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Y&R Recap – March 14: Victoria Plants Seeds of Doubt With Nick Then Asks Nate Up To Her Room, Phyllis Tells Jack & Diane of Her Involvement, and Sally is Haunted by Thoughts of Adam

Phyllis smiles as she talks with Lauren

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, March 14 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Phyllis sends Jeremy a text message. "I found them."

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis made her move on Diane, Nate reassured Elena about Victoria, and Jack & Diane shocked Kyle and Summer with their engagement announcement.

The Abbott Mansion

In the living room, Kyle says he didn’t see Jack and Diane’s engagement coming.

Kyle and Summer talk with Jack and Diane in the Abbott living room

Jack says it made perfect sense, and the moment surprised him. It felt right.

Kyle says the timing is weird… They left town to escape Jeremy and came back when they found out that Stark had left.

He wonders if Jack proposed to Diane as a reaction to Jeremy Stark’s threats.

Jack says that the looming threat of Jeremy Stark wasn’t why he proposed. He says that this has been a long time coming.

Jack smiles as he looks into Diane's eyes as he talks with Kyle and Summer.

Diane says that she knows that forgiveness must be earned.

Jack says he fell in love with Diane when he realized she was trying to protect Kyle, and she’s a changed person.

He says Diane has nothing left to prove, and he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He says that their love has continued through the years, and they won’t deny it any longer.

Kyle looks surprised as he talks with Jack and Diane

Diane says they have wisdom now and they’ve matured into different people. She says they’re better together than they are apart.

Jack says that Diane is part of the family, and this is the natural next step.

Kyle says that a lot of people won’t see this as a natural next step, but he wants them to be happy.

Summer looks unimpressed as she speaks with Diane and Jack

Summer sounds a bit doubtful, but says that they do seem happy together.

Kyle says he needs time for it to sink in.

Diane asks that they see it in their hearts to agree with her and Jack’s decision to be together.

Jack looks at Diane as they speak with Kyle and Summer

Jack asks them to keep quiet about it, as it would cause a lot of commotion if it came out.

Summer says they’ll keep it under their hats.

They leave, and Summer says to Kyle, “What the hell was that?

Summer takes off her coat and talks to Kyle


Phyllis is outside of the restaurant talking on the phone with Jeremy Stark.

Phyllis stands outside Society and talks on her phone with Jeremy

She says she’s moving on to the next step of their plan, but it’s going to take a while.

Jeremy asks why, seems like he’s threatening her.

She says she shouldn’t have to remind him not to hurt her family.

Phyllis smiles at Lauren as she says hangs up on Jeremy Stark.

Lauren walks by and says hello. Phyllis says goodbye to Jeremy and smiles innocently at Lauren.

Phyllis and Lauren sit down at a table inside.

Phyllis seems nervous and agitated as she talks with Lauren. Phyllis thanks Lauren for telling her she was too intense earlier.

Lauren and Phyllis are seated in the restaurant

She wants to know about Lauren’s Bicentennial Party.

Lauren asks what’s going on, saying that Phyllis has weird energy.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Nick walks into the lobby of the hotel to meet Victoria. He sits down with her.

Victoria’s having a glass of wine and asks about Sally.

Nick and Victoria sit in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix Hotel and talk.

Nick says that she’s having a tough time emotionally, but she’s fine physically.

Victoria says that with Adam involved, it must be complicated.

Nick says that Adam’s been fine, surprisingly.

Victoria says Nick has the ability to see the best in people.

Nick and Victoria sit and talk

Nick laughs and says Victoria doesn’t have a heart at all.

Victoria says that it comes in handy when she’s dealing with people like Adam.

She says that since Adam is acting responsibly lately, they must watch out for him.

She says that Adam and Sally are better together than she is with Nick.

Nick and Victoria look down as they laugh and talk

Nick says he doesn’t agree but can see why she’d say that.

Nick says that he’s worried that Adam will cause Sally stress, saying that neither Sally nor the baby need that to happen.

He says that when Victor is planning for Adam to run McCall when they take it over.

Victoria says that’ll never happen, he’ll have to figure out a way to get what he wants.

