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Y&R Recap – Tues May 30: Diane’s Charges are Dropped, Sharon Receives Another Package, and Faith Returns Home

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Tuesday, May 30 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Christine is angry as she talks with Chance.

On the last episode of Y&R, Christine and Chance discussed damning evidence, Victor interrogated Nate, and Phyllis continued her search for exonerating clues.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack comes home and asks Kyle if he’s seen Diane.

Kyle talks with Jack.

Kyle says she’s definitely in the house somewhere.

He asks Jack if he’s seen Summer, he hasn’t seen her since last night.

Jack says everyone’s in a pressure cooker right now, and he hasn’t seen Summer.

Diane talks with Jack.

Diane comes in and Jack presents her with a Lilac.

She tells Jack they should just go out for a picnic. Right now!


Michael meets with Christine and he says that if she wants to offer a plea bargain, Diane will reject it, since Phyllis is – he makes “mind blown” sign with his hands – alive!

Michael sits and talks with Christine.

Crimson Lights

Summer sees Daniel, and sullenly asks him if he’s there for coffee.

Summer barely looks at Daniel as they talk.

Daniel says he’s not, he’s there to pick up something for Faith.

He asks how Summer is doing.

Summer says her mom’s in hiding, and she’s living in a nightmare.

Daniel speaks with Summer.

Daniel says one thing that would help is if their mother just came home.

He mentions that he’d talked to Lily about Phyllis.

Summer asks how dare Daniel talk to someone else about it, can’t he just keep his mouth shut?

Summer looks upset as she talks with Daniel.

Newman Enterprises

Nick stands in the office talking on his phone with Sharon.

He asks Sharon if Chance knows anything about Cameron’s location.

Nick stands and talks on the phone with Sharon.

Sharon says that she hasn’t heard anything, and she hasn’t seen any strange gifts show up lately.

Nick wonders why Cameron would reach out to her after all this time.

Nikki walks into the office and gasps as she hears Nick say that Cameron is back. He hangs up.

Nikki looks on in horror as Nick talks on the phone with Sharon.

Sharon’s House

Sharon hears someone wiggle the doorknob, trying to get in.

She quickly grabs a fire poker and stands beside the door, ready to hit anyone that comes in.

Sharon holds a fire poker as Faith comes in.

The door opens… It’s Faith!

Faith says she brought someone home with her, he didn’t have a place to go.

Cameron’s GCAC Suite

Cameron takes a drink of whiskey and looks at himself in the mirror.

Cameron drinks a glass of whiskey.

“Hi there, you handsome devil. Welcome back to Genoa City. It’s been way too long.”

He grins at himself in the mirror and then the smile drops from his face.

Cameron looks at himself in the mirror.

Newman Enterprises

Nikki asks Nick where Cameron is now. She calls Cameron “that monster”.

Nick says he doesn’t know. He says he’ll tell her if anything new comes up.

Sharon looks worried as she talks with Nick.

He tells Nikki that they have to talk about Nate and Victoria… They’re a disaster waiting to happen.

Crimson Lights

Summer pulls Daniel aside and asks him if he knows what loyalty is or how to keep a secret.

Summer crosses her arms as she talks with Daniel.

Daniel says that he needed one person to talk to who wouldn’t condemn him, and that person was Lily.

Summer says she hopes Lily is better at keeping a secret than Daniel is.

She says Daniel needs to be careful because if the Newmans get ahold of the story, Phyllis will be in trouble.

Daniel talks with Summer.

Summer suggests they find the EMT and get him to corroborate Phyllis’s story.

Daniel thinks that’s a good idea, but he has no idea where the EMT might be.

He asks how Kyle is doing.

Chance walks up to Daniel and Summer to talk.

Before Summer can answer, Chance walks into the coffee shop and sees Daniel and Summer talking. He interrupts them and says he has some news.

Summer asks how bad the news is.

Chance says it depends on how you look at it.

Summer crosses her arms as she speaks with Chance, while Daniel looks on with his hands on his hips.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane stands with the front door open, looking outside. She sighs but doesn’t step foot outside.

Kyle says he was afraid she was going to take off.

Diane folds her arms as she talks with Kyle.

Diane says that she wants to, but she has too much to stay for. She says that time is running out, Phyllis could run away, change her name, and they’ll never find her.

The doorbell rings, it’s Michael and Christine.

Kyle invites Christine and Michael into the house.

Kyle answers the door and sees Michael and Christine on the doorstep.

Jack asks what’s going on.

Michael says he wants to see Diane’s face when she hears the news.

Christine says they’re dropping the charges against Diane.

