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Y&R Recap – Wed Dec 6: Nikki & Victor Figure Out Jordan is Behind the Mysterious Phone Calls; Lily and Devon Meet With Nate to Discuss His Future

Victor, Nikki, Lily, and Nate.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Nikki, Devon, Victoria, Cole, and Grace.

On the last episode of Y&R, Nikki sneaked a drink after Victor warned Devon about Nate; Victoria & Cole agreed to help Claire in exchange for a DNA test.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Nate is sitting at the bar. He sends Devon a text message. “Can we meet to discuss my proposal?”

Nate Hastings sends Devon a text asking to meet.

Tucker walks up to the bar and says hello.

Nate says he’s not in the mood to talk.

Tucker says he’s only got praise for Nate. He thinks Nate’s plan to have Victor committed was genius.

Tucker McCall.

Nate says he doesn’t know what Tucker’s talking about.

Tucker tells him not to be modest.

Crimson Lights

Lily is sitting at a table working on a laptop when Nick enters the coffee shop.

Lily Winters and Nicholas Newman.

Nick winces as he takes off his jacket.

Lily asks if he’s okay.

The Newman Ranch House

Nikki looks around and approaches the bar tray. She caresses the bottle of vodka and pours herself a shot, quickly downing it.

Nikki Newman takes a shot of vodka.

She hears a door open, and Nikki quickly pops a breath mint into her mouth just before Victor walks into the room.

Victor kisses her and tells her he’ll do anything to help her after what she’s been through. They sit on the couch, and Victor says he worries about her.

Nikki says she’s concerned about Nick and Victoria. She could have lost them all!

Victor Newman kisses Nikki.

Victor says the poison is out of them all, and she lost nobody. She sips her coffee.

Victor tells Nikki he knows what’s happening; she’s not fooling him. Having that alcohol pushed into her veins isn’t something that someone can simply brush aside.

Nikki says he’s right; she is struggling. It’s been nearly five years since she last had a drink, and now her sobriety is gone in the blink of an eye.

Victor and Nikki sit and talk.

Victor says it’s not her fault.

Nikki says she’s trying not to blame herself. It’s a lot to sort out.

Victor blames himself. His affair with Eve brought this all on. He says they need to focus on solutions; is there anyone Nikki can call?


Nikki says she would have called Katherine or Neil in the past, but she’ll reach out to her sponsor today. She says she needs to leave so she doesn’t miss her meeting.

Victor says he’ll drive her and will wait in the car.

Nikki says she’d rather go by herself, but they can have lunch afterward.


Victor likes the idea. It’s a date! He says he’s going to talk to Nicholas in the meantime.

Nikki thinks Nick must be suffering a mental and physical toll from the knife attack. She wishes Victoria would contact them to let them know how she’s doing.

Victor kisses her cheek and leaves the room.

Victor and Nikki kiss.

Crimson Lights

Lily tells Nick he appears to be in a lot of pain.

Lily talks to Nick.

Nick sits down with her and tells her it’s not a big deal; it was just a minor accident.

Lily asks what happened.

Nick says he doesn’t want to talk about it; he’d rather put the whole thing behind him.

Nick talks with Lily.

Lily understands. She says she’d like to ask him about Newman Enterprises and Nate.

Nick says there’s not much to say; Nate was wrong.

Lily wants the full story before she makes any decisions.


The GCAC Dining Room

Nate tells Tucker that he doesn’t want company.

Tucker smiles as he talks to Nate.

Nate says there was no play; he was trying to protect Victor. He asks where Tucker heard about the whole mess.

Tucker says he gathers information, and he wants to know what’s happening with Nate, since Nate is trying to work his way back into Devon’s company.

Nate asks if Tucker’s trying to protect Devon.

Nate talks to Tucker.

Tucker says he is… Just like Nate tried to protect Victor.

Nate asks what Tucker thinks he knows about Nate’s situation at Newman Enterprises.

Tucker says Nate plotted to take Victor out so he could take the co-CEO spot.

Tucker laughs.

Nate says he never planned any of that.

Tucker asks if Nate had planned for Victor to take an extended stay at the Spelling Clinic in Lake Geneva.

Nate asks how Tucker found out the name of the clinic; that’s confidential information!

Nate looks at Tucker.

The Newman House

As Nikki prepares to leave, she gets a call from an unknown number. She reluctantly answers and hears stripper/burlesque music on the other end of the line.

Nikki asks who’s calling, but the caller doesn’t respond and hangs up. Nikki knows the song but can’t figure out where she knows it from.

Nikki on the phone.

The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker tells Nate that all information is available for a price. He admires Nate’s play, but he would admire it even more if Nate managed to pull it off. He loves the idea of Victor in a straight jacket!

Nate says he needs to leave. He starts to get up, but Tucker interrupts him.


