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Y&R Recap – March 30: Phyllis Loses Consciousness, Jeremy Reveals That He and Phyllis Are Married, and Tucker Proposes to Ashley

Jeremy holds Phyllis's hand as he talks to her

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, March 30 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Jeremy holds up Diane's engagement ring as he speaks with Phyllis

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis and Jeremy’s plan continued to unfold, Danny and Gina returned to Genoa City, and Jack & Diane announced their engagement.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Phyllis congratulates Jack and Diane.

Phyllis claps ironically for Diane and Jack

Summer cringes and Michael and other partygoers clap uncomfortably.

Phyllis says that they’ve put on quite the performance.

Nick tells Sally they should get the cheeseburger now, and Sally agrees. They leave.

Nick and Sally decide to leave and grab a burger instead of watch the spectacle

Adam excuses himself from Sharon.

Daniel tells Phyllis that she’s embarrassing herself.

Jack says that she should leave.

Phyllis talks with Daniel

Phyllis says that nobody believes that Diane has made her lose her entire life, her children, and anything.

She says that Diane is as dangerous as the day she faked her death and that Phyllis is the only one to see this.

Amanda rhetorically asks Devon and Abby if they’re on a date.

Amanda talks with Devon and Abby

She says she remembers that Abby said that it was a moment of confusion when she found her on top of Devon.

Devon says he’d like to have a peaceful conversation with her.

Amanda points at Devon as they talk

Phyllis says that nobody is happy for him, they’re all laughing at him.

She asks if Diane is loving it, because she hit the jackpot.

Danny comes up to Phyllis and tells her they should go outside.

Danny talks with a distraught Phyllis

Phyllis says he knows her and she’s done horrible things in her past, but she’s changed.

Danny agrees uncomfortably. She’s acting pretty freaky.

Phyllis says she doesn’t want to do this, she would sacrifice herself for her children.

Phyllis yells at Diane while Danny holds her arm

Danny holds her, and Phyllis says she’s fine.

Summer says she’s obviously not fine, she’s drunk and should go home and sleep it off.

Jeremy Stark comes down the stairs in his mask and watches.

Jeremy watches Phyllis in the ball room

Amanda says she doesn’t have anything to say to Devon.

Abby says that Amanda should listen to Devon, maybe it would bring them both some healing.

Devon says it’d mean a lot if they talked.

Amanda talks with Abby and Devon

Amanda says he has three minutes.

Abby says she’ll give them some privacy and heads off.

Devon tells Amanda that they can go get a drink.

Abby thinks back to the night Amanda found her sleeping with Devon.

She recalls when Amanda confronted her in Crimson Lights and how she’d said she didn’t want to waste her time thinking about them.

Abby thinks about Amanda and Devon

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley tells Tucker that Jack’s idiocy was on full display and that Traci knew and didn’t tell her.

Ashley throws up her arm as she talks with Tucker in the Abbott living room

Tucker sits down with a drink and listens to Ashley rant about Jack.

Ashley says that Diane has everything she wanted.

Tucker sits with a glass of whiskey in his hand as he listens to Ashley

Genoa City Athletic Club

Phyllis says she’s not drunk.

Jack says she’s made her point and should go home.

Phyllis says she wanted to make amends with Diane, and Diane responded by attacking her.

Phyllis talks to the room as everyone listens in

Jack says that she brought her own troubles on.

Daniel asks her to go outside with him.

Phyllis asks for them to wait, and says she wants to toast the happy couple.

Phyllis staggers

Jack says that everything she’s said is lies and viciousness.

Phyllis says she doesn’t understand anything about Jack and Diane’s relationship. She says that Diane abandoned her son and made her think she was dead.

Phyllis says that she’d lay down her life for her children and that Diane will hurt everyone in the room. She says that Diane knows that Phyllis sees through her.

Phyllis stumbles and passes out, as Danny and Daniel catch her.

Phyllis passes out and is caught by Daniel.

Nate tells Elena that he could dance all night with her.

