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Y&R Recap – Wed Apr 17: Phyllis Learns About Jordan When She Meets With Nick and Summer; Traci Prepares Ashley For Her Meeting With the Doctor

Phyllis Summers, Ashley Abbott, and Summer Newman.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Kyle, Jordan, Harrison, and Summer.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victor and Jack united as they began searching for Harrison. Claire was wrongly accused, and Summer’s fury ignited.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane and Traci are passed out in the living room, having stayed up waiting for news about Harrison.

There’s someone at the door, and Jack answers. It’s Nikki. He asks what she’s doing there… It’s early! He invites her in.

Jack talks to Nikki.

Nikki says she’s sorry to bother him, but with everything that’s going on, she needs to see him. She says she was on her way to the office, but she’s worried about Harrison.

Jack asks why she’s going to the office at this hour. He can tell she’s been drinking.

Nikki says she needs to get her mind off everything.

Nikki and Jack talk.

The Tack House

Cole approaches Victoria with a couple of coffee cups in his hands. She’s standing at the front door, staring out at nothing.

Victoria says she doesn’t know what she’s looking for.

Victoria Newman and Cole Howard.

Cole does. She’s hoping Claire shows up.

Victoria nods. She wants Claire to show up with Harrison, saying that they’ve been out all night eating ice cream and forgot to tell anyone… But she knows that’s not going to happen.

Cole gives her a cup of coffee and says he should be convincing her to go back to bed instead of feeding her caffeine.

Cole talks to Victoria.

Victoria says she wouldn’t be able to sleep either way. She wonders why they haven’t heard what the kidnappers’ demands are… It’s like torture!

Cole says that’s what Jordan does.

Victoria knows. She keeps replaying conversations she had with Claire, looking for clues… Did she miss a sign that Claire wasn’t being honest with them? Is she a terrible mother for thinking that Claire might have fooled them?

Victoria talks to Cole.

Cole reassures her he’s been thinking the same thing.

Victoria wonders if they were wrong about Claire… Is it possible she’s the one who took Harrison?

The Abbott Mansion

Nikki tells Jack she’s not drunk.

Nikki Newman talks to Jack.

Jack says this isn’t how she usually presents herself in the morning… Especially when she’s on her way to the office.

Nikki says Jack doesn’t look so hot himself, and she’s not accusing him of being drunk! She’s been up all night and is worried sick.

Jack says they’ve been up all night, too. He gestures to the sofa and armchair, where Diane and Traci are snoozing.

Jack Abbott reacts as he talks to Nikki.

Nikki assumes there’s no update, or Jack would have called them.

Jack shakes his head. There’s not.

Nikki says it’s all her fault for letting Jordan live… She should have watched her die and not called 911.

Nikki and Jack talk.

Jack tells her to stop blaming herself and to stop lying to him. He reminds her that she told him last night that her urge to drink had disappeared, but it’s clearly back. He says he’s not judging her, but lying to him doesn’t help anything! He says she wanted to talk, so they should go somewhere and talk.

Diane and Traci wake up and ask why Nikki is there… Did something happen?

Diane Abbott wakes up in an armchair.

Crimson Lights

Nick and Phyllis meet Summer at the cafe. They’re astonished to find out that Harrison has been kidnapped; how did it happen? Why didn’t she come to them sooner?

Phyllis and Nick talk with Summer.

Summer says she thought she would have heard something by now. She couldn’t sit around the Abbott house… Everyone there was falling asleep, and they told her to sleep in Harrison’s room, but she couldn’t.

Phyllis tries to comfort her with a hug, but Summer pushes her away, saying that she’ll just start crying again if she hugs her.

Nick asks what’s happening with the search; what’s the next step?

Summer talks to her parents.

Summer says that’s the worst part… They’re waiting for more instructions from “that psychopath,” Claire.

Phyllis asks what kind of instructions they’re waiting for… A ransom?

Summer says she doesn’t know… Claire’s text said Claire has Harrison and that Summer and Kyle have to help Jordan get out of town safely because she doesn’t trust the Newmans to do it.

Phyllis and Nick talk with their daughter.

Nick asks how they’re supposed to help.

Summer says Claire only told them “details to follow.” She can’t believe it’s real… Her son is in the hands of two monsters!

Phyllis asks who Jordan is. Why do Summer and Nick know who she is, but Phyllis has never heard of her?