Nick looks up as he talks to Victoria

Nick says to let Adam and Victor do whatever they want, who cares.

Victoria says that she won’t let go of McCall and that it’ll end in disaster for Victor and Adam.

Nick asks if they should schedule the fight for another time.

Nate comes to talk to Victoria while Nick is there

Nate walks in and says to Victoria that he wants to finish talking about the deal.

Victoria says sure, that Nick just stopped by for a quick drink and is leaving.

Nick says he’d better get upstairs and wishes them a good conversation. He heads up on the elevator to see Sally.

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Y&R News

Sally’s Hotel Room

Sally is asleep and dreaming of Summer brushing Sally’s hair and saying that she senses a connection between Adam and Sally.

In Sally's dream, Summer is brushing Sally's hair.

Adam suddenly appears in her dream, replacing Summer. He says to Sally that they were meant to be.

He presents her with a bundle of roses, and she says that she remembers the first time he brought her flowers.

In her dream, they reminisce and she says that she’s thankful for him.

Sally holds roses from Adam in her dream

She smiles and asks why Adam’s there.

Adam says they’re meant to be, and they both know it.

He asks if she remembers how perfect things were when they were together.

In Sally's dream, Adam talks with her

Sally whispers that she remembers.

Adam says that they understood each other, and they loved each other.

He says the baby represents their love.

Sally talks to Adam in her dream as they stand in her hotel room.

Adam yells, “Sally! Sally!”

Sally wakes up, it’s Nick who’s calling her name.

She opens the door and grabs Nick. She pulls him inside and starts kissing and undressing him.

Sally pulls Nick into her room

Not complaining, Nick kisses her back passionately and they end up on the bed.

Soon all their clothes are off and they’re making love.


Phyllis says that when she last saw Lauren, she was drunk and self-sabotaging, and that’s not what she wanted to convey.

Lauren and Phyllis sit and talk at a restaurant in Society

She apologizes to Lauren for her behavior.

Lauren says she’d love to believe it, but they need to spend some time together alone so they can talk.

She says that they should go away to Vegas for a few days, as she has business there, and they can hang out.

Phyllis says she can’t go.

Phyllis smiles as she talks with Lauren

Lauren says she doesn’t have a job, what’s keeping her in town?

Phyllis says she’s got stuff going on, and can’t run away from her problems.

Jack and Diane step into the restaurant, and Lauren gestures their way.

Phyllis looks around at them.

Jack and Diane talk with Lauren and Phyllis in the restaurant

They come over and Phyllis says sarcastically that they look amazing.

Phyllis jokes around and says she gets points for that zinger.

Diane says she’s always keeping score.

Phyllis says she wants what Jack and Diane have… Love, romance, and beauty, especially in their circumstance.

Phyllis is sitting with Lauren when she calls over to Jack and Diane

Diane looks uncomfortable.

Jack asks what circumstance she’s talking about.

Phyllis smiles and says she’s just happy they’re back in town.

Lauren looks on, interested in what Phyllis is up to.

Jack and Diane listen as Phyllis talks

Jack asks why she’s surprised that they’re in town again.

Phyllis says that she heard they were away for a while.

She says that Kyle must have told them that Jeremy was flying to Paris.

Jack asks how she knew that.

Lauren looks on as Phyllis talks to Jack and Diane.

Lauren also wonders how Phyllis knew.

Phyllis laughs and says that she was the one who told Kyle that Jeremy was flying to Paris.

Phyllis says she’s embarrassed, but Jeremy came to them and asked her to be part of a scheme to get at them.

Diane says she’s not surprised.

Jack and Diane react as they talk with Phyllis

Phyllis says that she didn’t want Jeremy in anyone’s life.

Diane said that maybe she should have thought of that before she called Jeremy.

Phyllis says that it’s cost her relationships with her kids, but that’s why she told Kyle that Jeremy was gone.

Jack and Diane aren’t sure what to think about that, and they sit down at another table.

Phyllis smiles as she talks with Lauren

Lauren asks her what she’s up to.