He sees Amanda and Devon at the bar together and expresses his surprise.

Elena turns around and is shocked to see them together as well.

Nate and Elena dance as they look at Devon and Amanda

Devon tells Amanda that he dropped the lawsuit.

Amanda is surprised and asks if that’s why Jill came in and told them to stop the arbitration.

Devon says it was. He says she stopped the IPO.

Devon and Amanda sit at the bar and talk

He says that he and Lily forgave each other, he only wishes that it didn’t take him so long to forgive her.

Amanda says that she’s happy for him and Lily. She asks if he’s going back to Chancellor-Winters.

Devon says he’s not sure yet, but he’s really happy to have his sister back.

Amanda and Devon talk

He says that the whole last year has been a journey of regrettable decisions by him and that he’s trying to be a better man.

Amanda says ironically that ripping out her heart was part of his journey.

Devon says that he’s profoundly sorry for what he did.

Amanda says she’ll heal.

Amanda drinks her champagne as Devon speaks with her

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Y&R News

Gina says that Phyllis must be faking it.

Victor tells Nikki that something funny is happening. He excuses himself to “call some people.”

Christine, Nina, and Gina watch Phyllis

Lily comes up to Devon and Amanda and says that it’s a surprise to see them talking together.

Amanda said that they were talking about Devon moving forward with his life and that the only way to forgive was to move on.

She holds up her drink in a toast.

Lily talks with Amanda and Devon

Victoria runs over to Nate and Elena and says that they need a doctor right away.

Victoria asks Nate and Elena to come tend to Phyllis

Nate and Elena run after Victoria into the ballroom and tend to Phyllis.

Daniel says that Phyllis was having a tantrum and just passed out.

Someone calls emergency services and says they’re on their way.

Elena and Nate work on Phyllis as she lies there unconcious

Elena says she can barely feel Phyllis’s pulse.

Crimson Lights

As Nick and Sally sit down at a table in the coffee shop, Sally says she’s looking forward to the burger and mentions that she never thought she’d be getting a burger from Crimson Lights.

She says that she needs some hot sauce for the fries.

Nick and Sally take the burgers out of the bag in Crimson Lights

Nick laughs and then his face drops as Adam walks into the cafe.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley says that Tucker barely said a word all night and asks why he was so quiet.

Tucker says he didn’t have much of a chance, everyone else was talking.

Tucker and Ashley stand in the Abbott living room with a drink in hand and talk with each other

He says that Jack and Diane seemed happy.

Ashley says Diane wasn’t just happy, she was smug and she thought she’d won by getting Jack to ask her for her hand in marriage.

Tucker says that Diane’s changed.

Ashley points at Tucker with a drink in her hand as they talk

Ashley asks if he’s trying to annoy her.

Tucker says he knows that forgiveness was in Jack’s eyes, and he says if Jack and Diane can have a second chance, then they can too.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Nate checks Phyllis’s vitals, and he and Elena ask if she’s on any medication and what happened right before she passed out.

The EMTs arrive at the club with a gurney

The EMTs arrive.

Danny says that Phyllis was so strong and healthy.

Lauren says that Phyllis was in a coma a while ago, and wonders if that has anything to do with it.

Nikki and Michael say they hope she’ll pull through.

Lauren and Danny talk

Adam asks if Sally is ok, he saw that she was rubbing her stomach before she and Nick left the gala.

Sally says that she was just hungry.

Nick asks Adam incredulously if that’s why he followed her.

Nick and Sally talk with Adam

Adam laughs and says when he puts it that way, Nick makes him sound like he’s a stalker. He turns around and begins to leave, saying to pretend he was never there.

Sally says that either he could leave, or he can join them.

Nick gives her a look.

Adam stands in the doorway of the cafe and talks with Nick and Sally

Sally says that she needs to find a way to make it work between the three of them and that she needs to find a way to ensure the situation isn’t going to turn into a family feud.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Daniel says he’s going to follow the ambulance and tells Summer to come with him.

Leanna asks Victoria what led up to this whole situation with Phyllis.