Tucker says Nate needs to stop wasting his talents. He says Audra has offered Nate a role in the new venture they have in the works.

Nate asks what Tucker’s talking about; is he part of Audra’s new venture?

Tucker says he was on the fence about recruiting Nate to the venture, but the move he made with Victor won him over. He says they’re putting together a team of people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, and Nate fits the bill.

Tucker talks to Nate.

Crimson Lights

Nick tells Lily that Nate tried to get rid of Victor and clear a path for him and Victoria to take over Newman Enterprises.

Lily says it sounded more complicated than that. She heard that Victor was pretending to be mentally incompetent and set a trap for his family and Nate.

Nick talks with Lily.

Nick says his dad is a master at his games.

Lily thinks what Victor did was horrible.

Nick says Victor thought someone on his team wasn’t loyal, and it turned out he was right; it was Nate.

Lily talks to Nick.

Lily says Nate was a doctor for most of his life. She wonders why Nick questions Nate’s opinion and treatment options.

Nick says other options didn’t include making his father leave the company behind. Any doctor would have known that!

Lily thinks Nate might have been trying to protect Victor and Newman Enterprises.

Nick takes a sip of coffee.

Nick can’t believe Lily is defending Nate.

Lily says she thinks the Newmans were quick to jump to the conclusion that Nate’s intentions were bad.

Nick retorts that Lily’s too quick to assume that Nate’s intentions were good. He says Nate was the one who had the most to gain from it.

Lily asks if Nate’s punishment fits the “crime.” If Nick, Victoria, or Adam did the same thing as Nate, would their dad have fired them on the spot?


An AA Meeting

Nikki introduces herself to the Alcoholics Anonymous group. “My name is Nikki and I’m an alcoholic.” She says it’s been a long time since her last meeting, and it’s nice to see some familiar faces.

Nikki says that she used to have a recurring dream about drinking. The details always changed, but her panic was still the same. She’d wake up in a cold sweat with a pounding heart, and she’d be scared that she’d lost her sobriety in a weak moment.

Nikki Newman.

She continues and says she had another of those nightmares last night, but when she woke up, she realized it wasn’t a dream; it was real.

Nikki cries and says she was sober for four years, 11 months, and 21 days, and that’s over now. She says the worst part is that it wasn’t her fault. She knows it sounds like an excuse, but she was forced to ingest vodka against her will.

She explains that she was kidnapped by a “deranged, evil woman” who knew her history, and she injected alcohol through an I.V. When she came to, Nikki knew she was drunk.

Nikki cries.

One of the AA participants nods knowingly at another attendee.

Nikki says that she’s scared that the demon is back. She says she didn’t take the first drink, but she took the second and the third. She says “the beast” feeds on the alcohol and screams for more.

She says she refuses to go down this road again, and that’s why she’s at the meeting. It’s time to get humble again and focus all her energy on not drinking. She’ll take it a day, an hour, or a minute… Whatever it took for her to get through it.

Nikki talks at the AA meeting.

As Nikki prepares to leave the meeting, she looks in her purse and sees the shot glass she’d stashed inside. She flashes back to drinking the vodka in the Lake House while drunken burlesque music plays in her mind.

She looks around the room and spots a garbage can. She discreetly drops the shot glass in the trash before leaving the meeting.

Nikki drops her shot glass in the garbage.

Crimson Lights

Nick tells Lily that if any of Victor’s children would have tried what Nate did, they’d have been fired on the spot, no question. He says Nate tried to take over the company by taking advantage of his dad’s mental health.

Lily says Nate didn’t try to take over the company; he only tried to reinstate Victoria.

Liliy talks to Nick.

Nick says Nate wanted Victoria in the top spot so he could be her second-in-command.

Lily thanks Nick for his honesty.

Devon walks into the cafe and hears them speaking.

Devon bumps fists with Nick in greeting.

Nick thinks they dodged a bullet with Nate the first time and wonders why they’d invite that kind of threat back into their business.

Devon says he thought the same thing. He tells Lily they need to talk.

Nick’s phone pings. It’s his father who asks him to meet him at the office. He says he has to go.

Nick gets a text from his dad.

Lily wishes him a speedy recovery.

Nick thanks her and leaves.

Devon asks Lily what that was all about.


Lily shrugs. Nick has a mysterious injury that he doesn’t want to talk about. She asks how the meeting with Victor went.

Devon says it was illuminating; Nate burned bridges at Newman, and it seems that Nick feels the same way.

Lily asks where that leaves them.

Lily talks to Devon.

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Y&R Spoilers

The GCAC Dining Room

Nate tells Tucker he didn’t know Audra’s new business venture involved him. That changes everything.

Tucker says it shouldn’t matter. Eyes on the prize!

