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Y&R Recap – March 10: Summer and Nikki Decide to Sabotage Nick & Sally’s Relationship, Chloe Questions Chelsea’s Relationship With Billy, and Nick & Adam Start Building Bridges

Nick and Adam sit at the bar in the hotel lobby and talk. Adam's arms are crossed while Nick takes a drink.

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, March 10 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Ashley, Diane, and Traci all laugh and hug one another in Diane's dream

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon & Tucker found common ground, Ashley & Billy discuss Tucker, and Diane dreams of her wedding day.

Chelsea’s Apartment

Billy tells Chelsea that he loves her ideas, and they discuss how it depends on the stage and the life of the hero in the game.

Billy and Chelsea sit on her couch, and Billy looks over her game plans in a notebook as they discuss it

They stare into each other’s eyes when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Chloe.

Chelsea invites her in, and Chloe apologizes if she came over at a bad time.

Chloe comes to Chelsea's door

Billy says he’s going to leave, he doesn’t want to overstay his welcome.

Chelsea says he could never do that.

As he’s leaving, Billy tells Chelsea she’s amazing.

Billy leaves Chelsea's apartment as Chloe comes in


Nikki and Summer meet in the restaurant They sit at a table and Nikki asks what’s bothering Summer.

Summer and Nikki sit at a table and talk

Summer blames Victor and Sally for ruining her mood.

Nikki says that Sally’s a thorn in her side and doesn’t know what Nick sees in her.

Summer agrees and says, “Especially with a baby on the way!”

Nikki talks with Summer

Nikki says, “Baby?!” She says she had no idea.

Summer says the baby’s not Nick’s, it’s Adam’s.

Nikki says that Nick hasn’t said anything to her. She figures Victor doesn’t know.

Summer asks if she can keep it a secret from Victor for now.

Summer talks with Nikki

Nikki isn’t sure she should do that.

Summer says that if Victor confronted Nick about it, it would cause a huge conflict, and nobody wants that.

Nikki reluctantly agrees, for the sake of the baby.

Nikki talks with Summer

She says that she just wishes Nicholas would tell Victor about it.

Summer says that Nick is still seeing Sally, and she tells Nikki how she blew up at Sally and told her she was using Nick.

Summer says she wishes that things would work out for Nick, but it’s obviously a disaster.

Summer and Nikki sit and talk in Society

Nikki says, “If only there was a way Nicholas could walk away from this whole thing.”

Summer thinks that maybe there is a way.

Nikki says that she’d love to get Nick out of it, but Nick is famous for digging in his heels over women. She thinks it’d be hard to change his mind.

Nikki gestures as she talks to Summer

Summer figures that if Sally fell in love with Adam, then Nick would have to leave her.

She says that Sally still loves Adam, and she wants to try to get them together.

Nikki says that whatever lingering feelings Sally has for Adam, it would be difficult to turn her away from Nick.

Summer listens as Nikki talks with her

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Nick and Sally sit at a table in the hotel lobby and talk.

Nick and Sally sit in the hotel lobby and talk

Nick says that Summer and he had a bit of a spat about Sally, but their relationship is fine.

Sally says she’s sorry that she’s causing problems between them. She says she was waiting in limbo with Adam and needs to focus on other things in her life.

She says she’s working to get a meeting with Jill again.

Nick says he’ll try to stop Victor from getting involved this time around.

Nick and Sally sit and talk

He asks about Sally’s thoughts about working for Chancellor-Winters.

She describes her ideas for the decorating business.

Nick offers the Newman jet for her use.

Adam walks into the hotel lobby and sees Nick and Sally sitting and talking

Sally doesn’t think that’d go over well with Victoria.

Adam comes into the hotel lobby and sees them both. He comes over and says that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the baby and has a proposition for her.

Sally asks what Adam’s suggesting.

Adam talks with Nick and Sally in the hotel lobby

Adam says that he’d like to buy her a house.

Sally’s confused, and he explains that he wants the baby to be comfortable, and asks if she’s going to stay in the hotel forever.

