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Y&R Recap – Tue Apr 16: Victor and Jack Unite in Search for Kidnapped Harrison; Claire is Wrongly Accused, and Summer’s Fury Ignites

Kyle, Jordan, Harrison, and Summer.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Jack Abbott, Jordan Howard, and Claire Grace.

On the last episode of Y&R, Jordan started a kidnapping spree with Claire and Harrison as Christine rethought her future with Danny.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack asks Kyle what happened… Harrison is missing?

Kyle is frantic. He says Claire came by to bring Harrison his lucky bunny charm, and Harrison wanted her to read him a bedtime story. He says Claire is the first person Harrison has liked out of all the nannies since Linda, and he didn’t see the harm in it. He says he called the police; maybe they should drive around the neighborhood and look for him!

Summer rushes in, asking what his voicemail was about.

Diane asks where Kyle has looked so far.

Kyle says he’s looked all over the house, but Harrison is gone… Claire must have taken him!

Summer can’t believe it. She says that Harrison loves to play hide and seek… Did Kyle look under his bed? She runs upstairs to look for herself.

Kyle says he checked under the bed. He curses, wondering why he trusted Harrison with Claire.

Jack asks if he’s tried calling Claire.

Kyle says he has, but it keeps going to voicemail.

Diane says there has to be an explanation… This can’t be a kidnapping!

Summer rushes back downstairs and says it is a kidnapping; Harrison’s bed is still made, and none of his stuff is missing. She asks Kyle how he could let this happen; how could he let that psychopath take their son?

Jack tells Kyle not to panic.

Summer tells Jack that Claire poisoned her family, and now she has taken Harrison!

Jack says they don’t know that yet.

Diane says they’re all upset, but panicking won’t help them figure out what happened.

Summer says Kyle left Harrison alone with Claire, and now they’re both gone… What more do they need to know?

Diane says pointing fingers won’t help… They all need to work together to figure this out!

Jack asks Kyle to walk them through it step-by-step.

Kyle says Harrison left his lucky charm bunny at the party. Claire showed up at the house with the bunny, saying she’d found it at their table at the party.

Summer says Claire left the party before she did… She could have given it to Summer!

Kyle says Harrison was upstairs getting ready for bed. He and Claire were chatting downstairs, and when Harrison came downstairs and found out that Claire had brought his bunny back, it saved his night… He was on the verge of a meltdown before she showed up. He says Harrison was grateful and asked Claire to read him a bedtime story.

Summer is incredulous that Kyle let Claire read him a story.

Kyle says he didn’t see the harm in it, but when he went to check on them, they were gone.

Summer says Kyle left her alone with Harrison, even though he knew her history and knew how Summer felt about her… All because Harrison thinks Clare is funny, and she brought back his toy!

Kyle says he did because Harrison likes her, and she went out of her way to bring him that stupid bunny charm! The way they talked about good luck charms was sweet! He knew Ashley and Traci were upstairs, but when he went upstairs to check on Harrison and tell him goodnight, he and Claire were gone. He never thought she’d take him!

Summer says that’s the problem… Kyle didn’t think! She asks if he’s called the police.

Kyle says he’s called them… They’re on their way.

Diane says she knows he’s searched the house, but has he searched the property? Harrison could have taken Claire out to look at his tree fort.

Kyle says he’s checked everywhere… The pool shed, the garden shed, and the tree fort.

Jack says they shouldn’t jump to the worst possible outcome.

Summer says Claire is a convicted felon who just got out of the psych ward, and she has their little boy.

A bit later, the police show up and interview Kyle.

While Kyle talks with the police, Jack walks in and says that their security is working with the GCPD. They’re combing the ground for clues as to what might have happened.

Summer says she just wants her son back. She wants to tuck him into bed and curl up beside him.

Jack says they all want that, but they have help now to figure out what happened and to find Harrison. They have to trust the authorities to do their job.

Summer says Harrison is sweet and innocent and thinks that everyone in the world is good, but there are bad people who do bad things, even if they seem harmless, like Claire.

Diane says she’s as scared as Summer is, but they need to think this through… Why would Claire want to take Harrison?

Summer says Claire poisoned Nick, Victor, Victoria, Cole, and Nikki… She’s crazy!

