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Who is Claire Grace?

Claire Grace.

It’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind… Who is Claire Grace (played by Hayley Erin), and why is she so obsessed with Victoria and the Newmans?

Claire takes a drink of wine.

What do we know about Claire?

We first met Claire when she arrived in Genoa City to interview with Nikki. She charmed Nikki, telling her that she grew up in Oregon, and had a college friend in Genoa City named Sophia Carmichael who she plans on visiting.

Claire revealed that her great-aunt raised her, as her mother and father were killed in a car accident. She has no siblings.

claire reveals her parents are dead

Claire has studied the Newman business and knows the big players in the company, including Victor, Victoria, and, of course, Nikki.

Claire was raised in a strict household and didn’t always see eye-to-eye with her great-aunt. Claire said she used to scare her great-aunt all the time.

Claire doesn’t like talking about the past.

Claire and Victoria talk.

Claire absolutely squealed in delight when she met Victoria and knew all about her career, including Brash and Sassy, which she called Victoria’s brainchild.

Claire said she’s been waiting a long time to work with Nikki.

Claire lied to Nikki about having drinks with new friends.

Claire looks at a picture of Nikki and Victoria.

Claire has a pack of articles she’s printed out about the Newmans.

One article is about “The Nicole Newman Research Center,” which researches Multiple Sclerosis.

"A Key of Hope" - A dedication to the Nicole Newman Research Center.

Another article from “The National Inquisitor” is titled Being Victoria Newman: When Your “Murdered” Ex Comes Looking For Payback. The article is about JT and Victoria.

The last article we see is titled Newmans Celebrate at Home. There’s a picture of Nick, Nikki, Victor, and Victoria together in front of a Christmas tree.

Claire and some newspaper articles.

Favorite Theories

Claire is Nicholas or Cameron’s Daughter

Grace Turner showed up in Genoa City in 1996 as Sharon’s friend, and she and Nick Newman have shared many intimate moments.

It’s possible that Grace had a child with Nick, and years later, someone named Claire Grace is infiltrating her way into the Newman empire. That name can’t be a coincidence, can it?

It’s a bit of a stretch, but Grace Turner told Sharon she was dating Cameron Kirsten… Could it be possible that Claire is Cameron and Grace’s child, and she’s looking for revenge for her father’s death?

Nick angrily points his finger at Cameron as he tells him to stay away from Sharon.

Victoria’s Child With Cole Howard

Could Victoria be Claire’s mother and Cole Howard her father?

In 1998, Victoria was married to Cole, and they had a baby named Eve Nicole Howard (II), who died shortly after birth… Or did she?

What if Claire is actually Eve, who was perhaps switched at birth? The dates might fit, and Claire is seemingly very focused on Victoria and Nikki.

Victoria looks upset.

Adam’s Half-Sister and Hope’s Daughter

It’s been suggested that Hope Wilson (Adam’s mother) could have had another child, and Claire is that child.

Adam was born in 1994. Claire appears to be in her late twenties, so she might have been born later, possibly around 1997 or so. Is Claire Adam’s half-sister?

Adam smiles and takes a drink.

Dylan’s Daughter

Dylan McAvoy was around from 2013-2017. It was revealed that Dylan was Nikki’s long-lost son. Is it possible that Dylan has a daughter that was never revealed?

Avery Clark and Dylan McAvoy.
Avery Clark and Dylan McAvoy (CBS)

The Great-Aunt

Who is Claire’s oft-mentioned great-aunt? I’m surprised nobody has asked her name!

Dr. Cassandra “Casey” Reed is Nikki’s sister. Could she be the great-aunt that Claire grew up with?

Nikki and Casey.
Nikki and Casey (CBS)

We may not know who Claire Grace is yet, but we can almost be sure she’s somehow related to the Newman family.

What do you think? Who do you think Claire Grace really is?

Is she just a psycho obsessed with a popular family and has no ties to anyone?

Tucker laughs as he raises his glass in a toast.

Is Claire on Tucker’s payroll, getting the goods on Newman, while Tucker plots to take over Newman Enterprises because he’s bored of going after Jabot?

Is she related to JT? How about JT and Mackenzie?

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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