Summer Newman looks sad.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci and Diane ask Jack and Nikki if there are new developments.

Jack says they haven’t heard anything new from their security, the police, or the kidnappers. He says there’s a police detail outside, but they’ve told him the GCPD hasn’t been able to trace Claire’s phone.

Diane and Jack Abbott talk with Nikki and Traci.

Diane asks if Victor’s team has any news.

Jack says he hasn’t heard anything from Victor’s side either.

Traci tells Nikki it must be awful for her family, too. She asks how Nikki is holding up.

Nikki talks with Traci.

Nikki says she’s not doing great. She tells Jack she’d like to take him up on his offer to have a private talk.

Jack nods and says they can go to the terrace to talk.

Diane asks Jack how Kyle is; he was still pacing around when she fell asleep.

Diane talks to Jack.

Jack says he finally convinced Kyle to get some rest.

Diane asks Jack if he got any sleep.

Jack says he got about as much as she had. He kisses her and tells her he won’t be long. He and Nikki head out to the terrace.

Diane and Traci talk while Jack and Nikki leave.

Traci tells Diane she’ll make some coffee, and Diane can explain what that was all about.

Diane doesn’t want any coffee right now.

Ashley walks down the stairs and says good morning.

Traci asks how she’s feeling.

Ashley greets Traci and Diane.

Jack and Nikki have a seat on the terrace. Jack tells her that when he confronted her about drinking earlier, it wasn’t an accusation… He’s her friend and sponsor, but he can’t help her if she refuses to be honest with him.

Jack talks with Nikki.

Nikki sighs and says Jack was right… She did drink. She couldn’t resist the urge this time; all the strength she had at the party was gone in an instant as soon as she realized that Jordan had taken Harrison.

Jack thanks her for telling him. He asks if she has any vodka hidden so that they can get rid of the temptation.

Nikki tells him he can search her, but he knows how resourceful she is… If she wants vodka, she’ll get it! She says she couldn’t sleep and thought she’d go for a drive to clear her head, but she passed an all-night bar, and the next thing she knew, she was sitting on a stool ordering a drink… And then she ordered another one. Somehow she was able to stop herself and made it to Jack’s place.

Nikki talks with Jack.

Jack says he’s glad she made it.

Nikki says she hates being so weak. She says she saw “salvation” when she saw the lights of the bar, and had the thought that alcohol could make her anxiety and anger go away, even though she knows it only makes it worse. She wonders why she keeps doing this to herself and the people she loves.

Jack says no crisis will keep him from being her sponsor… This is what he signed up for. He’s incredibly proud of her and relieved she came to him for help.

Jack talks to Nikki.

Crimson Lights

Phyllis asks why she’s only just now hearing about these “two psychopaths.”

Phyllis talks to Nick.

Summer says she didn’t know about Jordan and Claire until recently, either.

Phyllis tells Nick they had a “real” talk, but he failed to mention that Jordan had poisoned his whole family, stabbed him, and escaped twice!

Nick says he doesn’t know why Claire would do this… She was so happy at the party last night and to be a part of the family! What could she possibly gain from it?

Nick Newman.

Phyllis says the most important thing to her right now is that Harrison gets home safely.

Nick nods. Harrison is their number one priority. He says Victoria must be devastated by this since she just got her daughter back.

The Tack House

Victoria tells Cole that she wants to believe that Claire’s been honest with them and that she really has made progress and loves being their daughter, but Summer came so hard at them with her accusations.

Victoria talks to Cole.

Cole says they felt they needed to protect and defend Claire because they know her and love her.

Victoria says she’s been up all night wondering if it was possible… Maybe Nick’s hesitation and Adam’s nonstop warnings about Claire were right. Claire went to the Abbott house and was alone with Harrison, and now they’re both missing.

Cole says if he were looking from the outside, he’d say that Claire looked guilty, too, and did it to help Jordan.

Cole gestures as he talks to Victoria.

Victoria says that’s where it all falls apart… Claire has worked so hard to get past the pain that Jordan caused in her life and was so happy to move in with Victoria; she couldn’t wait! Why would Claire turn her back on them?

Cole says he knows it doesn’t make any sense, but he grew up with his mother, and she was so manipulative and hid her instability from the rest of the world. He says Claire went through the same thing with Jordan, and had to go along with her ideas in order to survive.

