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Y&R Recap — Jan 11: Victor Decides to Teach Adam a Lesson, Lily Breaks Up With Billy, and Chance Tells Abby How He Really Feels

Billy sits outside Chelsea's apartment, and she opens the door to find him there.

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, Jan 11, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Adam tells Victor to stay out of his life, Chance rips into Abby about her affair, and Lily tells Billy it’s really over. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Jack Plans to Steal From Nikki to help Diane, Devon Tells Jill He Wants to Break Up Chancellor-Winters, and Audra is Hired as COO.

Chelsea’s Apartment

Chelsea is on the phone trying to get an appointment with Dr. Malone.

Chelsea is sitting in her living room, talking on the phone

There’s a knock on the door, it’s Victor. He asks if it’s a bad time.

She invites him in and hangs up the phone, telling the office she’ll get back to them.

Victor takes a seat. She tells him that Connor loves the soccer video game that Victor bought him.

Chelsea answers her door. It's Victor Newman.

Victor says that’s nice to hear, and he says that Chelsea knows family is very important to him.

He asks if she knows why he’s there.

She says that he’s not one for small talk, and she’s sure she’ll find out.

Victor Newman smiles as he sits and talks with Chelsea

Victor says he’s come in peace. He says he’s Victoria’s father, and he knows that Johnny’s been told that Chelsea is his biological mother.

He says that Adam and Victoria were paying “particularly close attention” to her during Christmas dinner.

He reminds Chelsea that he made them drop the charges against her for the murder of Rey Rosales, and he’s there to help if she needs anything.

Chelsea is sitting on her sofa looking uncomfortable as she talks with Victor

She says that she doesn’t need any help right now.

Victor says that Connor is a growing boy, and he doesn’t want him burdened by others around him.

He says that Chelsea is part of the family now, and when someone in the family falls down, the others in the family help them get back up.

Victor talks with Chelsea

He says that Nikki and him really love Connor, and want Connor to stay happy.

Chelsea says they’re fine, and Victor says that if she ever needs a break, that Nikki and him would be happy to take care of Connor.

There’s a knock at the door. Chelsea answers, and it’s Adam.

Chelsea lets Adam into her apartment, and he sees Victor sitting in her living room

Adam says hello to Chelsea, and sees Victor.

He asks what Victor’s doing there, and Victor says that he’s having a conversation with Chelsea and asks if that’s a problem.

Adam says that yes, it’s a problem.

Victor looks at Adam as they talk.

Adam says that if he needs to talk about Connor, then he should talk to Adam, and to not talk to Chelsea.

Victor says he’ll talk to whomever he wants, when he wants. He tells Chelsea that he loves Connor, and to call her whenever she needs anything. He leaves her apartment.

Victor talks with Adam as he lets himself out of Chelsea's apartment

Chelsea tells Adam that as strange as it sounds, Victor helped her see things more clearly.

Adam says that he wants to know if she’s seen clearly how to manipulate people, the stock market, or anything else, since that’s what Victor knows best.

Chelsea says that he talked about how important Connor is to him, and how he helped her with her legal problems with Rey.

Chelsea looks upset as she talks with Adam

She says that if she’d had help earlier, that maybe she wouldn’t have gotten to where she was.

She says that she’s beginning to realize what happened to lead up to the rooftop that night, and how she wasn’t even thinking about how her suicide would have affected everyone in her life.

Adam says that she’s gotten much better, and that they should go get a bite to eat, get a change of scenery.

Chelsea smiles as she talks with Adam

Chelsea says that she’s still working on her relationship with “outside”, and asks if he wouldn’t mind if she was just alone for a while.

Adam agrees, and says that he’ll let her have some time alone.

She says he’s been great the past weeks, and he jokes and says, “You’re great, but get out of my hair.”

She laughs, and Adam leaves.

Chelsea closes the door behind Adam as he leaves her apartment

Lily’s Office — Chancellor-Winters

Billy drops by Lily’s office. She looks surprised to see him.

Billy shows up to Lily's office. She looks surprised to see him, he's smiling.

Billy says that after he woke up in the guest suite, he thought he’d give her some space this morning before he came in.

Billy holds out his closed hands to Lily

He asks Lily to play a game and holds out his hands. She picks his right hand. He opens it to a chocolate heart wrapped in red foil.

