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Y&R Recap – Wed Apr 10: Jack Makes a Tough Call as Tucker and the Abbotts Stage an Intervention for Ashley

Ashley yells at Traci and Jack as Billy blocks her exit.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Lily, Cole, Victoria, Tucker, and Ashley.

On the last episode of Y&R, Cole and Victoria kissed, Lily rejected Daniel’s plea for Princess Louisa, and the Abbotts and Tucker teamed up for Ashley’s intervention.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy, Diane, Jack, and Traci are talking with Ashley (Ms. Abbott).

Diane, Jack, Billy, Traci, and Ashley.

Billy tells Ashley that they have her best interests at heart. The doorbell rings, and Billy answers. It’s Tucker.

Ashley sees Tucker at the door and realizes it’s an intervention… They included Tucker; they must be desperate! She can’t believe Tucker agreed to be there.

Jack says whatever Tucker is there for has nothing to do with them.

Billy Abbott tells Tucker McCall to leave the house.

Tucker says it’s true; he came over without anyone asking him to. He wanted to speak with Ashley’s family, and it looks like they all have the same goal.

Ashley doesn’t believe it’s a coincidence that they’re all staring at her with pity in their eyes.

Jack tells her that none of them came there to trap her, and Traci agrees.

Jack Abbott talks to Ashley as Diane looks on.

Ashley says it’s called a “5150” when you put someone under a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

Tucker starts talking to Ashley, but Billy interrupts and says it’s time for Tucker to leave.

Ashley tells Billy he doesn’t speak for her. She asks Tucker to go ahead with what he is going to say.

Ashley Abbott talks to her brother, Jack.

In Ashley’s mind, a shocked Ash listens to Ms. Abbott as she talks. She tells a sleeping Ashley that she’s worried that Ms. Abbott will do what she planned to do to Tucker.

Ash talks to Ashley.

Jack tells Ashley to ignore Tucker; he’s leaving now.

Tucker tells Ashley her family loves her and wants what’s best for her. He thinks she should listen to what they have to say.

Ashley laughs and wonders why Tucker is in charge of “this little shindig.” She figures Jack will try to hold Tucker responsible for their get-together, but Ashley won’t let any of them off the hook… She will hold them all responsible for this ambush for a very long time!

Jack points at Tucker as he talks to Ashley while Traci and Billy look on.

Jack says it’s not an ambush… They came together for Ashley, not against her, and they discussed it before approaching her.

Diane says they couldn’t have planned an ambush since they didn’t know where Ashley was.

Ashley tells Diane to stop talking; it hurts her head whenever she opens her mouth. She says they should run the guest list by her the next time they stage an intervention.

Ashley Abbott smiles.

Traci tells Ashley that Diane is concerned about her, too.

Ashley says she’s going to choke on all their concern.

Tucker asks Ashley if she remembers coming to him recently and telling him she wanted to get back together professionally and personally.

Tucker McCall.

Ashley looks puzzled… When was this, exactly?

Tucker says she texted him a minute later and told him she wanted nothing to do with him, but then she switched back to wanting to be with him.

Ashley sighs and asks Billy if he is going to show Tucker the door.

Billy Abbott.

Tucker reminds Ashley about her recent conversations with Audra.

Ashley calls Audra the “town bicycle” and says she has a brain the size of a pea, yet Tucker is taking her word over Ashley’s?

Tucker says he has one question before he leaves… He says Audra told him that Ashley had said he should be worried because “she” means to do him harm; Ashley was saying “she” when she was talking about herself as if Ashley were someone else entirely… Does she deny saying any of that?

Tucker talks to Ashley.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Audra sits alone, sipping on some wine, when Sally walks down the stairs into the lounge. They hug and greet each other, and Audra tells Sally she needs this.

Sally Spectra and Audra Charles hug.

Sally says she’s sensing an “I need to vent before I explode” tone in Audra’s voice.

Audra says she’s a mess. Her emotions are all over the place, and she doesn’t know what to do. She’s usually in control!

Sally figures that Tucker has managed to weasel his way back into Audra’s heart, even though she said she was done with him.

Sally talks with Audra.

Audra cringes and says hearing it out loud makes it worse.

Sally asks what Tucker did this time.

Audra says Tucker asked her to marry him.

