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Y&R Recap – Wed May 31: Chance Gives Disturbing News, Adam Helps Sally Through a Scare, and Kyle Finds Summer at the GCAC

Sharon stands and talks with Nick.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Wednesday, May 31 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Sharon holds a box in her hands and looks around.

On the last episode of Y&R, Diane’s charges were dropped, Sharon received another package from Cameron, and Faith returned home.

Crimson Lights

Kyle asks Summer and Daniel what they’re talking about.

Kyle stands and talks with Summer and Daniel.

Summer says that Chance told them that Phyllis is alive, and she’s sorry that she blamed Diane for a murder that didn’t happen.

Kyle says he can forgive Summer… She was grieving.

Summer asks if Diane has been formally released yet.

Kyle says that his mom is free, and Summer hugs him tightly.

Summer and Kyle hug as Daniel looks on.


Lily and Lucy sit at a table and talk about how Lucy had gone to the office with Lily.

Lucy asks if Lily and Daniel were married when they were basically kids.

Lucy sits and talks with Lily.

Chancellor Park

Sally walks into the park and sits down, holding her stomach.

Sally holds her stomach as she sits.

Sharon’s House

Faith and Mariah sit on the couch and talk.

Mariah and Faith sit on the couch and talk.

Nick talks about the pictures that he took of Faith and Mariah and makes some small talk about how good his photography was.

Sharon can’t stop looking at the box she received.

Faith asks why Sharon is distracted.

Sharon looks at the box she received from Cameron, distracted.


Adam comes into the restaurant and glances at Cameron, but doesn’t know who he is.

Cameron finishes his drink and leaves the restaurant.

Adam sits in the restaurant while Cameron sits at a table in the background.

Sharon’s House

Mariah asks Sharon if she’s suffering from “family overload”.

Faith and Sharon hug as Faith and Mariah go to leave while Nick sits looking on.

Sharon says she’s right, and tells Mariah and Tessa they should go visit Aria and Victor while they’re at the ranch.

Mariah and Faith think that’s a good idea and leave.

Nick says Sharon did a great job covering and asks what’s in the box.

Nick looks at the matchbook from the motel.

Sharon gives Nick the box and he opens it to find the matchbox, which is from the Southside Motel, where Cameron attacked Sharon.

There’s a knock at the door.

Nick opens the door to find Chance there. He says he’s got some news about Cameron, and it’s “not great news”.

Chance talks with Sharon and Nick.

Chancellor Park

Cameron walks into the park and sees Sally there holding her stomach.

He asks if she’s ok, and asks if he can call someone for her.

Cameron asks Sally if she's ok.

Crimson Lights

Daniel says Kyle must be relieved, and he’s sorry that Phyllis put him through this.

Daniel talks with Kyle as Summer looks on.

Summer says that Stark manipulated Phyllis into it. She says that if Stark had his way, Phyllis would really be dead.

Daniel says he’s happy that Kyle’s mother is free now, and he couldn’t live with himself otherwise.

Kyle says that it was a miracle and that when Phyllis comes back, the police will be fair to her.

Summer looks at Kyle as he talks with Daniel.

Summer says there shouldn’t be any repercussions, and the D.A. will see that.


Lily asks who told Lucy that she was married to Daniel.

Lily sits and talks with Lucy.

Lucy doesn’t answer and says that it’s true, then. She asks how old they were when they got married.

Lily says they weren’t old enough, that’s for sure. She says she doesn’t condone what they did.

Lucy says that she needs to know what happened, Lily has to tell her everything. She asks if they were first loves, and now they’re together again. 

Lucy smiles as she talks with Lily.

Lucy calls Lily and Daniel star-crossed lovers who are destined to be together.

Lily says the only thing they were destined for is failure.

Daniel walks up and asks what he missed.

Both Lily and Lucy say, “Nothing!”

Daniel walks up to the table and talks with Lily and Lucy.

Sharon’s House

Chance says that Cameron was released in L.A., and he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.

Chance talks with Sharon and Nick.

Nick’s phone shows that he missed a call from Sally, but he doesn’t notice.

Chance says that Cameron’s girlfriend looked just like Sharon.

Chancellor Park

Cameron says that he doesn’t want to disturb Sally and asks if she needs medical attention.

Cameron raises his hands as he talks with Sally.

Sally calls Adam and asks him to come get her.

Adam asks what’s wrong.

Sally says she has to go to the O.B. and she’s in the park.

Sally calls Adam.

Adam tells her he’ll be there in a minute.

