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Y&R Recap – March 24: Leanna Love Returns to Everyone’s Dismay, Neil Is Honored by the Newmans, and Phyllis Makes Amends

Devon and Nate smile at the unveiling of Neil's portrait

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, March 24 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Phyllis holds up a golden mask with gems for teardrops

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis & Stark planned to make the gala a night nobody would ever forget, Jill proposes a deal to stop the IPO, and Mamie returned to the Abbott mansion.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Sally and Nick are approached by Nick and Sharon.

Nick and Sally get their photo taken

Sally compliments Sharon’s dress and Sharon returns the compliment.

The photogs ask for a photo of all of them together.

Nick says he’s surprised to see Sharon with Adam.

Sally, Nick, Adam and Sharon get their picture taken

Sharon says she can’t wait to have some champagne.

Jack and Diane get their photos taken, and Diane questions whether they’re still ready to announce their engagement.

Jack says he’s more than happy to.

Leanna Love shows up and says she forget her press credentials.

Jack recognizes her voice.

Leanna Love

Leanna comes up and says hello to Jack and Diane, saying that she’s surprised to see Diane alive.

Jack asks what brought her there.

Leanna says that she missed the city, and who was best to report on the gala but the famous fashionista(?)

Diane and Jack talk with Leanna Love

Crimson Lights

Billy comes into the coffee shop and sends Chelsea a message saying he’s there.

Billy sends a text to Chelsea saying he's at the coffee shop

Chelsea walks in right as he sends the message and tells him that she’s still trying to find something to wear.

Billy says she needs to just pick one.

Chelsea says she’s anxious. She thought she was ready to go out but isn’t sure she can do it.

Billy and Chelsea talk in Crimson Lights

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Diane says that as thrilled as Leanna is to see everyone, nobody will be thrilled to see her.

Leanna says there are going to be a lot of stories to write tonight, and she’s just the one to write them.

Jack says he’s concerned that Leanna will leak their engagement news before they are able to tell everyone, and Diane agrees.

Diane and Jack speak with Leanna Love

She gives Jack the ring so that nobody will see it before their announcement and he puts it in his pocket.

Phyllis is watching from the sidelines and sees the ring go into Jack’s pocket.

Phyllis watches as Jack pockets Diane's engagement ring

Nikki and Michael go to the bar, and Michael compliments Nikki on the gala.

Michael and Nikki meet at the bar

Nikki says she had a wonderful committee to help, and that the food and drink that Michael and Lauren arranged are out of this world.

She asks where Lauren is.

Michael says she’s on her way.

Michael talks with Nikki

Nick is hanging out with Victoria and Sally and says he’s glad he didn’t eat earlier.

Sally, Nick, and Victoria stand and talk at the party

Victoria tells Sally that the dress she’s wearing is drawing attention to the fact that she’s pregnant.

Nick says who cares if anyone figures it out, she looks stunning.

Nikki joins them and they compliment her on the decor.

Sally says it sounds like she has some surprises up her sleeve.

Sally, Nick, Victoria, and Nikki stand and talk at the gala

Victor asks why Ashley lowered herself to be with Tucker.

Victor talks with Ashley and Tucker

He says that Tucker is being used by Ashley and that he should sell him his company.

Tucker says he’s working out a deal with Devon.

Victor says good luck with that. He excuses himself to go talk with Jill.

Ashley looks at Tucker as Victor talks to them

Adam comes up to see Nick, Sally, and Nikki. Sharon’s on his arm, and they say hello.

Adam and Sharon talk to Nick and Sally

Nikki and Victoria excuse themselves.

He asks Adam if they’re good, as things were tense outside.

Nick says they’re good.

Sally looks at Nick as Adam and Sharon talk with them

Traci tells Mamie how much she means to her.

Traci and Mamie talk

Mamie says that the Athletic Club hasn’t changed at all.

She says it’s wonderful to be there.

Mamie holds up her mask as she and Traci talk

Crimson Lights

Billy and Chelsea sit down and he tells her that he understands that if she wants to stay home, that’s fine, they can hang out there.

