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Y&R Recap – March 29: Phyllis and Jeremy’s Plan Comes Together, Danny and Gina Return to Genoa City, and Jack & Diane Announce Their Engagement

Diane yells at Phyllis

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, March 29 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Diane holds Phyllis by the throat, choking her, as Jack, Summer, and Kyle look on in horror

On the last episode of Y&R, Diane choked Phyllis while a horrified Jack watched, Leanna pumped Kyle and Chelsea for information, and Nina tore a strip off of Abby for Cheating on Chance.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Jack rushes in and grabs Diane off of Phyllis.

Jack rushes in and pulls Diane off of Phyllis

Phyllis says they just witnessed Diane trying to kill her.

She leaves the room and Summer runs after her.

Bicentennial party

Daniel and Lily are dancing.

Daniel and Lily smile and talk as they dance

He says that he’s happy things are better between her and Devon.

Lily says she’ll share the details of what happened between them, but she’s enjoying the moment with Daniel.

In the hallway, Summer asks her mother what happened.

Summer talks with Phyllis

Phyllis says that Diane was trying to kill her.

Summer asks why she was acting so weird tonight, and wonders what Diane and Phyllis were doing in there in the first place.

Phyllis says she tried so hard to convince everyone that Diane was… And she says she’s lost everything because of it.

Phyllis talks with Summer in the hallway

Phyllis says that she wanted to work things out with Diane, and she pulled her into a suite to talk.

She says she wanted to clear the air with her and Diane.

Summer asks what went wrong.

Summer talks with Phyllis

Phyllis starts talking crazy, saying that Diane has “false power”, and can’t stand that Phyllis knows who she is.

Summer says she can’t listen to her anymore, and she wishes she could believe Phyllis.

Phyllis says she’ll never believe her and tells Summer to stay away from her. She walks off.

Phyllis walks away from a confused Summer

Jack asks if Diane is ok physically.

Jack talks to Diane while Kyle watches

Diane says that Phyllis tricked her and attacked her when she came upstairs.

Jack says that they shouldn’t announce their engagement tonight.

Diane says that Phyllis won’t ruin that… They have to announce it.

She heads into the powder room, leaving Kyle and Jack in disbelief.

Jack rubs his face in disbelief as Kyle watches

Audra tries to get the bartender’s attention, but he doesn’t notice her.

She sees a phone ringing on the counter and picks it up.

Audra tries to catch the bartender's attention

Abby asks Devon if he’s alright.

Devon and Abby talk

He says he is.

Abby asks if he’s having second thoughts about the business.

Devon says he’s having a great night, and Abby says she’s going home with him.

Amanda comes down the stairs and sees them.

Amanda looks at Devon and Abby

Jack tells Kyle that he just saw a part of Diane that he thought he’d never see again.

Kyle says that if Diane was worried about her son, it could send her over the edge as a mother, so he can see it from her side, and understands how she could attack Phyllis.

Kyle and Jack talk in the lobby

Devon says that seeing the jazz club dedicated to Neil made him change his mind.

Abby says that it was a tough secret to keep, but it was worth it.

They kiss.

Devon and Abby talk while Amanda watches from the stairs

Nick asks Sally how she’s feeling, she’s clutching the mask like some kind of shield.

Adam watches as Nick and Sally talk

Sally asks if the shield will fend off these questions.

Nick says no, talk to him.

Adam and Sharon are talking. Sharon tells him he’ll have to get used to seeing Nick and Sally together.

Adam and Sharon talk

He thanks her for coming along with him, and that some decisions he’s made in the past have made him a difficult person to be with.

Sharon asks him what he’s talking about.

Adam says he’s been a jackass most of his life, and wonders why Sharon is putting up with him.

Sharon talks with Adam

Diane says she’s put herself together and tells Jack and Kyle that she’s sorry, it was ugly, but she’s ready to move forward.

Kyle says that they’re still not clear on what happened in the fight.

