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Y&R Recap – March 27: Devon and Lily Reconcile, Jack Sees Stark at the Gala, and Phyllis Convinces Diane That Kyle is Sick

Leanna watches as Phyllis follows Diane up the stairs

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, March 27 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Leanna Love

On the last episode of Y&R, to everyone in Genoa City’s dismay, Leanna Love returned, Neil was honored by the Newmans by dedicating a jazz lounge in his name, and Phyllis made amends to her son and daughter.

The Gala Continues at the Genoa City Athletic Club

Jack brings Diane a drink, and they toast.

Jack and Diane sit and toast each other with a glass of champagne

Summer and Kyle dance together to a waltz, and she asks what he’s liking most about the night.

Kyle says that he’s loving the newly-dedicated lounge.

Jack asks Diane to dance.

Summer and Kyle dance and talk

Lauren tells Michael that she never thought she’d see Jack and Diane together.

Michael says “Hurrah for second chances.”

Lauren hopes that Jack knows what he’s doing with Diane.

Lauren and Michael dance and talk about Jack and Diane

Michael says that they look great together.

Lauren says that if Phyllis walked in and saw Jack & Diane, all hell would break loose.

Jeremy says that they need to get the ring from Jack and Diane to get things set up perfectly.

Jeremy and Phyllis talk in a room in the Athletic Club

Phyllis doesn’t think it’s possible, but Jeremy tells her to leave it to him.

Jeremy slips on his mask.

Jeremy puts on his mask as he speaks with Phyllis

Victor says it makes him happy to see the Newmans together celebrating.

Victor and Nikki talk as they watch everyone

Nikki says that Diane is digging her claws into Jack, and it’s not too late to save him.

Victor laughs and tells her not to worry about them. He says it’s not too late to dance with him, and Nikki says she thought he’d never ask.

Victor and Nikki dance

Elena and Audra are watching Victoria put the moves on Nate.

Audra says that Victoria doesn’t seem to be wasting any time.

Elena and Audra talk

Elena tells her to stop.

Audra says she’s just stating a fact.

Elena says she’s joining her boyfriend. She leaves Audra and comes up to Nate and kisses him deeply as Victoria watches.

Elena kisses Nate as Victoria watches

Victoria says she’ll let them catch up and excuses herself.

Billy and Chelsea walk into the club, and Billy reassures Chelsea that they can leave if it’s too much for her.

Billy and Chelsea come into the club

Devon tells Lily that he doesn’t know how to fix things and that he can’t see himself working with her.

Lily says they owe it to Neil to try to work things out.

Devon and Lily talk

Michael brings glasses of champagne to the table for Jill and Lauren.

Michael brings Lauren and Jill a drink

Jill says that she’s sorry she missed Lauren’s award ceremony, but she’s really happy that Lauren was awarded.

Michael jokes that since they devoted a room to Neil, Jill should have a room upstairs because of all her romantic dalliances at the club.

Jill says she would be adding to her “list” if she wasn’t so busy that night… In fact, she still might!

Lauren and Michael toast Jill

Leanna walks to the dancefloor and tells Jack and Diane that she’s happy to have the “hot scoop” that Diane’s back from the dead.

Jack and Diane tell her to go away, they’re bothering her.

Leanna says that Diane won’t have another chance to clear her name if she doesn’t talk to her now.

Leanna talks to Jack and Diane on the dancefloor

Jack says she’d just twist the story.

Leanna tells Diane that she’s really lucky. She says she knows what a great lover Jack is.

Diane looks at her with disgust.

Jack and Diane talk with Leanna

Adam and Sharon come in, and Adam comments that the fresh air was nice.

Sharon laughs and says she thought Adam was just trying to avoid Nick and Sally.

Adam says maybe, but he needs a stronger drink to handle his sister, Victoria.

Sharon and Adam laugh and talk as they drink

Victoria tells Tucker that she would enjoy knowing what’s going on with the sale of his company.

Tucker says he’s still weighing his options, but he has a strong preference about who should make the deal.

Tucker and Ashley talk with Victoria

Chelsea sits with Billy and talks to Daniel, and they discuss the timeline for Omega Sphere.

Daniel says that she should talk to Lily about that, but Lily’s away doing something in Neil’s new lounge.

Billy and Chelsea talk with Daniel

Jeremy comes down the stairs and looks around.

He prepares something hidden in his socks and steps into the dining room.

