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Y&R Recap – Mon June 12: Faith Is Kidnapped While Nick’s in Jail, Phyllis Reaches Out to Daniel, and Summer Asks Victor for Help

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Monday, June 12 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Nick looks angry as he talks with Chance and Cameron.

On the last episode of Y&R, Nick was arrested for battery, Summer wanted to “buy” a witness, and Ashley & Tucker shared their engagement news with Abby and Devon.

Crimson Lights

Daniel tells Summer there’s a right way and a wrong way to help their mom, and her plan to buy a witness is pretty far out.

Daniel sits and talks with Summer.

Summer asks why they can’t just find the EMT.

Daniel says the EMT would be lying under oath. He says that Carson (the EMT) would hold it over her head for the rest of her life and could even invent details that contradict Phyllis’s story.

Summer says it could work, and they need to find Carson. All Carson needs to do is to tell the police that Phyllis killed Stark in self-defense.

Summer talks with Daniel.

She says Stark paid Carson off, so they know he can be bought. She says she’ll hand Carson a big bag of money, and he’ll do whatever she asks.

Newman Enterprises

Victor is on the phone. He says he doesn’t care how damn busy they are but wants to know which judge is responsible for today’s arraignment. He hangs up the phone, angry.

Victor hangs up the phone as Nikki walks into the office.

Nikki walks in and asks Victor how things are going.

Victor says that he’s trying his best to get Nick out of jail.

Nikki says they should let Michael do what he does best. She asks if there have been any Cameron sightings.

Victor sits behind the desk and talks with Nikki.

Victor sighs at Cameron’s name.

Nikki says they should focus on their work instead of focusing on Michael’s work with Nick.

Victor asks Nikki how Nate’s been doing.

Nikki says that he’s made good decisions and thinks Victor is taking him under his wing.

Nikki sits and talks with Victor.

The GCAC Restaurant

Nate and Victoria sit at the bar and talk about how they’re having a good day.

Nate drapes his arm over a chair as he sits and talks with Victoria.

Victoria says it was because of their “corporate meeting” in the upstairs suite.

They both agree that they got a lot done during the meeting.

Victoria gets a text message saying that Nick’s been arrested.

She asks for the bill, and she and Nate leave the restaurant.

Victoria looks shocked as she looks at her phone.

Sharon’s House

Faith asks Sharon why Nick is in jail even though it was Cameron who killed an animal.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Chance.

Sharon and Faith stand in the living room as they talk.

Genoa City Police Department

Nick tells Michael that he needs to get him out of jail right now; Cameron planned this to get him out of the way.

Michael says Nick is really wound up and maybe jail is the safest place for him to be.

Nick is angry as he talks with Michael.

Crimson Lights

Daniel tells Summer they’re not going to pay someone to lie to the authorities. He says that if Summer ends up in a cell, she won’t be able to help Phyllis.

Summer talks with Daniel.

Summer says that Daniel’s attitude sucks and she doesn’t need his help.


Michael tells Nick that Cameron may be a disgusting pig, but Cameron isn’t stupid. He says that Nick might not have hit Cameron, but Nick’s in jail because Cameron knew how he’d react.

Michael smiles as he talks with Nick.

Nick asks Michael to ensure Sharon is safe and to keep Cameron away from Faith.

Michael reassures him that between Victor’s security team and the police escort, Faith and Sharon will be safe.

Sharon’s House

Chance tells Faith and Sharon that he has arrested Nick. He explains that Cameron was beaten up and Nick’s knuckles were bruised.

Chance talks with Sharon and Faith.

Sharon says that if Faith should leave to catch her flight.

Chance says that he’s got a plainclothes cop outside who will escort Faith to a car and drive her to the airport.

Sharon hugs Faith goodbye and tells her that she loves her.

Chance walks Faith out to the waiting car.

Sharon hugs Faith.

After Faith leaves, Sharon tells Chance that she’s glad he’s there.

Chance says he told Nick he’d look after her.

Sharon says Chance is a positive influence and appreciates how he reassured Faith over the last few days.

Chance sits and talks with Sharon.

Chance says Faith is a good kid.

Sharon says she’ll miss her when she graduates. She says sending Faith away is agonizing, she wants her house to be a haven for Faith.

The doorknob rattles. Chance checks it out, it’s Michael Baldwin.

Sharon talks with Chance.

Crimson Lights

Summer gets a video call from Phyllis.

Phyllis says that before Summer asks, she’s not going to tell Summer where she is.

Phyllis talks to Summer through a video call on Summer's phone.

