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Y&R Recap – Tues June 6: Kyle Uncovers Summer’s Lies, Cameron Claims a Victim, Victor Warns Adam, and Jack & Billy Plan Tucker’s Defeat

Kyle yells and points as he talks with Summer.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Tuesday, June 6, 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Phyllis begs Kyle.

On the last episode of Y&R, Cameron knocked out Victor’s guard and stole his uniform, while Phyllis begged Kyle not to turn her in to the police.


Adam and Victor are sitting in the restaurant, talking about McCall Unlimited.

Billy and Jack stop by Adam and Victor's table.

Jack and Billy stop by Victor and Adam’s table.

Jack asks how they’re doing “this glorious morning.”

Victor says Jack’s been around his own perfume too much; he’s high on it.

Jack says that nothing Victor says will spoil his mood.

Victor crosses his arms as he talks with Billy and Jack.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Nate walks into the dining room, and Audra asks Nate to join her at her table.

Audra looks at Nate as Victoria walks in.

Victoria walks in right after Nate, and Audra says she didn’t know that Nate and Victoria were meeting.

Victoria says that she left something in the Newman Executive Suite.

Audra says she didn’t know that there was one.

Nate and Victoria look at each other and smile as they talk with Audra.

Victoria tells Audra that Newman has had a suite there for years and that she’ll continue the meeting with Nate upstairs in the suite. She leaves with Nate.

Tucker walks up to Audra and tells her that Audra obviously doesn’t rank high enough at Newman for those intimate one-on-one meetings in the executive suite like Nate does.

Sharon’s House

Sharon says that Faith dug deep to come up with Borgnine’s name.

Faith wonders where Borgnine is… She hasn’t seen him all day.

Sharon is startled as Faith screams.

Faith says she’s going to the tack house to see the baby and promises not to leave the property.

She opens the front door to leave and lets out a scream. Sharon turns around, startled.

Sharon runs over and asks what happened.

Faith looks sad looking down at her cat as Sharon holds her.

Faith sees her cat, Borgnine lying there and not breathing.

Sharon says to call Nick right away.

Borgnine the cat lies unmoving on the welcome mat.

Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this television program.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer comes into the living room and says good morning to Kyle. She asks if he had a good sleep.

Kyle tells Summer that he didn’t have a good sleep… How could he?

Kyle sits on the couch as Summer walks into the room.

He tells Summer she should finally come clean and tell him the truth. 

Summer says that Kyle knows the truth about everything important.

Kyle scoffs and says he doesn’t know the whole truth. He asks again how long she’s known that Phyllis was alive.

Summer says they already talked about this, and he knows she only just found out.

Summer goes through her purse as she talks with Kyle.

Kyle doesn’t believe her. He asks when she saw first saw Phyllis alive.

Summer says it was yesterday.

Kyle says she didn’t act like she had just found out her mom was alive.

Summer says she had time to calm down.

Kyle says that she didn’t have enough time to calm down. He says he followed Summer, and she had gone into the room just a few minutes before he arrived. He says Summer knew Phyllis was alive for much longer than she let on.

Summer protests she didn’t know.

Kyle talks with Summer.

Kyle is really angry. He says that Summer’s erratic behavior was perplexing at first, but every time that Summer ran off without an explanation, she was obviously seeing Phyllis.


Victor says that just because Diane isn’t a murderer doesn’t mean she won’t ruin Jack’s life.

Jack says he doesn’t have to listen to Victor. Jack says he knows Diane, and she won’t ruin things for him.

Adam and Victor talk with Jack and Billy.

Adam asks what Billy is doing at Jabot.

Billy says he’s working on things Adam dropped the ball on.

Victor tells Jack to make sure to keep Diane Jenkins’ grubby hands off Nikki’s jewelry.

Billy and Jack excuse themselves.

Victor crosses his arms and looks at Jack.

Sharon’s House

Nick comes into Sharon’s and asks what happened.

Sharon says that Faith found the cat dead.

Chance talks with Sharon, Nick, and Faith.

Chance asks Faith some questions about the cat, saying that the forensics units are examining the cat right now.

Nick gets worked up and says he’s going to find Cameron. He says he knows the property better than anyone else. Chance tells Nick to let the police handle it, but Nick storms out the front door without listening.


Billy asks Jack what’s up… He can tell that something is bothering him.

Billy and Jack sit and talk.

