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Y&R Recap – Feb 24: Jack Suggests a Romantic Getaway After Stark’s Cryptic Message, Daniel & Lucy Say a Tender Goodbye, and Nate Stirs Up Trouble

Devon goes to leave as Nate asks him to stay and talk

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, February 24 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Kyle and Summer kiss

On the last episode of Y&R, Kyle and Summer reconciled, Jack offered Billy a job and some advice, and Adam is tormented by Sally’s pregnancy.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane comes to the front door and picks up a manilla envelope that’s been left on the ground.

Diane opens the door of the Abbott house and finds a manilla envelope on the doorstep

She takes it inside and puts it down on the table.

She’s contemplating the envelope when Jack walks in and startles her.

Jack comes into the house and startles DIane

Diane tells Jack that she was upstairs when the doorbell rang, and found the envelope on the front step.

She thinks it’s a “sick little game” by Stark. She calls him sick, twisted, and dangerous.

Jack says that she can’t let him get under her skin and reassures Diane that she’s safe with him.

Jack holds the envelope as he speaks with Diane

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Crimson Lights

Chance is getting a coffee and Jeremy comes up to him asking him how he’s doing.

Jeremy speaks to Chance in the coffee shop

Chance asks what he’s doing there, and Jeremy says that Chance was duped by Diane and Jack,

He says he heard through the grapevine that Abby is now his ex-wife.

Stark orders a coffee and says that he never meant to strike a nerve.

Chance says that if he has any complaints to take it up with Chicago PD.

Stark says he doesn’t want to talk about that, it’s behind him. He says that Chance is one hell of a background, that he’s given his life to upholding law and order.

Jeremy and Chance talk in the coffee shop

He goes on to say that Chance must be angry that Jack used him that way.

Chance says that he thinks Stark is there to cause problems, and warns him that it’s a bad idea.

Jeremy says that he’s just there to enjoy the generosity and warmth of Genoa City. He leaves.

Chance and Jeremy talk heatedly

The Grand Phoenix Hotel Lobby

Daniel comes into the club and sees Lucy and Heather there. He joins them on the couch and tells them he’s glad to see them before they go back to Lisbon.

Daniel comes into the hotel lobby and sees Heather and Lucy there

He asks how their visit was with Lucy’s grandparents.

Heather says it was really nice.

Daniel says that he wishes them nothing but happiness.

Heather and Lucy talk with Daniel

Heather says that she wishes him the best too. She says that she needs to call a taxi, and leaves Lucy and Daniel to talk.

Lucy looks at her father’s wrist and sees that he’s wearing the bracelet. She says she can’t believe he’s wearing it.

Daniel says it reminds him of her, and asks that they keep up their communication. He asks if she will visit again, no pressure, any time she’s ready.

Daniel and Lucy talk in the hotel lobby

Lucy says that sounds good.

She stands up and puts on her backpack.

Daniel says she can call him anytime, and just asks her to forgive his dad jokes and fashion faux-pas.

Lucy wears her backpack and talks with Daniel

Lucy asks if she can beta-test Omega Sphere while he’s working on it.

Daniel says of course.

Heather jumps at him and hugs him tightly. He hugs her back, and Heather smiles as she’s watching.

Heather says the car will be there in a minute.

Heather watches as Lucy hugs Daniel

Lucy says she’ll video call him when she gets home, and she and her mother leave the hotel.

Nate’s Apartment

Nate and Elena sit holding hands as they have a bite to eat together.

Nate and Elena hold hands as they sit and eat

He says that he’s meeting with Lily about Devon.

Elena asks why he doesn’t just knock on the door since he’s right next door, and doesn’t know why he needs to talk to Lily.

Nate says that he feels responsible for Devon’s actions. He says that he saw Christine leaving Devon’s earlier, and wants to speak to Lily to see if he can help defuse the situation.

Elena says it sounds like a terrible idea.

Elena talks with Nate

Nate says that he and Devon are cousins who act like strangers. He wonders how long it can go on.

Elena says that she wants the feud to end.

Nate says that his mother would want him to do anything he could to stop it, and says that it’s something he has to do.

Nate talks with Elena

Devon’s Apartment

Devon welcomes Abby in, and she invites him to take a break and go out with her.

Devon welcomes Abby to his apartment and kisses her cheek in greeting

Devon says that he can’t, as he needs to get documents together for Christine.

Abby worries that Devon is pushing himself too hard, he’s barely eaten or slept since he started on this vendetta.

Abby and Devon talk in his living room

Devon says that he’s worried about his relationship with Lily, but thinks that Lily is only worried about money.

Abby says that she’s worried about losing him too.

Devon says that he can’t turn back now because Lily won’t listen to reason.

Abby says that there must be another way than a lawsuit to resolve the problem.

Devon says that he doesn’t know of one.

Devon and Abby talk

Abby says she supports him, no matter what, but she wishes it wasn’t so hostile.

Devon thanks her for her support and says that he really trusts and appreciates her.

Her phone alarm rings, and she says she has to go to a meeting.

She says she cares about him, and he kisses her hand.

Abby caresses Devon's neck as she talks with him

The Abbott Mansion

Diane asks Jack how they’re going to proceed against Jeremy. She says she won’t bring any more danger to the family.

Chance rings the doorbell and Jack lets him in.

He says they’re both there, that’ll save him a trip.

Jack answers the door and lets Chance into the house

Chance says that he ran into Jeremy Stark, and he thinks Jeremy’s going to cause problems.

Jack thanks him for the warning.

Chance says the warning goes both ways, and that he’ll be watching Stark, and he’ll be watching Jack and Diane too.

Chance gestures as he warns Jack and Diane

Jack says that Stark is the one who needs watching. He shows Chance the envelope, and says that Stark’s trying to intimidate them.

