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Y&R Recap – March 8: Devon & Tucker Find Common Ground,Ashley & Billy Discuss Tucker, and Diane Dreams of Her Wedding Day

Ashley, Diane, and Traci all laugh and hug one another in Diane's dream

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, March 8 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Victoria holds up her hand as she talks with Victor

On the last episode of Y&R, Victoria was shocked by Victor’s plans for Adam, Ashley showed Tucker her true feelings, and Nate asked Daniel for help.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea comes into the coffee shop and sees Summer, who said that the last time she saw her, she had turned down a job at Marchetti.

Chelsea meets with Summer at Crimson Lights

Summer asks how she is.

Chelsea says she’s been working through things and says she’s working on something new.

Summer asks if Chelsea is designing again, and would love to see her sketches.

She asks if Chelsea can explain more about what she’s up to.

Summer and Chelsea talk in Crimson Lights

Chelsea says it’s personal to her and can’t tell her much right now. They joke around about coffee, and she says her personal life is impinging on her professional life.

Summer says that she fired Phyllis, so she understands. She says that her family life has taken a toll, and she needed to learn how to compartmentalize.

Phyllis comes into Crimson Lights as Summer is on the phone

Summer’s phone rings and Chelsea excuses herself and sits down at a table.

Phyllis comes in and overhears Summer on the phone.

She steps out of sight around the corner and listens in for a moment before pretending she’s on the phone and comes into the coffee shop. She says that it’s crazy running into Summer.

Phyllis talks with Summer in the coffee shop

Summer asks if it’s really “crazy” because she’s there a few times a day.

Phyllis says it’s probably hard to find time for Harrison and Kyle with her busy life, and she has a gift for Harrison. She asks if she can bring it by, but doesn’t want to see Jack and Diane.

Summer says that Jack and Diane won’t be back for a while.

Summer talks with Phyllis

Phyllis asks where they went.

Summer asks if she’s fishing for information on Jack and Diane.

Phyllis says she couldn’t care less about where either of them are.

Phyllis reacts as Summer walks off

Summer says she ought to stop using Harrison as a pawn to find out about Jack and Diane.

Summer says she doesn’t want any part of Phyllis’s schemes against Diane.

Chelsea is sitting there listening to every single word between Phyllis and Summer.

Chelsea listens as Phyllis and Summer talk


Billy comes into the restaurant and sees Ashley. He sits down and talks with her.

Billy and Ashley sit and talk in Society

Billy asks Ashley why she came back so soon.

Ashley says that her grandson is there.

Billy says she’s been seen with Tucker and asks if she’s playing an angle.

Ashley and Billy talk

Ashley asks why she’d do that.

Billy says there’s no other reason for her to see Tucker. He says that Tucker is bad news and she should stay away.

Ashley asks if Tucker deserves a second chance.

Billy says Tucker will never change.

Ashley and Billy sit at a table and talk

Ashley says that Billy’s never going to change either, and says he’s a hypocrite.

Billy thinks Tucker is happy being an agent of chaos.

Ashley says that she’s not cynical like Billy, but she thinks Tucker can change.

Billy says she has feelings for Tucker again.

Ashley and Billy talk

Ashley says she’s not comfortable talking about her romantic entanglements with him.

Billy says if not with him, how about Jack?

Ashley says that Jack has no credibility because of his relationship with Diane. She asks if he’s given grief to Jack about Diane.

Ashley talks with Billy in Society

Billy says that he never did.

Ashley says he’s being misogynistic, and he agrees he might be.

Billy says something about affairs, and Ashley wonders if he’s having an affair with someone.

Billy says that whatever she has going on with that scheming megalomaniac is not his business.

Billy looks at Ashley as they talk

Ashley asks about Billy’s job situation.

Billy says Jack gave him an offer to work at Jabot as his co-CEO. He says that he’s a changed man, so he has hope this time will work out for him.

Ashley laughs and says that if he can change, then Tucker can too.

Ashley points at Billy as they talk

Billy admits that Tucker could prove him wrong, maybe Jack could too, and maybe he is capable of change.

He says he doesn’t want to take his family for granted, and he wants to work at the company that their father built.

Ashley asks him why he hasn’t taken action yet.

Billy looks her in the eye as he calls Jack and leaves a voicemail, asking him to talk about the proposal.

Billy calls Jack and leaves a voicemail

Devon’s Penthouse Apartment

Tucker comes over to Devon’s, who thanks him for coming over so quickly.

Devon and Tucker talk in Devon's apartment

Devon says it’s strictly a business meeting and says he’s been looking over McCall’s financials.

Tucker asks if he has any questions.

Devon says that Tucker took the company to Newman first, and says that Tucker talking about a legacy was a lie.

Devon half-smiles as he talks with Tucker

Tucker says that he didn’t want Devon to take on the debt-ridden company.

Devon asks what changed.

Tucker says that someone came in and bought his debt, so the financial issues are gone.

Devon and Tucker talk

Devon thinks that Tucker might be trying to dump a failed company on him.

Tucker says it’s not that at all, and he’s sorry for wasting Devon’s time. He turns to leave.

Devon tells him he’s still interested in buying the company, and to stay and talk about it.

Devon and Tucker talk

Devon says that the company’s operations are a mess.

Tucker says that he wanted to bring things back to how they were operating before.

They talk about how they can tune things up with McCall, and Devon mentions that he saw there was a trucking division.

Devon and Tucker sit and talk

Tucker recounts how a driver cut him off, he bought the company and fired the driver.