Audra talks with Sally.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley says it’s embarrassing… But not for her, it’s embarrassing for everyone there! She’ll sleep like a baby tonight and get on with her life, but all of them will have to live with how they treated her, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Jack says they only want to get her through this.

Ashley Abbott.

Ashley says there’s nothing to get through.

Traci says that’s not true… Ashley had told her directly.

Billy asks Ashley if what Tucker said was true… Did that all happen?

Tucker and Billy.

Ashley tells Billy not to treat her like a wounded bird; it’s insulting!

Tucker says he understands that she feels like she’s being targeted.

Ashley says it’s because she is being targeted!

Ashley talks to Jack.

Tucker says he can back up everything he just said. He’s sure the Athletic Club has security footage of Ashley entering his room when he wasn’t there. He has texts from her saying she wanted to get together and meet, followed by a text saying she never wanted to see him again. He’d prefer not to produce that kind of evidence for Ashley’s family, but he will if it’ll help.

Ashley says she wants him to show her family so they’ll see how she entertains herself by toying with Tucker and watching his “little ego” lap it all up!

Tucker says he wrote down what she said to Audra. He quotes: “I’m not who you think I am. Just tell me where Tucker is so I can warn him. You have to keep Tucker away from her.” He asks her to explain that.

Tucker reads as Billy looks on.

Ashley says he’s in her home now… How dare he interrogate her? And everyone is letting him!

Jack says it’s not what any of them want. They want to help Ashley, but she needs to explain what’s happening to her!

Billy says Ashley’s only deflected and distracted so far… There’s got to be a reason for it.

Billy Abbott.

Ashley says she’s explained everything, but they choose not to believe it. She says what she’d said to Audra was explained to Tucker at the bar… She had a couple of martinis on an empty stomach and got a little “silly.”

Billy tells Tucker it’s time for him to leave… They’ll handle it from here.

Tucker nods and tells Ashley that he has to take her threat seriously, no matter how much booze was involved.

Tucker McCall.

Ashley’s Mind

Ash is handcuffed to her bed. She tugs at the restraints and yells at Ms. Abbott that she’s evil.

Ash calls out for Ashley to wake up; doesn’t Ashley understand? Ms. Abbott is going to kill Tucker and blame it on Audra!

Ashley sleeps.

The Jazz Lounge

Sally blinks. She never expected Tucker to propose to Audra! She figures Audra didn’t accept his proposal since she’s having a drink with Sally and not with Tucker.

Audra says she “choked” and said no.

Audra talks with Sally.

Sally asks if she choked because the ring was so shiny.

Audra says she’s not the marrying type. She doesn’t want to get married to anyone… Why should she?

Sally says that’s a conversation for the next drink. She asks what Audra said to Tucker when he proposed.

Sally Spectra.

Audra says she told him they have magic, but they don’t need marriage to be great; it might ruin them!

Sally says those are strong words.

Audra says they’ve never been a normal couple, and trying to conform to that would be ridiculous; they wouldn’t be themselves anymore!

Audra smiles at Sally as they talk.

Sally says she sees her logic, but Tucker seems to be a romantic who adores her and sees himself as the marrying type, even if Audra doesn’t. She asks how Tucker took the rejection.

Audra says she’s not sure. She clarified that she wasn’t rejecting him and that they could still be a power couple without the paperwork. She says Tucker was disappointed but didn’t push back.

Sally’s stunned; Tucker doesn’t strike her as someone who takes no for an answer.

Sally talks to Audra.

Audra says Tucker said he would stage more and more romantic proposals until she gave in.

Sally says Tucker is in for a lot of rejection if Audra is dead-set against marriage, but this sounds romantic because every waking moment of Tucker’s life will be about pledging his undying love for Audra.

Audra says it may sound romantic, but she thinks Ashley is still on Tucker’s mind.

Audra Charles.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley tells Tucker that “his girlfriend” saying she’s a danger to him sounds like slander. She says that Audra is threatened by her.

Traci tells Ashley to take a breath; they’re not her enemy!

Traci Abbott talks to her sister.

Ashley says she’s given them all the information they could need, and whether or not they choose to believe it is up to them. She tells Tucker she can see he’s upset, and she’s sorry; she hasn’t reacted well to any of this, and it’s time for them to close this chapter. She suggests she and Tucker should hash it out privately, and they can wash their hands of each other for good.

