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Y&R Recap – March 8: Victoria’s Shocked by Victor’s Plans for Adam, Ashley Shows Tucker Her True Feelings, and Nate Asks Daniel for Help

Victoria holds up her hand as she talks with Victor

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, March 8 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Nick and Summer sit and talk

On the last episode of Y&R, Summer told Nick that Sally’s using him, Nate overheard Daniel & Lily talking, and Sharon gives some sage advice.

The Newman Ranch

Victor is on his phone when Adam comes in.

Victor sits in front of a chessboard, looking at his phone, when Adam walks in

Adam tells him that he’s decided to accept Victor’s offer to run McCall Unlimited.

Victor says that he’s working to make the acquisition a reality.

Adam says he’s only got one stipulation. He wants to run McCall as its own entity and never deal with Victoria.

Adam talks to Victor Newman

Victor says it was his idea for Adam to run the company first.

He says he had to close doors to make Adam figure out where he belonged.

Adam says that Jack put his neck out to give Adam the job.

Victor sits with his arms crossed and talks with Adam

Victor laughs and asks what he was doing with that guy in the first place.

Adam sits down and says he was half-assing it at Jabot, and as much as it pains him to say it, Victor was right about the job and about him.

He says that he talked with Sharon and she had some good thoughts. She told him to find what he wants to commit to.

Adam sits and talks with Victor

Victor chuckles and says something about Sharon’s “so-called wisdom”.

Adam smirks and thanks Victor for not giving up on him. He asks if Victoria is on board with Victor’s plans.

Victor says not to worry about Victoria, to leave her to him.

Victor talks with Adam

Devon’s Penthouse Apartment

Devon answers the door to find Victoria there.

Devon answers the door to Victoria

He asks what Victoria is doing by just showing up at his place.

Victoria says she wants to discuss Tucker and the sale of his company.

Victoria tells Devon that McCall Unlimited had its debt bought by an unknown party and asks if Devon was approached about buying the company.

Victoria and Devon talk in his living room

Devon is noncommittal, and Victoria asks if he knew that Tucker came to her offering to sell the company to Newman first.

Devon says he wasn’t aware of it.

Victoria says that Tucker changed his mind after the debt was bought out by an unknown party.

Devon and Victoria talk in his living room

Devon wonders why she cares, and why she’s there to talk to him about it.

She says that Newman is interested in buying McCall, and wants to know where Devon stands in case she has to play hardball.

Devon says he has enough problems and doesn’t want to add Tucker to them.

Victoria speaks with Devon

Victoria asks if that means that he’s not interested in buying the company.

Devon says he has nothing to say about that.

Victoria says she wants the company, and that he won’t have to do anything, he just needs to say the word, and she’ll take care of it. She leaves Devon’s apartment to give him time to think about it.

Devon talks with Victoria

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Y&R News

Newman Media

Daniel and Nate come into the office. Nate says he’s worried about the battle being fought at Chancellor-Winters.

Daniel and Nate come into the Newman Media offices

Nate says he regrets what he’d done at CW in the past.

Daniel says it’s hard to come back from something like that.

Nate says he needs Daniel’s help.

Daniel and Nate talk in Nate's office

Nate says that he shook the faith of his family and it’s really affected him. He says he barely sleeps because of the guilt.

Daniel sits down and says that he needs to bury himself in his work.

Nate says he’s done that, and that he doesn’t expect forgiveness from Lily. He says it’ll take an act of God to get Devon to trust him again.

Nate talks with Daniel

Nate says that he wants Daniel’s help to stop the lawsuit that’s happening at Chancellor-Winters.

Daniel thinks out loud. He says that if he helped Nate and everything works out, he wonders what would happen when it was revealed that Nate was behind Daniel’s interference.

Nate says he just wants to be accepted back into his family.

Daniel sits and talks with Nate

Daniel plays the devil’s advocate and asks what happens if Nate just makes things worse. He says that if he helped Nate and it goes south, he’d get blamed for helping the most hated member of the family.

He tells Nate to count him out.

Nate asks Daniel if he cares if Lily gets the family back together.

Daniel says that Nate can’t put this back together, and to let Lily and Devon work it out by themselves.

Nate sits behind his desk and talks with Daniel

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley and Abby are talking about how Dominic was playing around with a toy piano, and how he’s basically a maestro.

Ashley and Abby sit and talk on the couch

Abby asks what’s up with Ashley… She’s very happy lately.

Ashley says it’s obviously because of her grandson, Dominic.

Abby says that Ashley’s been spending a lot of time with Tucker, and asks what she’s up to.

Ashley sits and talks with Abby

Abby asks how Tucker got back into Ashley’s life.

Ashley says she can’t say anything about it now.

Abby says she’s worried about Devon and needs to know more about Tucker.

Abby tells Ashley that Devon is wondering whether it’d be good to buy McCall Unlimited and whether Tucker could actually be a good man who could be trusted.

Abby is in a colorful housecoat, talking to Ashley

Ashley says Tucker does what he wants.

Abby says that she doesn’t believe it. She says she’s sitting back and watching Devon crumble.

Ashley says everything’s going to be ok.

Ashley sits and talks with Abby

Abby says that it might not, and Devon’s losing everything. She wants answers. She asks if Tucker is acting in Devon’s good interests, or whether he’s just trying to impress Ashley.

The doorbell rings, it’s Tucker.

Tucker shows up and Abby leaves the house

Ashley lets Tucker in. He says hi to Abby.

