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Y&R Recap – Mon Mar 25: Jordan’s Fate Revealed; Phyllis Pulls an Alarming Prank; Lily Refuses to Absolve Heather

Jordan Howard, Phyllis Summers, and Lily Winters.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Monday, March 25, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Mariah and Cassie hug; Victor Newman toasts; Claire Grace and Jordan Howard talk.

On the last episode of Y&R, Claire dreamed of Newman family bliss, Cassie’s comeback, and a farewell to Jordan.


Daniel walks into the lobby, and Devon calls out for Daniel to talk in his office.

Daniel Romalotti.

Devon says he wants to talk before everyone else gets into the office.

Daniel asks him to lay it on him.

Devon says he’s never going to be happy about the situation between Daniel and Lily.

Devon Hamilton-Winters talks to Daniel.

Daniel nods. He understands.

Devon says Daniel came clean about it and kept his word, and he appreciates him doing that.

Daniel says he doesn’t need praise for telling Lily the truth; he cares about her and always will.

Daniel Romalotti talks to Devon.

Devon says that there’s no going back now… If Daniel wakes up and realizes he made a mistake and wants to come back to Lily, it’s not going to happen.

Daniel says Lily is amazing, and he respects her, but he has a chance to get his family back and doubts he’ll regret it.

Devon says he wants to ensure that Daniel never thinks Lily should give him a second chance.

Devon and Danny talk.

Crimson Lights

Lily is sitting on the patio and working on her tablet when she goes to get a coffee refill.

Heather walks into the coffee shop, and their eyes meet.

Heather Stevens-Romalotti and Lily Winters.

The Genoa City Athletic Club (GCAC)

Christine walks into the dining room and approaches Danny.

Danny gets up and kisses her, telling her she looks gorgeous. They have a seat, and he asks if she got his message… Was it too corny?

Danny Romalotti and Christine Blair.

Christine laughs and says she feels like the luckiest woman on the planet because Danny Romalotti sang her a beautiful voicemail.

Danny says the luckiest person at the table is him.

Christine says she should be able to clear her schedule for the next few months, and if his invitation is still open, she’d love to go on the first leg of his tour with him.

Danny kisses her hand. “Amazing!”

Christine smiles at Danny.

Newman Ranch

Victoria asks Claire and her mother how they slept; did they even sleep?

Claire says she’d gone upstairs after her dream and was able to sleep a bit.

Victoria Newman, Claire Grace, and Nikki Newman sit in the living room.

Nikki asks about her dream.

Claire tells her grandmother she fell asleep on the couch, and dreamed what her life would have been like if she’d grown up as a Newman.

Nikki smiles and says that must have been interesting.

Nikki talks to Claire as Victoria listens.

Victoria says it makes her sad.

Claire tells her mom she didn’t mean to upset her.

Victoria says she’s not upset at Claire… She’s angry at the woman who took everything from Claire that she deserved to have and says Jordan can’t take anything more from her now.

Victoria Newman holds a mug.

Nikki hopes Claire’s dream was a happy one.

Claire says it was; most of it was beautiful, except for a few horrible moments when Jordan crept in and turned it into a nightmare.

Nikki gets it. She says she’s surprised Jordan wasn’t too busy haunting her dreams to be in Claire’s.

Nikki talks to Victoria as Claire looks on.

Victoria says haunting is the only thing Jordan can do to them now… Her reign of terror is over.

Nikki says she thought she’d feel at peace and in charge of her life after facing Jordan, but it turns out it’s not that simple… Did she forget who they’re dealing with?

Victoria says nobody could have predicted that Jordan would poison herself in front of them.

Claire talks with Nikki.

Claire says she can’t help but wonder if things should have ended differently.

Victor walks in and is thankful that everyone is safe. He says he would have never let them go there if he knew what “that woman” was up to.

Victoria says it’ll take them some time to get through it, but they’re okay.

Nikki and Victor Newman hold hands.

Victor tells Nikki he knows that it took a toll on her, both physically and emotionally.

Nikki says Victoria’s right… They just need time.

Victor says Nikki never came to bed last night.

Nikki looks at Victor.

Nikki says she didn’t want to wake Victor, so she slept in the guest room.

Victor says he heard her enter the guest room; he tried to open the door, but it was locked. He says he knows she’s trying to avoid talking to him; he wanted to be with them when they faced Jordan so he could take charge of things.

