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Y&R Recap – Feb 27: Nate & Victoria Almost Get Caught Kissing, Ashley Tells Tucker Not to Sell to Newman, and Lily & Daniel Nearly Kiss

Ashley sits and talks with Tucker

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, February 27 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Jack and Diane sit on the sofa talking

On the last episode of Y&R, Jack suggested a romantic getaway after Stark’s cryptic message, Daniel & Lucy said a tender goodbye, and Nate stirred up trouble.

Tucker’s Hotel Suite

Audra comes to Tucker’s door, and he invites her in.

Audra comes to Tucker's hotel room and he lets her in

They banter a bit, and Audra lets Tucker know that she spoke to Victoria and found out that someone else bought his debt.

Tucker says that it’s old news, he already spoke with Victoria.

Audra asks if he knows who’s behind it.

Tucker talks with Audra

Tucker wonders aloud about who could have bought his debt and says they could make demands of him.

Audra says that they have more practical matters to settle. She asks what’s happening with the sale of his company to Audra.

Tucker says that her performance is disappointing… She’s slipping.

Tucker talks with Audra

Audra says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Tucker says she’s there to squeeze information out of him and knows that she knows how to play both sides.

He wonders how he should handle the situation now that he knows she’s not on his side.

He runs his fingers through her hair and she slaps his hand aside.

Audra speaks with Tucker

Audra says she has no idea where he’s going with this. She says that she’s not denying that she’s there, but she can still be his secret weapon.

She says to think of her as her friendly special conduit who can receive and send information for him. She says he finds her refreshing.

Tucker says he’s finding refreshment elsewhere these days.

Tucker looks disappointed as he speaks with Audra

Audra says that Tucker’s in love, and he’s a puppet now that someone’s holding his purse strings.

Tucker says his legend will live on.

Audra says the public has a short memory.

Audra talks with Tucker

Tucker says she should go, and that she should watch her back… He’s holding back.

Audra tells him to think whatever makes him feel good.

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Y&R News


Ashley comes into Society and talks with Abby.

Ashley and Abby talk in Society

Abby tells her mom that Devon is going to sue Chancellor-Winters, and it’s going to be a big battle.

Ashley asks why she’s so concerned about Devon. She thinks that Abby made a “mistake” having sex with Devon and figures it was a one-time thing.

Abby says she wouldn’t call what happened between Devon and her a mistake. She says there were problems between Chance and her for a long time, and what happened with Devon sped things up.

Ashley and Abby talk in the restaurant

Ashley says don’t get her wrong, she likes Devon.

Abby says that with everything that’s happening with Devon, nobody wins, and it could have a negative effect on Lily and her brother’s relationship.

Ashley says she knows how sibling problems are.

Ashley and Abby talk in the restaurant

Abby asks what’s happening with Ashley and Jack.

Ashley says that there are problems between her and Jack, but she’s certain they’ll work things out.

Abby asks her what’s going on with her and Tucker.

Ashley gestures as she talks to Abby

Ashley says that Tucker came to take over Jabot and Chancellor-Winters, but he’s changed, and she’s trying to find out what he’s up to.

She tells Abby that Tucker wanted to bring company powerhouses together, and he wanted to get her and Devon to run the divisions, so maybe that part was true.

Abby asks if Ashley is going to take Tucker’s word.

Ashley says, “Hell no.”

Ashley sits at the bar in Society while she talks with Abby

She says that Tucker can’t seem to do the right things for the right reasons.

Abby says that he’s a habitual liar, and wonders why Ashley is going to give him another chance.

Ashley says she did something that she can’t say anything about, but she hopes it’ll force Tucker to do the right thing.

Ashley says she has to go, tells Abby she loves her, and leaves.

Ashley talks with Abby

Newman Enterprises

Nate is in Victoria’s office and he says they need to come up with a new plan for Tucker’s company.

Nate talks to Victoria in her office

He says that they should give up on it right now since the company is too expensive. He asks how far she’s willing to go to get it.

Victoria says that Victor wants to bring Adam back. She thinks the move is a monumental waste, as she has her own plans for McCall Unlimited.

She wants to take it apart and have Nate run the entertainment division of McCall when Newman takes it over.

Nate smiles as he talks to Victoria in her office

Nate asks if everyone agrees that it’s worth taking the risk.

Victoria says they’d be crazy not to take the chance. She says that Tucker had powerful motivations when he came to sell the company to her.

Nate says that Audra will find out his motivations.

Victoria says they need to give Tucker a lot of money for his company.

Victoria sits behind her desk and talks with Nate

Nate says that a high offer would allow him to just buy his debt pack.

Victoria says she needs a lot of information to make her move. She needs control.

He says she likes control.

She says it’s more important than money to her right now.

Victoria steps up close to Nate

She steps over to him and kisses him.

Nate responds, and they passionately kiss and make out.

Audra comes to the closed office door as Victoria is working to open Nate’s collar as they passionately kiss.

Victoria works to open Nate's collar as they kiss

Audra knocks on the door, and Nate and Victoria quickly disengage and Victoria runs over to her desk.

Victoria calls Audra to come in.

Audra comes in and sees them both looking flustered. She asks if she interrupted them.

Nate and Victoria react to Audra knocking at the door

Nate stammers and says that they were discussing if she’d gotten any useful information from Tucker.

Audra looks at them again with a smile and says she might have something useful.

Chancellor Park

Daniel and Lily are standing and speaking in the park. They’re laughing together.