Jack says he thought that it was Claire’s Aunt Jordan who planned the poisonings.

Summer asks why everyone is giving Claire a pass; she’s not a child! She’s a grown woman who went along with everything that Jordan did!

Diane wonders if they should be prepared for a ransom demand.

Jack says that even if there is a ransom demand, it’s no problem.

Summer says Claire doesn’t need money… She’s been accepted as a Newman, and she’s been living at the ranch… She could be set for life! Summer doesn’t understand why Claire would take Harrison.

Traci walks into the room and asks what’s going on… Why are the police there?

Jack explains that Harrison is missing along with Claire.

Traci can’t believe it; she’s been there all night!

Jack asks if she heard or saw anything that was out of the ordinary.

Traci says she was checking on Ashley every hour and didn’t see or hear anything.

Kyle asks Jack to give the alarm company’s information to the police… They need to review the security footage.

Summer asks Kyle how long he was talking to Claire before Harrison came down… Were they having drinks?

Kyle says he had half a glass of whiskey, and Claire had some water.

Summer says of course Claire had water; she needed to stay sober while she got Kyle drunk so she could take Harrison! She says the police should check Kyle’s drink for poison.

Kyle says Claire didn’t poison him; he poured his own drink.

Summer thinks Claire stole Harrison’s lucky charm so she could use it as an excuse to come over and get Harrison alone. She wonders how long Claire has been planning it… She’s been charming Harrison with her stupid kid jokes and pretending to be his friend!

Diane asks Kyle if he thinks it’s possible.

Summer says of course it’s possible! She can’t believe Kyle wanted Claire to be Harrison’s nanny. She says she can’t be there anymore; she can’t wait around while Claire is getting further away with their son! She picks up her belongings and prepares to leave.

Jack tells her he thinks they should stay there.

Summer says they can stay there. She’s going to get her own answers, since she can’t trust Kyle! She leaves.

Jack tells Kyle that Summer is upset and wants to do anything to help. She’s lashing out!

Traci says Kyle shouldn’t listen to Summer’s accusations. They all know Kyle would never do anything to put Harrison in danger.

Kyle wonders if he completely misread Claire.

Diane says if he did, he’s not the only one… The Newmans have welcomed her into their family.

Kyle says Summer hasn’t… She wanted nothing to do with Claire since she found out about her past. He wonders if Summer was right… What if Claire has been planning this all along and was just playing him?

Jack says they have to face that possibility… They have no choice, Claire was alone with Harrison, and now they’re both gone!

Traci says she wishes she’d heard them come upstairs… If she’d run into them while she was checking on Ashley, maybe it would have deterred her!

Kyle says Claire said she’d brought Harrison’s charm back because she had a lucky charm when she was a kid, but Jordan took it from her. She talked about how hard it was, how happy she was to be free of Jordan’s lies, and how she was rebuilding her life as a Newman. He says the story seemed so real; telling it brought up painful memories for her.

Traci says those tiny details make a made-up story sound so real. She’s not saying it was made up, but they need to consider it.

Kyle wonders how he could have been so gullible.

Jack hugs Kyle and tells him they’ll find Harrison and bring him home.

Diane heads over to the stairs, and Traci follows.

Traci asks Diane where she’s going… Kyle needs her support right now!

Diane says nobody wants to think about it, but there’s an emotionally unstable person upstairs.

Traci asks if Diane is suggesting that Ashley would do something to harm Harrison. She says Ashley loves him!

Diane says she loves him, too; he’s her grandson! As Jack said, they need to look at all the possibilities. She heads upstairs.

The Tack House at Newman Ranch

Summer bangs frantically on the door, and Victoria answers.

Victoria asks what Summer is doing there… It’s late.

Summer asks if Claire’s there… Did she bring Harrison with her?

Victoria says the last she heard, Claire was dropping off Harrison’s good luck charm… She texted Victoria and let her know she’d found it at the jazz lounge. She asks why Claire would bring Harrison there.

Summer tells Victoria that Claire took Harrison, and they’re both missing.

Victoria says there must be a misunderstanding… Claire would never take Harrison; she’s sure of it! She says she’s been waiting for Claire to get home. She takes her phone out of her purse and calls Claire. She leaves a voicemail, saying she’s worried about her and asks her to call as soon as she gets the message.

