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Y&R Recap – Mon June 5: Cameron Knocks Out Victor’s Guard and Steals a Uniform, While Phyllis Begs Kyle Not to Turn Her in to the Police

Kyle angrily tears into Phyllis.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Monday June 5, 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Sharon cries as Nick holds her.

On the last episode of Y&R, Nick intervened as Cameron terrorized Sharon, and shockwaves spread as Kyle discovered Phyllis with Summer & Daniel.

Sharon’s House

Nick and Sharon walk into the house, and Nick makes sure all the doors are locked.

Nick and Sharon walk into Sharon's house.

He notices that a bolt is loose on a door and tells Sharon that she should close the curtains.

Sharon tells him to calm down.

Nick says they need to be proactive.

Nick checks the locks on the doors.

Sharon tells Nick she doesn’t want to alarm Faith.

She says that they can’t freak out about Cameron, and she won’t make the same mistakes as they did the last time they met that psycho.

Cameron’s Hotel Suite at the GCAC

Cameron puts on a baseball cap, picks up a bag, and leaves his hotel room.

Cameron checks his phone before he leaves his hotel room.


Tucker and Ashley sit at the bar and talk.

Tucker and Ashley sit and talk.

Tucker says he’s in his happy place, and Ashley should join him there.

Ashley says she can’t. She’s got Diane Jenkins to worry about.

Tucker says that they should go on vacation. He says that even though Ashley isn’t scared of Diane, he is.

He laughs and says that Ashley will kill Diane and be fitted with her own ankle monitor.

Tucker laughs as he talks with Ashley.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Jack and Diane are dancing, and Jack says he’ll hold Diane in his arms as long as she wants.

Diane suggests they go home, and Jack agrees.

Jack and Diane dance and talk.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room at the GCAC

Kyle asks what the hell Phyllis is doing in the room.

Phyllis says she can explain.

Kyle talks to Phyllis while Summer looks on.

Kyle says that they’re going to the police station right now, and Phyllis is going to turn herself in.

Summer says it’s a huge shock to her that Phyllis is there.

She asks Daniel to wait in the hallway to head off anyone else who may come around.

Daniel looks at Phyllis.

Daniel gives Summer a look but goes into the hallway.

Kyle tells Phyllis that Summer was “broken” because of her.

Phyllis says that Diane was “so innocent”, and she’s sorry. She says Kyle has to believe her, and her head is spinning. She says that she knows that she put a lot of people through pain, and she’s so sorry, that’s why she’s back. She says she wants to make amends and put things right.

Kyle looks angrily at Phyllis.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Diane tells Jack that they won because of his compassion and patience. She says that Jack let her back into his life when everyone told him to run the other way, and she saw how hard it was for him to trust her.

Diane smiles as she holds Jack's hands at the table.

Jack smiles and kisses her hand.

Diane says that she’s free of the past now; all the bitterness is behind her. She tells Jack that he’s so generous, and because of him, she’s found compassion of her own, even for Phyllis.

Jack says he thought they weren’t going to talk about Phyllis.

Jack and Diane sit and talk.

Diane laughs.

Jack asks when they’re going to get married.


Tucker says that a “very wise woman” forced him to become a better man.

Tucker and Ashley sit and talk.

He asks Ashley if she really thinks that Diane is after Jabot and says that Ashley weaponized the board to go against Jack.

Ashley says that she knows that Diane will use her marriage to Jack to gain power, and that’s why Ashley talked to the board… She doesn’t like the word “weaponized,” but that’s exactly what she did.

Sharon’s House

Nick says he wants to hunt down Cameron and beat him down.

Nick and Sharon talk.

Sharon tells him to calm down. She says they should let Victor and Nikki know what Cameron is doing.

Nick says he’s already alerted ranch security, and if they tell Nick’s father, Victor will want something in return for his help.

Sharon tells Nick that Victor has resources they don’t have and thinks Nick is overreacting.

Sharon and Nick sit and talk on the sofa.

Nick thinks Victor hates his relationship with Sally, and he’ll force Nick to work with Adam in exchange for giving them any help.

Sharon tells Nick that she’s not sure they’ll be as lucky as the last time they met Cameron if Nick takes matters into his own hands. She says that they should have worked with Victor from the start last time.

Sharon says they know what Cameron is capable of, and they need Victor on their side.


Tucker tells Ashley that it’ll take real artistry to convince the board of directors that Jack is unfit. He says that Traci, Billy, and Kyle are on board with Jack.

Tucker and Ashley sit and talk.

Ashley thinks it’ll take some finessing on Tucker’s part, but nobody’s better at finessing than Tucker.

Tucker thinks that Ashley could lose her family in the process if it goes south.