Phyllis says she’s not up to anything. She says that she wishes nothing but happiness for Diane and Jack.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

After a while of drinking in the lobby, Victoria tells Nate that she figured she thinks Tucker’s taking a different path for getting rid of his business.

Victoria sits on the couch in the hotel lobby next to Nate with a glass of wine in her hand as they talk

Nate asks what changed.

Victoria says that maybe he’s getting a bit soft.

She says that Tucker has a grandchild and a woman who he can’t get off his mind.

Nate smiles as Victoria talks with him

Nate asks if she means Ashley, who bought Tucker’s debt.

Victoria says that maybe Ashley did it to keep him under her control, maybe they’re mixing the boardroom with the bedroom.

She says that Ashley made a decisive move by doing that and that control is a powerful motivator.

Victoria leans in and talks with Nate

Victoria leans in close to Nate.

Nate says that Tucker offered to sell his company to Devon. He wonders if Ashley has something to do with that decision.

Victoria says that Ashley and Tucker are dynamic and powerful people.

Nate and Victoria sit and talk

Nate says she’s testing him to see how far he’d go. It’s a game. As they speak, Victoria inches closer to him.

Victoria says that it’s definitely a game, and they’re not talking bout Ashley and Tucker anymore.

She says they have to talk about what’s going on between the two of them.

Victoria looks Nate in the eye as they talk

Victoria says she’s going to get a room upstairs and would really love it if he joined her.

She says she’d be understanding if he didn’t want to. She makes clear that this is separate from their business relationship, and would have no bearing on it.

Either way, she says, it’s up to him. She gets up and leaves Nate alone in the lobby.

Nate sits alone in the lobby of the hotel after Victoria left him to get a room upstairs

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle and Summer are alone in the living room, and Kyle says to Summer that Jack is being impulsive.

Kyle and Summer are in the living room arguing

Summer says it’s madness, not impulsive.

She tells Kyle that she thinks that getting married to Jack might have been Diane’s plan all along.

Kyle isn’t sure.

Kyle waves his arms as he talks with Summer

Summer says that she used underhanded ways to get to where she is.

Kyle says that people are bundles of messy emotions.

Summer says she’s worried about jack and Kyle.

Summer looks unbelieving as she talks with Kyle

Kyle says she should give them a chance.

Summer gets up and comes over to him and says he can’t think that’s a good idea. Things are moving too fast.

Kyle says he wants his parents to be happy, and he sees that they really love each other, but wonders if marriage is the right thing for them. He says he thinks Jack is setting himself up to get hurt.

Summer sits beside Kyle as they talk

Summer says he’s worried that Diane will break Jack’s heart.

Kyle agrees, asking why, if it’s so right, they’re keeping it from people.

Summer says that nobody has to know. She laughs and says wait until Phyllis hears about this.

Kyle sits beside Summer as they talk

Sally’s Hotel Room

Nick and Sally are lying in bed, snuggling after making love.

Nick and Sally smile as they cuddle in each others arms

Nick says he barely had a word out before she had his clothes off.

He says wonders if there was something else behind her urgency.

Sally asks what he means.

Nick says she had a look in her eye, that it looked like she was trying to lose herself in the sex. He asks her if there’s something going on.

Nick and Sally talk as they sit up in bed

Sally says Summer has been on her mind.

Nick says he’s sorry that she has to deal with that.

Sally says that Summer was very muted the last time she talked to her like she wanted to make peace.

Nick says he can’t see the problem with that.

Nick and Sally talk

Sally says she started off as a concerned daughter, then she was really friendly, and then the whole conversation turned to Adam, and how they had a bond now they had a child.

Nick asks if she’s still feeling conflicted.

Sally says that Summer was putting on airs.

Nick says that it sounds like Summer is trying to be nice, but she might be trying to pull something on Sally.

Nick and Sally talk

He asks if she’s feeling any conflict where Adam is concerned.

Sally says she’s been having stupid anxiety dreams about how the future might be.

Nick kisses her hand and tells her they’ll get through it.

Sally wonders if she can handle his family.

Nick's eyes are closed as he talks with Sally

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