Traci tells Ashley she’s not leaving the house.

Ashley tells Tucker he’s there because he cares for her. Can’t they just talk? She says she’ll explain her behavior, and they can go their separate ways. That’s the way to end it.

Ashley Abbott.

Ashley’s Mind

Ash, still handcuffed to the bed, calls out for Ashley to wake up.

Ash tells Ashley that Ms. Abbott is asking to talk to Tucker alone… She’s going to kill him, and Ashley needs to wake up now; she’s the only one who can stop Ms. Abbott!


The Jazz Lounge

Sally asks Audra if Tucker is actually focused on Ashley… Or is Audra just looking for a reason to turn Tucker down?

Audra says she doesn’t need an excuse not to get married. It’s not mandatory.

Audra Charles.

Sally nods. That’s settled. She asks about Ashley… Tucker thinks she has mental issues?

Audra says at first, she thought it was a ploy to get Tucker’s sympathy, since a person like Ashley doesn’t just suddenly “fall apart,” but she’s seen that something is off with Ashley… She’s not well, mentally or emotionally.

Sally says that’s a big assumption; if Audra said that to the wrong person, it could get messy.

Sally Spectra.

Audra says she’s saying it to Sally, and she has her reasons… Ashley was already spinning out after Paris; she’d told anyone who would listen that Tucker was evil, but she suddenly accepted the truth about their breakup and that Tucker’s version of the fight was reality. She says they thought Ashley was exaggerating to make Tucker look bad, but it turned out that Ashley believed things happened the way she said they did.

Sally thinks that’s pretty intense.

Audra says Ashley was apologizing to Tucker after that and wanted to start over with him, but then the next minute, she told Tucker she wanted him to stay away from her forever.

Audra talks to Sally.

Sally says Ashley is sending mixed signals.

Audra says it’s weird… Ashley seems to go from marking her territory to pretending she never said any of it.

Sally says that’s not normal behavior… And especially not normal for Ashley.

Sally talks to Audra.

Audra says it gets weirder… Ashley kept referring to herself in the third person, saying stuff like, “She’s pretending to love Tucker, but it’s all a lie. All she wants to do is to hurt Tucker. I think that’s the only way we can protect Ashley.”

Sally says it’s giving her goosebumps.

Audra says when Tucker showed up, Ashley’s demeanor completely changed, and she tried to claim it was all a joke. Audra says she’s been through breakups before and knows they can mess you up, but Ashley is beyond that.

Sally says Audra’s probably right about Tucker being focused on Ashley, but she doesn’t think Tucker loves Ashley or wants her back. Sally thinks Tucker is worried about Ashley and thinks she needs help.

Audra points her finger as she talks to Sally.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy tells Ashley that she shouldn’t be alone with Tucker right now.

Traci agrees. She needs her family right now.

Jack, Tucker, Billy, Traci, and Ashley.

Jack blusters that Ashley doesn’t owe Tucker anything and has nothing to discuss with him.

Ashley says they have no idea what she thinks or how she’s feeling.

Traci tells her to tell them what she’s thinking and how she’s feeling.


Ashley thinks they’ll judge her if she tells them.

Billy says they’re not trying to judge her.

Ashley wonders if they’d judge her if she decided she wanted to give her marriage another chance.


Jack says she can’t want Tucker back.

Ashley asks Tucker to go with her and talk privately.

Tucker says her family is right; meeting in private would be a mistake. He says everyone in the room should know that he’s asked Audra Charles to marry him.

Tucker talks to Ashley as Jack looks angrily at him.

The Jazz Lounge

Audra tells Sally that Tucker is completely invested in Ashley’s sanity… It seems to be part of every conversation they have right now.

Audra Charles.

Sally asks if that bothers her… Is she jealous?

Audra says she’s not exactly jealous, but it makes her wonder if Tucker’s sudden marriage proposal was more about Ashley and less about her.

Sally Spectra.

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Y&R Spoilers

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The Abbott Mansion

Ashley wonders if the ink on her and Tucker’s annulment papers is dry. She asks Tucker what Audra said about his proposal.

Tucker says all they need to know is that he proposed to her.