Jack and Diane are elated and hug one another.

Kyle, Diane, and Jack react happily to the news that Diane's charges have been dropped.

Sharon’s House

Sharon asks if Faith brought Moses home.

Faith brings in a pet carrier and says she’s brought a cat named Borgnine with her.

Sharon smiles as she talks to the cat while Faith looks on.

Sharon laughs in relief and says that Borgnine is family and is welcome any time.

Faith asks when she’s going to meet her niece, Aria.

On cue, Mariah and Tessa walk into the house with the baby in a carrier.

Sharon, Faith, Mariah, and Tessa look adoringly at the baby.

Faith fawns over the baby and says she’s waited for this for a long time.

Newman Enterprises

Nikki tells Nick that it’s too bad that Elena was hurt, but Victoria is happy with Nate.

Nick stands as he talks with Nikki.

Nick says that Victoria was happy with Ashland too.

Nikki says that Victoria couldn’t have known about how the whole Ashland situation would turn out.

Nick says it’s not going to end well for any of them.

Nikki sits and talks with Nick.

Audra’s GCAC Suite

Nate comes to Audra’s room with a coffee for her. He says that he had a talk with Victor.

Audra asks how it went.

Audra holds a coffee as she talks with Nate.

Nate says it was going great until they talked about his relationship with Victoria.

The Abbott Mansion

Christine tells Diane, Jack, and Kyle that they have evidence that Phyllis was alive after her memorial service.

Christine talks with Diane and Jack as Michael looks on.

Jack says that he’s so happy, that’s the proof they needed.

Diane asks what happens now that they know that Phyllis is alive.

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Y&R News

Crimson Lights

Chance tells Summer and Daniel that the lab results came back, and it proves that Phyllis is alive and they’re dropping the charges against Diane.

Chance holds his hand on his chest as he talks with Daniel and Summer.

Summer asks what’s going to happen to Phyllis.

Chance says it’s out of his hands, but Phyllis is going to face charges.

He says that Phyllis is the poster girl for the rich and powerful and Christine wants to nail her to the wall.

Summer looks upset as she talks with Chance.

Sharon’s House

Faith asks how everyone is doing and what’s new.

Sharon says there’s nothing unusual, she’s just happy to have her there.

Faith laughs and talks with Sharon, Mariah, and Tessa.

Cameron’s GCAC Suite

Cameron sits looking at a picture of Sharon on a tablet. He zooms in on her face.

Cameron zooms in on a picture of Sharon on a tablet.

He thinks back to when he was in love with Sharon and stalked her and how he threatened her while she was married to Nick.

She asked him what pleasure he’d get from hurting her children.

Cameron said that he was glad she came looking for him so they could discuss it privately.

In a flashback, Sharon has tears in her eyes as Cameron threatens her children.

He snaps out of his memory and sighs.

Cameron lies down on the bed and looks at the picture of Sharon on his tablet.

The Abbott Mansion

Christine tells Diane that Phyllis could be charged with fraud and obstruction of justice at the very least.

Kyle smiles broadly as he talks with Jack.

Smiling, Jack asks Kyle what he thinks of the news.

Kyle says it’s great, he has to find Summer though, she has to hear the news from him before anyone else.

Crimson Lights

Chance tells Summer that everything’s up in the air until they get a statement.

Summer gestures as she talks with Chance while Daniel looks on.

Summer asks Chance if he found any evidence that it was self-defense.

Chance says the room was cleaned, he was lucky he found what he did outside.

Summer asks Chance if there was any guidance that he would give Phyllis… What would she need to do?

Chance says that Phyllis needs to come in and make a statement before they could move forward.

Chance talks with Summer and Daniel.

Audra’s GCAC Suite

Audra says Nate went toe-to-toe with Victor Newman and got away with it. She asks Nate to tell her all the details.

Nate says that he had to be totally honest with Victor. He said that something that Victor did almost cost him his medical license and he was really angry, but Victor made up for it.

Nate and Audra stand and talk.

He says that he and Victor had a good talk, and Victor seemed to like Nate.

Audra says that he impressed Victor, that’s huge.

Nate says that he might have impressed Victor, but Nick is being a problem.

Audra stands and talks with Nate.

Sharon’s House

Nick walks into the house and sees Faith. They hug, and Nick says that they sent away a girl, and now she’s a scholar.

Faith and Nick talk after they hug.

Faith says that now she has an idea of what she wants to do, she’d love to get Tessa’s music back on track.

There’s a knock at the front door. Nick asks if they’re expecting anyone.

Sharon looks nervous and goes to answer the door.