Victoria says it sounds awful and lonely.

Victoria looks worried and tearful.

Cole says he grew up walking on eggshells, and he’s sure Claire did, too. She probably felt like it was up to her to keep Jordan from lashing out; she probably had to humor her just to keep the peace.

Victoria thinks it might have been harder for Claire to break Jordan’s grip than they thought. She says Claire said last night that it was the best night of her life. Victoria says it felt so real.

Cole says Claire finally felt like she was part of a family. Victoria and Cole gave her love, and she gave it back. He knows Claire didn’t want to be part of the darkness anymore, and he has to believe it.

Victoria says she’s never wanted to believe anything more in her life.

Cole Howard.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley says she’s feeling a little fuzzy-headed, but she slept well and feels like she needs to get her head together.

Diane asks Ashley how much she remembers from last night. She says she doesn’t care what Ashley said.

Diane Abbott talks to Ashley.

Ashley asks what she means.

Diane says it was intense, and Ashley was upset and lashed out.

Ashley is surprised; she lashed out at Diane?

Traci says she lashed out at them all.

Ashley and Traci Abbott talk to Diane.

On the terrace, Jack tells Nikki that she needs to call Victor and make sure he knows she’s safe… He’ll be worried sick, especially with Jordan around.

Nikki says he’s right. She pulls out her phone and sends Victor a text message letting him know where she is. She tells Jack that whatever happens today, she can’t have another drink.

Nikki and Jack sit and talk.

Jack says she left the bar and came to see him… She’s making the right choices.

Nikki says Victor is going to be busy with his team trying to find Harrison, Victoria is frantic about Claire, and Summer is beside herself. She wonders if Summer has spoken to Nicholas yet. She says her whole family is in turmoil and she needs to be strong to help them, but she can only help them if she remains sober.

Jack tells her not to put too much pressure on herself. She only needs to be sober for herself.

Jack talks to Nikki.

Nikki says she’s doing it for herself. The most important thing to her is to be there for her family, especially if things get worse.

Jack tells her not to think about the worst-case scenarios… They’ll only stress her out.

Nikki says she can’t help it. She’s responsible for what’s happened… First, she let Jordan live, then she thought she could lure Jordan out of hiding with the anniversary party, but now Jordan has kidnapped Harrison, who must be terrified… And it’s all because Nikki was determined to confront Jordan!

Nikki and Jack.

Jack says Nikki’s not responsible for the actions of a psychopath. He says they don’t even know that Jordan is behind it… It could well be Claire’s doing!

Nikki says that would be even worse; that would mean that Nikki made the same mistake of trusting Claire twice.

Jack says Nikki didn’t cause this situation. He says he’s working together with Victor; how often does that happen? He says they’re a force, and they’ll be able to fix it and get Harrison back home, and they’ll see to it that the people responsible for the kidnapping will be punished.

Jack and Nikki.

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Y&R Spoilers

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The Abbott Mansion

Ashley apologizes for lashing out at Traci, Diane, and Jack. She asks what she said.

Traci says it doesn’t matter… They know she didn’t mean anything she said.

Traci talks to Ashley.

Diane says Ashley wasn’t herself; they know that.

Ashley asks what that means… Who was she if she wasn’t herself? Why can’t she remember any of it?

Traci says she doesn’t know.

Diane Abbott.

Ashley tears up and says that she has a blank space where the evening should be. She woke up confused, and she’s scared. She wants to get some help, and she wants to get it right now. She wants the help today.

Traci says they’re waiting for a confirmation call for an appointment this morning.

Diane nods and says the appointment is with a doctor that Sharon recommended.

Ashley and Traci Abbott.

Ashley says she thinks she remembers Sharon being there… She showed up right before Ashley went to bed.

Traci confirms it.

Kyle walks down the stairs and asks if there is any news about Harrison yet.

Diane, Ashley, and Traci look at Kyle Abbott.

Diane says there hasn’t been. She asks if he’s had any sleep yet.

Kyle shakes his head and says he can sleep when this is over.

Ashley asks what’s going on.

Ashley talks to Kyle.

Traci says Harrison is sick, and Summer has taken him to the doctor.

Ashley’s sorry to hear it.

Kyle says he needs to check in with Summer.

Diane thinks that’s a good idea. She leads Kyle into the dining room to get some breakfast and coffee. She hugs him and tells him Harrison will be okay.