Cameron says it sounds like Sally has a hero on the way.

Sharon’s House

Sharon says she met Cameron when she was in Denver, and she made a terrible mistake. She says she was married to Nick, and their marriage was in trouble.

Sharon, Nick, and Chance sit and talk about Cameron.

Chance asks if Sharon was assaulted.

Sharon says that Cameron took advantage of her while she was drinking, and she hid out in Denver and waited for her wounds to heal.

Sharon flashes back to when she was assaulted by Cameron, being choked by him.

She recounts how she tried to tell Cameron that she made a mistake, and he did her a favor by beating her to a pulp so that she realized what type of person he was.

Sharon flashes back to when Cameron assaulted her.

Cameron tried to gaslight her and told her he never beat her, they had a lovely time.

Sharon says that he made her skin crawl and she kept telling herself she could handle him.

She begged him to leave her alone, she has children and is married.

A young Cameron and Sharon talk.

Cameron says she had children and was married when she slept with him in Denver. He asks if she thinks he’s a monster. He says he doesn’t know why he did “that” to her in Denver.

He tells her that he wants her more than anyone he’s wanted in his life. He says he can be tender or rough, whatever she wants.

Sharon backs away from Cameron, saying she wants him out of his life.

Sharon recalls how Cameron tried to rape her.

Cameron throws her on the bed and attacks her.

She tells him to get off, but he traps her and tells her she’s going to like it.

He tells her to take off her dress.

Cameron punches Sharon.

Sharon says she’d rather die.

Cameron hit her and she kicked him to the floor. She picked up a champagne bottle and hit him over the head.

She says she thought she’d killed him and the nightmare was over, but it was only just beginning.

Sharon kicks Cameron and he stumbles and falls to the floor.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Chancellor Park

Adam walks into the park and asks Sally if she’s ok.

Adam crouches down beside Sally as they talk.

Sally says she’s feeling better, she had double vision earlier and felt horrible.

Adam says she should go to the doctor anyhow.

Sally says that there was “a guy” who was really helpful, but he left. She looks around for Cameron.

Sally looks around for Cameron while Adam looks on.


Lucy talks about Omega Sphere, and how she can’t wait to see the final game.

Lucy heads to the bar to order some pie, leaving Daniel and Lily to talk alone.

Daniel says Lucy should go to the bar and order the pie she really likes.

Lucy laughs and asks if she should eat it there too.

Daniel and Lily both say, “I have news” at the same time. They laugh.

Daniel smiles as he talks with Lily.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer and Kyle arrive home and they talk about how Diane and Jack aren’t home, that Diane must have wanted to get out right away.

Kyle looks confused as he talks with Summer.

Kyle tells Summer that he was terrified when his mom was in trouble, just like Summer is now about her mother. He says they’ll find Phyllis and make sure they get her home safely.

Kyle says he loves her.

Summer says she loves him too, but she has to go.

Summer tells a confused Kyle that she has to leave.

Kyle, confused, asks Summer why she has to leave so suddenly.

Summer says she has an errand to run.


Lily and Daniel choose for Daniel to talk first.

Daniel and Lily sit at a table and talk, while Lucy sits at the bar in the background.

Daniel tells Lily that Chance found proof that Phyllis is alive, and the charges against Diane are being dropped.

Lily thinks that’s great and asks what’s going to happen to Phyllis.

Daniel says he’s not sure what’s going to happen. He says that Summer definitely knows where Phyllis is, but she won’t tell him.

Lily squints as she talks with Daniel.

He says he’d just love to be able to hug his mother and let her know that he loves her.

Lily says that no matter what happens with Summer, Daniel did the right thing.

Daniel says that Summer wouldn’t agree. He asks what Lily wanted to say.

Daniel gestures as he talks with Lily.

Lily says that Lucy knows they were married.

Daniel asks who told her.

Lily laughs and says she doesn’t know.

Lily talks with Daniel.

Sharon’s House

Nick says that Cameron has a lot of nerve sending these “gifts”, and he’s deranged.

Sharon says that Cameron “haunted” her after she thought he was dead.

A "dead" Cameron watches Sharon through the window.

She flashes back to seeing a “dead” Cameron through a window.

Sharon goes on to say that Cameron showed up one day, alive and well, and he said that he was away on an island. He was acting like nothing had happened, but this time, he didn’t want just Sharon…  He wanted revenge.

Nick says that Cameron framed Sharon for murder and took her hostage.

In an airplane, Nick punches Cameron while Sharon looks on.