Summer rushes out of Victoria’s house, frantic.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle shows the police a picture of Harrison and gives them a description, including his height and weight.

Diane comes downstairs and tells Traci that Ashley is sound asleep.

Traci says she could have told her that, if she’d let her.

Diane says she was wrong about Ashley, but her behavior lately has been off the rails.

Traci says she doesn’t blame anyone for their heightened emotions at a time like this; their sweet boy is missing! She says she knows Ashley, and knows that whatever she’s going through, she would never harm an innocent child.

Diane nods and starts crying. She says she knows Ashley wouldn’t do that, but whoever has Harrison might!

The Newman Ranch House / The Abbott Mansion

Victoria and Summer enter the house and talk with Victor and Nikki. Victoria apologizes for stopping by so late, but they have an emergency…

Victor asks if it has to do with Claire or Jordan.

Summer says Claire and Harrison are missing.

Nikki is shocked. What?

Summer says Claire found Harrison’s good luck charm and brought it back to the Abbott house to give it back to him. She says Kyle let Claire go upstairs with Harrison to read to him, but next thing he knew, they had disappeared; Claire took him!

Victor asks how she knows that Claire took Harrison.

Victoria says that’s her point; it’s a leap to blame Claire for it!

Summer says it’s not a leap… She knows Claire took Harrison because of her history, and Kyle would have heard if someone else was in the house. She says she’d told Victor she didn’t trust Claire and was right.

Nikki says Jordan is behind it.

Victor says they shouldn’t jump to conclusions and must stick with the facts. He asks Summer to continue.

Summer says that Victor had tracked Jordan before, and she’d left town on a train, but Claire was alone at the Abbott house with Harrison, and she’s been fixated on him since the moment she met him!

Victoria says Claire loves children, and Harrison was the first young cousin she’s met… A “fixation” is going a bit far!

Summer thinks Claire stole Harrison’s good luck charm, used it as an excuse to get to the Abbott house, and knew she could get away with it because they would all be busy celebrating Nikki and Victor’s anniversary at the jazz lounge.

Victoria says Claire would never kidnap a child; there has to be some other explanation!

Nikki is certain that Jordan is behind it all. She tells Victor that she knew their party would lure Jordan out of hiding.

Summer says they all need to stop giving Claire an out. She says they let her into their lives and their home, and she tricked them all… Again!

Victor pulls out his phone, steps into the hall, and makes a call.

Jack answers. “I take it you’ve heard.”

Victor says Summer and Victoria are there. He asks if Jack has any update.

Jack says the police are there and searching the grounds and the house with his security team and are looking through security footage.

Victor says he’s going send his head of security to meet with Jack’s team; together, they’ll find their grandson!

Jack thanks him. He asks how Summer and Nikki are.

Victor says that emotions are running high. Summer is blaming Claire, and that’s not sitting well with Victoria. He asks whether Jack thinks Claire was behind it.

Jack says he doesn’t want to think so, and neither does Kyle, but with the information they have, nothing else makes sense.

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Y&R Spoilers

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The Abbott Mansion

A policeman enters the living room and explains that they’ve reviewed the security footage and noticed that a delivery truck arrived late that evening.

Traci says that’s their weekly floral delivery… It arrives like clockwork.

Diane goes to check on the delivery.

The policeman says that the delivery van was late. It was parked at the back entrance for ten minutes and then left.

Kyle and Jack ask if they saw who the driver was.

The policeman says that they didn’t.

Diane says the flowers arrived, but they’ve been thrown in a pile beside the kitchen door.

Traci says that’s not how the delivery usually happens.

Kyle says none of it makes sense… There’s more going on than meets the eye!

The Newman House

Cole arrives and says that Claire would never hurt a child and would never run off willingly with Jordan. He says that it’s definitely all his aunt; Jordan has their child and has Summer’s child, too!

Summer says she’s sick of them all blindly trusting Claire, and she’s furious that Kyle knew how Summer felts about Claire, but he left her alone with him anyhow!

Victoria says Claire is Summer’s cousin and she’s Victoria’s daughter. She says Summer’s own father has forgiven Claire, and Summer should give her the benefit of the doubt!

