be nice that Jack’s outside enjoying being outside the house.

Diane talks with Billy.

Billy says it sounds like she needs to get out more. and that he needs to talk to Jack about Jabot.

Diane says Billy can talk to her about anything, she’s going stir-crazy and can use the conversation.

Billy says that if Diane can’t get out of her legal problems, she might ruin Jack and hurt Jabot.

Billy sits and talks with Diane.

Chancellor Park

Victor and Nate part ways in the park after Victor tells Nate it was nice to see him and they shake hands.

Nate and Victor shake hands in the park.

Nate leaves, and Victoria walks into the park and asks Victor what she missed… Did Victor grill Nate?

Victor asks why Victoria thinks he “grilled” Nate. Doesn’t she think he has normal conversations?

They laugh, and Victor says Nate’s a good guy.

Victor laughs as he talks with Victoria.

Victoria asks if Victor approves of Nate.

Victor says he does approve.

Crimson Lights

Christine asks Chance what the rest of the bad news is.

Christine talks with Chance.

Chance says that the pamphlets were printed after Phyllis’s “death”, and her fingerprints and DNA on the pamphlet prove that Phyllis is alive.

Christine says that this is off the record, but she wants to kill Phyllis. She says this was supposed to be her great return to the district attorney’s office, and Phyllis’s faking her death is screwing everything up.

She says Phyllis is narcissistic and insane. She says she did all of this to make Diane suffer, and it was vindictive.

Christine rants for a bit and says that she’ll make sure that everyone involved gets the justice they deserve.

Christine is angry as she talks with Chance.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Daniel asks Lily how good she is at keeping secrets.

Lily says that she’s great at keeping secrets. They kiss and leave the club.

Daniel and Lily kiss.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Phyllis says the snacks are great.

Summer says they taste better when she’s in hiding.

Phyllis sits down and talks with Summer.

Phyllis jokes about Diane poisoning her and how she died.

She takes it back and says she’s sorry for making a bad joke. She says she’ll spend the rest of her life making it up to Summer and Daniel.

Summer says she needs to clear her name so she can come back to life. She says that until further notice, this room is Phyllis’s prison cell. She can’t leave the room, and Phyllis has to stay put. Summer leaves the room.

Summer leaves Phyllis's room.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane tells Billy that “she who laughs last laughs loudest.”

Billy asks if she has a judge on her side.

Diane and Billy talk in the living room.

Diane says she has no intention of going to prison for Phyllis’s murder, her future with Jack depends on it.

Crimson Lights

Christine says that Stark and Phyllis planned everything, they exploited the services of the medical services team, and don’t get her started on what happened at the morgue.

She says she can’t ignore the obvious… Phyllis is alive and she has no idea what she’s unleashed.

Christine talks with Chance.

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