Tucker talks to Ashley as Diane and Jack listen.

Billy says Tucker is done. He nods toward the door.

Tucker tells Ashley that whatever they had is in the past, and they’re not going to get it back, and he thinks that’s better for everyone.

Jack blasts off again, thinking Tucker’s real reason for being there was to “drop that little bomb.”

Jack talks to Tucker as Diane and Ashley look on.

Tucker says he was unsure about sharing this but thought it was important to let everyone know that he and Ashley are not getting back together. He believes this might be causing her inner “conflict” and says he wants her family to support her and get her the help she needs.

Ashley laughs.

Jack says they don’t need Tucker to tell them anything about Ashley.

Traci Abbott.

Diane tells Tucker he’s done his part… He should do everyone a favor and leave.

Tucker nods and leaves the house without another word.

Jack tells Ashley not to get her back up; they’re all on her side. He asks her to “let them in.”

Jack talks to Ashley as Diane listens.

The Jazz Lounge

Sally tells Audra she doesn’t see how Ashley would cause Tucker to ask Audra to marry him.

Audra believes Tucker was making a point to Ashley that he has moved on and no longer loves her. She also thinks Tucker was trying to show her, Audra, that his love is now for her, not Ashley.

Audra Charles.

Sally thinks that’s a lot to get out of “Will you marry me.”

Audra says Tucker feels responsible for Ashley falling apart.

Sally says she didn’t know that Tucker had it in him to feel bad about things.

Audra says she didn’t either, but Tucker is trying to be a good guy right now… He’s pushing Ashley to get help, but she’s fighting him every step of the way.

Sally Spectra.

Sally says Ashley has a family that loves her, and she’d probably listen to them before she listened to Tucker.

Audra says Tucker won’t let it go.

Tucker walks into the lounge and approaches their table, smiling.

Audra smiles at Tucker.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy says Tucker’s timing was awful as always, but the fact that Ashley’s family is on the same page as Tucker says something.

Ashley says Billy’s flip-flopping on his opinion of Tucker… They should get a straitjacket for him!

Ashley Abbott.

Traci tells Ashley to stop with the invective. She says Ashley is acting this way because, deep down, she knows they’re right. She says she might claim that her threats about Tucker to Audra were a joke, but her behavior and talking about herself in the third person are not normal!

Ashley asks why they have to take everything she says so seriously.

Traci says there’s no humor in suggesting her ex needs to be careful and that “she” will hurt him. She says Ashley told her she would try to get close to Tucker to steal his company from him… Is that what these threats are all about? How is she going to steal his company?

Traci talks to Ashley as Billy looks on.

Ashley says she told Traci this in confidence, and it was a joke that Traci took and twisted.

Billy says Traci did the right thing. They needed to know this information.

Ashley says she gets it… She’s going to be a character in Traci’s next novel! She’ll be the deranged sister they lock in a tower so she can howl at the moon! She howls loudly.

Ashley talks to Traci and Billy.

Traci says Ashley needs to stop it.

Ashley says she doesn’t even know who Traci is.

Traci says she’s her sister, and she adores her. Traci hates that she had to betray her confidence, but she’s terrified for Ashley and needs her family’s advice—her family that cares for and loves Ashley as much as Traci does!

Billy talks to Ashley as Traci listens.

Ashley says they’re so loving and nurturing.

Traci says she told them because she realized she couldn’t handle this herself. She says Ashley is having blackouts, which is serious, and she promised she’d see a doctor.

Ashley yells that Traci didn’t give her a chance to see a doctor; she ran straight to Billy, Jack, and Diane. She wants to hear what Traci thinks… Is she nuts?

Ashley yells at Traci.

Ashley’s Mind

A handcuffed Ash yells for Ashley to wake up. She begs Ashley, saying that Ms. Abbott is out of control and is threatening to make Ash disappear.

Ash says Ms. Abbott can’t do that… Can she? She’s not stronger than Ashley… Is she?

Ash sits handcuffed to a bed.

The Jazz Lounge

Tucker approaches Audra and Sally’s table. Sally gets up, and he shakes her hand and introduces himself.

Audra asks Tucker where he’s been.

Tucker and Sally shake hands as Audra looks on.