Jack says there were some troubling developments at home. He says that Ashley announced that she and Tucker are getting married as soon as possible.


Tucker sits down with Audra, and they talk about Newman Media.

Audra sits and talks with Tucker.

Audra says that she’s got her eye on the top spot at the company.

Tucker says that Audra has her eye on Nate, too, and it must bug her how Nate and Victoria are getting along.

The Newman Executive Suite at the GCAC

Nate asks Victoria where the papers were that she’d mentioned.

Nate and Victoria smile at each other in the suite.

Victoria smiles and says that maybe she left them in the bed under the sheets.

Nate says that sounds like fun.

They kiss.

Nate has his shirt off as he and Victoria kiss.

They talk business as they undress each other. They both really seem to be getting off on it.

Victoria pushes Nate onto the bed and climbs on top.


Adam tells Victor that acquiring McCall was the right move.

Adam sits and talks with Victor.

Victor says he wants to talk about the future of the company.

Adam says he’s planning on making some changes to the company and wants to tell Victor about them first.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle tells Summer that he wants to see her phone.

Kyle looks at Summer's phone.

Summer says that there’s nothing on her phone.

Kyle says if that’s the case, then he’ll apologize.

Summer hands Kyle her phone, and he looks through it.

Summer watches as Kyle goes through her phone's messages.

Kyle finds messages from Phyllis on the phone.

He says that according to the messages, Phyllis saw Summer first instead of Daniel. He says that Phyllis knew that Summer was the one who’d lie for her.

Summer finally admits that she lied to Kyle and knew her mom was alive.

Kyle is visibly upset and angry as he talks with Summer.

Kyle can’t believe it. He asks her why she lied for months about it.

Summer says it’s over now, so he doesn’t need to worry about it.

Kyle is disgusted and says Summer never had to lie about it to him.

Kyle turns away from Summer in anger.

Summer says that she was in between a rock and a hard place.

Kyle asks why Daniel covered for her this whole time.

Summer stammers something.

Kyle says that Summer could have got his mother released from jail, but she chose to do nothing.

Kyle gestures angrily as he talks with Summer.


Billy tells Jack that they can’t let Ashley marry Tucker. He says that Tucker is a scam artist.

Jack says Ashley won’t listen to him, so maybe Billy can talk some sense into Ashley. Billy agrees.

Billy looks deep in thought as he talks with Jack.

Jack wonders what Ashley is planning. He says that Ashley had caught Tucker with Jabot’s financial documents. He wonders how she can trust him.

Billy says that Ashley must have something up her sleeve with the marriage… It’s too calculated.

Adam tells Victor he’s going to sell off the music division of McCall because it’s weighing the rest of the business down.

Victor says that music was the cornerstone of McCall Unlimited.

Adam and Victor talk.

Adam says he’s going to focus on streaming instead because the music division is costing the company money.

Victor says that it’ll put him in direct competition with Newman Media.

Adam says he’s aware of that.

Sharon’s House

Nick returns to the house and says he didn’t find Cameron anywhere on the grounds.

Sharon, Faith, and Chance look over at Nick as he walks into the house.

Faith goes upstairs to call her friends and let them know about Borgnine.

Sharon tells Chance she knows that it was Cameron who killed the cat and he’s trying to send her a message.

Chance asks what the messages mean.

Sharon says they’re a warning of what’s to come.

Sharon talks with Chance.


Victor tells Adam that he didn’t give him McCall to use as a weapon against Victoria.

Adam says that his only priority is to run McCall.

Victor sits with his arms crossed as he talks with Adam.

Victor says Adam should have his family as his priority. He says that going against Newman Media is making a declaration of war against Adam’s sister.

Adam says that Newman Media was supposed to be his until Victoria took it over, and he wants it back.

The Newman Executive Suite at the GCAC

Victoria and Nick lie in bed talking about business.

Victoria and Nate smile as they talk business while they lie in bed.

Victoria says talking about business with Nate turns her on. She says that she loved their little distraction, but they have work to do.

Nate says he has an idea about the website and says they should have virtual tours on their site to attract clients.

Victoria says she loves that he took the initiative and loves the idea. She says she’ll run it by Nick and Nikki.

Nate and Victoria talk business... In bed!

Nate says that he hopes that Nick doesn’t get the wrong idea about his suggestion, and that he doesn’t want Nick to think it’s a power move on Nate’s part.

Victoria tells him she’ll handle Nick.


