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Y&R Recap – Mar 13: Phyllis Makes Her Move, Nate Reassures Elena, and Jack & Diane Shock Kyle and Summer With Their Engagement

Kyle and Summer look shocked by Jack and Diane's engagement

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, March 13 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

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Newman Media

Victoria comes into Nate’s office looking for him.

Audra is going through some paperwork. She makes sure that Victoria knows that Nate’s having a romantic date with Elena.

Victoria sits down and says that she’s lucky to have Nate as an employee.

She says that Audra’s suspicions about Tucker were correct, that he offered the company to Devon.

Audra sits and talks with Victoria in Nate's office

Audra says that Tucker’s attention span doesn’t last long, and he could get tired of waiting for Devon to act.

Victoria says they should get his attention away from Devon, and they’ll swoop in and scoop it up. She calls Nate and leaves him a message.

When Victoria gets off the phone, Audra tells her how much she admires her.

Victoria sits in Nate's office and talks with Audra

She says that despite loving her own family, she doesn’t mind getting Nate to work against his family.

She says that Victoria focuses on Newman’s bottom lines.

Victoria says that the Newman family is always united.

Audra talks with Victoria

Audra says that few families can claim that.

Victoria says that if one person in a family is a weak link, that’s not the person’s fault.

Audra asks if they’re talking about Devon and Tucker.

Victoria looks concerned as she speaks with Audra

Victoria says of course she’s talking about Devon and Tucker, and wonders if Audra is reading into things too much.

Audra says she understands completely. She says she’ll let Nate know that Victoria stopped by.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Nate comes into the hotel lobby and meets Elena there.

Nate and Elena stand in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix Hotel and talk

He mentions that he has more than a working relationship with Victoria and that things are going really well at the office.

Elena asks him what’s really going on between him and Victoria.

Nate wonders where this is coming from.

Elena talks with Nate in the hotel lobby

Elena says that she ran into Audra at Crimson Lights and that she told her that Nate and Elena are getting closer than just being coworkers.

Nate says that the only thing going on between him and Victoria is business. He says that he works well with Victoria and that she’s not stifling him like he was at Chancellor-Winters.

Elena is reassured and says she doesn’t want to cause tension between them.

Nate and Elena talk

She laughs and says that it’s not like Victoria and Nate are having an affair.

Nate says that’s for sure. He assures Elena that he loves her and they need to spend more time together.

Elena says she wants to be cuddled up in bed with him.

Nate says they should just head home instead, and they kiss and leave the hotel.

Nate and Elena kiss

The Abbott Mansion

Jack and Diane are sitting on the couch reading, and Jack mentions that Diane hasn’t changed pages for a while.

Jack and Diane sit on the couch in the cabin, reading

Diane says she has a feeling that there’s something wrong.

Jack brings Diane some wine and asks what’s on her mind.

Diane tells Jack that she got a call earlier while he was out, and thinks that it might mean that Jeremy knows where they are.

Jack and Diane sit on the couch in the cabin with a glass of wine each, talking.

Jack thinks it’s a long shot.

Diane says that if Jeremy knows they’re there, then their families are unprotected.

Jack reassures her that her family is safe. He says that being far away from their families is causing its own issues.

Diane talks with Jack

Diane says they should just go home so they can make sure of it themselves.

Jack’s phone rings. It’s Kyle.

After the phone call, Jack tells Diane that Stark has left town for Europe in pursuit of them.

Jack gets a call from Kyle

Diane wonders if it’s true, and why he thinks they’re in Europe.

Jack says that Kyle spoke to a friend at the airport who verified that Jeremy had bought a ticket.

He says that with that information, maybe they should just head back to town.

Jack talks with Diane

Diane asks if they’re going to tell people about their engagement.

Jack says absolutely, they’ll tell the world.

Jeremy Stark’s Hotel Room

Jeremy is in his room talking with Phyllis.

Jeremy and Phyllis stand in his hotel room and talk

Phyllis says that Jack and Diane are in the cabin, not too far from them.

Jeremy says that they think they’re safe at the cabin, and it’s time to change their minds about their safety.

Phyllis says they need to make sure they do this properly, and that she needs him to know that she’s in 100%.

Phyllis and Jeremy talk about Jack and Diane

She tells Jeremy that nobody is more resourceful than her at getting what she wants.

Jeremy asks what they need to do.

Phyllis says they need to lure Diane and Jack back to town, and that she wants to make sure that Phyllis’s family isn’t in danger.

She says that they need to make them think that the danger has disappeared.

Jeremy and Phyllis talk

Crimson Lights

Kyle enters the coffee shop and finds Summer having a cup of coffee.

Kyle sits and talks with Summer

He sits down and asks why she’s looking glum. He says he knows there’s a lot going on, but they’ll work through it.

Summer isn’t so sure, she says she didn’t even tell him about the run-in she had with Phyllis.

She says that Phyllis has set her sights on Diane again.

Summer and Kyle sit and have a coffee while they talk in Crimson Lights

Summer says that Phyllis was acting odd, that she’d bought a gift for Harrison, and started asking questions about Jack and Diane… Asking where they were and how long they’d be away.

Kyle asks if she’s digging just to keep in the loop.

Summer thinks that Phyllis was acting suspiciously.

Phyllis comes into Crimson Lights and talks with Kyle and Summer

At that moment, Phyllis comes into the coffee shop and says that she knows they don’t want to talk to her, but she needs to talk to them about Jeremy Stark.

