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Y&R Recap – Wed June 7: Nick Leaves Cameron’s Room With Bloody Knuckles, While Billy Grills Victoria About Nate

Nikki looks at Nick's bloody fist.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Wednesday, June 7, 2023 in the USA and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Summer holds Kyle's hands as she talks to him.

On the last episode of Y&R, Kyle uncovered Summer’s lies, Cameron claimed a victim, and Jack & Billy planned Tucker’s defeat.

Newman Enterprises

Nate asks Victoria if it’s wrong if he’s excited by the podcast results.

Victoria says that she was listening to the podcast while she was on the treadmill, and she can see why it’s so popular.

Nate talks with Victoria in her office.

Nate says the advertising is allowing a really good revenue stream.

Victoria asks what Nate is smiling about.

Nate says that Victor has asked him for drinks.

Audra walks in and says she knows what it’s about. She says she met with Victor at the GCAC and they talked about Nate.

Nate talks with Victoria.

Crimson Lights

Billy and Chelsea are talking, but Chelsea has checked out and isn’t really listening.

Billy smiles as he talks with Chelsea.

Chelsea says that they released the numbers on Omega Sphere, and there aren’t that many people who played.

She says that she has the lowest user numbers for her game… It’s a dud.

Billy says it’s not a dud; people need to play it more to see its worth. He offers to take Chelsea out for dinner.

Billy smiles at Chelsea as they talk.


Nikki comes into the restaurant and sits down with Victor.

Nikki enters the restaurant and sits with Victor.

She says she’s upset that Cameron poisoned Faith’s cat.

Victor says he’s aware of it, and Cameron will be taken care of.

Nikki asks who’s going to “take care” of Cameron.

Nikki gets a kiss from Victor as she takes a seat.


Daniel tells Lily he’s not sure he can take it.

Daniel sits and talks with Lily.

Lily asks what he’s talking about.

Daniel says that things are going to explode between his mom and sister.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Nick bangs on Cameron’s suite door and tells him to open up.

Cameron opens the door and invites Nick inside.

Cameron lets Nick in and says it took him long enough. He says that Nick has come here to what… Teach Cameron a lesson?

He says Nick is painfully predictable.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Lily asks what’s going on with Summer and Phyllis… Why is Daniel worried?

Lily sits and talks with Daniel.

Daniel says he doesn’t want Lily to get involved.

Lily gets a text message and says she needs to get to a meeting.

Daniel says they can meet up later and talk about it.

Lily leaves.

Daniel raises his hand as he talks with Lily.

Crimson Lights

Billy asks if he did something wrong.

Chelsea sits and talks with Billy.

Chelsea says he’s been as attentive as always.

Billy asks why she won’t let him take him out for dinner.

Chelsea says he’s doing it for the wrong reasons; he wants to be her hero.

Billy looks concerned as he talks with Chelsea.

Billy says it’s just dinner, and it has no meaning other than that.

Chelsea says she was talking to Dr. Malone about Billy. She says that Billy initially saved her, and he may feel he needs to keep saving her.

Chelsea’s doing great now and doesn’t need him always to try to fix her.

Chelsea talks with Billy.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria asks if Audra has more insights on why her father wants to talk to Nate.

Victoria sits at her desk and talks with Audra and Nate.

Audra says it’s not a competition, but she does have some information.

She says that Victor seemed interested in Victoria and Nate’s working relationships, and she went out of her way to mention Nate’s success.

Audra goes on to say that while they were talking, Victoria and Nate came downstairs, and Victor saw them. She says Victor was very interested in Nate and Victoria’s relationship after seeing them come downstairs in the club.

Audra talks with Nate and Victoria.

Nate and Victoria thank her for letting them know, and Audra leaves the office.

Nate says that was Audra’s “subtle” way of saying that Victor saw them come downstairs. He wonders if Victor is going to try to test the new guy in Victoria’s life.

Victoria and Nate smile and talk with one another.


Nikki tells Victor that she’s worried that Nick will go too far to protect his family. She says that if Nick finds Cameron, he’ll lead with his fists.

Victor says he’ll be there to back Nick up.

Nikki sits and talks with Victor.

Cameron’s GCAC Suite

Nick tells Cameron that he terrorized Sharon and killed an innocent animal.

Nick talks to Cameron.

Cameron denies knowing anything about the cat and says he never terrorized Sharon. He says he’s there for one person only… Sharon.

Nick says Sharon despises him.

Cameron says that Sharon is growing to like him.

Cameron is backed against the wall by Nick.

Nick shoves Cameron against the wall and tells Cameron that he’ll be put back in prison.

Cameron says he’s done his time and has been reformed.