A masked Jeremy walks through the Athletic Club

Summer receives a phone call from the nanny.

Summer receives a call

The nanny tells Summer that Zippy is missing. She goes outside so she can hear the nanny better.

Jeremy brushes by Kyle and Tucker watches him as he passes.

Tucker tells Victoria that he’d like to sell to Devon.

Tucker watches as Jeremy brushes by Kyle

Victoria says they’ll revisit when Devon turns Tucker down.

She asks what Ashley’s role is in all this.

Ashley says she’s just there attending the gala, she doesn’t have any role.

Victoria, Ashley, and Tucker sit and talk

Tucker asks if she’d like to get a drink, and they excuse themselves to the bar.

Victor asks Victoria what that was all about.

Elena tells Nate that it was thoughtful of the Newmans to dedicate the lounge to Neil.

Elena talks with Nate

Nate says he hopes that it’ll help Devon and Lily work things out.

On the patio, Devon and Lily talk.

Devon and Lily talk out on the patio

Lily says that Jill stopped the IPO, so they should be able to work things out.

Devon says that he thinks that Victor is somehow involved.

Lily says that he can’t be sure of that. She says that she’ll give Devon everything he wants to run his division as he wants, and she can run her division the way she wants.

She goes on to say that they can have the family business they dreamed of if he only says yes.

Lily talks with Devon on the patio at the Athletic Club

Jeremy walks into the dance hall and walks around, scoping the place out. He sees Jack, Diane, Michael, and Lauren.

Jeremy Stark stands in the background as Lauren, Michael, Jack, and Diane talk on the dancefloor.

Michael says that Jack and Diane aren’t hiding their relationship and says they should challenge them to a dance-off.

Lauren and Michael dance over to Jack and Diane and talk to them.

Stark brushes by Jack and Diane as they talk to Michael and Lauren.

Diane asks Jack if that was Jeremy Stark who brushed by them, and Jack says he thinks it was.

Jack and Diane look at Jeremy

Lauren and Michael make their way into the other room and run into Christine.

They ask Christine where Paul is.

Lauren and Michael talk with Christine

Christine says that Paul has gone to Portugal to see Heather.

Michael asks how the arbitration is going with Devon and Lily.

Christine says she can only say that once the case is settled, she is thinking of going back to being the District Attorney, she needs a change.

Christine talks with Lauren and Michael

Esther comes into the club and looks around.

Esther talks with Leanna

Leanna comes up to Esther and says she barely recognized her without a feather duster.

Esther says that she’s a key employee of Chancellor-Winters.

Leanna says she heard that there were major rumblings at the company and asks if Esther knows anything about that.

Esther ignores her and looks around for Lily and Devon.

Leanna talks with Esther

Jack says that he’ll kick Jeremy out if it really is him.

Diane holds him back and says she thinks they should announce their engagement now.

Jack and Diane talk

Jack is surprised but wants to announce it as well. He says that he needs to talk to the club’s security staff about Jeremy first, though.

He tells Diane to stay on the dance floor, he’ll come back and find her. He heads off.

Phyllis comes up to Diane and startles her.

Phyllis gives Diane a fright on the dance floor

Victoria tells Victor that Tucker’s lost his edge and that he’s waiting for Devon to ride to his rescue.

Victor says that he thinks that Tucker’s been playing them.

Victor and Victoria talk

Adam comes up to them and asks if there’s a problem with McCall’s acquisition.

Victoria tells him to keep out of it, they’re having a private conversation. She tells him he’ll never be CEO no matter how it shakes out.

Adam smirks as he talks with Victor and Victoria

Elena says that she’s happy that Nate is trying to get Devon and Lily together again.

While Elena is talking, Nate keeps looking at Victoria.

Elena gets upset that he’s not paying attention and tells him she’s going to go mingle.

As Elena talks to him, Nate can't stop looking at Victoria

Ashley tells Tucker she’s surprised he’s been so focused, especially with Victoria pressuring him.

Tucker says he knows what he wants, how can the universe deny them?

Jill comes over, angry, and asks Tucker how dare he come after her company, how could he plant a mole?

Tucker, Ashley, and Jill sit at the bar and talk

Tucker says if she’s seeking an apology, she has it.

He says they’re both players, and he knows that Jill enjoys playing the game.

Jill says he doesn’t know a thing about her.

She says she’s taken steps to prevent whatever Tucker has in mind, and he’s only made Chancellor-Winters stronger. She stalks away.