Tucker and Nate talk.

Nate says it matters to him, and he doesn’t like Tucker’s connection to Audra or his aunt Mamie.

Tucker says he loves Nate’s attitude. He doesn’t want Nate to lose his edge. He tells Nate that he knows where to find him if he changes his mind. He thanks Nate for the drink and leaves.

Nate calls Audra and says they need to discuss her offer immediately.

Nate makes a call.

Newman Enterprises

Nick enters the office and says hello to his dad. He closes the door behind him and winces as he sits down.

Victor asks how he’s doing.

Victor talks to Nicholas.

Nick says he’s still in pain, but it’s manageable. He’s worried about his mom and hopes she won’t go into denial about how traumatic it was on her.

Victor says Nikki’s at an AA meeting.

Nick thinks that’s great. He asks if Victor’s heard from Victoria yet; he can’t believe she’s confronting Claire.


Victor says Victoria and Cole went to Oregon to determine if Claire is their daughter.

Nick thinks it’s the wrong way to go about things. He thinks Claire will play mind games with them.

Victor says Victoria is smart; she’ll figure it out.


Nick asks his father to tell him a bit about Eve Howard. He knows she was Cole’s mother but doesn’t know much else.

Victor says he’d rather not talk about it, but he’ll say that Eve tried to kill him… Just like Jordan did.

Nick asks if Eve tried to poison him.


Victor nods and looks thoughtful. He says Eve almost ruined his first wedding to Nikki. She escaped from “the looney bin” and showed up to their wedding.

Nick figures they were lucky to get out alive if Claire and Jordan share the same traits. He asks if Victor has made any progress in tracking down Jordan.

Victor says he hasn’t heard anything yet. He says this experience has only reinforced his opinion that the Newmans all need to stick together as a family.

Nick agrees.

Victor makes a fist.

Crimson Lights

Lily tells Devon that she’s torn; Victor did set Nate up. She says Nate was Victor’s doctor, and he cared about him. She wonders if Nate’s play to get Victoria in as CEO came second to his concern for Victor.

Lily talks with Devon.

Devon says that’s a possibility.

Lily says they never questioned his motives as a doctor.

Devon says Nate’s not a doctor anymore. He changed when he got involved in the corporate world.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Lily says Mamie really wants them to work together.

Devon says they need to make sure their company is stable especially since Tucker has something planned. He wonders if they should invite another threat into the company under these circumstances.

Audra’s GCAC Suite

Audra answers the door to Nate’s insistent knock. She invites him in.

Audra Charles.

Tucker lies on the bed, grinning. He says hello.

Nate asks Audra why she didn’t tell him that Tucker was there.

Audra laughs and says Nate didn’t give her a chance. He called her, said he was coming up, and hung up.

Nate and Tucker.

Tucker says they were just discussing him.

Nate tells Audra she never mentioned Tucker was involved in her new venture.

Audra asks Tucker to leave them to talk. She holds the door open for him.

Audra and Tucker.

Tucker smirks and gets up. Before leaving, he tells Audra that he likes Nate; he’s got a lot more going for him than “the other guy she’s hanging out with.” He leaves.

Nate asks Audra what she’s cooking up with Tucker and why she kept his involvement a secret.

The GCAC Dining Room

Victor and Nikki are sitting at a table. Victor asks her to tell him about the meeting.


Nikki says it’d been a while since her last visit, and everyone was supportive. She mentions she’d seen some familiar faces there, and she shared with the group. She says it brought up feelings that she wasn’t used to. Her alcoholism was a thing of the past, but Claire and Jordan took her sobriety away from her.

Victor says Nikki is stronger than Claire and Jordan.

Nikki says it’s not about them; it’s about the disease. She compares alcoholism to cancer and wonders if the cancer is back.


Victor tells her not to think of it like that. He says he’ll be there to help her every step of the way. She’s the strongest woman he’s ever known!

Nikki says she appreciates his faith in her and will try to live up to his expectations. Her phone rings, and she picks it up, glances at it, and ignores the call.

Victor asks who called.


Nikki says it was just work, nothing important.

Victor asks why she’s so rattled.

Nikki tells him about the phone calls she’s been receiving from an unknown caller. She explains that music plays when she answers.


Victor figures it’s probably just a robocall.

Nikki shakes her head. It’s very unnerving!

Victor asks when the calls started.


Nikki says she got the first call earlier in the day and received another call after her meeting.

Victor thinks Jordan might be calling her, trying to get into her head. He asks what the music is.

Nikki hums the tune and asks Victor if it sounds familiar.


Victor shakes his head. It doesn’t.

Nikki says she thinks it’s some kind of clue. If only she could remember what the music was, maybe she’d understand why Jordan is tormenting her.

Victor has an idea.

Nikki gestures as she talks to Victor.