Adam says that she never had a place to call home when she grew up, but she could build happy memories, and he wants to help make that happen.

Adam stands and talks with Sally and Nick

Sally says that she can’t accept his generous offer.

Adam says he’s sorry to hear that.

Nick says that he’s overstepping, and starts talking about what he thinks Sally wants.

Nick listens as Adam talks with Sally

Sally gets upset and says that they’re both trying to talk for her, but she wants to make her own decisions about where she lives and everything else in her life.

She angrily excuses herself and says she has work to do, leaving Nick and Adam in the hotel to talk.

Sally talks with Adam and Nick

Chelsea’s Apartment

Chelsea and Chloe sit and have some tea.

Sitting at Chelsea's kitchen table, Chloe and Chelsea sip tea and talk

Chloe says she caught a vibe between Billy and Chelsea.

Chelsea stammers and says that she was excited because they were talking about her video game ideas.

Chloe says Chelsea can be honest… Is there something going on with her and Billy?

Chelsea says she can’t really define it, but there are strong feelings between them, and it’s taking them both by surprise.

Chlesea laughs as she talks with Chloe about Billy

Chloe says that Billy saved her life, so she can understand why they have feelings for each other.

Chelsea says that he makes her hopeful and grateful for the future.

Chloe says she’s glad that Billy can be that person for her.

Chelsea mentions that she was engaged to Billy in the past.

Chelsea sits and talks with Chloe

Chloe says that things ended badly for them before and that she thinks that the problems came from Chelsea not being “fully” in love with Billy.

Chelsea says she still had feelings for Adam at the time.

Chloe asks if things are different this time, whether she’s all-in on her feelings for Billy.

Chloe says that Chelsea has made good progress, and doesn’t want to see anything derail it.

Chelsea and Chloe stand and talk in Chelsea's kitchen

Chelsea says that whatever is going on between her and Billy is exhilarating and that it’s different than what she felt for him before.

Chloe says that she’s happy to hear that.

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Y&R News

Crimson Lights

Billy comes into the coffee shop and orders a coffee from Sharon.

Biilly orders a coffee from Sharon at Crimson Lights

Sharon asks what’s new with him.

Billy mentions that Chelsea is working with Daniel Romalotti on the gaming platform.

Sharon says that’s good for her… And so is Billy.

Sharon sits and talks with Billy

Billy and Sharon sit down and talk about Chelsea.

Billy says that if they take the relationship to the next level, it’ll affect everyone.

Sharon says she didn’t mean to interfere. She says that after her breakdown, she clung to Adam, and the emotional lines were blurred for her, even though it was best that they broke up.

Sharon and Billy talk

Billy thanks her for opening up about his past, and that he will keep his wits about him where Chelsea is concerned.

He says that he and Chelsea have been honest about everything and that he won’t hurt her. He says that things just feel right between him and Chelsea.

Billy sits and talks with Sharon in Crimson Lights


Sally comes into the restaurant. Nikki sees her and says that she has a lot to say but has no idea where to begin.

Nikki and Summer react to Sally entering the restaurant

Sally says that she has an idea of what Nikki would say.

Nikki says good, that’ll save them both some time. Nikki kisses Summer and leaves.

Summer says she’d like to apologize to Sally, and they sit down together.

Summer and Sally sit and talk in the restaurant

Summer says she was really upset when they last talked, and she’s sorry.

She says that she realizes that Sally’s part of her dad’s life, and has no interest in an ongoing battle between them.

Sally says that she’d love to find a way to make things work, and she’ll meet Summer halfway.

Sally and Summer sit and talk

She says that she understands that Summer just wants to protect her father.

Summer asks how Adam is taking the news about her pregnancy.

Sally says she thinks he’s excited to be a father again.

Summer gestures as she talks with Sally

Summer says she figured but wonders how Adam is taking it that Sally is staying with Nick.

Sally says that Adam’s taking it pretty well.