Billy and Chelsea talk

Chelsea says that maybe it’s a good idea to venture outside her comfort zone. She says she can blend in and be an observer if needed.

She says she should just face her fears, that’s what her doctor would say.

Billy says if she’s not ready, she doesn’t need to push herself.

Billy talks with Chelsea

Chelsea wonders if she’s setting herself up to fail.

Billy tells her that she should do whatever she feels comfortable with.

Chelsea laughs and tells him it’d be a shame if nobody saw him looking handsome in a tuxedo.

Chelsea and Billy talk over a coffee

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Devon says to Abby that he sees Victor and Jill talking, and wonders what they’re talking about.

Devon and Abby look over at Jill and Victor talking

Victor leaves the table, and Mamie comes into the room and spots Jill.

Jill is surprised to see her… She doesn’t exactly look happy about it.

Jill says snidely that it’s delightful to see Mamie, and what a lovely dress she has.

Jill gets up in shock as she sees Mamie

Mamie says that Jill bought it, and has done well with the money that Jill paid her… In fact, she’s turned the $1 million into $10 million!

Jill tells her that she goes by Jill Abbott now.

Mamie says she didn’t recall that change.

Jill talks with Mamie

Jill says that they’ve aged gracefully, so they should let bygones be bygones.

Mamie sniffs and says she doesn’t think so. She walks away.

Mamie walks away from Jill

Lauren arrives and Nikki tells her to come to the bar.

Nikki makes an announcement as Lauren looks on

Nikki makes an announcement. She asks if everyone can make their way to the lounge, as there’s a very special surprise waiting for them.

A masked Jeremy goes into a suite upstairs in the club and takes a duplicate of Phyllis’s mask along with a vial full of liquid and a burner phone out of his bag.

Jeremy sends Phyllis a text, "Tonight all this ends".

He sends Phyllis a message that things will end for good tonight with Diane.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings Updated for March 2023

Y&R News

Phyllis gets Jeremy’s message downstairs in the club.

Phyllis gets a message from Stark. "Tonight this all ends - For good!"

She looks around and goes up to Lily and Daniel, telling them they both look great.

She asks Daniel if they can put a hold on their tension for the evening. Her voice breaks, and she tells Daniel she’s really proud of him.

Phyllis talks with Daniel and Lily

Phyllis, on the brink of tears, tells Lily that Daniel will achieve great things for her.

She runs away crying, leaving Daniel and Lily to talk.

Daniel apologizes for his mother’s behavior.

Daniel and Lily listen as Phyllis talks to them

Jack introduces Mamie to Kyle and Summer.

Jack introduces Mamie to Kyle and Summer

Mamie tells Kyle he’s handsome and tall and he has a lovely wife.

Diane says they’re going to the big reveal, whatever it may be, and asks if Mamie would like to go.

Summer says she’ll get some champagne with Traci while the others go get a table.

Phyllis is almost in tears as she talks to Summer

Phyllis comes up to Summer and Traci. She tears up and says that they’ve had conflicts, but she wants Summer to know that she’s proud of the woman she’s become.

She says that no matter what happens, she’s so proud of her daughter.

She hugs a puzzled Summer and walks away.

Phyllis hugs Summer as Traci looks on uncomfortably

Summer asks Traci if her mother’s acting weirder than usual.

Traci says Phyllis said some beautiful things, but she seemed desperate and strange.

In the lounge, Nikki makes a speech about it being the 200th anniversary of the founding of the town.

Nikki and Victor make a speech

Victor jokes that contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t in town since then.

Phyllis watches from the shadows, looking sad.

Nikki and Victor continue to talk about what a wonderful town Genoa City is.

Jack, Diane, Nate, Phyllis and Lily listen to the Newmans' speech

Nikki says they welcome changes that keep them young and vibrant, but they have to remember those who have been lost.

Victor says Neil Winters was one of the ones that were gone too soon.

Nikki says that they honor Katherine with a park and that someone else will be honored tonight.

Abby stands up and makes a speech about Neil

Victor invites Abby up to make an announcement.

Abby says that Neil Winters made great contributions to the city, and they’re officially unveiling the newly renovated Neil Winters Jazz Lounge.