Victoria tells Leanna to go to hell and walks away from her.

Leanna and Victoria have a brief chat

Diane asks Jack what’s happening.

She looks at Phyllis’s hand, and lying in her palm is Diane’s ring.

Jack figures out that Stark stole the ring from his pocket and placed it in Phyllis’s hand.

Phyllis's hand holds a ring as she lies on the gurney

Diane says that it doesn’t make sense.

Jeremy comes down the stairs and Nikki tells him she doesn’t think he belongs there.

Diane takes the ring from Phyllis’s grip as one of the EMTs watches her.

Jeremy sees Phyllis on the gurney and asks what the hell happened.

Stark comes down the stairs and enters the ballroom

Crimson Lights

Nick says that it’s true, they need to make things work between the three of them.

His phone pings, and it’s Summer. The text says that he needs to get to the hospital because Phyllis needs him.

Nick gets a text from Summer. "Something's happened to Mom. Meet us at the hospital."

He leaves Sally and Adam together to talk.

Adam sits down with Sally. He says he doesn’t have any place to be, so he’ll stay.

Sally tells him that he shouldn’t expect any fries, they’re all hers.

Adam sits down with Sally as she pulls napkins from the food bag

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley says that she prefers Tucker when he doesn’t talk.

Tucker says he wants a second chance with her, and that if Diane and Jack can get a second chance, surely he and Ashley can work out their differences.

Ashley says it’s a completely different situation.

Ashley and Tucker talk in the living room

Tucker says that he’s redeemed himself, just like Diane did.

Ashley laughs and says that she knows exactly who Tucker is.

Tucker says it’s true, and she loves him.

Tucker laughs as he talks with Ashley

Genoa City Athletic Club

Jeremy asks how Phyllis is.

Nate says that she’s been stabilized.

Stark asks what happened to Phyllis

Diane wonders what Jeremy is doing and Jack says he’s up to no good.

Jeremy comes over to Phyllis on the gurney. He kneels down and holds her hand.

He kisses her hand and calls her “My love.”

Jeremy holds Phyllis's hand as he talks to her

Leanna asks Victoria who the handsome face is.

Victoria says she doesn’t want to know, and Leanna says she does, she really does.

Daniel and Summer head to the car to follow the ambulance when it leaves.

Summer and Daniel get ready to leave

Jeremy asks if everyone’s happy, and Jack asks what he’s doing there.

Jeremy says that it’s none of his business, and he wants to know what happened to Phyllis.

Kyle says that Jeremy can’t go to the hospital with Phyllis.

Kyle talks with Stark

Jeremy says that he will go to the hospital with his wife.

Everyone gasps as they realize what he said.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley says that Jack can’t help but play the hero to Diane, who she calls “the walking nightmare”.

Ashley and Tucker sit on the couch and talk

Tucker says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Ashley scoffs and says that she’s tried talking to Jack, but he doesn’t listen.

Tucker says she needs to shake things up and should try a different approach.

Ashley reacts as Tucker says she should marry him

Ashley asks what he has in mind.

Tucker says she should marry him.

Crimson Lights

Adam points out that Sally has hot sauce on her face, and she wipes it off. She says that was the best burger ever.

Adam tells Sally she has hot sauce on her face

Sally says that the backwardness between them needs to be worked on.

Adam agrees.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Jack says that he can’t believe that Jeremy and Phyllis are married.

Jack talks with Jeremy

Jeremy says they married three days ago.

Jack asks what kind of game he’s playing.

Traci asks why Phyllis never said anything to her family and friends about it.

Traci, Lily, Leanna, Lauren, and Danny look at Jeremy

Jeremy scoffs and says she doesn’t have any family or friends and that everyone abandoned her.

Jack says he doesn’t believe it.

Jeremy says that Phyllis wanted protection, and he was there for her.

He says that Phyllis was afraid of Diane. He asks Diane point blank, “Tell us what you did to Phyllis.”

Jeremy Stark asks Diane what she did to Phyllis

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