Summer says that she’s glad to hear that, but it must be hard for Sally.

Sally says that Summer’s change of heart toward her is a bit strange… She wonders if there’s more to it than what it appears on the surface.

Sally looks at Summer suspiciously

Summer says she needed a little push to apologize, and says that her dad was disappointed in her, and it made her see things from another perspective.

Sally says that it seems that Summer is trying to get along with Sally for her dad’s sake.

Summer says she still is ambivalent about her father and Sally, but she thinks that Sally and Adam were better together.

Summer and Sally sit and talk

She says that it feels like Adam and Sally aren’t done.

Summer says that Sally is pregnant with Adam’s baby and thinks the universe is trying to tell them something.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Adam and Nick are sitting at the bar, and Adam says they need to come to an agreement about things, that they both need to step carefully so they don’t aggravate Sally.

Nick and Adam sit at the bar in the hotel lobby and talk. Adam's arms are crossed while Nick takes a drink.

Nick agrees.

Adam says that he’s going to be part of the baby’s life with Sally, and asks where that leaves them.

Nick says they’re brothers who rarely agree on anything, but they need to find some common ground.

Adam talks with Nick as they sit at the bar

Adam asks how.

Nick says he’s not sure, but they need to both come up with something.

Adam says that it’s funny that Sally is the reason they’re getting along as brothers.

Nick and Adam sit and talk at the hotel bar

Nick laughs and agrees.

Adam says that Victor had approached him to run McCall Enterprises, and wonders if Nick is ok with that.

Nick says that the McCall takeover isn’t a done deal. He says he’d prefer it if Adam didn’t come back to Newman and kept McCall as an autonomous entity.

Adam and Nick sit and talk

Adam says that’s what he wants too, but Victoria isn’t on board with that, she wants to run things.

Nick agrees and says that Victoria never backs down from a fight and that she’s Adam’s biggest roadblock.

The Newman Ranch

Sitting in her living room, Nikki thanks Lauren and Michael for coming over.

Nikki sits and talks with Michael and Lauren

Michael is excited to help plan the town’s gala party.

Nikki says that after all the charity work she’s done over the years, she’s really excited about this party.

Lauren asks what she needs them to do for the celebration.

Nikki smiles excitedly as she talks with lauren and Michael

Nikki asks if they can handle the food and menus for the party.

Lauren says it sounds like fun.

Michael says he’ll sample all the food to make sure it’s great.

Michael and Lauren smile as they talk with Nikki

Nikki says it’s going to be a masked ball.

Lauren is excited and reminisces about the last masquerade ball they had.

She recounts how Jill made one heck of an entrance as Cleopatra.

Nikki speaks with Michael and Lauren

Nikki laughs and says it’s going to be more toned down this time. She asks what Michael thinks about Tucker’s company.

Michael says that he was having fun reminiscing, does he have to talk shop?

Nikki says she wants to hear about Michael’s investigations into Tucker’s company.

Michael and Lauren listen as Nikki talks

Michael says he has no updates, and that Tucker hasn’t agreed to sell to Newman yet.

Nikki says that Victor wants Adam to be put in charge, and to not have Victoria involved, whereas Victoria wants to tear McCall Unlimited apart.

She asks Michael for his help to stop Victor from bringing Adam in as an autonomous head of McCall.

Michael reacts as Nikki talks

Michael says he doesn’t want to get involved, that he just wants to be a lawyer, and this is above his pay grade.

Nikki says she was hoping he’d be an ally.

Lauren asks if she knows what position she’s putting Michael in.

Michael and Lauren listen as Nikki asks for help

Coming up on The Young and The Restless

Adam tells Tucker that he may be the next CEO of McCall Unlimited. Tucker says that’ll happen over his dead body.

Adam talks to Tucker

Elena asks Nate what’s going on between him and Victoria.

Elena and Nate talk

Jack tells a shocked Summer and Kyle that he proposed to Diane, and she accepted.

Kyle and Summer are shocked as they listen to Jack

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