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Y&R Recap – March 28: Diane Chokes Phyllis While a Horrified Jack Watches, Leanna Pumps Kyle and Chelsea for Information, and Nina Tears a Strip off Abby for Cheating on Chance.

Diane holds Phyllis by the throat, choking her, as Jack, Summer, and Kyle look on in horror

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, March 28 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Lily and Devon hug

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon and Lily reconciled, Jack saw a masked Stark at the gala, and Phyllis convinces Diane that Kyle is sick to lure her upstairs.

Genoa City Athletic Club – The Bicentennial Gala

Jill sees Devon and Lily have made up and is surprised.

Jill is surprised as she talks with Devon and Lily

They explain that they were damaging their relationship, and he’s dropping the suit and will no longer oppose the merger.

Jill is relieved and says they should get a great bottle of champagne.

Devon says not so fast.

Devon and Lily smile as they talk with Jill

Nate notices that Devon and Lily are smiling and talking to each other, and he mentions it to Elena.

Elena and Nate see that Devon and lily are getting along

Elena says that Lily and Devon are on the right path, and they have something else to celebrate. She says if those two can make amends and forgive themselves…

Nate says anything’s possible.

They clink glasses in a toast.

Nate and Elena toast to each other

Adam tells Sharon that things went well with his parents.

Adam and Sharon talk

He says that Victoria is jealous and seeing that makes him happy.

Sharon says that they’re there to celebrate with friends. They toast.

Nina Webster shows up and says hello to Christine.

Nina Webster and Christine smile as they see each other again after years apart

Christine is shocked and can’t believe she’s there.

Nina says that wild horses couldn’t keep her away.

Nick asks how Sally’s doing.

Nick and Sally stand at a table with a drink in hand as they talk

She says she’s a little chilly, but the rooftop view was gorgeous.

Nick says it’s nothing compared to what he’s looking at.

They joke around a bit and Nick asks Sally to dance.

Nikki watches as Sally and Nick dance

Nikki looks on as they dance.

Jack looks around the lobby as Billy and Chelsea come in from another room.

Jack talks to Billy and Chelsea

Billy says that the party is amazing.

Chelsea says that Billy told her about his job at Jabot, and she’s really happy about it.

Jack excuses himself to look for Jeremy.

Jack smiles as he talks to Billy and Chelsea

Summer tells Daniel that their mother was acting weird.

Summer talks to Daniel as Kyle listens

Kyle says he needs another drink.

Daniel leaves Kyle and Summer as Jack comes up to talk to Kyle.

Jack tells Kyle that he thinks he saw Stark at the party.

Jack talks with Kyle and Summer

Kyle tells him to forget about it, that it probably wasn’t Stark, and that Jack should trust security.

He asks Jack where Diane is, and Jack says he doesn’t know.

Diane comes into the upstairs room and calls for Kyle.

Diane goes into the upstairs suite in the Athletic Club

She sees the room is empty, and Phyllis comes in.

Diane tells Phyllis to get out… It’s over!

Phyllis says not so fast.

Phyllis laughs as she talks with Diane

Christine asks Nina where Chance is, and she says she doesn’t know.

Nina and Christine talk as they sit at the bar

Nina asks where Paul is.

Christine says that Paul is in Portugal. Family first, she says, looking sad.

Victor asks Esther if she’s enjoying the night.

Victor, Esther, and Nikki talk

Esther says that Katherine Chancellor would have enjoyed it.

Nikki agrees, she could imagine her there with a magnificent gown on.

They reminisce about how they miss Katherine, and toast to her memory.

Victor, Esther, and Nikki toast

Kyle asks Traci if she’s seen his mom.

Kyle speaks with Leanna Love

Traci says she doesn’t know where Diane is.

Leanna tells Kyle that she doesn’t want to interrupt, but she saw Diane going upstairs.

Diane says that Phyllis has tried for months to unmask her.

Diane and Phyllis talk with one another

Phyllis says she doesn’t know when to shut up.

Diane says everyone sees her as she really is.