Nikki says Victor’s right. When she got home last night, she didn’t feel like talking, and the bodyguard, Larry, had told Victor the rest of the story, so there wasn’t much for her to say. She needed to forget and clear her head for a few hours.

Victor says he’s not happy with the choice they made. He didn’t want the three of them to face that homicidal maniac alone!

Victor Newman.

Crimson Lights

Heather approaches Lily as she makes her way back to her table. She welcomes her home.

Lily says Heather already welcomed her home when she went to Daniel’s apartment and walked in on their warm, fuzzy family moment.

Lily Winters talks to Heather Stevens-Romalotti.

Heather nods and says she’s glad Mattie is doing better; it must have been nice for Lily to see her.

Lily cuts her off and says she’s not doing this with her; she doesn’t want to hear it. She left town, and Heather got what she wanted… Congratulations! She says she has nothing to say to her. She heads back to her table.

Heather follows her and says there was nothing premeditated about what happened between her and Daniel, and she never intended to hurt Lily.

Heather and Lily talk in the indoor patio.

Lily says she knows Heather never intended to hurt her because Heather never thought about her at all. Lily wasn’t even a consideration for Heather, and she doesn’t believe for a second that it wasn’t premeditated. She knows that Heather’s feelings for Daniel came back before she even left; Heather saw that he was the man she wanted him to be and wanted him back.

Heather says she can’t deny that.

Lily says it was lucky for Heather that she left town to take care of her daughter… Heather was able to zero in on Daniel right away.

Lily Winters.


Daniel tells Devon he doesn’t expect another chance with Lily, but he wants to make the situation less uncomfortable for her.

Devon says that’s what he’s trying to do; this is why they’re having this conversation.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Daniel says he doesn’t want to sound cruel, but none of this would have ever happened if it didn’t feel right. He says he never intended to hurt Lily.

Devon says he believes that Daniel never set out to intentionally hurt Lily, but he did. He wants Daniel to keep his distance from Lily… She doesn’t need to be reminded of what Daniel put her through.

Daniel says he’ll do his best, but they live in the same building.

Daniel Romalotti sits on a sofa as he talks to Devon.

Devon is aware of that since he owns the building; it was a mistake to think that would work out.

Daniel says they work in the same building, too… OmegaSphere is a division of Chancellor-Winters. Is Devon thinking of getting rid of OmegaSphere and Daniel, too?

Devon says it’s crossed his mind.

Devon talks to Daniel.

The GCAC Dining Room

Christine tells Danny she has one condition about going on tour with him… They have to go first class all the way!

Christine Blair smiles at Danny Romalotti.

Danny says she wouldn’t be able to have a “true” rock-and-roll experience if they went first class all the way… They need to take coach seats, stay in fleabag motels with lumpy beds, and drive around in crappy vans and buses. He says it’s an adventure, like going on a cabin trip on wheels without the tents; she’s going to love it!

Christine says she’s got to recheck her schedule… She thinks something might have come up.

Danny laughs and says she drives a hard bargain.

Danny laughs as he talks to Christine.

Christine shrugs. Take it or leave it!

Danny smiles and takes her hand. He tells her that because it’s her, they’ll go first class all the way, but next time… They’ll renegotiate!

They kiss.

Christine and Danny kiss.

Christine tells Danny that they should skip breakfast and get a room.

Danny thinks that’s a great idea. He leaves the table.

Christine grins and grabs her phone. She sends Nina a message: “Can’t meet you in a couple hours after all. You’ll be glad when I tell you why. Talk later.” She looks up as someone walks in.

Christine sends Nina a text message.

Phyllis says “poor bug” is all alone… Did someone stand her up?

Christine smiles and thanks Phyllis for her concern, but she’s fine… She’s really fine.

Phyllis says Christine is brave and inspires her. She sits at the table and says Christine doesn’t have to pretend; she should admit she’s as miserable and lonely as she deserves!

Phyllis Summers talks to Christine.

Christine smiles and says, “Whatever you say.”

Phyllis says Danny is on tour to escape from her and Christine, which should “chill him out.” She’ll probably catch one of his shows… Maybe she’ll see them all! A change of environment is very therapeutic, after all.

Christine’s phone pings with a notification, and she smiles. She tells Phyllis she should enjoy it.