Summer says that she is looking for the EMT and will make him go to the police and lie to them for Phyllis.

Phyllis tells Summer that she can’t do that; it’s got to be Phyllis who contacts Carson. She forbids Summer from contacting the EMT.

She tells Summer that instead of looking out for Phyllis, she has to work on her relationship with Kyle; with everything that Phyllis is going through right now, she can’t have Summer and Kyle’s relationship on her mind.

Summer talks to Phyllis via video call.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Newman Enterprises

Nate and Victoria walk into the office and speak with Nikki and Victor.

Victoria says she assumes Cameron is behind Nick’s arrest.

Victoria and Nate talk with Nikki and Victor.

Victor says that Nick will be released soon and that Nick says he didn’t attack Cameron.

Nikki thinks that Nick is obsessed with protecting Sharon.

Nate says Michael is one of the best lawyers and he’ll get Nick out of the trouble he’s in.

Victor sits with his hands folded as he talks with Victoria.

Victoria thinks Cameron is a “horrible being”, and it’ll only take a reporter with an axe to grind to notice Nick’s charges, which could reflect badly on Newman Enterprises.

She’s going to ask Nick to take a leave of absence until the Cameron situation is resolved.

Nikki is surprised and asks what she’s talking about.

Victoria and Nikki look at Victor as they talk.

Nate excuses himself. He says this is a family matter. He leaves the Newmans to talk amongst themselves.

Victoria says that Nick’s one priority right now is Sharon, and she doesn’t want Nick to take the law into his own hands.

Victor says it’s not Victoria’s decision to make.

Victoria talks with Nikki and Victor.

Nikki says she agrees with Victor.

Victor says they won’t call Nick’s time off a formal leave of absence, they’ll call it personal time off.

Crimson Lights

Phyllis tells Summer that she’s going to take care of things on her own and doesn’t want Summer to help her.

Summer talks with Phyllis on a video call.

Summer says she can help Phyllis. She wants to bring Phyllis home safely.

Phyllis says to drop it; it’s non-negotiable.

Summer finally agrees. She asks what Phyllis will do next.

Phyllis says she’s working on it and tells Summer to fix her relationship with her husband.

Phyllis talks with Summer.

Sharon’s House

Michael sits down with Sharon and Chance and says Sharon did the right thing by going to the authorities.

Sharon says that she should have listened to Michael and gone to the police the last time they dealt with Cameron, but she was too scared.

Sharon talks with Michael.

Michael says that they did it right this time, and he’s there to help.

Sharon says she thinks she lost her mind last time with Cameron. She says she can’t have that violence or cruelty in her life again and will make damn sure that Faith never experiences it.

Michael tells Chance that Nick thinks that Cameron is up to something, and Michael thinks so too.

Michael leans in as he speaks with Sharon and Chance.

Sharon says if Cameron is planning something, they need to be ready.

Chance says they’re working on it.

Michael says waiting is part of the process. He says he wants to get a restraining order.

Chance talks with Sharon and Michael.

Sharon agrees to the restraining order and says it’s going to be a sleepless night.

Chance says Sharon can sleep tonight; he’ll be there to make sure she’s safe.

Michael gets a call from Summer. She asks him to meet at Society.

Sharon talks with Chance.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Daniel walks into the club, and Phyllis calls him via video call.

Phyllis says Daniel needs to protect Summer before she goes too far.

Daniel answers a video call from Phyllis.

Daniel asks why Phyllis is worried about Summer.

Phyllis says she told Summer to stop looking for the EMT. She says that Carson stole bodies from the morgue and faked the deaths in the ambulance; she’s sure that the EMT is long gone.

She says that if Summer continues to pursue Carson, he might know that his cover is blown, which could mess up the whole situation. She says Daniel needs to stop Summer from going after Carson.

Phyllis talks with Daniel.

Daniel asks where Phyllis is and whether Summer knows.

Phyllis says she won’t tell him, and Summer doesn’t know where she is either.


Michael meets Summer in the restaurant.

Summer and Michael sit at a table in the restaurant and talk.

Summer asks Michael what’s going on with her dad… Why is Nick in jail?

Michael says Nick will be out of jail in 45 minutes, and she can ask him about it herself.

Summer laughs ironically and says her life is going to hell… Her dad’s in jail, and her mother is missing in action.

Michael asks if Summer has seen Phyllis and asks where she is.

Summer and Michael sit and talk.

Summer says she thinks Phyllis is nearby but doesn’t know where.

She says she has a plan; she needs Michael to find Carson, the EMT.

