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Y&R Recap for Jan 10: Jack Plans to Steal From Nikki to help Diane, Devon Tells Jill He Wants to Break Up Chancellor-Winters, and Audra is Hired as COO

Nate and Audra shake hands in his office at Newman Media

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, Jan 10, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Jack goes out on a limb to help Diane, Devon drops a bombshell on Jill, and Audra worms her way in as COO. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Ashley slept with Tucker to get information, and Lily fires Audra when Devon reveals her connection to Tucker.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle and Summer talk while sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Summer thanks Kyle for agreeing to have her and Harrison go to Paris.

Kyle brings Summer a mug while she's sitting on the sofa in the Abbott living room

She says that it’ll be nice not to hear Stark’s name while she’s gone.

Kyle says that he doesn’t like the fact that she’s taking Harrison to Paris, but he has to stay and take care of Stark.

Summer talks with Kyle while they sit on the couch in the living room

Summer reassures him that they’ll video chat him every day.

She says that they’ll get through it like they always do. They kiss.

Summer and Kyle kiss while sitting on the living room sofa

The doorbell rings. Kyle answers the door. It’s Phyllis. She wants to speak to Summer.

He reluctantly agrees, and Summer tells him to go pack Harrison’s things up. He heads upstairs, angry that Phyllis is there.

Kyle answers the door of the Abbott Mansion. It's Phyllis.

Phyllis asks Summer why Harrison needs his bags packed.

Summer says that they’re going to Paris.

Phyllis says that she wants to go to Paris with Summer.

Phyllis talks with Summer

Summer says that they haven’t been close, why in the world would Phyllis want to go to Paris with her? She says that he must have spoken with Daniel.

Phyllis says that she had a realization.

Summer says that the realization came from when she talked with Daniel. She says that she knew he’d tell her, even though she asked him not to.

Summer talks with her mother, Phyllis

Phyllis says that she did speak to Daniel, and she’s so sorry. She says she didn’t mean to put Summer in a bad position.

Phyllis says, “Let’s do this! Let’s go to Paris!”

Summer says that she’ll discuss it with Kyle.

Summer and Phyllis talk in the Abbott living room


Diane comes in and sees Jeremy sitting at a table in the restaurant. She sees his tie and smiling, asks if it’s the one she gave him years ago.

He laughs, and says it is.

She flirts with him, saying she’s a woman with wants and needs.

Diane Jenkins and Jeremy Stark sit at a table in Society, talking

He says “Yes indeed you are!”

He tells her to sit down and tell him his plan. He’s dying to know the details.

He asks her what she’s going to procure.

Jeremy looks angry as he talks with Diane

She laughs and says he’ll know in time.

He says that he’s giving her a deadline.

Diane says that he can’t do that, it has to change, that he’s been in charge, but now it needs to be a game of equals.

Diane smiles as she talks with Jeremy

Jeremy says that’s a bold request.

She says now she’s the one calling the shots. She says he can wait to see what she has planned.

Jeremy smiles and says she’s coming into own. Then he drops his smile and says, very seriously, “I’m not fooling around. You have until tomorrow.”

Jeremy smiles as he talks with Diane

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Jack’s Office at Jabot Cosmetics

Diane comes in and closes the door. She says she just finished meeting with Jeremy Stark.

She says that things have to happen quickly, because Jeremy set a deadline… She has to do this within a day.

She asks if they should ask Michael for help, but Jack says no, they can’t get Michael involved in this at all.

Diane talks to Jack in his office at Jabot

She says that the ranch is too secure, and asks if they should talk to Nikki and see if she’ll go along with their plan.

Jack says they can’t do that… He has another idea.

He says he knows where Nikki keeps her prize jewellery, and how to get to it. He says it’s in an apartment that the Newmans keep. He says he knows the combination to the safe.

Jack and Diane talk in his office

Diane agrees, and says that if the building security stops her, she’ll talk her way out of it.

Jack says that the security knows him, and has a better chance of getting into the apartment than her.

She says that it’s too risky to get Jack involved.

Diane listens as Jack explains the plan

He says he’ll get in, get out, bring her some dazzling jewellery, and she can bring it to Stark.

