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Y&R Recap – Fri May 26: Cameron Kirsten Returns to Terrorize Sharon, Summer Begs Phyllis to Come Home, and Sally & Chloe Land a Contract

Cameron Kirsten smiles at the hostess as he takes the keycard for his room from her.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Friday, May 26 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

If you’re wondering who Cameron Kirsten is, check out our article about him and Sharon.

Last Episode

Phyllis and Summer hug each other, smiling.

On the last episode of Y&R, Summer met with Phyllis, Chance uncovered a vital clue, and Tucker learned how Ashley truly feels about him.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Chloe walks into the restaurant and joins Sally at the bar.

Sally and Chloe sit at the bar and talk.

Chloe tells Sally that she’s there to celebrate.

Sally says that employed or not, they have to stay in circulation so that people will know them.

Chloe says they’re practicing for success.

Devon and Lily walk into the restaurant and say a quick hello. They take off to the jazz lounge.

Devon and Lily talk with Sally and Chloe.

Crimson Lights

Chance comes into the coffee shop and Sharon gets him a coffee.

Chance smiles at Sharon as he orders a coffee.

Sharon asks if he’s got any new evidence because he looks pretty happy.

Chance says she knows him. He says he could be on the way to solving the case if he gets the right test results back.

Nick walks into the cafe and sees Christine there. He says hello.

Nick talks with Christine.

Christine says that she hopes he’s been keeping up on the latest situation.

Nick says that Summer’s having problems dealing with her mom’s death.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room at the GCAC

Summer and Phyllis talk about how Phyllis is feeling better after getting a bite to eat.

Phyllis sits and talks with Summer.

Phyllis says that Summer is Phyllis’s secret weapon. She says that she’s a CEO, a mother, and a wife.

Summer says that keeping her mother away from the police is a workout, and she’s been through hell and back.

Phyllis says she hates the situation, and that it’s her fault.

Summer looks concerned as she talks with Phyllis.

Summer says that Phyllis disappeared from their lives without warning, and she and Daniel felt terrible.

Phyllis says she’s sorry, that Summer didn’t have a chance to work it out and move on, and now she’s back… She says she should have stayed away.

Summer says she’s happy that her mother is around, but she hates that she has to keep it a secret. She says that Phyllis turned her life upside down.

Phyllis talks with Summer.

Phyllis says she’s going to spend every single day trying to make it up to Summer. She says she came back after seeing how hurt Summer was at the celebration of life.

Summer asks what she just said.

Phyllis says she was at the memorial, and it wasn’t very good.

Summer looks at Phyllis with disbelief.

The GCAC Restaurant

Chloe says that Victor is sticking his nose in everyone’s business.

Chloe and Sally sit at the bar and talk.

Sally says that they need to focus on their future, not Victor.

Chloe thinks they’ve been pitching to weird businesses.

Sally says they’re just thinking outside the box.

Sally looks at Chloe as they talk.

They laugh about how they were at an auto repair shop. They say they could have done something amazing with it.

Chloe wonders how they can get their business going, and asks if it would have killed Sally to take up Nick’s offer to start the business.

Crimson Lights

Christine excuses herself, she sees that Chance needs to talk to her. She tells Nick that justice will be served.

Christine sits and talks with Chance.

Nick goes to get a coffee and talks with Sharon.

He says that he’s happy that Sharon threw the bottle away.

Christine asks Chance about the evidence he said he found.

Chance says it may prove that Phyllis is alive.

Chance sits and talks with Christine.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Lily looks at Neil’s portrait and asks Devon what Neil would say if he was there right now.

Devon says that Neil would ask what took them so long to get there and they should celebrate the moment.

Lily sits and talks with Devon.

Lily says that she hated fighting with Devon, and Devon agrees.

She tells Devon how she went to dinner with Daniel, Chelsea, Billy, Johnny, and Connor.

Devon is surprised that she went. He changes the subject and says that he can’t believe Phyllis is gone.

Devon sits and talks with Lily in the jazz lounge.

Crimson Lights

Christine tells Chance that people are spreading the rumor that Phyllis is alive.

