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Young and The Restless Spoilers for Feb 27 – Mar 3, 2023: Audra Catches Nate and Victoria in a Compromising Position, and Jack & Diane Leave Town

Nate and Victoria make out in her office

These are the Young and The Restless spoilers for the week of February 27 through March 3, 2023. Y&R Spoilers are posted every week for the week ahead to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come!

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Coming up on The Young and The Restless…

Victor strikes a deal.

Victor and Victoria talk in their offices

Summer gives Sally a warning.

Summer scowls at Sally

Lily faces a dilemma.

Devon comes over to talk to Lily and Nate

Monday, Feb 27

Chelsea takes on a new challenge.

Chelsea smiles as Billy holds her hand

Lily and Devon ready for battle.

Devon and Lily talk in his living room

Nate and Victoria fight their urges for each other.

Nate and Victoria sit on the couch in his office, drinking and talking.

Tuesday, Feb 28

Victor presents Adam with a new opportunity.

Victor and Adam talk

Sally has a change of heart.

Sally makes up her mind

Wednesday, Mar 1

Devon gives Tucker the third degree.

Tucker stands in the hallway outside Devon's penthouse, running his hands through his hair and looking frustrated

Jack and Diane sneak out of town.

Diane smiles as she talks with Jack

Thursday, Mar 2

Lily decides to play dirty.

Christine talks with Lily in Society about Devon

Abby tries to keep the peace.

Abby caresses Devon's neck as she talks with him

Victoria puts Nate in an awkward position.

Nate and Victoria make out in her office

Friday, Mar 3

Phyllis receives a disturbing message.

Phyllis is in Crimson Lights talking on her cellphone, leaving a voicemail for Amanda - The Young and The Restless recap for Jan 4, 2023

Mariah shares surprising news with Sharon.

Sharon talks with Tessa and Mariah while they have coffee

Nick makes a promise to Sally.

Sally Spectra hugs Nick Newman - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

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