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Y&R Recap – Thurs June 1: Ashley & Tucker Make Plans, Faith Reveals She Met Cameron, and Nick Is Torn Between Sally and Protecting Sharon

Tucker and Ashley react to the news that Phyllis is alive.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Thursday, June 1, 2023, in the USA and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Sharon stands and talks with Nick.

On the last episode of Y&R, Chance gave Sharon some disturbing news about Cameron, Adam helped Sally through a pregnancy scare, and Kyle found Summer sneaking off to the GCAC to visit Phyllis.

Sally’s Hotel Room at the GCAC

Sally paces around her room, obviously feeling terrible.

Sally paces and looks at her phone while she waits for Nick.

There’s a knock at the door, and Sally sighs in relief that Nick has arrived.

She answers the door, but it’s Chloe who barges in and starts talking without letting Sally get a word in edgewise.

Chloe finally notices that Sally is in distress and asks what’s wrong.

Chloe just can't read the room. She's oblivious as she talks Sally's ear off.

Sharon’s House

Nick gets off the phone from talking to his security detail and tells Sharon that he’s got security beefed up around her.

Sharon and Nick talk.

Sharon says that Cameron’s trying to send a message with the matchbox, and it’s scary that it was hand-delivered.

Nick says that Cameron could have paid someone to drop it off.

Sharon thinks that Cameron might already be in Genoa City.

Nick stands and talks with Sharon.

Chancellor Park

Faith tells Cameron that she was texting and didn’t see him.

Cameron smiles at Faith as they talk in the park.

Cameron asks if she’s Faith Newman.

Faith furrows her brow and asks if she knows Cameron.

Cameron says that he’s an old friend of her parents.

Faith looks at Cameron as they talk.


Tucker walks into the restaurant, kisses Ashley on the head, and compliments her hair.

Tucker smiles as he walks up to Ashley's table.

They talk about how Tucker had just come from one of Dominic’s music lessons.

Ashley looks over and sees Diane. She wonders what Diane is doing there at the restaurant.

She says she’s going to call the police. Diane is supposed to be in jail, she can’t be out in public!

Tucker looks over his shoulder at Diane.

Sally’s Hotel Room

Sally tells Chloe she was in the park and had an episode.

Sally looks sad as she talks with Chloe.

Chloe asks what that means.

Sally says that Adam took her to the doctor and was told that she was at risk for pre-eclampsia and that she needs to take it easy for a while.

Chloe tells her it’s OK.

Chloe holds Sally's arm as they sit and talk.

Sally says that she hates putting it on Chloe, but she needs Chloe to take the lead on the Chancellor-Winters job.

Chloe tells her that she’ll work with Chloe remotely and doesn’t want Sally to risk anything. She says Sally can trust her to keep the job on track.

Sally says she’s terrified about the baby.

Sally cries as she talks with Chloe.

Chancellor Park

Cameron tells Faith his name is “C.K.”

He says that his phone is dead and asks her for some directions. He gives her a piece of paper with an address on it.

Cameron asks Faith for directions to an address.


Tucker tells Ashley to wait before she calls the police.

Tucker leans back as he talks with Ashley.

Ashley says that Diane should be under house arrest.

Tucker says they should “put the screws” to Diane before they call the cops.

Ashley gets up, walks over to Diane, and asks why she’s there.

Ashley walks up to Diane.

Diane says she’s there for the same reason Ashley is and wonders if Ashley is seriously going to call the police on her.

Jack walks up and stands beside Diane. He tells Ashley not to bother calling the police.

Ashley asks Jack what’s going on.

Diane looks at Jack as they talk to Ashley.

Jack says that Christine dropped the charges against Diane.

Tucker says Diane would only be free if the real killer were apprehended.

Diane says that there was no killer… Phyllis is alive.

Tucker and Ashley react to the news that Phyllis is alive.

Sharon’s House

Sharon tells Chance and Nick that she remembers what Cameron was like, and it was terrifying.

Sharon talks with Nick as he looks at the door.

The door rattles, and Sharon says that it must be Faith. The door opens, and Faith walks in.

Faith says that she ran into an old friend of theirs… His name was “C.K.”

Sharon looks scared out of her wits.

Faith talks with Sharon and Nick.

Sally’s Hotel Room

Chloe gives Sally a blanket and tells her she’s in a stress-free zone now.

Chloe sits with a blanket-wrapped Sally as they talk on the couch.

She says that she knows what Sally is going through. She say8[s she fell off a ladder when she was pregnant with Delia and thought she was going to lose her, but it turned out ok.

She relates how Delia was born in the middle of a huge snowstorm, and that pregnancy can be tough going, but it’ll be worth it.