Kyle hugs his mom.

The Tack House

Cole brings Victoria a plate and tells her to eat; they’re both going to need their energy to get through the day.

Victoria says she can’t stop thinking of her interactions with Claire. She asks if Cole remembers when Claire first told them she was their daughter.

Victoria talks to Cole.

Cole nods. It was at the lake house.

Victoria says they denied it at the time.

Cole says it was because Claire poisoned them.

Cole talks to Victoria.

Victoria says even after Claire was in jail, they still never believed her.

Cole says they had a reason for it; they thought she had died!

Victoria wonders if it’s possible that their “harsh interaction” at the time left an impression on Claire. What if it caused such a deep wound that she never got over it?

Victoria Newman.

Cole says as soon as they got the DNA results, they were all in on helping Claire.

Victoria and Cole go back and forth. She wonders if they took Claire out of the hospital too early.

Cole says he has the same thoughts but says they can’t think that way… Claire is their miraculous, resilient daughter; even though they didn’t raise her, they know her.

Cole Howard.

Victoria says Claire came to them as an adult woman who had problems. She says they had to help Claire deal with a lifetime of hate and lies.

Cole says they succeeded at it, and the doctors know it, too.

Victoria isn’t so sure. She thinks they might have failed.

Cole says they still don’t know how much involvement Claire has in the kidnapping. He says they should eat, since their daughter will need them to have strength as the day progresses.

Victoria talks to Cole.

Crimson Lights

Summer tells her parents that Victoria refuses to believe that Claire kidnapped Harrison.

Nick asks if Summer talked to Victoria.

Nick Newman, Phyllis Summers, and Summer Newman.

Summer says she went to the tack house looking for Claire and “got into it” with Victoria, Cole, Nikki, and Victor. She says they want to blame it all on Jordan, but she doesn’t believe Claire is innocent.” Summer’s phone rings, and she answers. It’s Kyle.

Kyle tells Summer they haven’t heard anything and asks how she’s holding up.

Summer says, “How do you think I’m holding up?” She says her son has been kidnapped, and Kyle let it happen. She hangs up without another word.

Summer talks on the phone while her parents listen.

Nick tells Summer that she’s being too tough on Kyle… It must be tearing him apart, too.

Phyllis tells Nick that Kyle did leave his son with a maniac, even though he knew her history, so it really is on him. She says if it were up to her, she wouldn’t have done anything like that.

Nick says Kyle isn’t the only one who is convinced that Claire has changed.

Summer tells her dad that they’re all wrong.

Summer Newman looks harried.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane tells Kyle it’s not his fault; he needs to know that.

Kyle nods. He says he needs to make some more phone calls.

Diane talks to Kyle.

Diane suggests he make the calls upstairs, and he agrees. They head upstairs.

Traci gets off the phone and tells Ashley that it’s confirmed… Ashley has an intake appointment this morning! She asks if Ashley wants her to go with her.

Ashley says she not only wants Traci to go, she needs her with her. She wants to know what’s going on, but she’s terrified to find out.

Ashley talks to Traci.

Traci takes her hands and smiles. She says that they’ll find out together; Traci will be right there with her! She needs a couple of minutes to get ready, and they can go! She heads upstairs.

Jack and Nikki walk into the living room. Jack tells Nikki she has nothing to apologize for.

Ashley looks over and says hello. She asks what Nikki is doing there.

Nikki and Jack are startled to see Ashley.

Jack says they had something to discuss. He asks Ashley how she’s doing.

Ashley says she’s okay… She has an appointment with Traci, who’s upstairs getting ready.

Jack says he’s glad to hear it.

Ashley Abbott.

Nikki asks Ashley if everything is alright.

Ashley says she’s fine… Is everything okay with Nikki? It’s awfully early for her to be over!

Jack says there’s nothing to worry about… Everything will work out fine. He says she should have a bite to eat before she goes.

Jack and Nikki talk to Ashley.

Ashley thinks that’s a good idea. She asks Jack to tell Traci she’s in the kitchen.

Jack agrees. He wishes her good luck and asks her to call him after the appointment.

Ashley agrees and heads to the kitchen.

Nikki talks to Jack.

Nikki asks Jack what that was about… Ashley seemed “unsteady.”

Jack says Ashley is dealing with the emotional fallout from Tucker.