Chance says he went to Stark’s motel room and searched it, but he didn’t find any evidence in the room.

Chance sits and talks with Christine.

He says the shower curtain was the same type that Stark’s body was wrapped in, which doesn’t prove anything.

Chance continues to say he found a memorial pamphlet stained with mascara-tinted tears and he’s having it tested for DNA and fingerprints.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Summer asks Phyllis if her plan to see her kids suffer was a success.

Summer looks confused as she talks to her mom.

Phyllis says she needed to see how her children were taking it, and she knew Summer had some angle because she held the memorial at the Jazz Lounge.

She says that Summer kept pressuring Diane, and Phyllis saw how Summer and Daniel were suffering at the memorial.

Phyllis apologizes again for what she did to their family. She hugs Summer tightly.

Phyllis hugs Summer.


Sally says she could have accepted Nick’s offer, but she wanted to do it on their own.

Sally and Chloe sit at the bar and talk.

Chloe says that it was just seed money and that Sally should call Nick and tell him she changed her mind about it.

Sally says that even though she put Newman Media on the path to success, a lot of the Newmans don’t trust her.

She says she doesn’t want to take Nick up on his offer because Nick told her that he loves her.

Chloe says that’s sweet, romantic, and annoying because it explains the business decision that Sally made.

Sally and Chloe raise their drinks in a toast.

Crimson Lights

Sharon is opening her mail as Nick talks with her.

She finds a postcard that says “Denver Colorado” on the front, and on the other side, “

Sharon looks at a postcard that says "Denver, Colorado - Where heaven's a little closer".

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Sally tells Chloe that Nick turned her hotel suite into a “romantic oasis” with candles everywhere. She wonders what she can do to make it up to Nick.

Chloe says she should take Nick’s money, and that would make up for his night.

Chloe and Sally sit and talk.

Sally laughs.

Chloe tells Sally that she’s been waiting for Nick or Sally to tell each other they love one another.

Sally says that she’s letting Chloe off the hook.

Chloe asks, “What hook?” Is Sally “breaking up” with her? She says that she’s not going to scurry off just because the business hasn’t started up yet.

Sally and Chloe talk.

Sally asks if she’s going to stick around even if she won’t take Nick’s money.

Chloe says they have a great business vision and need to find someone who will hire them.

Sally says that she has an idea.

Chloe looks curiously at Sally as they talk.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Lily tells Devon she has something in the car for her favorite nephew and asks how co-parenting is going with Chance.

Devon smiles as he talks with Lily.

Devon says they have the nanny take care of the drop-offs and pick-ups.

Lily says it must be nice to be rich.

They laugh.

Lily laughs as she talks with Devon.

Chloe and Sally walk into the lounge.

Sally congratulates Lily and Devon on mending their relationship.

Lily thanks Sally and asks what’s going on with them.

Sally and Chloe approach Lily & Devon's table.

Crimson Lights

Chance asks Christine how tears from Phyllis could get onto a pamphlet that was printed after her death.

Christine says that Phyllis showing up at her own memorial service is something that Phyllis would do.

Chance sits and talks with Christine.

Nick looks at the card again and Sharon tells him that Denver, Colorado was where things happened with Cameron Kirsten. She says the champagne bottle, the blood on the label… It all points to Cameron’s return.

Nick says he can’t believe it.

Nick looks at the postcard as he talks with Sharon.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Sally and Chloe sit down with Lily and Devon and talk about how Chancellor-Winters should use Sally and Chloe’s services to redesign their offices since Omega Sphere will really put Chancellor-Winters on the map.

They say that they’re ready to redesign the offices, and it’s Chancellor-Winters’ opportunity to show off to the world.

Sally and Chloe sit and talk with Lily and Devon.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Summer tells Phyllis that she and Daniel tried to help Phyllis.

Phyllis says that she saw their help as judgmental, she felt like everyone abandoned her, and nobody was helping her.

She says nobody was going to help her stop Diane.

Phyllis gestures as she talks with Summer.

Summer figures out that’s when Stark stepped in and started manipulating Phyllis.