Summer says she won’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt when her son goes missing.

Cole asks what motive Claire could have for kidnapping Harrison.

Victoria gets angry. She says Claire has been getting stronger; she’s been overcoming emotional and psychological abuse that she suffered from Jordan, and she’s cut all ties with her. She says Claire has tried to get closer to her true family, which includes Summer; Claire has tried very hard to be Summer’s friend!

Summer says Claire only wants to be friends so she can get close to Harrison.

Cole tells Summer she needs to think about why Claire would do it.

Summer says she doesn’t know why Claire would do it; Summer isn’t a psychopath like Claire and her aunt! She thinks it’s time for Cole and Victoria to give her some answers… Why is Claire so obsessed with working with children… What’s that about? She thinks Claire takes after her aunt. She thinks Claire stole Harrison for her own “insane reasons.” Maybe she wanted a do-over of a childhood she never had, or maybe she wants to punish another child like she was punished as some sort of twisted revenge!

Victoria says she understands that Summer is upset and is terrified, but she’s spinning theories that don’t make sense.

Summer says psychopaths don’t make sense. She doesn’t know what’s going on in Claire’s head, but she knows that everyone in the room is blind when it comes to Claire. She says they’ve been enabling and coddling Claire and telling her that they forgive her, but she tried to kill them! She fooled them, and they know she’s a master manipulator, yet they’ve forgotten that because they’re desperate to accept her into the family.

Summer stalks around, ranting, and tells Victor that he wants them all to be a big, happy family, but he’s blinded by his feelings, and her son is the one who’s paying the price! She asks why they don’t care about her family? Do any of them care about Harrison? They’re too busy defending Claire, who they barely know!

Victor asks if she knows anyone as careful as he is about bringing people into their circle… Into their family. He says nobody is more suspicious than he is, and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt his family. He says Harrison is part of his family; they love him as their son! He says he brought Claire into their family, which should assure Summer that Claire wasn’t behind this.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says he’s not sure they can rule out Claire’s involvement yet.

Kyle says there’s something wrong. He thinks that the delivery truck being late and the flowers not getting delivered as usual mean that someone could have come in and taken Harrison.

Diane asks why a flower delivery person would want to kidnap Harrison.

Kyle says the delivery truck was a cover… Anyone in search of a ransom could target Harrison; it’s one of the reasons they have security in the first place. They must consider the possibility that someone else did this and that Claire’s presence was just an accident. He says his instincts can’t be that bad; he would have never left his son alone with someone who would take him!

Jack says they’ve given the police the name of the flower delivery company; the police will contact the driver to see if anything unusual happened.

Diane says they’ll need to prepare for a ransom demand if that is the case.

Kyle starts freaking out.

Jack tells him to stay calm so they can get through this crisis and get Harrison home safely.

The Newman House

Summer sighs and says she knows they all love Harrison.

Victoria says they do love him. She reminds Summer that Harrison was her stepson before he was Summer’s.

Summer asks Victoria why she can’t see the danger that Harrison is in.

Victoria says she sees the danger that both Harrison and Claire are in.

Summer says she can’t talk about this to them anymore. They let Claire into their family, and now she has Harrison, and that’s on all of them! She says they need to do whatever it takes to find them… They owe Summer that! She says they need to appeal to Claire’s so-called “empathy for children” and make her bring Harrison home and then make sure she never hurts a child ever again… Or she’ll never forgive any of them!

Summer stalks out of the house.

Victor says he’s sorry they had to hear that.

Victoria says Summer has never trusted Claire, and that’s why Claire is being blamed.

Nikki says they all know Jordan is behind this, but Summer doesn’t want to hear it because it’s too terrifying. They don’t have confirmation that Jordan ever got on that train, and the timing is too perfect. Nikki knew their anniversary party would draw Jordan out, and it did!

Victoria asks Nikki why she thinks Jordan planned to kidnap Harrison and Claire. How could she have known Claire would find Harrison’s good luck charm and go to the Abbotts?

Nikki says Jordan must have seen the security at the party and had to devise another way to get to them.

Cole says it sounds like something his aunt would do.

Victoria wonders if Claire was Jordan’s target and Harrison was collateral damage.

