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Y&R Recap – Wed Aug 23: Summer & Kyle Agree to Divorce, Nick & Sally Mull Parenthood, Tessa & Mariah Have a Scare With Aria

Nick, Summer, Mariah, and Tessa.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Wednesday, August 23 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Kyle, Victoria, and Victor.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victoria dug for dirt on Audra from Kyle, while Victor forced Nick & Adam to merge the companies.

Chancellor Park

Mariah and Tessa sit in the park talking while Aria snoozes in her stroller.

Mariah talks to Tessa.

They discuss how Mariah is going to be working at SNA.

Tessa says she’s excited for Mariah.

Mariah laughs and asks if Tessa is going to miss her at Marchetti.

Tessa and Mariah kiss.

Tessa jokes and says she’ll enjoy having some time alone.

They kiss.

There’s a large crack of thunder, and they notice that Aria sleeps through it.

Mariah and Tessa look concerned.

Crimson Lights

Sharon thanks Esther for coming to meet with her. She tells Esther that she’s going to be running a new media company.

Esther heard… She thinks that Sharon’s going to have her plate full with the new business and running Crimson Lights at the same time.

Esther and Sharon.

Sharon says that she’s going to be busy, and she’s not ready to let go of Crimson Lights, but she’d like someone to manage it for her… Someone like Esther.


Sally and Nick are sitting and having a drink in the restaurant.

Sally says she successfully distracted Nick from Adam and Victor’s mind games.

Sally looks at Nick with a funny look on her face.

Nick takes her hand and says that Sally can distract him from almost anything.

Sally suggests they continue their conversation back at her suite.

Nick likes that idea a lot. They clink their glasses in a toast.

Nick smiles at Sally.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Kyle walks down the stairs and into the lobby, where he sees Summer enter the club.

Kyle and Summer.

Summer stammers and says she was at the house earlier to see Harrison.

They talk about Harrison’s school and make small talk for a minute.

Summer looks serious and says it’s time they got a divorce.

Summer talks with Kyle.

Chancellor Park

Mariah and Tessa cringe as thunder rolls across the sky.

Mariah bends over the stroller while Tessa looks on.

Tessa says they should get indoors. She wonders how Aria is sleeping through the thunder.

Mariah calls Aria, and she wakes up and starts crying.

Tessa says it’s weird that the thunder didn’t wake Aria up.

Tessa and Mariah talk.

Mariah thinks that maybe the baby is used to loud noises.

Thunder rolls again, and they decide to leave the park.

Crimson Lights

Esther asks if Sharon wants her to manage Crimson Lights.

Esther smiles at Sharon.

Sharon says it might be the perfect job. She mentions that working at Chancellor-Winters means a lot to Esther.

Esther says it’s lovely working at Chancellor-Winters, but she doesn’t get much human interaction since a lot of the workers are remote, and they conduct most meetings through video calls.

Sharon says that she’d get lots of interaction at Crimson Lights. She thought that the role would be perfect for Esther.

Sharon smiles as she talks to Esther.

Esther says she’ll have to check with Devon and Lily but would love to accept the position.

Sharon asks when she can start.

Adam’s Apartment

Adam is looking at office locations on his tablet. He laughs and says that this one looks great, and it’s even higher up than his father.

He thinks he’s found the perfect office for S.N.A. Media.

Adam sits and looks at his tablet. There's a picture of Connor on the sideboard.

The GCAC Restaurant

Kyle says the word “Divorce” like he’s trying to see how it feels in his mouth.

Summer asks why he’s acting surprised. She feels he’s made it clear that it’s what he wants.

Summer talks with Kyle.

Kyle says he didn’t expect to hear her say it first.

Summer says they’re in limbo with their marriage and Harrison, and Kyle hasn’t reached out to Summer at all since they split… Not even to talk about Harrison.

Kyle stammers something.

Kyle talks to Summer as Nick and Sally enter the club.