Diane wavers, and Jack says that the deadline is looming, they have no time to waffle on this. They have to move.

Devon’s Apartment

Abby drops by, and asks if Devon would like to go for a coffee.

Devon doesn’t say anything, and she asks what’s wrong.

Devon looks pensive as he answers the door for Abby

They sit on the couch, and she asks him what’s bothering him.

He says that it’s about Chancellor-Winters. He tells her that he found out about the connection between Tucker and Audra, and he said that he went to Tucker’s hotel suite after they fired Audra.

He offhandedly mentions that her mother was there.

Devon and Abby sit on the sofa in his apartment and talk

He says that he told Tucker that he was only there to get close to Devon and Dominic, and to take over the company. He says that he’s sorry that he let Tucker get close to Dominic.

She says that she fell for Tucker’s lies too.

Devon says that Tucker was willing to sacrifice his family to get what he wants.

Devon sits on his couch with his arms crossed, talking to Abby

Abby asks what Audra said after they fired her.

Devon tells her that Audra said that he was responsible for bringing bad people into the business, and now he’s torn up about it, because it took him too long to figure it out.

Abby says that it’s not his fault, he didn’t know that Audra was acting in bad faith.

Abby leans in at Devon as they sit on the couch in his apartment, talking

Devon says he’s going to put a stop to it right now.

Abby asks how.

He says “I’ll show you”. He phones Jill and leaves her a voicemail asking to meet with him today.

In his living room, Devon pulls out his phone while Abby watches

Crimson Lights

Phyllis comes into the coffee shop and sees Tucker sitting at a table.

Phyllis comes up to him and asks about him saying that he wanted to “burn it all down.”

Phyllis stands and talks to Tucker, who's sitting at a table in Crimson Lights, drinking a coffee

He says it’s too late, she turned him down earlier in the club.

Phyllis says she wants in, she was mistaken, and has had time to think about it. Tucker doesn’t say much.

Phyllis says that he needs a reality check, that he’s throwing his money around, and that people are on to him.

Tucker wipes his mouth with a napkin as Phyllis goes to leave

She says that he’s obviously not there to fight for his family. She says she fixes what’s broken when it comes to her family, unlike him.

Tucker says that everyone’s angry at her for bringing Stark to town, she doesn’t need to blame him.

She laughs and says that he should just leave Genoa City. “Go, or stay, it doesn’t matter, let’s burn it down!”

She walks out of the coffee shop without a look back at him.

Phyllis leaves Crimson Lights while Tucker sits alone, deep in thought

Jabot Cosmetics

Jack and Ashley are talking in Jack’s office.

Ashley says that she found out that Audra was planted to come after Jabot, and that Tucker was telling lies, just as they thought.

Ashley holds some files as she talks to Jack in his office at Jabot

She says that Diane must have passed on Jabot’s financial information to Stark.

Jack says that Diane said she didn’t, and Stark backed her story. He asks Ashley if she’s OK.

She says she’s fine, she was in control the whole time… And that it’s him that’s being duped by Diane, he’s the one who’s not OK.

Jack Abbott talks to Ashley Abbott in his office at Jabot

Newman Media

Nate and Victoria are talking in Nate’s office. Nate says to Victoria that he has an ideal candidate for COO.

He gives Victoria Audra’s resume, and she says, “You want to hire Audra Charles? I thought she was working on the IPO at Chancellor-Winters?”

Victoria looks over Audra's resume as Nate leans back in his office chair behind his desk

Nate says that she was, but her work was done, and she’s looking for a new position.

Victoria says that she wants to meet her, she didn’t get a good sense of her when they last met.

Nate says she’ll be there in a few minutes, she can talk to her then.

Audra, Nate, and Victoria sit in his office at Newman Media and talk

Audra comes in and meets with Victoria and Nate.

Victoria asks her why she left Chancellor-Winters before the IPO was complete.

Audra says that she can’t talk about it, as it’s a private company matter, but her work was done. She asks if they can get started with the interview, she has questions and thoughts about the company.

Audra talks to Nate and Victoria in Nate's office

Jabot Cosmetics

Tucker comes into the office lobby and sees Jack.

Tucker says he’s there to see Ashley.