Cole thinks it’s a slim chance… It happened at the Abbott house, after all.

Nikki says she doesn’t want to think about it, but what if Summer is right? What if Claire did kidnap Harrison? Maybe Jordan managed to draw Claire back in!

The Abbott Mansion

Jack gets off the phone with the police. He says the police had talked with the florist, who couldn’t contact their driver. He says the driver didn’t make any of his other deliveries that evening, and the truck was found abandoned on the roadside just out of town.

Kyle says that proves it was highjacked… Someone had a plan.

Traci says someone would have needed to watch their house long enough to know when their regular deliveries were.

Diane wonders why the kidnappers haven’t contacted them yet.

Traci says the kidnappers might be watching the house and waiting for the police to leave so their call won’t be traced.

Jack says they don’t know that it’s a ransom situation. It could be something else.

Diane is scared by the thought of Harrison being alone and afraid.

Jack hugs her and comforts her.

Summer stomps into the house and throws her purse on a chair, demanding to know what’s happened… Has there been any news?

Kyle says they just got an update from the police about the flower delivery truck.

Jack says the delivery driver is missing, and the truck was found on the side of the road.

Kyle says it proves that it had to be someone else, an outsider. He says they should contact the FBI… Isn’t that who handles kidnappings?

Summer asks how that “proves” anything. She asks how Claire got there that evening.

Kyle figures Claire took a rideshare.

Summer asks if he saw her arrive.

Kyle shakes his head. He didn’t.

Summer says Claire could have driven the delivery truck there and parked out back so she could make a quick escape with Harrison.

Kyle says he knows Summer is terrified, but they don’t have enough information to blame Claire. He says the delivery truck was there for ten minutes, and Claire was there for a lot longer than that. He says the kidnapper drove the truck onto the property!

Summer says that doesn’t prove that Claire wasn’t involved… She was the inside person!

Kyle asks if Summer is saying Claire is part of a kidnapping ring.

Summer says Nikki thinks Jordan might be behind it. She says Claire was Jordan’s “loyal accomplice” before, and she thinks they might be working together again. She tells Jack that they need to get the Newman and the Abbott security teams to work together on it. She says they need to check Claire’s phone calls, text messages, and web searches, and they need to be on the lookout for Claire, Jordan, and Harrison. They need to let the police know that Jordan is still in Genoa City!

Jack says she’s right. He’ll make the calls now.

Kyle’s phone pings with a notification. He says it’s Claire. He reads the message aloud.

I have Harrison. You can keep him safe by helping my Aunt. She knows the Newmans will never let her go free. It’s up to you and Summer. Details to follow.

Summer tells Kyle to call Claire and demand that she bring Harrison back immediately.

Kyle tells her to give him a second to think… Jordan could still be a part of this!

Summer says Jordan is involved, and Claire is her accomplice.

Kyle thinks Jordan might have Claire’s phone and is sending the messages.

Summer asks why Kyle can’t accept that he’s wrong about Claire. How can he insist on defending her?

Kyle yells that he’s scared and can’t accept that his son is alone and terrified with two lunatics and he’s worried that he put his son in danger by trusting the wrong person. He says Harrison called her his new friend; she did this to him, and Kyle was the one who let it happen!

Summer says she hates it, too, but the sooner Kyle accepts that Claire kidnapped their son, the better.

Kyle says Summer needs to think about this… If Claire isn’t a part of this and this was all Jordan, their son has an ally and a protector… Someone who will look out for him and ensure he gets home safely.

Summer says it’s pointless to think that way. Their son is out there somewhere, and he needs them.

Jack says that the text message means that Jordan, with or without Claire, is willing to negotiate.

Traci says they need to look at the message as a positive sign.

The Newman House

Victoria asks how her mom could say such a thing about Claire.

Cole says Claire saw Jordan for who she was and would never willingly be part of her evil plans again.

Nikki says she doesn’t want to believe it either, and she’s not accusing Claire but wonders how Jordan could have pulled this off without Claire… How could she have gotten close enough to Harrison on her own?

Victoria refuses to believe that Claire would take Harrison. She says it’s another twisted revenge scheme by Jordan. She can’t imagine what Jordan would have in mind for Harrison or why she’d even target him in the first place.