Tucker and Ashley sit at the bar as Jill stalks away

Devon tells Lily that he doesn’t know how he can stay at Chancellor-Winters. How can he be expected to work beside someone who went out of their way to hurt his feelings?

Lily says she was hurt and scared, and she lashed out. She says she shouldn’t have hired Amanda, that was wrong, and she’s sorry.

Devon and Lily talk on the patio

Devon says he should have been more honest about his feelings when they signed the merger.

Lily says that they can get through it. She says they’ve made it through difficult situations before. She recounts how they pushed through and got closer after Hillary and Neil’s deaths.

Diane asks why Phyllis is lurking around.

Diane and Phyllis talk on the dancefloor

Phyllis says she’s sorry that she scared her. She tells Diane that Kyle’s sick, and needs to see her.

Diane asks what’s wrong with Kyle.

Phyllis says she’s not a doctor. She tells Diane that Kyle is with Summer in a suite that Phyllis rented upstairs.

She tells Diane to come with her to see him right away.

Diane reacts to Phyllis as they talk

Christine, Sharon, and Nikki are talking, and Christine asks Sharon where Mariah and Tessa are.

Sharon says they’re away, and shows Nikki and Christine some pictures of Tessa and Mariah’s new baby.

Nikki says welcome to the grandparents club.

Sharon shows Nikki and Christine pictures of Tessa and Mariah's baby

Jill comes up to Billy and Chelsea, and Billy tells Jill that she looks beautiful.

Jill says she’s been getting reports of him making positive strides in his life… She heard it from Esther, of all people.

Billy says he’s trying his best.

Jill smiles as she talks with Billy and Chelsea

Jill says she’s sorry she was so hard on him when he left Chancellor-Winters and thinks he’s really figuring his life out.

She says that Johnny has been enjoying spending time with him and Chelsea.

Billy says she’s really complimentary today.

Chelsea and Billy smile as they talk with Jill

Jill says she unloaded on Tucker, and that got rid of her negativity.

She tells Chelsea she looks beautiful and says she’s happy to see her.

Diane says Phyllis must be lying about Kyle.

Phyllis and Diane continue to talk

Phyllis says she doesn’t like Diane, but she likes Kyle, she has no reason to lie.

Diane asks why Kyle hasn’t called a doctor if he’s so ill.

Phyllis says she should come with her.

Diane sends Kyle a text message

Diane says she’s going to ask Kyle what’s up. She sends him a text message and asks him asking if he’s alright.

Jeremy has Kyle’s phone. He smiles slyly as he sees Diane’s message come through.

Diane waits a bit and says that Kyle isn’t responding, and asks what Phyllis has planned.

Jeremy holds Kyle's phone

Phyllis says she can go alone to the room if she wants. She says she doesn’t need to accompany Diane and tells her what suite number Kyle is in.

Victor tells Victoria and Adam that if they worked as a team, they could rule the world.

Victor talk s with Adam and Victoria

Victoria and Adam go their separate ways.

Victoria goes over to Nate and asks if he got caught up with Elena.

Nate says he did, and they’re in a good place as a couple.

Victoria and Nate talk as he sits at the bar

Audra asks Elena how things are between her and Nate.

Elena says everything’s good, and she’s rethought the podcast with JT, and thinks it might be a good idea.

Audra says she’s happy to hear that.

Audra and Elena talk

Devon tells Lily that Neil loved the song that’s playing right now.

Lily says that’s a sign.

Devon says he hates that things went this far.

Lily and Devon talk on the patio

Lily tears up and asks Devon if they can just figure things out.

Devon thinks for a minute, and choking up, he says he’s going to drop the lawsuit.

They hug. Devon says he’s sorry, and Lily says she’s sorry too.

Lily and Devon hug

Summer and Kyle come back in and say they need to celebrate that the nanny found Harrison’s toy.

Daniel comes over and asks when Summer last saw their mother.

Summer says she saw Phyllis not too long ago.

Daniel and Summer talk while Kyle listens

Daniel says that Phyllis told him she was proud, and it was weird.

Summer says she said similar things to her.

Daniel and Summer agree that Phyllis was acting strangely.

Summer talks with Daniel

Daniel says that maybe he was too tough on her.

Kyle says that their mother’s behavior crossed the line and they had to set boundaries.

Leanna sees Diane go upstairs and Phyllis follows her. Leanna follows, looking curious as to where they’re going.

Leanna watches as Phyllis follows Diane up the stairs

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