Ashley says that she won’t fail, Diane will lose her access to power and money, and she’ll move on from Jack.

Ashley looks at Tucker with a haughty expression.

She says she’ll save her brother and her family, and Diane will get a long-overdue karmic kick in the ass.

Tucker says he’s in with the plan but has a suggestion… They should get married immediately.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Diane tells Jack that before they set a date for the wedding, she wants to run some details by him.

Diane laughs as she talks with Jack.

Jack says he “pre-agrees” with all of her terms.

Diane laughs and says the wedding needs to be small, and Harrison needs to be the ring-bearer.

She says she’d like to walk down the aisle with Jack and Kyle, as they’ve done everything together.

Jack and Diane raise their glasses in a toast.

Jack says he loves the idea.

Diane says she’d love it if Summer were her maid of honor.

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Phyllis’s Hotel Suite

Kyle rips into Phyllis for a minute or two and says they need to go to the police right away.

Phyllis says that she can’t go to the police until she clears her own name.

Kyle snorts and says that Phyllis is making the whole situation about her.

Phyllis says she’s there to take responsibility, just like Kyle’s mom did. She says that she was completely alone when Jeremy Stark started whispering in her ear, and she wanted Diane to hurt, so she gave in to Jeremy’s plan.

Phyllis holds her hands over her chest as she talks with Kyle.

Kyle questions that Phyllis is saying she’s a victim.

Phyllis says that she’s a victim, just like Kyle’s mom, but she got in too deep and that the only way out was to… Hurt Jeremy. She says it was self-defense and needs more time to clear her name.

She begs Kyle not to take her to the police and that her life is in his hands now.

Kyle crosses his arms as he listens to Phyllis plead with him.

Kyle asks how she plans to clear her name and stay hidden.

Phyllis says that it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but she couldn’t stay away from her children.

She says that it gave her comfort to know that she was so close to her kids.

Phyllis pleads for Kyle not to turn her into the police.

Summer says that she can’t lose Phyllis again.

Phyllis says that they need to look at it rationally.

Kyle scoffs.

Summer listens as Phyllis talks to Kyle.

Phyllis says that when Kyle’s mother came back from the dead, he was really angry, and all Phyllis is asking for is time.

Kyle says the situation is very different.

Phyllis says that Diane felt that she needed a new life and then needed to come back for her child’s sake.

Summer looks at Kyle as he talks with Phyllis.

Kyle says that he saw Summer retreat into herself and that now Phyllis has returned, she expects Summer to risk it all. He says that he feels guilty just being in the room.

He lists off collusion, aiding and abetting a felon, and says they could lose access to Harrison and everything that they love… All because they’re in that room together.

Kyle angrily tears into Phyllis.

Sharon’s House

Victor and Nikki walk into Sharon’s living room. Victor sits down and asks what’s up.

Sharon and Nick talk with Victor and Nikki.

Sharon tells Victor and Nikki that Cameron Kirsten is back. They both gasp, and she explains how Cameron came to see her at Crimson Lights.

She tells them that Cameron approached Faith in the park, and they’ve contacted Chance to see what the police can do about it.

Nick says that Cameron moved to L.A. and found a girlfriend who looked exactly like Sharon. Cameron beat up the look-alike girlfriend and ended up back in prison, but now he’s out of prison, and the police don’t know where he is.

Nikki is surprised to find out Cameron is back.

Nikki suggests they put additional guards at the gate and around the house.

Victor says they’ll have that done before they leave Sharon’s house. He promises he’ll do everything he can to keep Sharon safe.

Nikki tells them she’d feel better if Sharon and Faith stayed in the Newman’s house.

Nick looks angrily at the door as he and Sharon speak to Nikki and Victor.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Summer tells Kyle that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt Harrison.

Phyllis looks at Summer with tears in her eyes as Summer talks with Kyle.

Kyle yells that Summer’s already done it… What would Harrison say to people telling him, “Mommy’s in jail”?

Summer stammers an excuse.

Kyle says he’ll never forgive Phyllis for this.

Phyllis begs Kyle.

Phyllis says she’ll make it right, but only he can give her the time she needs.

Kyle says Phyllis is relentless.

Summer begs him.

Kyle leaves Phyllis's hotel room with Summer following after. Daniel stands in the hallway and watches them leave.

Kyle sighs and says that there will be no cops involved… For now.

He leaves, and Summer follows him.

Daniel comes back in and says to Phyllis, “Not what you planned?”

Phyllis agrees.

Daniel and Phyllis sit on the couch and talk.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Diane tells Jack that she had a daydream when she was at the cabin about their wedding, where Summer was her maid of honor, and she’d love to have that happen.