She says that Jeremy is on the way to Paris, and he’s after Diane and Jack.

Kyle is suspicious and asks how she knows this.

Kyle and Summer listen as Phyllis tells her tales

Phyllis says that ever since Jeremy has come to town, he’s been hounding her to exact revenge on Diane.

She says she told him no, but it’s the truth.

Kyle asks why they’re only finding this out now.

Summer looks at Phyllis suspiciously

Phyllis says that she didn’t think they’d believe her. She says that Jeremy’s not just talking about revenge, he’s flying to Europe to find them.

Kyle says he needs to make a phone call, but he forgot his phone.

Phyllis hands it over. “Looking for this?”

Phyllis gives Kyle his phone

Kyle takes his phone and heads outside to make a call.

Summer says that it’s hard to have sympathy for Phyllis.

Phyllis says that she’s working hard to change her attitude towards her.

Summer and Phyllis stand and talk in the coffee shop

Summer says that she hopes that Phyllis isn’t lying and that she wants to trust her.

Phyllis says she wants that too and leaves the coffee shop.

Kyle comes back to the coffee shop, and Summer asks if he was able to reach Jack.

Kyle and Summer talk in the coffee shop

Kyle confirms that he talked to him and that he also confirmed that Jeremy chartered a plane to Europe.

Summer says that things aren’t adding up, and wonders why Phyllis had Kyle’s phone.

She wonders if Phyllis is actually working with Jeremy Stark, and wonders if Diane and Jack should come back.

Summer and Kyle stand in the coffee shop, talking.

Kyle says that he’s misplaced his phone a lot lately and that it’s locked, so Phyllis couldn’t have done anything.

He says that nobody is letting down their guard and that Jack and Diane were planning to come back even before he told them Jeremy was out of town.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack and Diane arrive home and Jack says they sure have a lot of luggage for a short trip.

Jack and Diane arrive home at the Abbott Mansion

Diane says that she’s been thinking about their engagement news, but they need to be practical, and make sure that Kyle is ok with it first.

Jack says Kyle knows they’re in love, he’ll be fine.

Diane says that even though it feels good to them, Kyle may not accept it.

Jack and Diane talk in the living room

She says that others might have issues with the news too.

Jack says they tell immediate family now and tell others later on.

Diane says she’ll have to wait to show off her gorgeous ring.

Diane holds her ring on Jack's chest and smiles

Crimson Lights

Elena comes into Crimson Lights and sees Victoria there.

Elena comes into the coffee shop and sees Victoria there

Victoria is surprised to see her, she thought that Elena and Nate were having a romantic evening.

She apologizes for keeping Nate late at the office and tells Elena to put her drink on her tab.

Elena asks how Nate’s doing at Newman.

Victoria smiles as she talks with Elena in the coffee shop

Victoria sings Nate’s praises and says that if he sticks with her, she can see bigger and better things in his future.

Victoria says that Elena must be proud of Nate and all that he’s accomplished.

Elena says that he’s great.

Elena looks unconvinced as she speaks with Victoria

Victoria says that she remembers what an incredible doctor he was, and now he’s pivoted into a great businessman.

She says it was great running into Elena and wishes her a good evening.

Newman Media

Nate comes to the office and asks what business Audra has interfering in his relationship with Elena.

Nate and Audra talk in his office

He says that Elena thinks that he’s getting too close to Victoria, and says that Elena got that idea from her.

Audra apologizes if she gave Elena the wrong idea. She says she was just trying to give Elena an idea of the good vibes in the office.

Nate wonders if that’s all she said.

Audra gestures as she speaks with Nate

Audra leaves his office, and a little while later, Elena comes to Nate’s office and brings him a coffee.

Nate says he thought she was at home.

Elena apologizes and says she was out of line earlier. She says that she knows that work can be overwhelming, even in the most demanding environments.

Elena brings Nate a coffee in his office

Nate says that means a lot.

Elena says that she sees him sinking deeper into work and that they almost broke up from him getting too involved in his work.

Nate says that Elena will never lose him and he loves her. He says they lost their way before but he’s working to build a future for them.

Nate and Elena get close and kiss as they talk

He kisses her, and his phone rings.

It’s Victoria. She says that she talked to Elena and had heard that she was going home, and wanted to talk to him.

Nate says he’s there in the office with Elena and asks if it can wait until tomorrow.

Victoria says that they can talk tomorrow.

Nate is on the phone with Victoria

Jeremy Stark’s Hotel Room

Phyllis comes to Jeremy’s door and tells him that it’s done, that Kyle and Summer think he’s left town.

Jeremy says that bringing Phyllis on board was his most brilliant idea yet.

Phyllis says he’s a mastermind and asks what’s next.

Jeremy says that the next bit may be hard on her, he needs Phyllis to get back into Diane and Jack’s graces.

Phyllis talks to Jeremy in his hotel room

Phyllis says she’s not doing it.

Jeremy says he’ll just have to recruit someone else then.

Phyllis backs up and says she’ll do whatever he needs.

Jeremy says they need one or two personal items of Diane’s.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle and Summer come home and find Jack and Diane there.

Jack looks pleased as he stands beside Diane and talks to Kyle and Summer

Jack thanks him for letting them know about Stark.

Diane says there’s something urgent they need to discuss.

Jack says he proposed to Diane, and lucky him, she accepted.

Kyle and Summer look shocked by Jack and Diane's engagement

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