Sharon looks nervous as she hears a knock at the door.

The Abbott Mansion

Christine says their work is done, and they leave the house when Chance arrives to remove Diane’s ankle monitor.

Diane sighs in relief as Chance removes her ankle monitor.

Kyle and Jack apologize to Chance for the way they had acted toward him.

Chance says it’s understandable, everyone was under stress.

He removes her ankle bracelet, and Diane thanks everyone for giving her life back.

Jack and Diane hug.

Crimson Lights

Daniel and Summer sit and talk on the indoor patio in the coffee shop.

Summer rants about how she told Daniel in confidence that Phyllis was alive. She rips into him for a few minutes, saying that Christine hates Phyllis and is out for blood.

Summer sits with her arms crossed as she rants at Daniel.

Daniel asks if she’s just going to rant, or whether she really wants to help Phyllis. He asks if Summer called Phyllis and left any messages for her.

Summer says she didn’t call Phyllis.

Daniel says that he should call Phyllis instead.

Summer and Daniel sit and talk.

Summer says that Daniel can’t phone Phyllis or she’ll run.

Daniel asks how Summer seems to know what’s going on in Phylllis’s head.

Summer says she just thinks like their mom.

Daniel doesn’t believe her. He asks her whether she’s been in contact with Phyllis. He thinks Summer has seen Phyllis.

Daniel makes a disbelieving face as he talks with Summer.

Audra’s GCAC Suite

Audra asks Nate why Nick is a problem for him.

Nate says that Nick’s had it out for him ever since he started. He says that Nick thinks he’s Victoria’s noble protector, and he won’t give up.

Nate sits and talks with Audra.

Audra asks what he’s going to do.

Nate says he’ll handle it.

Audcra says handling Nick is a delicate observation.

Audra sits and talks with Nate.

Sharon’s House

Nick fusses over the baby, Aria while Faith, Mariah, and Tessa look on.

Nick fawns over at the baby as Mariah, Tessa, and Faith look on. Sharon opens the door and looks outside.

Sharon opens the door and looks outside. There’s a box on the bench. Sharon brings it inside.

Faith says it might be cat food for Borgnine, she ordered some before she came home.

Sharon puts down the box on a table while Nick looks at her curiously.

Sharon holds a box in her hands and looks around.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle says he wishes Summer was there so he could talk with her. He wonders where Phyllis is.

Kyle leans on a table as Diane talks to him as Jack looks on.

Diane says she saw Summer taking a bag of things to the children’s center.

Kyle says he’s going to go and look for Summer.

Diane tells him to wait a minute. She gives Kyle a hug and says she doesn’t know what she could have done without Kyle and Jack’s help.

Diane hugs Kyle as Jack looks on.

Jack looks on smiling, and Kyle leaves to look for Summer.

Crimson Lights

Daniel tells Summer that he deserves to know if she’s seen Phyllis.

Summer says she wouldn’t tell him if she did.

Daniel sits and talks with Summer.

Daniel says that if Summer wants to blame him, that’s fine, they need each other right now, and Phyllis knows it.

Summer says she knows where Phyllis is, and she’s not turning herself in until she can get her life back.

Daniel asks how he can help.

Summer says she’s handling it alone without Daniel’s “special brand of help.”

Summer closes her eyes as she talks to Daniel.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Diane that he hasn’t seen her gorgeous smile in weeks. He asks what she wants to do first.

Diane smiles and holds a lilac as she talks to Jack.

Diane says that she wants to go out on the town and wear a dress that shows off her ankle-monitor-less legs.

They kiss.

Crimson Lights

Daniel offers to help Summer.

Daniel and Summer sit and talk in the cafe.

Summer says he can’t help if she doesn’t trust him, not with Phyllis’s freedom at stake.

Summer tells him to back off.

Kyle walks in and asks what they’re talking about.

Kyle walks into the coffee shop and talks with Daniel and Summer.


Chance gets a call and asks the person on the other end if they’re calling with information on Cameron Kirsten.

Chance talks on the phone.

Cameron’s GCAC Suite

Cameron sits down and bites off the end of a cigar.

He flicks his lighter as he prepares to light the cigar. He stares into the flame of the lighter, entranced.

Cameron stares into the lighter's flame.

Sharon’s House

Faith talks about the cat, Borgnine, and laughs with Nick, Tessa, and Mariah.

Sharon opens the cigar box to reveal a blue pack of matches.

Sharon opens the box and inside is a cigar box with a blue matchbook from a motel in it.

She picks up the matchbook and looks over at Nick.

Nick looks back at her curiously.

Sharon holds the matchbook as Nick looks at her.

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