Nick says that Sharon has grown and changed and won’t stand for his crap anymore.

Nick talks with Cameron.

Cameron asks Nick if he’s going to hit him… He has a legal right to defend himself.

Nick punches the wall beside his head instead and tells Cameron that the punch will be real next time.

Nick grabs Cameron by the collar.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea thinks she’s made Billy upset.

Billy looks down as he talks with Chelsea.

Billy says she upset him. He wonders if Chelsea thinks he really needs to “play the hero.”

Chelsea says that it bothers her that his instinct is to distract her if she’s unhappy.

Billy says that he doesn’t want to see her unhappy. He says he doesn’t mean to dodge the issue but must leave to see Victoria.

Billy leaves the coffee shop and passes Daniel, who's on his way in.

He leaves and passes Daniel, who comes in and sits with Chelsea.

Chelsea tells Daniel her game is a flop.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria says they need to strategize about the drink Nate’s going to have with her father.

Victoria smiles as she pours a drink for her and Nate.

Nate jokes a bit and says he’s not worried about his meeting.

Victoria says she finds it sexy that he’s not intimidated.

Victoria and Nate kiss passionately.

Nate and Victoria kiss.

Chancellor Park

Lily gets off the phone after talking with someone about gaming bloggers. She says she’ll get numbers for them when she feels like it.

Lily crosses her arms and smiles as she talks with Billy.

Billy asks how Lily and Daniel are doing.

Lily says things are slow and steady. She asks Billy how things are with him and Chelsea.

Billy says it’s a slow wobble, but now he’s fixing other people’s problems.

Billy smiles as he talks with Lily.

Lily laughs and says she’s happy he’s thinking about it.

Billy says he wouldn’t have unless other people mentioned it.

Cameron’s GCAC Suite

Cameron tells Nick to get some ice on his fist or it’s going to leave a bruise.

Cameron talks with Nick.

Nick says that Cameron needs to leave the town immediately.

Cameron gets angry and says that he has no reason to, and Nick can’t make him.

Nick says Cameron has been harassing Sharon ever since he’s been there.

Nick looks at Cameron angrily.

Cameron says he saw her once in the coffee shop, and Nick was there the whole time. He says that how Nick looks out for Sharon is “super sweet.”

Nick tells Cameron that he has to stay away from Sharon and Faith and leave town by morning.

Cameron says, “Or what?”

Nick says he doesn’t want to be there to find out. He leaves Cameron’s hotel room.

Cameron smiles as Nick leaves his room.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Newman Enterprises

Victoria tells Nate she’s enjoying their kisses but needs to get to a meeting.

Victoria strokes Nate's chest as she talks with him.

Nate asks if he needs to come along.

Victoria says no, and leaves Nate in the office.

He sits down in her chair and looks self-satisfied.

Nate sits in Victoria's chair, smiling, as Audra walks in.

Audra walks in and says he doesn’t waste much time.

Nate asks what she wants.

Audra says that she admires the way he operates. She likes how he gets actual work done with Victoria.

Audra talks with Nate.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea says she’s sorry she brought this up when Daniel is dealing with his grief over his mom.

Daniel sits and talks with Chelsea.

Danny says that it’s ok; Chelsea just launched her game to the world. Despite the numbers, he says they’re getting good word of mouth on social media.

He says people are seeking guidance outside of normal channels, and they’re saying that her game is good for dealing with anxiety.

Chelsea laughs and says she’s too anxious to look.

Chelsea looks surprised as she talks with Daniel.

Daniel shows her some reviews on his phone. He says they’re helping people, and that’s more important than numbers.

The GCAC Restaurant

Billy meets with Victoria to talk about their kids.

Victoria smiles as she talks with Billy.

Victoria says that Johnny brought up boarding school… He wants to go.

She says that Katie is excited about it too, and Victoria needed to talk to Billy about it.

Billy says that she knows he hates boarding school.

Billy talks with Victoria.

Victoria says it’s about Johnny and Katie, not about him.

Billy says he won’t say no as long as they visit often.

Victoria asks if that’s a yes, then?

Victoria looks uncomfortable as she talks with Billy.

Billy says that it’s a reluctant yes, but it’s a yes.

Victoria says it’s what the kids want.

Billy asks if it has anything to do with her budding relationship with Nate.

Billy sits and talks with Victoria.

Victoria says she hopes that Billy’s not implying that she wants to ship the kids off so that she can date.

Billy says it’s never stopped him before, but it’s none of his business. He says that he never meant to imply that Victoria would put a guy before their kids.

Victoria asks where that came from.

Victoria looks puzzled as she speaks with Billy.