Summer says she’s not trying to criticize him, but they need to move on and formalize their separation.

Nick and Sally walk into the club. Nick sees Kyle and Summer talking at the bar. He tells Sally to hold on a second… Things are looking intense with Kyle and Summer.

Sally asks if Nick needs to go talk with them.

Nick gestures to Summer as he talks to Sally.

Nick nods. He asks Sally to go upstairs, and he’ll meet her shortly… He just wants to make sure Summer is ok.

Sally heads upstairs, and Nick wanders over to speak with Summer and Kyle. He smiles and says it’s nice to see them talking. He sees the look on their faces and says, “Or not…”

Summer and Kyle both say they’re fine. They’re just discussing Harrison’s future.

Nick asks if he can talk to Kyle alone.

Nick, Kyle, and Summer.

Crimson Lights

Esther says she can probably start fairly soon, but she has to check with Devon and Lily to make sure they have someone to cover her desk on the days she’s at Crimson Lights.

Sharon thinks that sounds good. She notices that Tessa and Mariah have come in.

Mariah, Tessa, Esther, and Sharon.

Esther fawns over Aria, saying that she will be the love of Tessa and Mariah’s life. She says she has to return to the office and promises to talk to Sharon soon.

Sharon calls her “Crimson Lights’ new manager.”

Esther leaves, and Tessa and Mariah ask about Esther… She’d worked there before, hadn’t she?

Mariah and Tessa smile at Esther.

Sharon says Esther had worked with her for a while… A lot has happened since she and Nick bought Crimson Lights, and she knows that Esther will give the cafe the treatment it deserves.

Sally’s GCAC Suite

Sally pours two glasses of wine as she waits for Nick.

Sally talks with Adam on the phone.

Her phone rings, and she answers. It’s Adam calling. He tells her that he’s looking at a photo of SNA’s new office, and it’s spectacular.

Sally asks Adam why he’s calling her.

Adam says that Sally would love the view and she should reconsider his job offer… And she should say yes this time.

Adam talks on the phone.

The GCAC Restaurant

Summer tells her dad everything’s fine between her and Kyle; he doesn’t need to get involved.

Nick says it’ll just be a friendly man-to-man chat.

Nick, Kyle, and Summer.

Summer says she’s not asking either of them to do this. They both acknowledge that, and Summer leaves to go upstairs to her suite.

Nick sits down with Kyle at the bar and orders a couple of beers.

Nick says they haven’t had a chance to talk since Kyle and Summer split up.

Nick and Kyle sit at the bar.

Kyle says he was sorry to hear about Faith getting kidnapped and Sally losing her baby.

Nick says it’s been a rough couple of months for many of them. He says that Summer crossed a line with her mother and that Diane had to sit in jail because of it… It was completely wrong.

Kyle says Summer broke his trust, and she was the one person he didn’t think would ever lie to him, but this lie put his mother behind bars. He wonders what would have happened if they hadn’t discovered the truth… His mother could be serving a life sentence right now.

Nick talks to Kyle.

Nick says that they’ll never know. He thanks the bartender for bringing them their drinks and tells Kyle that Summer’s heart was broken. He says he knows Kyle’s heart was broken too, but he thinks Kyle must still love Summer, and they can work things out.

Kyle asks Nick if he’s had relationships end. He says that Nick probably still loved the people he ended relationships with, but betrayal was involved.

Nick says he regretted a lot of his past relationships. He remembers how Kyle and Summer had looked at each other when they were married and how they’d built a family with Harrison.

Kyle looks concerned.

Kyle says it’s the end of their marriage.

Nick says that Summer made a mistake, but it can’t permanently destroy one of the most solid couples he’s ever seen… Can it?

Crimson Lights

Sharon sits and talks with Tessa and Mariah. They’re talking about how excited Mariah is to start working for Sharon.

Mariah, Tessa, and Sharon.

Sharon says she hopes she still feels that way after hearing her ideas for the launch.