Sally says she’s sorry she brought up the harsh memories.

Chloe holds out her hand as she talks with Sally.

Chloe says that this isn’t the only crisis Sally will deal with in her little girl’s life.

She says that she was surprised that Sally called Adam instead of Nick.

Sally says she did call Nick but had to call Adam when Nick didn’t answer his phone.

Chloe answers Sally's door and finds Adam there.

There’s a knock at the door, and Chloe says it’s probably Nick.

Chloe opens the door… It’s Adam.

Adam says he had to come back. He brought her some snacks and bottled water.

Adam rummages through a grocery bag as he talks with Sally and Chloe.

Sally says it’s very considerate of him.

Adam says that he can see that Sally is being taken care of.

Chloe says she has to get to a meeting, and she’s happy that Adam is there so she can pass off the baton to him.

Chloe talks with Adam.

Adam laughs and says he’s happy to take the baton.

Chloe leaves Sally’s room.

Sally smiles and thanks Adam for coming back.

Chloe walks out of Sally's hotel room, leaving Adam and Sally to talk.

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Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Sharon’s House

Sharon pulls up a picture of Cameron on her laptop and asks Faith if the image on the computer is the man she saw.

Nick sits and listens as Sharon and Faith talk. Faith has a laptop in her lap.

Faith says it is and that the article says he was arrested for murder. She wants to know everything about him.

Chance comes to the door, and Nick invites him in.

Chance asks Faith about her meeting with Cameron.

Sharon and Faith talk with Chance.

Faith says she looked up an address for Cameron… Some bar.

Chance gets on the phone and asks an officer to head over and check out the bar.

Sharon says it’s near the motel where she and Cameron had their run-in.

Chance calls the police station.

Chance says they have to follow up on the lead.

Faith is confused and asks what is going on.


Jack and Diane tell Ashley and Tucker that it’s been proven that Phyllis was alive. They explain what evidence was found.

Diane and Jack talk with Ashley and Tucker.

Diane says that “the coven” has been out to get her since she came to town.

She says that Phyllis admitted that she was involved with Stark.

Ashley snorts at Diane’s use of the word “coven.”

Tucker smiles as Ashley talks with Jack and Diane.

Tucker says that he has to hand it to Phyllis; it was the perfect revenge play… Using Diane’s old trick of faking her own death.

Diane brushes Tucker off and asks if Ashley and Tucker would like to join them for champagne to celebrate her freedom.

Ashley scoffs and heads back to the table, and Tucker follows her.

Ashley and Tucker go back to their own table.

Sharon’s House

Sharon tells Faith that she’s not trying to hide anything from her. She says that C.K. is a painful part of her past.

Sharon and Nick talk with Faith and Chance.

Faith understands that Sharon might not want to talk about it right now.

Nick asks Faith to accept that CK is very dangerous and let Sharon have time to process this.

Chance says that he got confirmation that Cameron isn’t at the bar, and the bartender says he hadn’t been there all day.

Sharon hugs Faith as Chance looks on.

Nick asks what Chance can do about Cameron.

Chance says that they’ll get some uniforms to canvas the hotels.

Nick takes out his phone and sees that he missed a call from Sally. He calls her and leaves her a voicemail asking her to call.

Nick makes a phone call.

Sharon says that Nick should go and check on Sally, and he agrees. He leaves to head to Sally’s.

Faith hugs Sharon.


Ashley tells Tucker that she’s thrilled that Phyllis is alive, but she worries that Diane is going to ruin things.

Ashley rests her chin on her folded hands as she talks with Tucker.

She says that Diane is going to use her newfound freedom to get her claws into Jabot, and Ashley needs to protect her family.

Tucker asks how she’s going to do that.

Ashley says that she needs an ally, a trusted friend.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Ashley.

Sally’s Hotel Room

Adam tells Sally that he knows that their daughter will have a great upbringing.

Sally and Adam sit on the sofa and talk.

Sally and Adam joke about how Adam grew up on a farm and that Sally is a carnival child.

Adam says he once birthed a calf. He would be a “rock” in the delivery room.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nick.

Nick looks suspiciously at Adam as Adam opens the door for him.

Adam opens the door, and Nick walks in.

Nick asks Sally what happened.

Adam says that he’s glad Nick could make it. He tells Sally that he hopes she enjoys the snacks. Adam leaves the room.

Nick walks into Sally's hotel room and talks with Sally and Adam.

Sally tells Nick she had a scare at the park and tells Nick that the doctor told her she is at risk for pre-eclampsia. She says the doctor told her to take it easy.

Nick apologizes that he missed her call.