Devon says they aren’t going to do that again, but they can use it to move musical equipment around, and Tucker suggests concerts might be a good idea.

Tucker says they’re working well together already, and holds up his drink in a toast.

He says that he’s hoping they can get closer.

Devon sits at the table and talks with Tucker

Devon asks why he thinks they’d get closer if he bought the company.

Tucker says he could hire him as an assistant to the CEO.

The Abbott Cabin

Diane is in the living room of the cabin in her housecoat. It looks like she just woke up. She walks around, admiring the ring she got from Jack before taking a seat on the couch.

Diane sits and looks around for Jack

She looks around the empty cabin, calling for him.

She finds a note beside the flowers, and it says that he’s out finding the perfect bottle of wine.

Diane lies down on the couch and starts dreaming about her wedding to Jack, where Kyle comes in as she prepares for the wedding.

Diane lies back on the couch and starts dreaming

Kyle, in her dreams, says that he always wanted his parents to get together again.

She apologizes, and Kyle says that it’s a gift, and there’s a gift from her groom.

Kyle brings out a necklace and she asks for help putting it on.

In a dream, Kyle puts a necklace around Diane's neck

Kyle says that Jack had the necklace made especially for her.

Summer comes into the room, and compliments Diane, telling her she looks beautiful.

Kyle says he’s going to check on Harrison and leaves the room.

Diane and Summer smile and talk in Diane's dreams

Summer says she has things to say to Diane.

Diane says she may not be the person that Summer wants, but is interrupted.

Summer says Diane’s like the mother that Phyllis could never be. She says that her own mother can’t come close to what Diane’s done for her.

Diane and Summer hug in Diane's dream

They hug, crying happy tears.

Traci comes in, saying she’s brought champagne. She says that nothing will spoil Diane’s perfect day.

She gushes that she’s going to write a novel about their inspirational romance and that it’s already been purchased by a publisher and is going to be made into a movie. It’ll be called “A perfect woman”.

Traci pours some champagne as Diane, in a wedding dress, watches

Ashley comes in and says, “Not so fast!”

Diane looks worried, but Ashley says she has nothing but love in her heart and apologizes wholeheartedly for the way she’s treated Diane.

Diane laughs and says she can’t wait to be an Abbott, they’ll be sisters! Diane gathers Ashley and Traci in for a group hug and they laugh together.

Ashley, Diane, and Traci all laugh and hug one another in Diane's dream

Ashley says she really loves Diane.

Diane says that Ashley should be the maid of honor, and Ashley accepts.

Traci says that the horse-drawn carriage will be there any minute to take Diane down to the lake.

Traci, Ashley, and Diane toast each other with champagne

Diane turns around with a veil in hand and asks Ashley to help her with it. When she turns back around, the room is empty.

Diane looks in the mirror and sees the necklace around her neck, but it’s changed. She wonders if it’s Nikki’s necklace.

There’s a knock at the door, she opens it, thinking it’s Jack, but there’s nobody there.

Diane feels the necklace around her neck

She comes back into the house, and there stands Jeremy stark.

She wakes up, startled.

Diane wakes up, startled.

Chelsea’s Apartment

There’s a knock at Chelsea’s front door and Chelsea calls out that Billy should come in.

Billy comes into Chelsea's apartment

He asks how she knew it was him.

She says he has a distinctive knock. She asks him what’s up, she’s in the flow and working on some ideas.

Billy says that he wondered if she needs a coffee.

Chelsea draws on a tablet with a stylus while she's talking with Billy

Chelsea tells him that she already got one, and tells him about some of her ideas for the game. She says that there are familial tensions that the game could help with.

She says she saw some examples down in the coffee shop that she was going to use in the game design.

Chelsea talks about how the game can be used to help with all sorts of human relationships. She shows Billy some ideas on her tablet and tells him that in the game, people can choose their own paths.

Chelsea shows Billy some ideas on her tablet

Billy says he loves the idea.

Chelsea says that she’s thankful to Daniel for giving her this opportunity and she’s excited to change people’s lives.

Billy says he thinks she’s onto something special and thinks that Daniel’s lucky to have her on board.

He says he’s been inspired by her about his next endeavor.

Billy and Chelsea sit and talk

Chelsea asks if he’s talked to Jack yet.

Billy says he hasn’t, but he’s made up his mind. He wants to work with his family.

Chelsea says it’s nice to see him excited about something for a change.

She says that they can both make lives with meaning and purpose.

Chelsea smiles as she talks with Billy

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Phyllis comes into the hotel lobby and sees Kyle there at the bar with his cell phone in hand.

Phyllis sits near Kyle at the bar in the hotel lobby

She sits near him and asks if he’s texting Summer, as she just finished talking to Summer and figures that her daughter would want to tell Kyle about it right away.

Kyle says he was doing something business-related. He says that he’s confident Summer and Phyllis will work out their differences.

Kyle says he has to get to the office and leaves the hotel but accidentally leaves his phone behind.

Kyle leaves his phone behind as he leaves the hotel

Phylllis calls after him that he forgot his phone, but he doesn’t hear her.

She picks up his phone and sees a text from a florist about flowers being delivered to the cabin.

Phyllis immediately calls the cabin. Diane answers.

Diane answers the phone when Phyllis calls the cabin

Phyllis says nothing.

Diane asks if it’s Jeremy Stark.

Phyllis stays quiet and then hangs up the phone.

Phyllis sends Jeremy a text message. “I found them.”

Phyllis sends Jeremy a text message. "I found them."

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