Phyllis shoves Diane who falls backward onto the sofa. She tells her she’s not going anywhere.

Phyllis shoves Diane onto the sofa

Nate asks why Elena’s watching him “like that.”

Nate and Elena sit and talk

She says that she’s just watching Nate… How he can’t figure out how Lily & Devon are in the same room and not fighting.

Nate says he won’t worry about the how, he’s just happy that they’re getting along.

He says that he wants to focus more on Elena. He says he can’t wait to get her home.

Elena smiles as she dances closely with Nate

He asks for a dance and takes her hand.

Elena laughs and says he’s smooth. They dance happily.

Billy tells Chelsea that it’s a really huge turnout and asks if she needs anything.

Chelsea looks uncomfortable as she talks with Billy

She says she’s ok, but she looks a little overwhelmed by it.

Leanna comes up to Billy and Chelsea and says that it’s been a long time since she last saw Billy.

She asks to be introduced to Chelsea, and as they are introduced, Leanna says she’s a world-famous journalista.

Leanna talks with Billy and Chelsea

Leanna says that Chelsea must have a lot of stories that she’d love to hear and write about.

Kyle comes down from upstairs and Summer asks him if he found Diane.

Summer and Kyle talk

Kyle says he checked the roof, maybe she’s in a suite.

Summer says that she hasn’t seen Phyllis in a while either.

Phyllis says that she wants Diane out of her life… For good.

Diane gets up off the couch as Phyllis confronts her

Diane gets off the couch and says she’s not going anywhere.

Phyllis says she’s right… She’s not going anywhere!

Nina and Traci hug, and Traci says that she hopes the night never ends.

Nina and Traci sit and talk together

Nina says she loves seeing everyone. She looks over at Daniel and Abby talking.

Traci asks what she’s thinking about.

Nina is distracted and says she’s having random work thoughts… She wonders out loud if Chance skipped the gala to avoid Abby.

Nina looks over at Daniel and Abby, who are drinking and laughing together

Traci says she thought that Chance and Abby were getting along.

Nina says that Abby broke Chance’s heart, and he didn’t deserve it. She says she has something to say to her.

Traci asks her if she thinks that’s wise.

Nina comes over to talk to Abby

Nina says that wise or not, she’s going to talk to Abby. She goes over to Abby and Daniel, who are talking.

Abby sees her coming and says, “Uh-oh.”

Nina comes over to the bar and asks Daniel whether she can have some words alone with Abby.

Abby looks really nervous.

Abby looks nervous as Nina speaks with her

Jill asks what Devon means.

Devon, Lily, and Jill sit and talk

Devon says that they’re still trying to work things out.

Lily says that she thinks that Devon’s trying to say it’s going to take a while to trust Lily again.

She says that Devon needs to think about things.

Jill thanks Devon profusely and they toast to the future.

Devon, Lily, and Jill toast

Nina asks Abby what Chance did to be treated like that by her.

Nina confronts Abby

She says that Abby went through so much to bring him back from Spain, she just can’t understand how she could cheat on him.

Abby says she didn’t mean to hurt him, she loved him.

Nina says that she slept with Devon, and says she wants him to get past what Abby did to him, because Nina will never get over it.

Abby talks with Nina

Adam wonders if Sharon was waiting for Chance to dance.

Adam talks with Sharon

Sharon says she was hoping to see him.

Adam says he can play wingman for her. He says that she deserves to be happy.

Sharon says that Chance is very handsome, and people think her life is quiet right now, but she says that a little peace and quiet suits her right now.

Sharon smiles as she talks with Adam

She says that soon she’ll have Aria, and that’ll be interesting and loud.

Adam says he’ll have someone new soon too.

Lily and Devon get up and look at Neil’s portrait.

Lily and Devon laugh and smile as they look at Neil's portrait

Lily asks Devon what he thinks Neil would say if he was there.

Devon laughs and says that he’d ask to turn up the music.

Leanna asks if Chelsea is Victor’s ex, and says there’s a tangled web that was woven.

Leanna gets pushy with Chelsea

Billy asks if she can just leave.