Mariah says music, fashion, and other influencers are ready to see the new media powerhouse.

There’s a crack of thunder, and Tessa and Mariah are once again concerned that Aria is sleeping through it.

Mariah and Tessa look at Aria.

Sharon asks them what’s wrong.

Mariah says they’re just being paranoid about the baby.

Sharon laughs but asks what really has them worried.

Sharon talks with Tessa and Mariah.

They tell Sharon they were in the park, and there were a few thunderclaps, but Aria didn’t wake up.

Sharon says Aria was probably in a deep sleep.

Tessa says that it was only after Mariah had barely touched the baby that she woke up and started crying.

Mariah says they were thinking that something could be wrong.

Mariah and Tessa talk with Sharon.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Sally’s GCAC Suite

Sally tells Adam that she appreciates his job offer, but there are many reasons why it’s not a good idea for her to work with him, Nick, and Sharon.

Adam asks her to list the reasons she doesn’t want to work at SNA.

Sally talks on the phone with Adam.

Sally asks Adam if he’s still going after Newman Media.

Adam says he’s let the idea go.

Sally says she’s glad to hear it. She says there have been other conflicts and feels that working for SNA could worsen them.


Adam says Sally must be talking about his fights with Nick. He reassures her that he and his brother have a good relationship now.

Sally says she’s not up for anything but a stable work environment.

Adam says they should meet tomorrow and talk about it. Over Sally’s protests, he says that she may not trust Adam, but she trusts Nick and should take the job for herself and Nick’s sake.

Sally says she won’t make any promises, but she’ll meet with him tomorrow.

Sally talks with Adam.

The GCAC Restaurant

Kyle tells Nick he’s finished with Summer. He can’t find a way to forgive her, and Nick shouldn’t be asking him to.

Nick says Summer deserves another chance.

Kyle listens to Nick.

Kyle says she doesn’t. Her betrayal was too much. He says he thought he could get through it for Harrison’s sake, but he can’t. The pain is still there, and Summer is more like Phyllis than he thought.

Nick says that’s a huge exaggeration. He says Summer’s grown up. She’s smart and kind, and Nick’s proud of her. He thinks that Kyle helped Summer to become who she is, and they have a special connection.

Nick talks to Kyle.

Kyle asks if he’s supposed to stay with Summer because she’s more mature. He says she hasn’t grown up enough not to lie. He says Phyllis won’t change, and Summer won’t either. He says she’s the same woman who blackmailed him into marriage to save Lola’s life.

Nick doubles down. He says she’s different now.

Kyle says if he gave his marriage a second chance, he’d be waiting for the other shoe to drop, and eventually… It would. Their mothers will keep fighting, and family harmony is impossible. He doesn’t want it for Harrison or himself.

Kyle animatedly talks to Nick.

Nick nods.

Kyle says Summer asked him for a divorce.

Nick says Summer doesn’t mean it. It’s not what’s in her heart.

Nick and Kyle talk.

Summer’s GCAC Suite

Summer opens her laptop and notices that it’s almost out of charge.

She gets a laptop charger from her handbag and suddenly sits down, crying.

Summer holds a charging cord as she cries.

Crimson Lights

Mariah says they were wondering if it’s normal for a baby not to react to loud sounds.

Tessa says that she knocked over a utensil container in the kitchen, and it was loud, but Aria was still asleep in her playpen.

Mariah smiles as she talks to Sharon.

Sharon says Faith was a deep sleeper too.

Tessa says Aria should be responding to them when they call their names, but she isn’t yet.

Sharon reassures them that Aria is fine, but if they’re worried about her hearing, take her to the doctor and get her tested.

Aria smiles around her bottle.

Adam’s Apartment

Adam smirks as he looks at a photograph.

“It’s a new day, dad, and I’m going to show you what I’m made of.”

Adam holds a photograph and smiles.