They pull down a velvet curtain that was covering a portrait of Neil.

Devon and Nate smile broadly at the reveal.

Devon and Nate smile at the unveiling of Neil's portrait

Abby continues to tell them how Neil would sit in the lounge and enjoy music there and invites everyone to enjoy the gift to the community.

Devon talks to Victor and Nikki and thanks them for the tribute.

He asks Abby how she kept it a secret.

A portrait of Neil Winters hangs in the lounge

Abby just laughs.

They have a group picture taken, and the photog asks for Lily to join them.

Lily thanks the Newmans for the honor of her father.

Victor talks with Lily and Devon as Nikki looks on

Victor says Neil was a close friend who would move heaven and earth to get Lily and Devon to resolve the differences between them.

Devon and Lily look a bit uncomfortable.

Jill and Devon talk as they look at Neil's portrait

Jill tells Devon that even though it’s just a portrait, Neil is the sexiest man in the place.

Devon laughs and then gets serious. He asks Jill if Victor had anything to do with her changing her mind about the IPO.

Mamie tells Lily that she has her mother’s spirit. She’s strong.

Mamie talks with Lily

Lily thanks her and says it’s nice to have her there.

Nate comes up and gives Mamie a hug.

He says they need to update her on a few things.

Nate smiles as he stands beside Lily and talks with Mamie

Mamie suggests they get together and make a date to talk.

She excuses herself.

Lily tells Nate she’ll make some time for them all to get together.

Nate and Lily talk

Nate says that Neil would have loved the lounge.

Lily asks how Elena is, she hasn’t seen her.

Nate says she should be joining them soon, she was at work.

Lily walks away from Nate

He says that he hopes the event will help to patch up Devon and Lily’s relationship.

Lily doesn’t want to talk about it. She excuses herself and walks away.

Audra comes up to talk to Nate, but Victoria swoops in and steals him away.

Audra tries talking to Nate, but Victoria steals him away

Leanna is sitting and talking about how she knew Neil.

Ashley talks with Tucker as she gets up to set Leanna straight

Ashley watches and listens to Leanna talking. She tells Tucker she’s going to go set Leanna straight, and gets up to confront her.

Mamie intercepts Ashley, and Ashley is delighted to see her. They hug and talk.

Leanna listens in to Ashley and Mamie’s conversation until Ashley tells her it’s private and to butt out.

Ashley talks to Mamie as Leanna listens in

Victor comes over and says he didn’t think that Leanna was invited.

Leanna says it’s quite the forgiving town. She walks away.

Jill tells Victor that Devon confronted her about her involvement with Victor.

Victor talks with Leanna as Jill listens in

Lily comes and sits beside Devon, who raises a glass in a toast to his father.

She says that Devon and she are so close… Can’t they just fix this?

Lily sits beside Devon and talks with him

Nate and Victoria sit at the bar. Victoria looks him in the eye as they raise their drinks in a toast.

Victoria smiles as she raises her glass in a toast with Nate

Nate asks her if she knew about Neil’s “room” in the club.

Victoria says she had no idea about it.

Nate says that it’s really something that the Newmans would do something like this.

Victoria puts her hand on Nate's

Victoria puts her hand on his.

Elena walks in and stands beside Audra and sees Victoria’s hand on Nate’s.

Elena and Audra watch Victoria flirt with Nate

Phyllis knocks on the door to the room where Jeremy is.

Jeremy lets her in and says they’re supposed to be discreet. He asks if she’s having second thoughts.

Phyllis says that seeing Diane with her daughter made her realize this was the right move. She’s ready.

Jeremy and Phyllis talk

Diane takes Jack aside and says that maybe tonight isn’t the best time to make their announcement, as they don’t want to steal Neil’s thunder.

Jack agrees that they should wait.

Diane smiles as she talks with Jack

Next week on The Young and The Restless

Kyle says he doesn’t know Leanna but she’s looking for trouble.

Gina Roma returns to Genoa City.

Gina Roma hugs Traci

Diane talks with Phyllis in the upstairs room at the Athletic Club.

Diane talks with  Phyllis

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