Jack rips into him, saying that Ashley told him all about Tucker’s plans to take over Jabot, and he hurt Ashley. He’s not welcome at the office.

Tucker and Jack speak in Jabot's lobby

Tucker says that he couldn’t blame a business man for his business plans… He says he had planned the takeover when he came to town, but when he got interested in Ashley, he stopped his plans.

Jack tells him he doesn’t believe him.

Jack talks with Tucker in the Jabot lobby

Tucker says that he offered Ashley a chance to run her own company, and asks if Ashley had told Jack about that.

Jack says that he thinks Tucker is deluded.

As they argue, Ashley slips in, unnoticed by Tucker.

Tucker talks to Jack in Jabot's lobby as Ashley slips by in the background

Tucker says that Ashley needs to get out of Jabot, and to get out of Jack’s shadow.

Ashley goes into her office after hearing that. Tucker doesn’t notice her as they argue in the lobby.

Jack says that Tucker doesn’t have a reason to speak to Ashley, after what he’s done. He tells him that he’s not welcome there, and to leave immediately.

Tucker looks around after Ashley slipped into her office. Jack is watching him.

Devon’s Apartment

Devon is on a video call with Jill.

Jill says that she apologizes for bringing Audra on-board, that she didn’t know that she was compromised.

She says that they have to put the IPO on hold because they have to make sure that the IPO papers weren’t sabotaged.

Jill is shown on a laptop, she's video-conferencing with Devon

He says that he wanted to talk about something other than the IPO.

He says that the merger of Hamilton Winters and Chancellor was a problem.

She asks what he means.

Devon talks with Jill over a video-conference on his laptop

He says that he wants to buy back Hamilton-Winters.

Jill is shocked.

Devon says that he has the money, and he wants Hamilton-Winters back.

Jill asks what Lily thinks.

Jill looks surprised as she talks to Devon over a video call

He says he didn’t talk to her yet, but if they don’t agree to the sale, he’ll publicly discuss how he opposes the IPO, even if it hurts the company’s reputation.

Jill asks if he’s threatening her.

Devon says that if they want to bring the company public, then that’s their choice, he doesn’t want to get in their way, but he wants to split the companies up.

Devon talks to Jill on a video call

Jill says that she understands, but asks him to reconsider.

Devon says he doesn’t have another choice.

Jill says that she has to discuss it with Lily, but she hopes he has a change of heart

He says his decision is final.

Jill looks upset as she talks to Devon through a video call


Ashley comes to see Abby at the restaurant.

Ashley comes to the restaurant and sees Abby at the front

They sit down at a table. Abby says that Devon told her that he went to Tucker’s suite, and saw Ashley there.

Ashley says that Tucker “got to her”. She tells Abby that he’d offered to create a new company that she would run.

She says that she shouldn’t have trusted him, but she had feelings for him, and was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Ashley and Abby sit at a table in Society and talk

Abby says that emotions can interfere with thinking, and that it wasn’t Ashley’s fault.

Ashley says that she found financial papers on Jabot at Tucker’s, and it really upset her, that she was pulled in by his lies.

She says that she thinks that it’s best if she leaves Genoa City for a while so she can regroup and gather her thoughts.

Abby looks concerned when Ashley tells her she wants to leave Genoa City

Nate’s Office at Newman Media

Audra gestures with her hands while talking to Victoria and Nate in his office

Audra is talking about focusing on growth, and wonders what the long-term strategy is at Newman Media.

Nate says that it sounds like she has a good understanding of the business, and thinks that they can work together.

Victoria says that she really enjoyed meeting with her, and that she enjoyed her thoughts on international media.

Nate and Victoria look at each other as they talk with Audra

Audra says that she likes the company, likes their leadership, and says that she’d be willing to give it a shot, if they’ll have her.

Victoria says she’s very forward.

Audra says that she really wants their support, but she thinks they need to make a decision now.

Nate and Audra talk after Victoria leaves

Victoria says she has another meeting to get to, and says she’ll leave the decision up to Nate.

She leaves, and Audra says “Are we doing this or what?”

He holds out his hand and says, “We’re doing this!”

They shake on it.

Nate and Audra shake hands in his office at Newman Media