Tucker grins and says he was in his secret lair, where he was scheming and plotting.

Sally says it was nice to meet him, but she was just leaving.

Audra thanks her for the talk, and Sally leaves the lounge.

Tucker and Audra smile at Sally.

Tucker tells Audra he needs a drink. He orders a double scotch, neat, and tells Audra he went to the Abbott house.

Audra is surprised… They didn’t throw him out?

Tucker says he was able to leave willingly, and did his best to let the family know about Ashley’s situation.

Audra talks with Tucker.

Audra asks how it went.

Tucker sarcastically says it was “a barrel of laughs.” When he arrived at the Abbotts, it seemed they were already in the middle of an intervention.

Audra says it sounds “brutal,” but at least her family realized she has a problem, and they’re trying to solve it.

Tucker laughs as he talks with Audra.

Tucker says the problem is that a cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on won’t cut it… She needs professional help; the sooner she gets it, the better.

Audra says Tucker went to the house only to find that Ashley’s family had it under control, and there was no need for him there since he was only an outsider who was in the way.

Tucker grins and says Audra is as subtle as ever.

Audra and Tucker talk.

Audra says she was left to vent to a friend while he was at the Abbotts’ house.

Tucker asks what she vented about… Surely it couldn’t be about him? Audra couldn’t possibly have anything to vent to someone about him!

Audra says she has a lot to vent about, like Tucker’s baggage and how he thinks he knows everything about her when he clearly doesn’t.

Tucker McCall grins.

Tucker laughs.

Audra says she vented about how he’s romantic and charming and always chooses the wrong moment to prove he’s a good man. She says she talked about how maddening and infuriating he is.

Tucker shrugs and says he’s a hell of a catch.

Audra smiles at Tucker as they talk.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci tells Ashley that they’re not attacking her… Nobody in this room thinks she’s lost her mind, but they think something serious is happening to her that they don’t understand.

Jack agrees. He says that whatever it is, they’ll deal with it.

Traci talks to Ashley as Diane, Jack, and Billy look on.

Billy says Jack is right… They’re a team and are all pulling for Ashley.

Jack says they’ll make sure she gets the help she needs.

Ashley says they don’t know what this is doing to her… It brings up memories of Fairview, where strangers had “picked apart” her brain.

Ashley looks up at Traci.

Traci says they’re not strangers; they’re family.

Ashley says they say they want to help, but they look at her like she’s broken beyond repair.

Jack says he hates seeing her like this; they only want to take her pain away. He says it must have been terrifying to find herself in a strange hotel room with no memory of how she got there, and it’s not something they can ignore. They can’t just hope that whatever caused the blackouts will go away. The next time, she might wake up in a worse place, or God forbid, she might never wake up. They have to deal with it now before it gets worse!

Jack and Billy Abbott.

Ashley says it’s funny that Jack should say that since he’s found himself in many sketchy situations over the years… Is he sure he wants to start pointing fingers?

Jack says that if she’s talking about his use of painkillers, there is an explanation for his actions, and he sought help and got clean.

Ashley says that they’re looking for trouble that isn’t there.

Ashley talks to Jack .

Billy says they’re not looking for trouble… They see it, and he thinks Ashley sees it, too.

Traci says it’s about finding a solution and helping her.

Diane tells Ashley she needs to stop lashing out because she’s fearful and angry.

Diane and Jack talk with Ashley.

Ashley talks over Diane, saying she told her not to talk!

Billy thinks Ashley needs to back it off.

Ashley says she doesn’t want to. If they’re looking for judgment, there’s plenty to go around… The evening has become more interesting!

Ashley glares at Jack.

The Jazz Lounge

Tucker asks Audra if she’d told Sally about his proposal.

Audra says it might have come up in conversation.

Audra smiles at Tucker as they talk.

Tucker nods. Did Audra tell Sally how she’d torn his heart out of his chest and stomped on it afterward?

Audra says she made it clear to Sally that she hadn’t turned Tucker down; she’d turned down the idea of marriage.

Tucker wonders if Sally might have nudged Audra to say yes to his proposal.

Tucker looks questioningly at Audra.

Audra says that Sally, unlike Tucker, respects her decision.

Tucker says he respects Audra’s decision, but he doesn’t agree with it.