Daniel and Lily stand in the park talking

Lily says she likes that they’re so comfortable with each other.

Daniel says it’s nice.

Lily says it’s been a while since she felt that way about anyone… She feels connected with Daniel.

Daniel and Lily smile as they sit and talk to each other in the park

They move toward each other and almost kiss.

She makes a face and asks what were they thinking, they almost kissed!

Daniel says that they’re both miserable and want someone to commiserate with.

Daniel and Lily talk as they sit in the park

They laugh uncomfortably, and Daniel says they should probably avoid each other at all costs.

They pretend they’re at a support group.

Daniel introduces himself as the victim of heartbreak. His wife just left him.

Lily laughs with Daniel as they talk

Lily introduces herself as a person with her life in a shambles who just broke up with her partner and she’s entering a lawsuit with her brother.

They laugh a bit over it.

Daniel says that he’s sorry that Billy let her down and that she has to go through things with Devon.

Daniel and Lily sit and talk

Lily says that Heather is crazy for letting him go, considering how much he has changed.

Daniel asks what happened to them, they weren’t always like this! He says they’re jaded.

They both agree that love sucks.

Lily and Daniel laugh as they talk

Crimson Lights

Devon is on the phone talking with Christine. He says he’ll go to war if that’s what Lily wants.

Devon says that the whole matter could be resolved if Lily and Jill just agreed to sell him the company.

Devon talks on the phone in the covered patio in Crimson Lights

On the other side of the coffee shop, Lily and Daniel are talking. Devon sees them and without them noticing, he leaves the shop before he orders anything.

Daniel and Lily sit down at a table.

Devon sees Daniel and Lily talking and turns around

Daniel says he’s not passionate about the project right now.

Lily says that he’s so close to making a dream a reality, making something beautiful, and that he needs to do it for Lucy. She says that he’ll be able to help everyone when they log into this world he’s creating.

Daniel and Chelsea sit and talk in Crimson Lights

As they’re talking, Chelsea comes in the door and says that they’re just the people she was looking for. She asks if she can interrupt.

Lily says sure.

Chelsea said that she’s heard about Daniel’s gaming project and thinks that his game could change the world.

Chelsea talks with Daniel and Lily

Daniel says that’s what he’s trying to accomplish.

Chelsea says that she wants to talk to him about the game, she’s got some ideas to help people who are going through a hard time.

They move to a bigger table on the other side of the coffee shop.

Chelsea sits with Lily and Daniel and talks

Chelsea says that she went through a very hard time in her life, and recounts how she dealt with Rey’s death. She says that joining the podcast had given her purpose.

She tells Daniel about how she had given up Johnny for adoption, and how she revealed to him that she was his biological mother.

She tells him about how she was becoming closed-off and in a lot of pain, and she just wanted it to be over. She says she found herself on a ledge, and he helped her and talked her down.

Daniel looks on as Chelsea talks

She says that not everyone was as lucky as she was, and wants to use the game platform to reach people who feel like she did, people who are too scared to ask for help.

Daniel says that she wants to channel her bad experience into something that will help others.

Lily asks if she’s ready to take something like this on.

Lily looks unconvinced as Chelsea tells her story

Chelsea says that her doctor supports her, and she tells them about how her ideas would fit into the game.

She describes how the main character would go through challenges that she overcomes, and learns coping mechanisms as she progresses through the levels.

Daniel looks intrigued and says that he can see the world she wants to create, he can see the potential.

Chelsea smiles as she talks with Daniel and Lily

Chelsea mentions she has a background in design, so she could really help with it.

Daniel thinks it could expand the scope of the platform. He loves the idea.

Lily and Daniel are interested in Chelsea's ideas


Devon is sitting at a table when Abby comes over with a bottle of wine, sits down, and pours a glass for herself and one for Devon.

Abby pours some wine for herself and Devon

Devon says that Lily’s making everything personal, and is determined to go to war with him.

Abby says she’s sorry that he has to go through this. She says they won’t sell his company back.

Devon complains about Nate and Tucker.

Devon sits with his arms folded as he speaks with Abby

Abby says that she’s skeptical when it comes to Tucker, but she thinks that his plan may not have just been driven by greed.

Devon asks where she heard this about Tucker.

Abby says that she was speaking with Ashley when things took a strange turn.

Abby says that her mom told her that Tucker wanted to buy Chancellor-Winters and Jabot, but changed his mind. Ashely said that Tucker sometimes works in “mysterious ways”.

Abby sits and talks with Devon

She says that she told Ashley about everything that happened between Devon and Lily.

Devon says that’s ok, he’s not ashamed of it. He wonders whether his and Abby’s relationship has changed.

Abby says they don’t have to find words for what they are to each other. They hold hands, and she says she just wants to be there with him.

He smiles and kisses her hand.

Devon and Abby hold hands and smile

Tucker’s Hotel Suite

Ashley comes to Tucker’s room, and he invites her in. He says she’s a palate cleanser compared to his previous conversation.

Tucker helps Ashley out of her coat when she comes to his room

She asks who that conversation was with, and he blows off the question, saying it was nobody important.

Ashley asks if Tucker’s going crazy, not being in control. She wonders if he’s really ready to divest himself of McCall Unlimited.

Ashley sits and talks with Tucker

He says McCall Unlimited is part of his old life, and he wants to start anew… For the right price.

She asks him to prove it by not selling to Newman Enterprises. She tells him to sell to his son, Devon.

Ashley leans in to gauge Tucker's reaction