Chloe runs in and tells Leanna that she can ask questions when hell freezes over. She takes Chelsea out of the room.

Chelsea thanks Chloe for helping.

Chloe rescues Chelsea from Leanna

Billy comes over and says he was sorry that Leanna got under her skin.

Chloe says that she has to go see some other people, and leaves Chelsea and Billy together.

Chelsea is in tears because of the encounter with Leanna and heads outside.

Billy talks with Chelsea outside the club

Billy says she needs to focus on the moment. He says he’s there for her.

Chelsea says it was embarrassing for her.

Billy says she had a fight or flight response, and they should just leave.

Billy talks earnestly with Chelsea

Christine asks Nina if that was necessary.

Nina and Christine talk

Nina says she needed to get her feelings about Abby off her chest.

Jill and Esther are talking and come up to Nina and Christine.

Jill says she heard that someone was telling someone off.

Nina says that Abby’s behavior was unacceptable, and that’s all she has to say.

Jill talks with Nina and Christine

Christine says the irony is strong.

Jill laughs and says that Nina seduced Phillip Chancellor III.

Nina says things were completely different. Well maybe… Maybe Jill’s right.

They all laugh, and Nina says there were some bumps along the way. The ladies all toast.

Jill, Christine, Esther, Chloe, and Nina all toast

Summer says that the front desk confirmed that there’s a room registered under Phyllis’s name.

Kyle, Summer, and Jack speak

Jack says they need to get upstairs now.

Phyllis says that Diane’s disgusting and a criminal.

Phyllis yells and gestures at Diane

Diane tells Phyllis that she shouldn’t throw rocks in a glass house.

Phyllis tells her that she let her take the heat for burning down the pool house.

She tells Diane that she’s the only one who sees through Diane’s act.

Diane and Phyllis fight

She says she doesn’t buy Diane’s fake tears, and that Diane is terrified of Phyllis… And should be.

Phyllis says Diane tried to take away everything that Phyllis loved… Jack, her daughter, her son, and tried to leave her with nothing.

Diane says she’s delusional.

Phyllis stares at Diane

Phyllis says she doesn’t want her pity. She says Diane is going to expose herself, and everyone will be left with a psychotic despicable lunatic.

Diane says there’s only one evil bitch in the room, and she’s looking at her.

Diane yells at Phyllis

Jill comes up to Victor’s table and says she’s leaving.

Victor and Jill sit and talk

Victor asks if things went well.

Jill says that Devon has agreed to the merger and will drop the lawsuit.

Victor is happy to hear that. He says that in business, he has a lot of patience.

Jill and Victor talk

Adam watches Victor and Jill talk from afar.

He looks around and sees Nick run his hands over Sally.

He thinks back to a date that he had with Sally and how he thought she was amazing from the moment she met.

Adam takes a drink as he contemplates Sally and Nick

Devon comes up to Abby and they kiss. He says that he talked to Lily, and they forgave each other.

Abby and Devon talk

He says that he’s decided to stop fighting the merger.

Abby is surprised and says that she’s happy for him.

They kiss and hug.

Devon and Abby smile as they hug each other

Lily tells Daniel that Jill dropped the IPO and Devon isn’t opposed to the merger anymore.

Daniel gestures as he talks to Lily

Daniel says it sounds like she had a good day.

Lily says that it would be better if he danced with her.

Daniel takes one last swig of his drink and they go to the dance floor.

Lily smiles as she talks with Daniel

Diane tells Phyllis that she and Jack are sick of Phyllis’s stunts. She says that Phyllis’s family and friends are embarrassed by her and now she’s alone.

Phyllis grabs Diane and they fight

Diane tries to push by Phyllis, but Phyllis catches her and pushes her off-balance.

Diane grabs Phyllis by the neck, throws her down on the table by her throat, and starts choking her.

Jack, Kyle, and Summer burst into the room as Diane, with her hands around Phyllis’s neck, says that she should just kill Phyllis.

Diane holds Phyllis by the throat, choking her, as Jack, Summer, and Kyle look on in horror

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