Billy says he had a bit of a bad day, and he took it out on Victoria; he’s sorry.

Victoria says that she doesn’t want to stop their kids from enjoying their time at school.

She says the kids need both of them in different ways.

Victoria and Billy sit and talk.

Billy says he feels bad that he was an ass, and Victoria’s acting so nice.

Victoria says they need to give the kids space but be their safety net if they need them.

Crimson Lights

Daniel tells Chelsea that the game was never about zombies or unicorns, it’s about making changes to yourself, and that can be scary.

Daniel smirks as he talks with Chelsea.

He says that she’s turned her pain into something positive… Omega Sphere!

Chelsea laughs and thanks him. She says Daniel is a good guy.


Nick comes and sits down at the table with Nikki and Victor.

Nick sits and talks with Victor and Nikki.

He says that he went and confronted Cameron and punched the wall.

Nikki says his hand looks sore.

Victor asks if he gave him a right hook.

Victor talks with Nick.

Nick laughs off the question and asks what happened to the security guard who got his uniform stolen.

Victor says, “That loser? Stuffed in a closet and stripped down to his underwear, for heaven’s sake! I fired his ass!”

Victor’s phone pings, and he says he has to go see Nate for a meeting.

Nick talks with Nikki and Victor.

Nick asks if he’s going to waste his time talking to Nate the opportunist.

Victor says that Sally is the only opportunist around.

Chancellor Park

Lily meets Daniel in the park, and he hugs her.

Daniel and Lily hug.

Daniel asks Lily if she knows how much he appreciates her.

Lily says the big hug let her know he does.

She asks what’s going on with Phyllis and Summer.

Lily looks concerned as she talks with Daniel.

Daniel says that his mom is hiding out at a room at the Athletic Club, and the cops could be at the door any time.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea gets off a call from Connor’s teacher, who told her that Connor is “shutting down” and not being involved in activities at school.

Chelsea talks with Billy in the cafe.

Billy asks if Chelsea A) needs advice or B) wants someone to vent to.

Chelsea kisses Billy and says he’s just right. She says that ice cream may help Connor come out of his shell.

She thanks Billy for listening and asks what she can do for him.

Chelsea kisses Billy and holds his face between her hands.

Newman Enterprises

Nate says Audra should work on her discretion… She shouldn’t talk about her bosses at the office like that.

Nate talks with Audra.

Audra says she thought they had a deal and didn’t think it was a problem.

They talk about how they’re in it together to move up in the company.

Nate says that he used Audra’s ideas when he talked with Victoria, and she liked them.

Audra talks with Nate.

Audra says that their mutual aid for each other is working, but Victor’s “on to” Nate.

Nate says he’s not concerned about Victor.

Audra says that Nate won’t want Victor to think he’s slacking on the job.

Nate talks with Audra.

Nate says that Victor’s not a clock-watcher; he’s more interested in results.

Audra says that may be, but Nick won’t back off so easily.


Nick asks Victor why he’s so worried about Sally.

Victor talks with Nick.

Victor says that he’s looking out for his family.

Nick says that Cameron is the issue right now, not Sally.

Victor says he’ll take care of Cameron.

Nick talks with Victor.

Crimson Lights

Billy says he’s off his game, the kids will are going to summer camp, and they want to go to boarding school next fall.

He says he’s sad because the kids don’t need him in the same way they did before.

Billy talks with Chelsea.

Chelsea says she’s sorry and asks if he wants advice, reassurance, or wants to vent.

Billy laughs and says he wants all of the above… With ice cream!

They go upstairs to talk.

Chelsea smiles at Billy as they talk.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria comes back into the office and says she’s glad Nate is still there.

Victoria gestures as she comes into the office and talks with Nate.

Nate asks why she’s upset.

Victoria says she met with Billy, and he made a jab that hit her hard.

Nate asks if that jab was about him.

Nate sits and talks with Victoria.

Victoria says that Billy doesn’t understand their relationship.

Nate says some people might consider them colleagues with benefits.

Victoria says they’re more than that.

Victoria is happy as she talks with Nate.

Nate says they should make it official… He wants to take her on a date.

Victoria loves the idea. She agrees.


Nick says that he’s sick of Victor’s judgment about him and Sally. He leaves.

Nikki sits and talks with Victor.

Nikki comes back to the table and asks what happened.

Victor says that Nick is spread really thin right now.

Nikki says she wants to make sure Nick’s temper doesn’t make him do something he’ll regret.

Nikki talks with Victor.

Cameron’s GCAC Suite

Cameron calls “Jimmy” and tells him that he’s got a job for him… And make sure to bring his right hook, he’ll need it.

Cameron makes a phone call in his room.

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