She tells him she texted him and he didn’t answer, and Phyllis told her that Kyle was sick and tricked her into going upstairs to the room.

Diane grins as she speaks with Jack and Kyle

He laughs and says she never texted him. He checks his pockets for his phone.

Kyle looks upset… He lost his phone again.

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Y&R News

Audra comes over and asks Ashley where she should leave the phone she found.

Audra approaches Ashley and Tucker

Ashley says it’s nice to meet Tucker’s co-conspirator. Tucker doesn’t say much.

Ashley says that the phone is Kyle’s, and goes to take it from Audra.

Audra pulls the phone away and says she’ll give it to him.

Ashley talks with Audra as Tucker sits and watches

Danny and Gina come in and talk with Lauren.

Danny and Gina talk with Lauren and Michael

Lauren says that she ate at Gina’s restaurant the last time she was in L.A.

Gina says it’s so nice to be in Genoa City and to be with them.

Leanna comes over and says that Genoa City’s home-grown rock star is back in town.

Gina, Danny, Michael, Lauren, Traci, and Leanna all talk

She asks if anyone would like to comment for her column, but nobody pays her much mind.

Gina looks over at Lily and Daniel and says that they have a spark.

As they dance, Lily and Daniel talk about how they’ve always been there for each other.

Daniel and Lily talk and dance

Daniel says she’s strong and vibrant and doesn’t want to live a life that she’s not a part of. They stare deeply into one another’s eyes.

Danny comes over and asks if he can take Daniel away from Lily for a minute.

Sharon tells Adam that there’s nothing between them, so it’s easy to ignore problems with him.

Adam talks with Sharon, with one eye on Sally

She says that Adam ran into some difficulties co-parenting with Chelsea, and he overcame that obstacle, and she hopes that he’ll be able to use what he learned when it comes to dealing with Sally as the mother of his child.

Adam says that it doesn’t mean the same will happen with him and Sally.

Sally says that she feels like everyone is staring at her, and she’s starving.

Nick laughs as he talks with Sally

Nick says they should go and get a cheeseburger.

Sally laughs and says he’s so hot. She doesn’t want to leave just yet, but she’ll be thinking of the cheeseburger the whole time.

Audra comes up to Kyle, introduces herself, and gives him his phone.

Audra stands beside Diane and shows Kyle that she has his phone.

Kyle seems very interested and happy to meet her, they almost flirt.

Summer asks what she’s doing.

Kyle says she just gave him his phone back.

Summer interrupts Kyle and Audra's talk

Kyle checks his phone and says that he got Diane’s text, and he’s sorry he doubted her.

Jack says that he owes her an apology too… He let his fear make him doubt his intentions.

He says that if she can forgive him, he’d like to announce their engagement.

Jack and Diane talk

He calls out and asks for everyone’s attention. He asks everyone to make their way to the lounge, as he has some “fun news” he wants to share with them.

Everyone files out and heads to the lounge while Jack digs in his pockets. He can’t find the ring.

Jack looks concerned... He doesn't have the ring!

Phyllis comes into the suite and asks Jeremy if he did his part.

Jeremy holds up Diane's engagement ring as he speaks with Phyllis

He holds up the ring and says that he learned the art of pickpocketing when he grew up.

Jeremy asks if she’s ready for what’s to come.

Phyllis says she’s ready, there’s no turning back now.

Phyllis looks very serious as she talks with Stark

Gina comes up to Jack and asks if this is the big announcement.

Traci and Gina talk with Jack and Diane

He laughs and Diane says something about how Jack is going to be off the menu soon.

Gina figures out that he’s getting married and says that he’s going to finish what they started at Gina’s Place, her old restaurant.

Traci says that they’ve found a ray of sunshine in each other, and not to let anything stand in their way.

Diane and Jack smile and talk to one another

Gina and Traci head into the lounge.