Cole says they’re all jumping to conclusions. They need to look for the logic behind it.

Victor says there’s no logic where Jordan is concerned. His phone rings. It’s Jack.

Jack tells Victor that it all ties back to Jordan… Kyle got a text message from Claire saying that she has Harrison, and Kyle and Summer have to help Jordan. He says Jordan no longer “trusts that the Newmans will let her go.”

Victor is confused… Jordan trusts the Abbotts?

Nikki tells Victoria and Cole that she didn’t mean to upset them. She doesn’t want to believe that Claire is part of it; she says Claire was so happy at the party to be part of the family.

Victoria says Claire said it was the best night of her life.

Cole says he watched Claire listen to the toast, and he could see how much it meant to her to be there.

Victoria says Claire would never use their celebration as a cover to try to sneak away and help Jordan kidnap Harrison.

Victor tells Jack to hold on a moment. He tells Nikki, Cole, and Victoria that Claire has Harrison and has demanded that Kyle and Summer help Jordan… Details to follow.

Cole is confused… Claire has Harrison?

Victoria says that can’t be right. She asks for the phone and asks if Kyle spoke to Claire… Did he hear her voice?

Jack says it was a text message.

Victoria suggests that Jordan has Claire’s phone. It doesn’t mean Claire sent that text… This is Jordan trying to manipulate them all again; she’s holding Claire hostage, too! She gives the phone back to her father.

Victor tells Jack he’s going to come over and see him. He ends the call and says that Jordan has involved the Abbotts now… He’s going to Jack’s house and they’ll figure it out together.

Victoria says they’ll go, too.

Victor shakes his head and tells them to stay there… He’s going to get that woman once and for all; he’s had enough of this nonsense! He stalks out of the room and leaves the house.

Victoria says she hates to think it or even say it, but… What if Summer is right? What if they missed some signs with Claire? She says it’s possible that Jordan somehow got to her.

Nikki says that Jordan could have done it if anyone could.

Cole says they know better than that… This is what his aunt does; she makes people question their instincts, but they know Claire’s heart!

Victoria says they do, but that means the worst could be true; Claire could be Jordan’s victim again!

Cole hugs Victoria to comfort her.

Nikki stands in front of the booze tray, looking for her precious vodka.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says that Victor is on the way over.

Diane scoffs… That’s just what they need; Victor will blow in and insist that his way is the only way!

Traci thinks it’s a good idea; Victor knows Jordan and what they’re dealing with.

Jack nods. He says they need Victor to help them outsmart Jordan… Who knows what the demands will be? His phone pings with a notification.

Kyle tells Summer that Harrison is his world and that he’d die for him. His life changed in the best way possible the day he found out Harrison was his son; they’re lucky to have Harrison, and he’s lucky to have Summer as his mother. He says he’ll move heaven and earth to get Harrison through this… They’ll meet the demands no matter what they are or who they’re from, and they will get Harrison home safely and soon.

Summer says he’d better. This happened because Kyle trusted Claire. She says if anything happens to their son, it’s on him. She leaves.

Jordan’s Motel Room

Harrison sits on a chair in Jordan’s room. He says he doesn’t know Jordan and wants to go home to his mom and dad.

Jordan tells Harrison she already told him… His mom and dad don’t want him anymore! She’s his Aunt Jordan, and she’ll be taking care of him from now on!

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    1. shirley j goodwin

      we all know that Harrison is Tera,, but as a step-mom she has become to love him just like her own son,,

  1. Summer needs to chill tf out and sit tf down. She’s also blind to seeing other perspectives. She wants it to be Claire. Just all of her nagging constantly abt others being blind when she’s the one who’s blind and won’t listen to reason. I just found her annoying.

  2. I don’t believe that Claire had anything to do with taking/kidnapping Harrison. I want to believe that Claire would not be that duplicitous, after what she experienced all her life, at the hands of her great aunt Jordan.

    …but Summer is a different piece of work. After all the stunts she has pulled since she came back to Genoa City, it is priceless to see her in action. She has been jealous that Claire could be accepted by the family she thought she had around her little fingers.

    Let us hope the writers will not give real time would-be criminals ideas when it comes to children. Take it down a notch, please and let this remain entertainment. Too much violence in the world already.

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