They flash back to when Nick saved Sharon from Cameron’s attack.

Nick had been hiding on the airplane when Cameron attacked Sharon. Nick jumped on Cameron and beat him.

Nick got everyone into parachutes and pushed Cameron out of the plane, telling him that he needed to pull his chute or he’d die.

Nick talks to Sharon in the airplane. They're both wearing parachutes.

Sharon and Nick both jumped from the plane and landed in a field, where they found Cameron lying there hurt. They ended up taking Cameron to the authorities, and he was put in prison.

Nick says Cameron will wish he was dead when it’s all over.

Sharon says that it was all supposed to be over back then.

Nick and Sharon look at Cameron, who's laying on the ground hurt with a splint on his leg in a field.

Chance says that Cameron is out of jail. He promises to look for Cameron.

Sharon says that she’ll never let Cameron terrorize her again.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer says she has to check stuff at the office.

Summer kisses Kyle as she leaves the house.

Kyle asks if she can’t just make some calls and handle it from home.

She kisses Kyle and says she won’t be long. She leaves.

Sally’s GCAC Suite

Sally and Adam walk into Sally’s room, and Sally immediately takes a seat on the couch.

Sally sits on the couch and talks with Adam.

Adam says that it was a false alarm and that Sally has to follow the doctor’s directions.

He says that everything will be alright.

Sally says she’s been doing everything right and wonders how she can be at risk for pre-eclampsia.

Sally and Adam sit on the couch and talk.

Adam says that he’s not sure, but she needs to follow the doctor’s orders.

Sally says she did something wrong, she had to.

Adam says she did everything right, she went to the doctor when she needed to.

Sally looks sad as she talks with Adam.

Adam tells Sally that Chloe can take over some of the extra work for Sally, and tells Sally to delegate so that she’ll have for time to rest.

Sally asks Adam when he became so calm and reasonable.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Summer stands in the lobby looking at her phone when Kyle walks in and sees her.

Kyle walks into the Genoa City Athletic Club and talks with Summer. He's holding a tablet.

She asks what he’s doing there and if he followed her.

Kyle says he did follow her because she forgot her tablet and she’ll need it for work.

Sharon’s House

Chance says Cameron’s a dirtbag.

Chance sits and talks with Nick and Sharon.

Nick says that Chance can’t do anything until Cameron tries to hurt Sharon again.

Chance tells Nick and Sharon to let him know if they get any more mysterious messages.

Nick says he doesn’t want Cameron near Sharon.

Sharon asks Chance to find out where Cameron is and what he’s up to, and they’ll take it from there.

Sharon sits beside Nick as she talks with Chance.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Summer tells Kyle that she came to the GCAC to pick up a spa certificate for Diane.

Summer talks with Kyle.

Kyle says that’s thoughtful of Summer. He says that he appreciates her doing what she can.

He hands her the tablet and says he should head home.

Summer says she’ll go back with him and she will buy the certificate online. She says they should pick up some bubbly on the way home for the adults and buy some balloons for Harrison.

They leave and Summer looks behind her as they head out the door.

Summer holds her tablet as she talks with Kyle.


Lily, Lucy, and Daniel talk.

Lucy says she’s going back to Europe now. She jokes with Lily, while Daniel looks confused.

Lily says it’s an inside joke, he wouldn’t get it.

Daniel looks confused as he listens to Lucy and Lily joke around.

Sally’s GCAC Suite

Adam says that he’s putting Sally and the baby first, so he has to be reasonable, no matter how much it goes against his nature to do so.

Sally says she really appreciates what he’s doing.

Sally and Adam smile as they sit and talk.

Adam says he’s glad that Sally called him instead of Nick. It takes a minute, but he realizes that Sally probably called Nick first and says he’s fine with that.

He says that Sally needs to get her rest, and says he can leave or he can stay.

Sally says she’d appreciate it if he stayed for a bit.

Adam smiles as he stands and talks with Sally.

Sharon’s House

Sharon tells Nick that Chance will let them know when he finds Cameron.

She says that maybe all that Cameron wants to do is send her creepy gifts.

Sharon stands and talks with Nick.

Nick says that Cameron is a lunatic, and wonders how long it’ll be before Cameron comes back to Genoa City.

Chancellor Park

Faith is walking through the park when she physically bumps into Cameron.

Faith looks at her phone and bumps into Cameron.

She apologizes and says she wasn’t looking where she was going.

Cameron smiles and says, “No problem at all!”

Cameron smiles at Faith.

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