Audra says he’ll have to learn to live with it if he wants to be with her; she’s worth more than a trip to city hall!

Audra talks to Tucker.

Tucker says it’s true; she is. He says he won’t lie; it really hurt him when she said no. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her!

Audra says that’s still on the table, but marriage isn’t.

Tucker shrugs. He lifts his glass and proposes a toast. “To us… Being unconventional!”

Tucker and Audra toast.

They clink their glasses.

Audra says she still wants everything with Tucker, but this is what works for her. She asks if Tucker wants to tell her anything else about what happened at the Abbott house.

Tucker shakes his head and says he’s done. The Abbotts are responsible for fixing whatever is going on with Ashley.

Tucker gestures as he talks to Audra.

Audra says Tucker never had anything to feel guilty about… He never did anything wrong! She asks him to look her in the eye and tell her that he’s letting it go.

Tucker nods. He says she has his word… He’s letting it go.

Audra says Tucker now knows that Ashley is officially her family’s responsibility.

Tucker and Audra kiss.

Tucker says that from this second forward, all of his attention is on Audra, a stunningly beautiful, unmarried woman who he’s head over heels in love with!

They kiss.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley says it’s time to see how her family reacts to the same amount of scrutiny they’ve been putting her under.

Ashley talks to Diane.

Diane tells her to stop.

Ashley asks Diane what name she went under when she was in Los Angeles… Wasn’t it “Taylor the Friendly Neighborhood Realtor?” She says they want to talk about her, but Diane had a mental breakdown… Didn’t she? She curses at Diane and says she faked her own death and left her only son to grieve alone.

Diane says she did have a breakdown, but she got help, and the years of therapy saved her… She has nothing to be ashamed of; there’s no shame in getting help!

Diane talks to Ashley while Jack, Traci, and Billy look on.

Ashley says if Diane is the result of therapy, she will pass on it. She says Diane will never be a real family member after what she did to Kyle.

Jack tells her that’s enough.

Ashley says she’s figured it out… Diane poisoned her family against her! She wanted to get her locked away because she knew Ashley could see right through her!

Ashley holds up her hand as she talks to Diane.

Diane says she doesn’t mean that.

Ashley says she does mean that.

Jack tells Ashley that Diane cares about her, even if Ashley doesn’t think she does.

Jack points at Diane as he talks to Ashley.

Ashley asks Jack how far his resentment for her goes back… Did it start when he was a little boy and he realized that Ashley was their father’s favorite? How bitter is he about that?

Billy says it’s clear that Ashley keeps pushing everyone’s buttons and avoids the situation, but they’re all here for her.

Ashley says it’s painfully obvious why Billy wants to undermine her… He’s thrilled that Ashley’s on a lower peg than him!

Ashley talks to Billy.

Billy asks if she feels better now that she’s taken a swipe at him… She’s hit out at Diane and Jack, but she hasn’t taken a swipe at Traci because Traci loves her unconditionally and doesn’t want anything but to help Ashley. He asks if Ashley will admit that she needs help.

Ashley thinks Traci might have some deep-seated jealousy for her… It probably goes back to when their father called Ashley “his beauty.” It was very insensitive!

Diane tells Ashley that’s enough. She says she and Ashley can trade insults all night until Ashley tires herself out and stops lashing out at the people who love her.

Diane talks to Ashley as Jack looks on.

Ashley says she can’t stand being in the same room with any of them… She has to leave.

Jack stops her from leaving. He says it doesn’t matter if she wants to talk right now. They’ll sleep and will talk about it in the morning, but she’s not leaving.

Ashley tells Jack to get out of her way.

Jack stops Ashley from leaving.

Jack blocks the door, and Ashley rushes to leave through the dining room, but Billy stops her.

Ashley can’t believe she’s a prisoner in her own home.

Jack says none of them want it, but if she won’t accept help, he will bring help to her. He takes out his phone and starts dialing.

Ashley asks who he’s calling… Another shrink? She screams that they won’t put her back in Fairview.

Ashley yells at Traci while Billy blocks her way.

Ashley’s Mind

Ash yells at Ashley to wake UP. She says Ms. Abbott will take them all down with her. She begs Ashley, saying she doesn’t want to leave her.

Ashley continues her slumber.

Ashley sleeps.

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