Christine smiles as she talks to Phyllis.

Phyllis says Christine can follow her on social media, where she has thousands of other followers. She wouldn’t want Christine to miss out on all the fun!

Christine looks at Danny’s message to her. “Room 427.” She tells Phyllis she has to hand it to her… When she’s wrong, she’s really wrong. She tells Phyllis to take care of herself, leaves the dining room, and heads upstairs.

Phyllis laughs and says she always takes care of herself. As she watches Christine head up the stairs to the suites, the smile drops off her face.

Christine walks away from Phyllis.

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Y&R Spoilers

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Newman Ranch

Claire asks Victor how he wanted things to end with Jordan; she’s torn about the way it happened.

Victor says he wanted it to end in finality so none of them would have to worry about that “crazy woman” again.

Victor Newman gestures as he talks.

Claire nods and says they felt the same way but had different ideas of how that would look.

Victor says he wouldn’t have minded if Jordan had rotted in hell on that basement floor… The basement floor that Jordan had planned for him and Nikki to die on.

Victoria says it was Jordan’s idea to bring the poison into the room to try to kill Victor and Nikki, and it was her idea to drink the poison when the tables were turned on her.

Claire Grace and Nikki Newman.

Claire says it didn’t work. Nikki took back control, which still amazes her.

Nikki says she couldn’t stoop to Jordan’s level and let her die in front of them.

Victor doesn’t understand… Why wouldn’t Nikki want that?

Nikki talks to Victor as Claire looks on.

Nikki says she didn’t dial 911 because she wanted to… She had to, or she wouldn’t have been able to live with herself.

Victor says Larry called him when the police and ambulance arrived to bring Jordan to the hospital. He’s furious… Jordan could break out of the hospital and terrorize them all again! He’s going to call the hospital and find out how Jordan is doing; hopefully, she’s not doing well! He leaves the room.

Victoria wonders if Victor was right… Should they have stopped Nikki from calling 911?

Claire and Nikki sit on the couch as Victor stands up.

Nikki says there’s no point in second-guessing themselves… It can’t be undone.

Claire asks if Nikki regrets letting Jordan live.

Nikki says she doesn’t. Death is an easy way out for Jordan; she needs to suffer behind bars for the rest of her life!

Victoria talks to Nikki and Claire.

Claire says it’s true, but when Jordan went to prison before, she burned it to the ground, and people died. Wherever she ends up next, she’ll never stop until she gets what she wants.

Nikki says they’ll have to do what it takes to ensure that doesn’t happen.


Daniel thinks Devon might be making “a bad business decision” and asks if Lily would have the final say.

Daniel Romalotti.

Devon says Lily would have the final say, but if he needs to get rid of OmegaSphere for Lily’s benefit, he will! He says nothing in their contract says they can’t keep the OmegaSphere division and replace Daniel, and Devon will always choose his family over his business.

Daniel says he and Lily have gone through this type of thing before, and they made it through.

Devon says it’s different this time; Daniel cheated on her with the mother of his child while Lily was dealing with an emergency.

Devon Hamilton-Winters talks to Danny.

Daniel says he’ll always be sorry about that. He says Devon didn’t stop Billy from coming back to the company after he broke up with Lily.

Devon says he didn’t have a choice regarding that; Billy is Jill’s son, but Daniel is a different story.

Daniel asks what the bottom line is.

Devon says he doesn’t know what will happen with OmegaSphere until he talks with Lily, and when he does have that conversation, Daniel will be the first person to know.

Danny and Devon talk.

Crimson Lights

Heather sits down and tells Lily she makes it sound like Heather was waiting for Lily to leave so she could lure Daniel into a romantic trap, but that’s not what happened; it caught them both by surprise!

Lily laughs and says she’s sure it did.

Lily laughs as she talks to Heather.

Heather says nothing would have happened between them unless Daniel also wanted it.

Lily says she knows; she holds Daniel very responsible for his choices.

Heather says she’s sorry that this has caused Lily pain, and she knows Daniel is sorry, too. Neither of them saw it coming, and Daniel made it clear that they had to keep their distance until he had spoken to Lily in person.

Heather Stevens-Romalotti.

Lily says it doesn’t matter how many times they’d been intimate; that fact that they did it at all is what matters. They shared their “wonderful news” with Lucy and Devon, and that changes everything.