Chance asks if they’ve opened it yet.

Jack says they haven’t.

Jack shows Chance the envelope

Chance asks why they haven’t reported it to the police.

Diane grabs the envelope from Jack and says she can’t wait any longer. She rips the envelope open.

It’s a book, “The Invisible Heist”. She laughs and says it was one of Jeremy’s favorite books.

Diane hols a paperback book and the remains of the envelope as she talks with Jack and Chance

Chance says it’s not their job to figure out Stark’s next move. He says the next time, they just need to give him any clues and he’ll investigate.

He says if Jeremy makes any other threat, get their security detail in place and to call him right away.

Diane says that she doesn’t want Jeremy to know she’s working with the police.

Diane holds the book in her hand and gestures as she talks with Jack

Chance throws up his hands and says he doesn’t care, just tell him. He leaves the Abbott house in a huff.

Diane tells Jack that by the time Jeremy makes his next move, it’ll be

Nate’s Apartment

Elena goes to leave Nate’s apartment and sees Abby in the hallway. Elena says she’d like to talk about Devon and Nate with Abby.

Elena runs into Abby in the hallway

Abby says she was going to a meeting, but she’ll postpone it. Anything to help with the relationship between the two.

Elena says that she’s worried that things are getting worse between them.

Abby speaks with Elena

Elena and Abby go into Nate’s apartment, and Abby asks what’s up with Nate and Devon.

Elena and Abby talk in Nate's apartment

Elena says that Nate’s getting himself in the middle of things, and wants to know if Abby can tell her anything. She says she wants to try and prevent any more family problems.

Abby says that Devon is selling Chancellor-Winters to regain control of his company.

Elena says that a lawsuit is going too far and that Nate is trying to smooth things over.

Abby and Elena talk

Abby says that she’s worried that Nate could make things a lot worse.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel Lobby

Phyllis comes into the hotel and sees Daniel. She says that she saw Heather and Lucy on their way to the airport.

Phyllis walks into the hotel lobby and sees Daniel sitting on the couch with a drink in his hand

She says that she knows what it’s like to be separated from a child. She says that at least they saw how he’s getting his life together.

Daniel scoffs and takes a drink. He asks if she’s talking about Lucy, or whether it’s about her, as usual.

Daniel and Phyllis talk in the hotel lobby

Phyllis says she just means she empathizes with him.

Daniel says she’s just trying to make up for going behind his back.

Jeremy Stark walks into the lobby and listens as they argue.

Jeremy Stark walks in and sees Daniel and Phyllis arguing

Daniel tells her that she can’t even admit what she did was wrong, and he’s hurt and in pain, and part of it is because of him.

He stalks off, angry.

Jeremy comes over and says that it’s sad… He feels for Phyllis, he knows it’s rough being attacked from all sides.

Jeremy talks with Phyllis

Phyllis says she doesn’t want his pity when it comes to her son. She says she doesn’t want to join forces with Jeremy, she’s not at a breaking point.

She says that she hates that people think that Diane is an angel while she’s trying to take her down. She says she knows how to get what she wants, and doesn’t need Jeremy to help.

Phyllis talks with Jeremy

Jeremy offers to set her up with a plan that would guarantee that Diane is brought down.

Phyllis says she’s not interested in his schemes.

Jeremy says to keep telling herself that. He walks away.

Jeremy and Phyllis talk in the hotel lobby


Lily comes to the restaurant to meet Nate.

Lily meets Nate in the restaurant

He says that he wasn’t sure if she’d show up.

Lily asks how things are at Newman Media.

He says they’re good, and asks how things are with her at work.

Lily sits at a table in Society and talks with Nate

Lily says that she didn’t come to talk about work.

Nate says that he wants to ask her about Devon.

He says that he’s heard rumors of tension in the company and wants to help.

Nate speaks with Lily

Lily says she won’t speculate about Devon. She asks if Nate’s trying to be forgiven.

At this moment, Devon walks into the restaurant and overhears them talking.

Lilly says that Nate betrayed his family, and she’s no longer his family. She says that Nate should stay out of whatever is going on between her and Devon.

Devon comes over to talk to Lily and Nate

Devon comes over and asks what’s up.

Lily asks if Nate set this meeting up, and goes to leave.

Nate says he didn’t have anything to do with this.

Lily leaves Nate and Devon in the restaurant

Lily says that Nate should stay out of things, and leaves the restaurant.

Devon says he didn’t come to see Nate, so he’s leaving.

Nate tells him to wait and asks if Devon is really going to break up Chancellor-Winters. He says Neil wouldn’t want that.

Devon scoffs and says that he doesn’t get to talk about Neil, he barely knew him. He leaves the restaurant, angry, as Nate looks on.

Devon goes to leave as Nate asks him to stay and talk

The Abbott Mansion

Diane says that Stark’s return has stirred up trouble, especially with Chance suspecting them.

Jack says she’s right, but what if they removed themselves as targets… What if they just went away together, just the two of them.

He asks if Diane would like a romantic getaway.

Jack and Diane talk

Diane likes the sound of a romantic getaway, but she says Jeremy’s gotten into her head.

Jack says he won’t let Stark rain on their happiness. They hug.

Diane speaks with Jack

Chancellor Park

Daniel runs into Lily in the park, who says she doesn’t feel like talking. Daniel sits on a separate bench.

Daniel sits on a bench in the park, while Lily sits on a different bench.

He says he doesn’t feel like it either, but wonders if they can sit there and not talk together, he’s had a crappy day.

Lily says that maybe she does need someone to talk to.

He comes and sits beside her and tells her he can listen.

Daniel sits beside Lily as they talk

Lily asks why family is so difficult.

Daniel says he doesn’t have any answers for that at the moment.

Lily looks upset as she speaks with Daniel

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