Sally’s GCAC Suite

Sally asks Nick if things are better between Summer and Kyle.

Nick says they’re not… Summer’s talking divorce.

Sally talks with Nick.

Sally asks if Summer would give up on her marriage that easily.

Nick says she wouldn’t, but Kyle is determined that he can’t return to Summer. He says he wants to shake some sense into Kyle and tell him he’s making a huge mistake.

Nick notices Sally has teared up and asks her what’s wrong.

Nick hugs Sally.

Sally says Nick would have been the best “bonus dad” to Ava.

Nick takes Sally in a comforting embrace.

Summer’s GCAC Suite

Kyle knocks at Summer’s door. She answers the door and invites him in.

Kyle looks at Summer.

Kyle says he’s sorry to show up without calling.

Summer says it’s fine; he’s still her husband.

Kyle says that’s what he wants to talk about. He thinks she’s right, there’s no coming back from what she did, and there’s no second chance for their marriage. They should just end this torture and divorce. There’s no reason not to move forward.

Summer Newman.

Summer nods and says she’ll move all of her stuff out of the house as soon as possible and will get in touch with a lawyer. She hopes they can keep things friendly for Harrison’s sake.

Kyle says they’ll handle it as adults. He goes to leave.

Kyle Abbott.

Summer asks him to wait. She says she’s sorry for everything.

Kyle says he’s sorry too. He leaves.

Sally’s GCAC Suite

Sally tells Nick she’s sorry she made everything about her when he was talking about Summer.

Nick talks with Sally.

Nick says she’s got nothing to be sorry about… She’s grieving, and that’s how grief works. He says Sally’s doing great, and he’s proud of her.

Sally thanks him for understanding.

Nick says he would have done everything he could to be the best dad for her daughter, and maybe someday he’ll have another chance.

Sally asks if he’s saying that he wants to have a kid with her.

Sally talks with Nick.

Crimson Lights

Sharon is on the phone setting up a doctor’s appointment for Aria.

Mariah asks Tessa if they’re just being ridiculous.

Tessa gestures as she talks to Mariah.

Tessa says maybe their hearing is more sensitive than Aria’s, but they’re first-time moms who don’t know anything.

Mariah says that Aria’s hearing was tested at the hospital, and it was fine.

Tessa remembers… She’s relieved.

Mariah talks to Tessa.

Sharon comes up to them and tells them that she’s scheduled an appointment for Aria with the pediatrician first thing tomorrow. She tells them they can worry about something else when the test results come back.

Mariah hugs Sharon and thanks her for what she’s done for them.

Tessa thanks Sharon and says that they should get going since the thunder has stopped.

Sharon talks with Mariah.

Sharon asks if they’d like to leave the baby with her while they have a date night.

Mariah says it’s tempting, but they’ll take a rain check on that.

Sharon tells them not to worry. She cuddles Aria.

Mariah hugs Sharon as Tessa looks on.

Sally’s GCAC Suite

Nick tells Sally he’s not proposing if she’s worried about that.

Sally laughs and says, “Thank God!”

Sally smiles at Nick.

Nick tells her not to sound so relieved. He says they don’t have to discuss having a kid, but maybe they should. If they ever got to a place where it was something they both wanted, he’d be excited about it and would love to have a kid with her because she’d make an amazing mother.

They kiss.

Nick and Sally kiss.

The GCAC Restaurant

Kyle sits alone at a table, sipping a drink.

Kyle’s phone chimes. Audra sent him a text. “Want to stop by?”

He messages Audra back. “Not tonight. Wiped out. See you in the morning.”

Kyle and Audra text each other.

Summer’s GCAC Suite

Summer prepares for bed, taking off her jewelry.

Summer looks at her wedding rings.

As she goes to remove her wedding ring, she flashes back to Kyle asking her to marry him and their life together before things went “wrong”.

She takes off her wedding set and sits on the bed, contemplating.

Summer sits on the bed.

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