Michael says that he knows who Carson is. He says Carson is a crook and asks what Summer needs him for.

Summer says she wants to pay Carson off to make him a witness for Phyllis.

Summer talks with Michael.

Michael says that paying off Carson would be fraud, obstruction, witness tampering, and perjury. He vetoes Summer’s idea.

Summer says Michael sounds just like Phyllis and Daniel. She says that Michael’s her mom’s oldest friend and wonders why he won’t help her.

Michael says he won’t break the law for anyone, and he won’t encourage Summer to do it either.

Summer says that her mother will spend the rest of her life in prison if nothing’s done.

Michael gestures as he talks with Summer.

Micahel says he doesn’t want Summer near Carson, but the EMT could be a critical piece of the puzzle. He says Carson could testify that Stark manip[ulated the situation, which could muddy the waters enough to clear Phyllis.

Summer says there’s hope, then.

Michael says that she has to swear not to make any moves on her own, and only then will Michael follow up on this.

He says he doesn’t have the necessary resources for something this delicate… They may need to bring in the big guns.

Summer looks grumpy as she talks with Michael.

Newman Enterprises

Nikki asks when Victoria wants to go over Nick’s projects to divvy them up.

Victoria says they can do it any time, but she wants to get out of the office at a reasonable hour.

Nikki sits on the couch and talks with Victoria.

She tells Nikki that Nate has nothing to do with her decision to ask Nick to step down.

Nikki asks what would happen if Nick left for good… Would Victoria promote Nate to his position?


Nate and Audra sit at the bar in the restaurant and talk. Nate says that if Nick leaves the company, even if it’s temporary, it could advance their plans.

Nate and Audra sit at the bar talking.

Victor listens in the background as Nate and Audra toast to their schemes.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle lets Daniel into the house.

Kyle listens as Daniel talks with him.

Daniel says that Summer isn’t listening to him, but maybe she’ll listen to Kyle.

He asks if Kyle can forgive Summer, even just a little bit.


Victor watches as Audra and Nate leave. He walks up to Michael and Summer’s table and has a seat.

Victor watches Nate and Audra leave the restaurant.

He asks Michael why he’s not getting Nick out of jail.

Michael says he’s going there right after they meet.

Summer asks Victor for resources to track down Carson.

Victor sits and talks with Michael and Summer.

Victor smirks and says Summer wants his investigators to hunt down a criminal to help another criminal, Phyllis.

He asks why he should lift a finger to help someone who’s caused all this stress to his granddaughter.

Sharon’s House

Chance tells Sharon a story about when he and Rey tried to catch a criminal. He says the burglar was hiding when Rey told Chance a joke, and the burglar laughed at it.

Chance glances over his shoulder as Sharon looks at her phone.

He says the moral of the story is that if you’re a burglar, don’t laugh.

Sharon laughs and picks up her phone. She says Faith should have texted her by now to let her know she’s ok.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria tells Nikki that she’s not trying to push Nick out of the company. She says she’d prefer Nick keep his opinions on her personal life to himself, though.

Nikki talks with Victoria.

Nikki says she’s avoiding her question.

Victoria sighs. She says if Nick left, she’d definitely consider Nate as a replacement CEO.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle tells Daniel that it’s too much… Summer had been lying to him the whole time.

Kyle and Daniel stand in the living room and talk.

Daniel says Summer has her back against the wall, and he’s afraid she’ll do something rash.

Kyle says asking him to talk with Summer wouldn’t matter; she no longer listens to him.


Summer tells Victor that she loves her mom, and Victor loves her. She just wants her mother to come home without a murder charge hanging over her head.

Summer, Michael, and Victor sit at a table and talk.

Michael says that Carson is Phyllis’s only hope right now.

Victor says that he understands how Summer feels, but every fiber of his being is telling him he shouldn’t help Phyllis come home.

Summer begs for him to help.

Victor sighs and says if Summer looks at him like that, he’ll help her find Carson.

Victor agrees to help Summer find Carson.

Sharon’s House

Chance tells Sharon that Faith’s flight may have been delayed. He recommends that Sharon call Faith.

Sharon tries calling. Her call goes straight to voicemail.

Sharon calls Faith's phone as Chance watches.

Chance looks worried. He calls Faith’s police escort, and it goes straight to voicemail as well.

He makes another phone call and asks if Faith is on the flight manifest for flight 875.

Sharon listens to Chance talking on the phone, saying she doesn’t like it one bit.

Sharon cries as she talks with Chance.

Chance hangs up. He says the flight took off, but Faith wasn’t on board.

Sharon breaks down crying.

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