Abby ignores Tucker, gives her mom a hug, and leaves.

Tucker says he’s thought about things and has some thoughts about selling the company.

Ashley smiles as she talks to Tucker

He floats some ideas about making the sale of the company contingent on donations to charities that Ashley cares for.

Ashley laughs and asks if he’d do that for her.

Tucker says that he’d do that for them and for the world.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Ashley

Ashley says that he still needs to change Devon’s mind. She tells him not to give up.

She says that maybe Tucker doesn’t want it enough, or it’d be done by now.

Tucker says that she knows how much he wants it.

Ashley looks at Tucker as they talk

Ashley says that the Tucker she knew wouldn’t stop. She says to think of another way, that it’s the best way to change his life for the future.

Tucker asks if there’s a future for them.

Ashley grabs him and kisses him passionately.

Ashley suddenly kisses Tucker

Tucker is surprised. He says to just tell him what she wants, and he’ll make it happen.

Ashley says that she wants their relationship to work, that she wants to know that he’s sincere, and that she hates feeling anything for him.

Tucker’s phone pings, it’s a message from Devon. “Let’s talk.”

Tucker looks at his phone as Ashley looks on

Tucker says the universe is talking to him, that she kissed him, and that sent vibrations through the universe that changed Devon’s mind.

He says the world must be spinning the right way for him.

Ashley laughs and says he’s weird.

Tucker kisses Ashley

Tucker says he might be, but he thinks that he needs to sacrifice things to make change happen.

He says that before this is through, she’ll see they were meant to be together.

He kisses her, and she laughs and tells him to get out.

Ashley giggl;es like a blushing schoolgirl

Crimson Lights

Lily tells Daniel that Amanda is back and happy to be working.

Daniel meets Lily at the coffee shop

Daniel says that if she came to a conclusion with Devon, it could be quick.

Lily asks what he wanted to meet about.

Daniel says that Nate overheard them at Society earlier, and he wanted to recruit Dnaiel to put an end to the lawsuit.

Daniel and Lily sit and talk at Crimson Lights

Lily says he thinks it’s all about the great Nate Hastings.

Lily asks if she should be worried since Nate is spying on them.

Daniel says that he told Nate to stay out of it and that he’s hurting over what he almost did to Chancellor-Winters.

Daniel gestures as he talks to Lily

Lily says he should be.

Daniel says that Nate wants to help Lily find peace with Devon.

Lily says that she wants that too, but there are a lot of things happening around her, what with Billy leaving, the lawsuit, and Nate interfering.

Lily and Daniel sit and talk over coffee

She tells Daniel that she was excited about building a legacy with the family, but it’s frustrating with everything that’s happening.

Daniel says she’s running a multi-million dollar company, and that she’s giving 110% to make the company work.

He says that she should expect that from the rest of the family too. He says that everyone’s failed her, not the other way around.

Daniel looks sincere as he talks to Lily

Devon’s Penthouse

Devon is on his phone with a tablet in front of him when Abby comes in.

Devon sits down with a drink

Abby jokingly asks if he’s studying for a test.

Devon says he’s looking through McCall’s financials.

He says that the changes he’d implemented when he was working at McCall were put aside and that the financials are a mess because of it.

He says that the company needs some tweaks, and he thinks that if the right person came along, that person could make it quite lucrative.

Devon and Abby sit at his table and talk

Abby asks if that means he’s interested in buying McCall.

He says that it’d be a good fallback plan to have something if things don’t go well with Chancellor-Winters.

Devon says that McCall Unlimited seems like a good company, but he wonders if he can trust Tucker at all after what he’s done. He wonders if he’s being manipulated.

Abby asks if he’s considered that Tucker means well and there are no strings attached.

Abby talks to Devon

Devon laughs and says she’s pretty trusting.

Abby says that he should admit that maybe he’s wrong about Tucker.

Devon says that Victoria came over and told him that Tucker had tried to sell it to Newman first.

Abby wonders what Victoria’s next move would be, and wonders why Tucker killed the deal with Newman.

Devon and Abby sit and talk

Abby wonders why Tucker killed the deal.

Devon says that Victoria doesn’t know why, but she thinks it’s because of the person who bought the debt.

Abby asks if that makes him want to make a deal or whether he’s going to walk away.

Newman Enterprises

Victor and Victoria come into the offices and talk.

Victor and Victoria sit in the office and talk

Victoria says that she spoke with Devon and that he was non-committal on whether he was interested in McCall.

Victor says that McCall would remain a separate entity and would be run by Adam.

Victoria is aghast at the thought of Adam running the company without having to report to her.

Victoria holds up her hand as she talks with Victor

Victor tells her that the CEO would be Adam, and she accepts the deal, or it’s off the table.

Victoria says that he’s bribing Adam.

Victor says that’s not why he’s doing it, he’s doing it to empower Adam.

Victor gestures as he talks with Victoria

Vicotira whines a bit, and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Nate.

Victor says there’s no further discussion, and he walks out.

Nate says whatever that was, he’s glad he missed it.

Nate talks to Victoria in her office

Victoria says that Adam would be running it as a separate entity. She says there’s no way that she’s letting Adam get the company.

She says that McCall is hers.

Victoria says she always gets what she wants. Things in the corporate world are always changing, and she says that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Victoria and Nate talk in her office

She approaches Nate and says that she’s going in for the kill. It looks like she wants to kiss him.

She tells him to just put himself in her hands, she has everything under control.

Victoria and Nate talk

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