Sally tells him she’s just glad he’s there.

Sally sits and talks with Nick.

Nick says he owes Adam a big thank you.

Sally says that Adam was really helpful, and she’s really worried.

Nick says that she has to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Nick sits and talks with Sally.

Sally says that she’s doing all the right things.

Nick says he feels awful that he wasn’t there for her.

Sally says she was starting to worry. She asks why it took him so long to get her messages and if everything is ok.

Sally looks down as she talks with Nick.


Jack raises a glass to Diane, and they make a toast to their relationship and to their future marriage.

Jack and Diane sit at a table and raise their glasses in a toast.

Ashley looks over with disdain on her face and says she finds Jack and Diane nauseating. She says they could use their fake engagement to make a move against Diane.

Tucker asks what move that would be.

Ashley says that she wants Tucker to come to work with her at Jabot.

Ashley watches as Jack and Diane clink their glasses.

Tucker laughs and says that she should consider the possibility that she’s taking things too far and that she could alienate her brothers by doing this.

Ashley says she has to let them know that Diane can’t get her way.

Tucker says she should just let Diane get her way… She doesn’t need Jabot. He says that he and Ashley could build a business that “towers” over Jabot.

Tucker talks with Ashley.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea walks up to a distracted Adam in the coffee shop and asks if Connor’s attitude worries him.

Chelsea approaches Adam to talk.

Adam brushes it off and snaps at Chelsea, asking what she wants with him.

Chelsea, offended, says, “EXCUSE ME?”

Adam apologizes and says that something is bothering him. He says there might be something wrong with the baby.

Chelsea takes offense to Adam not listening about Connor.

Chelsea says she’s sorry, and she imagines that Adam must feel like a bit of an outsider with Nick and Sally.

Adam says he helped Sally and that he’s sorry that Sally called him after calling Nick first, since Adam is the father.

Chelsea says that he’s doing everything he can to support Sally.

Adam says he’s supposed to be busy getting McCall Unlimited up and running, but he can only think about Sally and the baby.

Adam talks with Chelsea.

Sally’s Hotel Room

Nick and Sally sit and talk. Sally asks what’s been going on with Nick.

Nick pulls Sally up from the couch by her arm.

Nick says that he doesn’t want to talk about business… He only wants to talk about positive things.

Sally asks what he has planned.

Nick nods at the bed.

Nick and Sally stand close and talk.

Sally snickers and says she’s supposed to keep her heart rate down.

Nick laughs and says he’ll activate his super spooning skills.

They go and cuddle on the bed.

Nick and Sally cuddle in the bed.


Tucker tells Ashley that she could make sound business decisions and they could be unstoppable as a team.

Ashley half-smiles as she talks with Tucker.

Ashley says it sounds exciting, but she doesn’t want Diane to “win.”

Tucker says he could buy Ashley out of Jabot, and she wouldn’t have to deal with the board or the CEO anymore.

Ashley laughs and says that it sounds pretty sexy.

Tucker looks happy as he talks with Ashley.

Tucker says it’d be a blast. Ashley could forget about “what’s-her-name” over there (referring to Diane).

Ashley smiles mischievously and says perhaps Tucker would like to make his proposal somewhere more private.

Tucker says, “That’s more like it!”

Ashley and Tucker get up and leave the restaurant.

They leave, and Jack and Diane smile as they pass.

Jack asks what’s next for him and Diane.

Jack smiles at Diane as they talk.

Sharon’s House

Chance asks Sharon if she’s going to be ok. He says that he talked to the Ranch security, and they’re on top of things.

He says that Sharon should call him if she needs anything.

Sharon sits down with Faith and says she knows that Faith has questions. She says that Faith needs to know what they’re dealing with and who this monster is.

Sharon sits and talks with Faith about Cameron.

Cameron’s Hotel Room at the GCAC

Cameron pours himself a drink of cognac and sits sipping it.

Cameron sips his glass of cognac.

He flashes back 20 years ago when he was talking with Sharon and she asked him to leave her alone.

She asked him if he was going to tell Nick about their affair.

Cameron says that he’ll consider not telling Nick, but they need to negotiate on his terms.

A young Cameron talks with a young Sharon.

He recalls being on the airplane and confronting Sharon about her knocking him out with the champagne bottle, but he hadn’t died.

He told Sharon she was his dream girl, but she wasn’t being “cooperative.”

He told her that he loved her.

A young Sharon looks at Cameron with worry in her eyes.

Cameron picks up his phone and stares at a picture of Sharon.

He remembers when he gifted her the bottle that said, “Memories are what life is made of.”

Cameron looks at a picture and article of Sharon on his phone.

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