Audra tells Tucker that the closer Nate and Victoria get, the better it is for her game plan.

Tucker says that even though Audra is a schemer, she has a big heart.

Tucker sits and talks with Audra.

Audra says that even if she has feelings for Nate, she can do nothing about it. She says that interfering with Nate and Victoria wouldn’t further her plans.

Tucker says that he walked away from McCall and now has a new opportunity staring him in the face.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer tells Kyle that she wasn’t going to let Diane rot in jail. She says that Diane was out on bail when she found out Phyllis was alive.

Summer talks with Kyle.

Kyle says that Diane wasn’t out on bail, she was under house arrest.

He gets really angry and says that she let Diane linger in jail and could have gotten her out any time.

Summer says that they just wanted to figure out how to get her mother back safely.

Kyle yells and points as he talks with Summer.

Kyle asks when she was going to let Diane get out of jail.

He says that Summer sacrificed Diane for Phyllis.


Jack tells Billy that Ashley said Tucker hadn’t influenced her when she talked to the board to try to get rid of Jack.

Billy thinks that Tucker had to have told Ashley to talk to the board.

Jack looks upset as he talks with Billy.

Jack says that it makes no sense.

Billy says that Tucker has a lot of money and if he marries Ashley, he could get a seat on the board at Jabot.

Jack says he doesn’t like the sound of any of it, whether it’s Ashley or Tucker behind it.

Billy says he doesn’t trust Tucker and wants to throw him through the wall. He says he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Jabot.

Billy talks with Jack.


Audra Tucker how he was able to “snatch up” Ashley and the golden opportunity at Jabot.

Tucker sits and talks with Audra.

Tucker acts all mystical and says that he just kept his mind open.

With that nugget of wisdom, he bids her a good day and leaves the table.

Victor walks over and sees Audra. He sits down and talks with her.

Tucker sits and talks with Audra.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer tells Kyle she was only trying to bide time and didn’t mean to hurt Diane.

Kyle says Summer was only thinking about herself and her mother, she didn’t think about how this was affecting their whole family.

Summer holds Kyles hands and she talks to him.

He says Summer was watching him suffer, and he thought she was pushing him away because he wasn’t being the husband she needed, but she was pushing him away to hide her lies.

Sharon’s House

Sharon tells Chance that nobody can keep her safe.

Chance asks why Cameron didn’t show up on the security cameras.

Nick says it’s because he was probably dressed up as a guard.

Chance asks why he didn’t know about this.

Sharon looks around her house after locking the door behind Chance.

Nick says that Newmans keep stuff like that to themselves.

Chance says he can’t help if he doesn’t know about these things.

Sharon says Cameron is after revenge, and Borgnine was the latest victim in his sick games.

Chance gets a text message that says the cat was definitely poisoned.

Sharon talks to Chance as Nick watches.


Audra and Victor sit at the bar and talk.

Audra tells Victor that Tucker’s always trying an angle.

Audra sits and talks with Victor.

Victor asks how she likes working at Newman Media and working with Nate.

Audra says she likes Nate; he seems to know the right moves to make and questions to ask when needed.

Victor says he seems like a good leader.

Audra says that Nate’s business style inspires them all.

Victor talks with Audra.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer holds Kyle’s hands and asks him to forgive her.

Summer looks upset as she talks with Kyle.

Kyle says he can’t forgive her. He says the more he thinks about it, the worse it gets. Kyle says Summer was diabolical.

Summer says she was suffering as she lied to him.

Kyle is disgusted. He says Summer was so good at lying to his face that he can’t take it anymore. He pulls his hands out of Summer’s grip and walks away.

Kyle pulls his hand away as he talks with Summer.

Summer says that she doesn’t know what he’s going to do, but please don’t tell anyone where Phyllis is.

Kyle says she’s still trying to cover things up. He leaves the house.

Sharon’s House

Nick says Cameron obviously poisoned the cat.

Chance talks to Sharon and Nick.

Chance says that he can’t prove it was Cameron, but he’ll go to Newman Tower and find out about the guard’s uniform.

Chance leaves.

Sharon tells Nick the cat was never let outside the house, which means that Cameron must have come into the house and got the cat.

Nick talks with Sharon.

Nick says he can’t wait for Chance and the police… He says he’s going to find Cameron and put an end to it for good.

Nick leaves the house, and Sharon locks the door behind him.

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