Jack sits and talks with Diane.

Jack tells Diane to follow her heart.

Diane says her heart is telling her it’s time to go home and make love to her husband.

Jack laughs and says he likes that idea. He wishes he’d come up with it first!

Diane smiles at Jack.


Ashley asks Tucker why he wants to get married right away.

Ashley sits and talks with Tucker.

Tucker says he wants “confirmation” and wants a ring on his finger to say, “Ladies, I’m taken.”

Ashley says it didn’t stop him from cheating before.

Tucker says that he’s learned what it’s like to lose Ashley and doesn’t want to lose her again. He says history won’t repeat itself this time.

Tucker looks down with a half-smile as he talks with Ashley.

He says that marrying Ashley will allow him to take over Jabot and truly throw Jack and Diane off their game.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Phyllis asks Daniel how he’s doing.

Phyllis smiles as she talks with Daniel.

Daniel laughs and says that Kyle was ready to set a match to the fire.

Phyllis says she’s Daniel’s mother, even though he thinks she’s a vicious psychopath.

Daniel laughs and says that, speaking of psychos, he attacked Stark when he told him that he and Phyllis were married.

Daniel laughs as he talks to his mother.

Phyllis smiles and says she doesn’t blame him.

Daniel gets sterner and says that Phyllis was at the memorial and saw him grieving, and she just let him feel that grief and did nothing.

Phyllis says she did, and she’s sorry. She says that she’s put him through a lot of pain, and he can talk to her about it as long as he wants, even if it takes years.

Daniel says that he loves her, but it’s hard to forgive her for what she did.

Phyllis talks with Daniel.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer and Kyle walk into the house, and Summer says it was a “big shock” to see her mom like that.

Kyle is suspicious. He says that Summer was really calm for someone who had seen her mother for the first time.

Summer and Kyle talk.

He says that Summer was more surprised to see Kyle than she was to see Phyllis… In fact, Kyle believes that Summer had seen Phyllis before that.

He asks Summer how long she’s known that Phyllis was alive.

Sharon’s House

Victor directs his security guards to ensure they’ve covered the area. The security guard nods and heads out.

Victor's head of security leaves as Victor  talks to Sharon and Nick.

Nick says he’s got the rest of the security team tracking Cameron.

Nikki says Faith refused to leave the home, saying nobody can force her out. She says that as long as a guard is there to protect Faith, she accepts it.

Sharon thanks Victor for arranging the security detail.

Victor says he wants Sharon to get some sleep, and someone is watching the house at all times.

Nikki talks with Sharon and Victor.

Cameron’s Hotel Room

Cameron comes in, drops his backpack, and grabs a garbage bag from the washroom.

He puts his hat, shoes, and shirt in the garbage bag.

Cameron puts his clothes in a garbage bag.

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Phyllis tells Daniel that she doesn’t understand why she does some of the things she’s done, but she knows that she hurt the two people she loves most. She says she’s put herself in her own personal hell.

Phyllis smiles as she talks with Daniel.

Daniel laughs and says that she dragged Summer and him along with her.

Phyllis says that she can’t go to jail, she won’t make it, but she’s done running, and will never run again and will never be separated from her family again. She asks if Daniel believes her.

Daniel hugs his mom tightly.

Daniel and Phyllis hug.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack and Diane walk into the house and say hello to Summer and Kyle.

Diane is smiling as she and Jack walk into the living room while Summer is talking with Kyle.

Diane says it must be hard on Summer to see Diane celebrating her freedom when she doesn’t know where her own mom is.

She says that she’s glad that Summer has Kyle to lean on and that love and trust can move mountains.

The door opens, and Ashley and Tucker walk in, laughing and smiling.

Tucker is holding a bottle of champagne as he laughs with Ashley.

Tucker pulls out a bottle of champagne and says they’re there to celebrate.

Diane asks what they’re celebrating.

Tucker says they’re celebrating that he and Ashley are getting married. He says they’re going to be married as soon as possible.

Kyle and Summer react to Tucker's news.

Sharon’s House

Nick tells Sharon that he can’t believe how calm she is.

Sharon sits and talks with Nick.

Sharon says she wants to go to bed, and Cameron doesn’t stand a chance with Victor’s security team on the case.

Nick’s phone pings.

It’s a message from Victor saying that one of Victor’s guards was found tied up and drugged and his uniform is missing.

Nick holds Sharon's hand as he talks with her.

Cameron’s Hotel Room

Cameron goes through his backpack and retrieves some items.

Cameron holds a security radio, a badge, and Victor's security uniform.

He pulls out a shirt with the Newman logo on it.

Cameron pulls a walkie-talkie and a security badge out of the backpack.

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