Jack says he’ll get Diane another ring if needs be. He says he just promised the whole town a big announcement and wants to go through with it.

Crimson Lights

Billy and Chelsea sit in the coffee shop, and Chelsea says that Billy really made a great move by taking her to the ball.

Billy sits and talks with Chelsea in Crimson Lights

She tells him to go back to the gala, and Billy says that he wants to be there with her, not everybody else.

Chelsea says she’s still figuring out how she reacts to things.

Chelsea and Billy sit and talk

Billy says he could tell she was struggling, but didn’t know what she was thinking.

Chelsea says that it affects her physically too, that she gets tense and wanted to leave.

Billy says he gets it, and at least they know what to expect. He says a positive is that they don’t go to a gala every day.

Billy sits and talks with Chelsea

He says she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do, and if she does something and the fear and anxiety rise, they’ll work it out and figure it out together.

Chelsea says that he’s not the man he once was.

Chelsea smiles as she talks with Billy

Billy says she’s different than she used to be, too.

Chelsea laughs and says, “Thankfully!”

Chelsea says she’s going to head upstairs, and Billy wishes her sweet dreams.

Billy and Chelsea talk

As she goes to leave, he says that she looked beautiful that night.

Chelsea smiles and comes up to him and kisses him.

They look deep into each other’s eyes.

Billy and Chelsea kiss

Genoa City Athletic Club

Daniel asks what Danny wants.

Daniel talks with his father, Danny

Danny says that as a father, he’s worried about what’s going on between Lily and Daniel.

He says that Daniel told him that things between Heather and him were going downhill, but warns him that it may not be the best idea to go back to an old comfortable relationship.

Danny continues to say that Daniel should build his foundation first by working on his game so that he can be where he needs to be without relying on old relationships.

Daniel talks with Danny

Daniel says that he appreciates the input, but he’s an adult and needs to make his own decisions.

They talk about his mother, and Danny says she’s overwhelming at times.

Gina comes up and hugs Daniel.

They laugh and greet each other.

Gina talks with Daniel and Danny

Danny says that he hopes Daniel will be able to accept Phyllis for the person she is.

Daniel says he’ll sit down and talk to her later.

Gina says she wants to talk about Daniel and Lucy and wants to see photographs.

Daniel shows her some photos on his phone.

Gina, Daniel and Danny talk

Abby and Devon go to leave and are confronted by Amanda outside.

She doesn’t say much, just stares them down.

Amanda confronts Devon and Abby

Victor and Nikki talk about what the announcement is about, and Nikki says some snarky things about Diane.

Victor and Nikki talk as they look at Diane and Jack

Jack starts to talk about his life in Genoa City, and how their families have come to cherish the community.

Everyone applauds.

Jack says that it’s not always been easy, and they’ve had their ups and downs as competitors, friends, and foes.

Jack and Diane laugh as Jack makes a speech

He says they all share the same blood, and they all manage Wisconsin winters, and they share a humanity.

Jack goes on to say that he’s forever grateful and that people who live there know that people can grow and change.

He says he sees the best in Diane, and others may not see her like that, but he knows that happiness can be elusive, and they’ve chosen love.

Lauren, Michael and Traci listen as Jack speaks

He says that this town loves nothing more than gossip, and says that he’s in love with Diane and asked her to marry him, and she said yes.

There are a lot of shocked faces in the room, as well as applause.

Summer and Kyle look on as Jack and Diane kiss

Nikki complains that she put together the event, and Jack and Diane stole the show.

Ashley tells Tucker she’s going to be sick, and he suggests they leave.

Ashley gratefully agrees, and they go to leave.

Summer, Kyle, Jack, and Diane react to Phyllis's entrance

Phyllis comes down the stairs. She says, “Let’s hear it for love, for the future!”

She claps ironically for Jack and Diane.

Michael starts applauding to take the attention off of Phyllis.

Adam looks on as Phyllis claps at Jack and Diane

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