Crimson Lights

Lily tells Devon she figures they’ll turn Nate down. Mamie will be disappointed.

Devon thinks Mamie will understand when they tell her why they made their decision.

Lily, Esther Valentine, and Devon.

Esther brings a plate of cookies to their table, saying it’s her own recipe. She says it’s nice to see them getting along so well, and Mrs. Chancellor would have been so happy to see them bringing their family together.

Lily says they’re happy to be working together again.

Esther says that if they brought Nate back, everything would be perfect.


Devon says they were just discussing the possibility of bringing Nate back. He thanks her for the cookies.

Esther takes the hint and leaves them to talk.

Lily says they can’t hire Nate just because Esther and Mamie want their family back together.

Lily, Esther, and Devon.

Devon nods. He says it bugs him that Nate keeps falling so low.

Lily thinks they might be able to keep him on track.

Devon shrugs. He says Nate might need to keep falling before he learns his lesson.

Lily wonders if they might be the only ones who could save Nate from himself.

Lily Winters.

Audra’s GCAC Suite

Audra tells Nate he’s overreacting. She explains that Tucker is a means to an end for both of them, since his involvement is only financial.

Nate says if she wants him on board, she’ll need to tell him exactly what their new venture is, and he wants all the details.

Nate and Audra.

Audra says it won’t work if he doesn’t trust her.

Nate says his trust was gone the moment he found out Tucker was behind it.

Audra asks why Nate is asking her for specifics; it sounds like he’s made up his mind already. She says that she and Tucker are making a move on a company.

Nate talks to Audra.

Nate says they’re going for a hostile takeover.

Audra scoffs. It’s nothing different than what he’d try to do to Chancellor-Winters.

Nate says he regrets what he did there.

Audra and Nate talk.

Audra says he doesn’t need to be part of the takeover; he’ll come in afterward. She says Tucker won’t be part of the company’s day-to-day operations. She’ll be running the company with the team she wants.

Nate says Tucker made it seem like he was the one who was calling the shots on who would be part of the team.

Audra says she’s worked with Tucker, and he’s more of a “big-picture” guy.


Nate says Audra said Tucker’s interest in the company was personal. He figures Tucker is going after Chancellor-Winters.

Audra tells Nate to calm down; they’re not going after Chancellor-Winters. She says Tucker is protective of Devon and wouldn’t do anything to hurt his son.

Nate figures it out. Tucker’s after Jabot, and he wants to hurt Ashley and the Abbotts.

Audra gestures as she talks to Nate.

Audra says that’s Tucker’s agenda, but she just wants to take a good company and make it remarkable.

Nate asks if she’s willing to do that by destroying the Abbotts.

Audra laughs. Nate’s suddenly grown a conscience? She asks where his conscience was when he booked Victor a one-way trip to Lake Geneva.

Nate yells at Audra.

Nate says he’s not a “mercenary” like Tucker or the Newmans try to make him out to be.

Audra asks Nate what the Abbotts are to him. It’s not like he has many other options!

Nate’s phone pings. It’s Devon who tells Nate he’s ready to meet.

Nate gets a text from Devon to meet.

Crimson Lights

Nate comes in and says hello to Devon and Lily. He asks if there’s anything to discuss or whether they’ve already made a decision.

Lily says they’ve decided. She asks him to take a seat.

Nate Hastings.


Nick calls Victoria and leaves a voicemail. He says he’s worried about her. He understands that she wants to find out the truth about Claire, but she needs to keep her eyes open because Jordan is still on the loose. He warns her to be careful and says Claire and Jordan are dangerous.

Nicholas leaves a voicemail for Victoria.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Victor and Nikki approach the piano player. Victor asks him if he could play a song that Nikki hums and hopefully helps them identify what it is.

The pianist talks with Nikki and Victor.

The pianist says he’ll do his best.

Nikki hums the tune, and the pianist plays along. He knows the tune! Nikki asks what the song is called.

The pianist says the song is called “Kitty’s Bounce.” He continues to play it.

Nikki hums the tune.

Nikki looks stunned and tells Victor the song is a number she used to dance to when she was an exotic dancer.

Victor kisses her cheek. He asks if she thinks it’s Jordan who’s calling.

Nikki says it must be. Jordan is trying to break her by bringing back memories of when she was a stripper. She says she’s not embarrassed about it, but she’s worried that this is only the beginning. She asks the pianist to stop playing.

Nikki looks concerned.

Victor says he’s sorry that he pushed her to remember the song.

Nikki says it’s like Eve all over again.

Victor promises her that he won’t allow Jordan to do this to her. He hugs her.

Victor and Nikki hug.

A Motel Room

A figure dressed in black enters the motel room. She throws off her hat. It’s Jordan!

Aunt Jordan.

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