A red, foil-wrapped chocolate heart rests in Billy's open hand

She says that he filled his desk with those last Valentine’s day.

He puts the heart on her desk and tells her that he doesn’t want to give up on them.

Billy says that the chocolate heart is a reminder of what they had.

Lily looks down at the heart that Billy placed on her desk

He says “I don’t want to walk away from this… Do you?”

She asks what would have happened if she’d chosen the other hand. He shows her another heart.

Billy says that he needs to put more effort in, and Lily says that they’d still end up in the same place.

Billy talks with Lily

Lily says that she loved him every day, and they still drifted apart. She says they’re living like room mates.

Billy says they’ll get over it.

Lily says she’s realized that relationships shouldn’t hurt that much.

Lily sits on the sofa while Billy crouches in front of her, talking

They sit down on the couch, and Lily says that she’s emotionally exhausted, and that she has a nightmare with the IPO, but she can’t talk with him about it.

He says she can talk to him about anything.

She says it’s classified, and she can’t. She says that Billy may think she’s the one ending things, but their paths have been diverging for a long time, and she can’t wait any longer.

Billy and Lily talk in her office

She says that not all relationships are meant to last forever.

Billy says he thought theirs could.

Lily says that he helped her find a lot out about herself, after Cane, after her father. She says she loved building Chance Comm with him, the romantic dinners, the chocolates.

She loved it all, and they were perfect… Until they weren’t. Now it’s over.

Billy talks with Lily as she sits on the couch

Billy says that his heart feels like it’s been put through a meat grinder, and Lily says that she guesses they’re growing up.

Billy laughs and says he wishes he was as strong as her.

They hug, and a tear slips down Billy’s cheek.

A tear slips down Billy's cheek as he and Lily hug

Lily’s phone rings. She says it’s probably Jill, and Billy gets up to leave. He looks back sadly as she picks up the phone.

Billy leaves her office.

Lily picks up the phone and Billy leaves, looking back sadly at her

Lily answers the phone. It’s Jill.

Lily says, “HE DID WHAT?”

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Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Crimson Lights

Sharon brings Chance a coffee as he sits in her shop

Sharon brings Chance a coffee. She says that she brewed the coffee specifically for him. He sniffs it, and says it smells amazing.

She says it’s Moroccan Spice coffee… There’s cardamom, cinnamon, and other spices in it. He takes another sniff and compliments her.

Sharon brings Chance a coffee as he sits at a table in Crimson Lights

She says she was intrigued by their last choice of cuisine, and now she wants to experience it all, and says there’s no need for dinner alone anymore.

Abby walks in and sees Chance and Sharon talking.

Abby walks into the coffee shop and sees Chance talking with Sharon as he drinks a coffee

Sharon offers Abby some Moroccan Spice coffee but she declines.

Abby asks to speak to Chance elsewhere, and they go onto the indoor patio.

She says that she almost didn’t recognize him when she came in, because it’s been a long time since she saw him smile.

Abby and Chance stand talking in the indoor patio of the coffee shop

He asks if there’s anything that else that she’s there to say.

Abby says she’s come to a decision. She says that she’s thinking of moving out.

Chance says that he hopes that she doesn’t feel like he expects her to just pack up and leave.

Chance looks at Abby as they talk

She says that she thinks it’s time.

Chance asks if “it’s time” for her to move on and move in with Devon.

She says that she hadn’t even considered moving in with Devon.

Abby and Chance talk

Chance says that Dominic has been living in the Chancellor house his whole life, and she should think before she changes it.

Abby says that she agrees, on second thought, and that she will stay if he’s OK with that.

She asks him what he thinks of her, that she could think of moving right in with Devon.

Chance, angry, talks with Abby

He says that he doesn’t know her anymore. He knows that she has full access to Devon’s penthouse, since he took him there.

Abby leaves, unhappy, and Chance apologizes to Sharon that had to see that.

He says that chastising his soon-to-be ex-wife in public isn’t the best look.

Chance apologizes to Sharon for his outburst

Sharon says that it’s normal, and that if he didn’t, it might slow down his healing process.

Chance says that was the tip of the iceberg. He says that the “hidden 90%” of the iceberg is really bothering him, that he has a sense of failure he can’t shake.