Nikki says Jack was concerned that Ashley might be taking Tucker back… Is that what’s happened?

Jack talks to Nikki.

Jack says it hasn’t… Tucker has made it very clear that things are over between them.

Nikki digs. Is Ashley upset about that?

Jack asks if they can talk about something else.

Nikki Newman.

Nikki gets it; it’s none of her business. She says she should leave since she has a “family situation.”

Jack says she doesn’t have to leave… There are some things he doesn’t want to get into right now, but she’s not monopolizing his time.

Nikki thanks him for “that lie” and says she needs to get to the office… Lauren is probably wondering where she is; they’re working on reports today.

Jack Abbott.

Jack asks if she thinks going into the office today is wise.

Nikki says she finds work therapeutic.

Jack suggests he drive her to the office since she couldn’t resist the bar the previous time.

Nikki looks at Jack.

Nikki thinks for a moment… He’s right. She says she’ll get Lauren to meet her at the ranch and they can work from there… Jack already noticed that she isn’t really dressed for the office.

Jack says he likes that idea a lot more.

Nikki says talking with him helped her, but she’s clearly not the only one who needs him today… Kyle and Ashley need him, too.

Jack talks to Nikki.

Jack asks her to promise to call him if she feels the urge to drink.

Nikki says she will.

Jack walks her to the door and sees her out.

Kyle rushes down the stairs and tells his dad that he just got another text from Claire.

Kyle Abbott talks to his father.

Crimson Lights

Nick tells Summer he knows that waiting is the worst, but she has to be strong; she can’t run off and do anything risky!

Summer says she can’t just sit there when her son is the one at risk. It seems like Claire and Jordan will do anything to torture the Newmans. She says Harrison woke up in a strange place this morning and has no idea what’s going on except for the lies that “those two psychopaths” told him; he’s got to be terrified!

Summer Newman.

Phyllis tells her daughter not to let those ideas get into her head.

Nick says they’ll find Harrison and bring him home.

Summer says she’s sorry… She can’t be here. She gets up and leaves.

Nick tells Phyllis that Jordan will pay… This time, she’ll pay for good.

Nicholas Newman and Phyllis Summers.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack asks Kyle what Claire said in her message.

Kyle Abbott talks to Jack.

Kyle says Claire wants safe passage out of the country for Jordan and told Kyle to ask Victor about his “last offer.”

Jack says he’ll call Victor and ask what she’s talking about. He asks what will happen with Harrison.

Kyle says Claire told him that once Jordan is safely away, she’ll reveal Harrison’s location.

Jack Abbott talks to Kyle.

Jack doesn’t like the sound of that. “Reveal?”

Kyle wonders why Claire isn’t asking for anything for herself… It’s all about Jordan’s safety; Claire must know that she’s going to be facing kidnapping charges… None of this makes sense!

Jack agrees, but they have to remember they’re dealing with one (or two!) deranged women. He says they’ll talk to Victor and find out about the “last offer.”

Kyle and Jack Abbott talk.

The Newman Ranch House

Nikki arrives home and is surprised to see Lauren made it there first.

Nikki Newman and Lauren Fenmore.

Lauren says Michael filled her in… It’s insane! She can’t believe Nikki has already been out; she must be exhausted!

Nikki says she didn’t sleep at all last night.

Lauren figures she must want a drink.

Lauren talks to Nikki.

Nikki says she can’t keep anything from Lauren and admits she had a couple of drinks already. She managed to stop after two drinks and went to see Jack, who was a lifesaver, as usual, even though his family is dealing with the same situation.

Lauren says she knows how draining living in constant fear is. It can be unbearable! She says they should put work on hold so Nikki can go to a meeting.

Nikki says she could use one, but she passes two bars and a liquor store on the way to the meeting, and she doesn’t trust herself.

Nikki Newman.

Lauren says she’ll go with Nikki.

Nikki is touched that Lauren would do that for her.

The Tack House

Victoria checks her phone and wonders why there hasn’t been any news yet.

Victoria loks at her phone as she talks with Cole.

Cole figures that Kyle hasn’t gotten any more instructions from Jordan.

Victoria wonders why they haven’t picked up on Jordan’s trail yet. She says Jordan hijacked the delivery truck or arranged for someone else to do it. She can’t believe that Jordan hasn’t been caught on a street traffic camera or that nobody has witnessed seeing her.