Phyllis says she was alone and vulnerable, and Stark knew exactly how to convince her to go along with his plan to fake her death and pin it on Diane.

Summer says she can’t let Phyllis take all the blame.

Summer talks with Phyllis.

Crimson Lights

Christine tells Chance to let her know as soon as the DNA and fingerprint results come back. She leaves the coffee shop, and Chance makes a phone call.

Nick and Sharon talk.

In the cafe’s main dining room, Nick looks at the postcard and says there’s no return address.

Sharon says that’s Cameron’s signature way of having his twisted fun before he moves in for the kill.

Nick looks concerned as he talks with Sharon.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Devon tells Lily that there’s magic in the room because everyone’s getting along.

Lily waves Sally and Chloe over.

Lily and Devon laugh as they talk with Sally and Chloe.

Devon says they’ve made a decision.

Lily asks when they can start on the design.

Sally and Chloe jump for joy.

Chloe says it’s the best decision they’ve made all day, and they won’t regret it.

Sally and Chloe clink glasses in a toast.

Chloe and Sally laugh as they talk with Devon and Lily.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Summer says that Phyllis needed someone to help her with Diane.

She says Diane could never be like Phyllis, and she apologizes for pushing Phyllis away when she needed her.

Phyllis sits with her arms crossed as she talks with Summer.

Phyllis says she doesn’t need to be sorry. She says she killed Stark, and she has to keep out of sight.

Summer says that it was in self-defense, and Phyllis faked her death at Stark’s urging.

Phyllis says she can’t do this anymore. She stands up.

Summer looks incredulously at her mother as they talk.

Summer says she just wants to help.

Phyllis says that she can help by going home.

Summer says that she doesn’t know what that would do.

Phyllis spreads her arms pleadingly as she talks with Summer.

Phyllis tells her to go home and take care of Daniel, and she’ll watch from afar. She says she has to stay away.

Summer says that Phyllis has to listen to her… Walking away now is not an option.

Crimson Lights

Sharon tells Nick that this could all be some sort of coincidence, maybe it’s not Cameron at all.

Nick asks to speak with Chance.

Nick tells her to trust her instincts and this feels wrong to him too. He says it’s time to bring Chance in on it.

He walks over and sees Chance on the phone. He asks Chance to come and talk when he has a minute, and Chance nods to him.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Lily and Sally stand at the bar and chat.

Lily and Sally stand at the bar and talk.

Sally says she’s really excited to work for Chancellor-Winters.

Lily asks if Sally has an estimated date when the design work will be complete.

Sally says she’ll have to let her know. She promises that she won’t let the baby get in the way of the project’s finish date.

Sally and Lily stand at the bar and talk.

Lily says that having a baby is “a lot”. She says that people will tell Sally that it’s magical to have a baby, but it’s intense and she’ll experience a love like she can’t imagine.

She tells Sally that if she needs help, she can’t be afraid to ask for it.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Summer says she knows that she hasn’t always been there for Phyllis. She reassures her mother she’s there for her now.

She says whatever Phyllis needs from her, she’s willing to provide it.

Summer looks at Phyllis with concern.

Crimson Lights

Chance walks into the room with Nick and asks Sharon what’s happening.

Sharon tells Chance about how Cameron is trying to get back into her life.

Chance asks if she wants him to look into it, all he needs is a name.


A blonde bearded man walks through the restaurant.

Cameron Kirsten smiles at the hostess as he takes the keycard for his room from her.

A hostess walks up to him and says, “Here’s your key, Mr. Kirsten.”

The man takes the keycard from her and tells the hostess she should call him Cameron.

Next Week on The Young and the Restless

Nate asks, “Is this a meeting about Newman Media, or is this a barbecue and I’m on the grill?”

Nate and Victor face off.

Chance tells Sharon he’s got some news about Cameron Kirsten, and it’s not great.

Chance Chancellor

Cameron Kirsten sees Faith in Chancellor Park and asks her if her name is Faith Newman. Faith says that’s her name and asks if she knows him.

Cameron Kirsten and Faith Newman talk.

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