Heather says she doesn’t know what else to say that she hasn’t already.

Lily says she doesn’t want Heather to say anything; she didn’t want to talk to her in the first place, but Heather followed her to her table. She says she understands why it happened between her and Daniel, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Lily Winters.

Heather says she gets it; she’s had her heart broken, too.

Lily says this isn’t just a heartbreak but a double betrayal by them both! She says she and Daniel have a lot of history… They ran off to Vegas to get married, and that may not have lasted, but their friendship always did, and she thought it always would.

Heather says she doesn’t doubt that’s what Daniel wants, too.

Heather looks at Lily.

Lily shakes her head. Friends don’t do that to each other! She says she welcomed Heather back to Genoa City and got her a job at Chancellor-Winters right away, and if Heather had any respect for her, she would have turned her down! She says Heather needs to stay away from her and not talk to her. She doesn’t want to hear an apology because she won’t absolve her. Heather made her choice, and she’s making hers!

Heather says she assumes that means Lily is going to fire her.

Lily says she doesn’t know; she hasn’t decided yet. She leaves the table and prepares to leave the cafe.

Lily smiles at Daniel Romalotti as she leaves.

Daniel enters the coffee shop and runs into Lily as she’s leaving. He asks how she is.

Lily smiles brightly and says she’s great. She leaves the cafe.

Danny’s Suite at the GCAC

Christine walks up to Danny’s suite that he rented. The door is open, and she walks in, smiling, as she sees flowers and candles everywhere. She says it looks like Danny is trying to seduce her.

Christine looks through the door at candles and flowers.

Danny says that’s the plan. He hits a button on a remote, and music starts playing. He gives Christine a long-stemmed rose, and they kiss, dancing softly.

Soon, they fall onto the bed, and their clothes start coming off.

Christine and Danny dance and kiss. Christine is holding a rose.

In the hallway, Phyllis walks up and hears the music through their door. She presses her ear to the door to listen.

Phyllis listens at Danny and Christine's door.

Newman Ranch

Nikki tells Claire she’s sorry she snapped at her; the three of them need to be stronger and more bonded than ever.

Victoria says they are bonded. They’re all a little stressed right now; no apologies!

Nikki talks to Claire.

Victor walks in and takes a seat. He says he’s got some bad news… Jordan is on the mend; she’s recovering and will be transferred to a maximum security prison soon. He asks Nikki if she can understand why he’s upset.

Nikki says she doesn’t know why Victor is blaming her for this… Were they supposed to let Jordan die in that basement? That would make them as inhuman and despicable as Jordan is!

Victor says he couldn’t think of a better way for Jordan to die. She should have died there on that basement floor by her own hand!

Victor Newman.

Nikki says Jordan should have a lonely and empty existence behind bars where she has nothing else to think about except how she’d failed to destroy the Newmans.

Victor thinks Jordan will escape again… What then?

Nikki says this is the punishment she deserves.

Claire looks on as Nikki talks to Victor.

Victor grumbles and says there’s no sense in discussing this further; what’s done is done! He hopes the three of them will be able to forget their last encounter with Jordan.

Claire says part of her hates saying it, but she wishes Jordan was gone. She understands wanting Jordan to suffer, but she’d rather know that Jordan could never come after them again. She wouldn’t have shed a tear if they’d sat there and watched the poison Jordan took do its job.

Victor couldn’t agree more. He’s glad it’s over, and Jordan is out of their lives. He hopes the prison system will keep her behind its walls this time; hopefully, they know what they’re dealing with. He says the next time he says something is a bad idea, they should listen to him. He gets up and leaves the room.

Nikki watches as Victor leaves the room.

Crimson Lights

Heather tells Daniel that Lily told her she felt betrayed not just romantically but also in Daniel’s friendship with her.

Daniel nods. He says he and Lily have been through “pretty much everything” since they were teenagers, but they’ve always managed to keep their friendship through it. He hopes they’ll be able to remain friends but says it’s up to Lily this time.

Daniel Romalotti talks to Heather Stevens-Romalotti.

Heather hopes Daniel and Lily can remain friends, too.

Daniel says he’s sorry; his actions and betrayal caused this… Heather shouldn’t have to deal with the fallout.