Cole says that Jordan is ingenious and “good at being evil.”

Cole Howard.

Victoria wonders what their demands will be… Why are they dragging it out?

Cole says there’s no question that Jordan is getting pleasure from torturing them all.

Victoria wonders why the Abbotts were dragged into it.

Victoria Newman.

Cole says Summer is a Newman, and she’s Harrison’s stepmother.

Victoria says Jordan has always directed her hate toward Nikki, Victor, herself, Nick, and Cole… It’s always been Claire’s immediate family, nothing else!

Cole says that Jordan doesn’t work on logic; Jordan had no reason to let them believe their baby had died, but she did it anyhow.

Victoria says she has to believe that Claire is innocent, which means Claire might be in danger. What if Jordan plans to hurt her? What if she already has? Victoria says she can’t lose their daughter again.

Cole talks to Victoria.

The Newman Ranch House

Jack and Kyle walk into the house while Victor is on the phone.

Victor tells his security team to follow up on every lead. He finishes the call.

Victor Newman talks on the phone as Kyle and Jack Abbott look on.

Jack says he assumes Victor’s team has come up empty as well.

Victor nods. He says that all tips leading to Jordan’s whereabouts have panned out.

Jack says they have some news.

Kyle and Jack talk to Victor.

Kyle says they received another text saying they should ask Victor about a previous offer he made to Jordan.

Victor says he set a trap and offered “that disaster” enough money to move to a chateau in France and live the rest of her life there with a new identity.

Jack asks how Jordan got free.

Victor Newman.

Victor says Jordan took poison, and Nikki called 911. After the police took Jordan into custody, she escaped from the hospital.

Jack says it seems that Victor’s offer was enticing enough that Jordan decided to kidnap Harrison in order to get it back.

Victor asks if there’s been any word about Claire.

Kyle and Jack talk to Victor.

Kyle says there hasn’t been any mention of anything for Claire… Only Jordan.

Victor says that means that Claire wasn’t involved in the kidnapping at all.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci and Ashley are preparing to leave the house. Traci asks Ashley if she’s ready.

Traci talks to Ashley.

Ashley says she’s not… She’s terrified.

Traci says the doctor will get to the bottom of what’s going on with Ashley.

Ashley is scared of what the doctor will say.

Ashley talks with Traci.

Traci reassures her that she’ll be with her through it and that finding out what’s wrong is the first step to getting better and finding peace.

Ashley hopes she’s right.

Traci tells Ashley she’s proud of her for facing it head-on.

Traci smiles and holds Ashley's hands as they speak.

Ashley says she shouldn’t be proud of her. She knows she must have said some terrible things and would probably regret it if she remembered any of it.

Traci laughs and says she doesn’t care about any of that. She cares about Ashley and knows she’s doing the right thing. They hug.

Crimson Lights

Nick gets a coffee in a “to-go” cup as he talks to Phyllis.

Phyllis and Nick stand and talk.

Phyllis says she wants to think positively about Harrison, but she just learned that he’s probably being held by “this Jordan person,” who Summer and Nick had said terrible things about.

Nick says Jordan didn’t beat them last time, and she won’t beat them this time.

Phyllis says she’s frustrated; she wants to break things and “take those bitches out,” but at the same time, she just wants to hold Summer in her arms until Harrison is back and safe.

Nick says they have to find Summer’s boy and bring him home.

Phyllis Summers talks to Nick.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer walks up the stairs with a glum look on her face. She opens the door to Harrison’s room and steps inside. Stuffed toys are stacked at the end of Harrison’s un-slept-in bed.

Summer picks up Harrison’s stuffed fox, hugs it, and cries.

Summer holds Harrison's stuffed fox.

The Newman Ranch House

Kyle tells Victor he thought the same thing… Claire wasn’t involved in the kidnapping, only Jordan. Claire would have known that she was blowing up her life, and there would be no coming back from it.

Jack nods. He agrees that Claire would be asking for protection for herself.

Kyle and Jack talk with Victor.

Victor says there’s only one way to find out. They’ll do their part of the deal as long as Harrison is safe.

Jack says that’s the problem.

Kyle says Claire’s message said they’d release Harrison, but only after Jordan safely leaves the country.

Victor tells him to send a text to Claire and tell them that Victor will stand up to his end of the deal as long as they deliver Harrison to them safely.

Victor points his finger as he talks to Kyle.

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