She says that he isn’t a failure, that he wasn’t the one who cheated.

Sharon talks with Chance

Chance wonders if he should have left to take the job in Spain. He says maybe he just forgot how to be a man, that’s why she turned to someone else.

He says that he put his job over his family, and wonders if that was his biggest mistake.

Sharon reacts as Chance talks to her

Devon’s Apartment

Devon calls Lily and leaves her a voicemail asking to meet later. He says he has something to talk to her about, and wants to make sure she hears it from him personally.

Devon is on the phone in his living room


Victor comes into the restaurant and meets Nikki. He kisses her tenderly on the head and sits down with her.

Victor kisses Nikki tenderly on the head. They're in Society, and she's sitting at a table.

He says she’s very beautiful, and she says that he can’t hide what’s wrong by complimenting her.

She asks what’s wrong, what’s he hiding?

He says that he paid a visit to Chelsea.

Nikki asks what he found out.

Nikki has an amused look on her face as she talks to Victor. They're sitting at a table in Society.

He says something is afoot, and asks if Victoria had said anything to Nikki. He wonders if Chelsea is experiencing any medical issues.

Nikki says that it’s unlikely, they’d have heard about it. She wonders what’s going on with Chelsea too.

Victor says he’s concerned about Johnny.

Victor talks with Nikki as they sit at a table in Society

She asks how Chelsea was, he says she said he was fine.

He says that Adam showed up at Chelsea’s.

Nikki says, “Speak of the devil, there he is!”.

Adam confronts Victor and Nikki in the restaurant

Adam comes up to their table, and says that he’s there with a warning.

He tells Victor to stop trying to control his family. He says he’s tired of being under Victor’s thumb.

Adam talks to Victor and Nikki in the restaurant

Adam leaves Victor and Nikki at their table, and stalks out the door.

Victor says that he’s the villain in Adam’s stories, but he always comes crawling back when he needs it.

Nikki looks concerned as she talks with Victor

Billy says that he’s shocked that with an ego that big, there’s room for Nikki at the table.

Nikki says that it’s what he does, he has turmoil in his life, and whips everyone into a frenzy.

She says he has to let it roll off his back.

Victor says that he needs to give Adam a wake-up call, that he needs to experience a massive failure to put him where he belongs. He says that “that boy” is getting out of line, and he’s had it with him.

Victor looks sternly at Nikki as he tells her his plans for Adam

Devon’s Apartment

Devon opens the door. It’s Lily.

Lily storms into Devon's apartment while he holds the door for her

She storms in, furious, and says, “You’re dissolving our partnership?”

Devon says, “Oh, you’ve talked to Jill, then.”

She says that he is threatening to go public with his opposition to the IPO, and that he’s willing to threaten his own sister to get what he wants.

Lily says that she has to give up everything that they ever worked for.

Lily is angry and gestures at Devon as she talks to him in front of his bar

Devon says that he wants to run his company, and they can run theirs.

She says that they can figure a way out to give him more autonomy at Chancellor-Winters.

Devon says that it can’t happen if they go public.

Devon reacts as he and Lily talk

Lily says that Jill thinks he’s doing this just because of Abby.

Devon says that he never felt comfortable with the merger, and says that, as her brother, he’s asking her if he can undo the merger.

Lily says that he’s trying to burn her. They were working together to honor their father.

She asks how he’s any different than Nate, as he’s trying to break up the company.

Lily talks angrily with Devon

He says that he wasn’t trying to take the company, just wants to run his own thing his own way.

He says that he can’t do that without complete autonomy, and he doesn’t think that they should take Chancellor public either.

Lily says that he sounds exactly like Victor Newman and nothing like Neil Winters.

She stalks out of his apartment, angry, and slams the door behind her.

Devon and Lily talk in his apartment

Later, there’s a knock at Devon’s door. It’s Abby.

He let’s Abby in and says he’s happy to see her.

Abby comes to Devon's apartment

She asks if he’s really happy, or whether he’s just saying that.

He says he’s always happy to see her, and she can come at any time to see him. They hug.

Abby and Devon hug in his foyer

Chelsea’s Apartment

Billy is sitting on the floor outside of Chelsea’s apartment. She opens the door and sees him there.


Billy sits outside Chelsea's apartment, and she opens the door to find him there.