Heather says she betrayed Lily, too… Lily was so nice to her when she and Lucy came back to town and hired her at Chancellor-Winters, and look how she repaid her! She says facing Lily was rough, but she doesn’t want to waste time feeling sorry for herself since she’s not the injured party. She says Lily has every right to be hurt and angry at them both.

Heather talks to Daniel.

Daniel says Lily sounded very understanding when he talked to her about it.

Heather says Lily was blindsided by it and hadn’t processed it yet, but she’s starting to process it now… She saw it in her eyes when they talked, and Lily was angry. Heather doesn’t think they’ve seen the full extent of Lily’s reaction to this.


Lily walks into the office and sits at her desk.

Lily sits and talks to Devon.

Devon asks what happened… She’s in a mood!

Lily says she ran into Heather at Crimson Lights. Heather asked her how Mattie was doing… Like she cares about anyone but herself! She said she didn’t want to talk to Heather and walked away.

Devon nods. “Good.”

Devon sits on the sofa and talks to Lily.

Lily says Heather followed her onto the patio and told her that she and Daniel were sorry and that they didn’t plan any of this. She says she didn’t realize how upset she was until she saw Heather’s face.

Devon nods. He understands. He says she has to try not to stay angry about stuff she can’t control; she has to let it go.

Lily asks why she should let it go.

Lily talks to Devon.

Devon says it’s not worth her time.

Lily says she has a lot of time and energy to spare, so she can be upset about Daniel and his “new, stupid girlfriend.” She will move on, though—that’s what she always does! She sighs and says it really hurts.

Devon asks if there’s anything he can do to help her through it.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Lily raises an eyebrow. Any suggestions?

Devon says they could shut down OmegaSphere and let Daniel go so he wouldn’t have to be in her orbit every day.

Lily says she’s thought about cutting OmegaSphere and letting Daniel go.

Lily Winters.

Devon says they could get rid of Heather, too.

Lily says she’s fantasized about making Heather clean out her desk, pick up her final paycheck, and leave, but that’d be immature and unprofessional. She says Daniel created OmegaSphere, and it’s doing great. As much as she hates to admit it, Heather is a good attorney, and they can use her at the company.

Devon nods. “Unfortunately, she is a good lawyer.”

Devon sits on the desk as he talks to Lily.

Lily says he needs to tell her as her business partner and not her brother whether she should suck it up and put on her big girl pants.

Devon says they must do whatever it takes to keep Lily focused and happy.

Lily says “happy” might be a stretch.

Lily gestures as she talks to Devon.

Crimson Lights

Daniel tells Heather they both feel bad about Lily and care about her feelings, but they’ll handle whatever happens now together. He says Heather, Lucy, and him are a family again, and that’s something he never thought could be possible, so that’s what they need to focus on… They can’t risk losing it again.

Daniel Romalotti talks with Heather Stevens-Romalotti.

Danny’s GCAC Suite

Danny and Christine make out on the bed while Phyllis listens at the door.

Danny and Christine cuddle.

Phyllis looks ill as she hears the music inside Danny’s room. She walks away, looking hurt, until she stops with a calculating look on her face.

Phyllis glances at the fire alarm and pulls it. Strobes flash, and an alarm sounds.

Phyllis catches her finger in the alarm, and she shakes her hand. She runs away, grinning and sucking her finger.

Phyllis runs away from the fire alarm.

Newman Ranch

Victoria says she’s glad Victor calmed down again.

Claire says Victor didn’t seem that calm.

Claire Grace and Victoria Newman.

Nikki says he’ll calm down, even if he doesn’t agree with how they handled “the Jordan situation.”

Claire says Victor was right; it’s behind them now.

Nikki says one good thing came out of it… The whole awful experience brought them closer together as grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter.

Nikki Newman and Victoria Newman.

Claire says Nikki’s right; that’s something Jordan can never take away from them again.

Nikki says they may not agree on the outcome, but they braved it together. They did beat Jordan.

The three women hug each other tightly.

Claire, Nikki, and Victoria smile as they hug one another.

Genoa City Memorial Hospital

Jordan is handcuffed to a hospital bed. She thinks to herself that the poison got her out of that room; that was the point!

Jordan thinks she must stay in the hospital long enough to figure out her next move. She yanks on her handcuffs, testing their limits.

Jordan lies in a hospital bed, handcuffed.

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