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Y&R Recap — Jan 12: Chelsea & Billy Get Closer After His Split With Lily, Chloe Leaves a Surprise for Nick in Sally’s Suite, and Lily Tells Daniel She’s Got His Back

Daniel and Lily hug, smiling, as they stand in the park together

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, Jan 12, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Billy & Chelsea talk about the night on the roof, Chloe brings some neonatal vitamins for Sally, and Daniel & Lily talk in the park. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victor Decides to Teach Adam a Lesson, Lily Breaks Up With Billy, and Chance Tells Abby How He Really Feels.

Chelsea’s Apartment

Chelsea opens her door, and finds Billy sitting outside on the floor.

Billy is sitting on the floor outside Chelsea's door when she opens the door to find him there

She invites him inside. He comes in and sits on the couch. Chelsea asks what’s wrong, is it Lily?

Billy has tears in his eyes, and says “It’s over”.

Billy sits on Chelsea's couch with her and tells her it's over between him and Lily

Chelsea asks what happened, and Billy says that he doesn’t really want to talk about it right now.

Chelsea says that sometimes things don’t work out.

Billy asks if he can just sit there for a minute.

Chelsea talks to Billy as they sit on the sofa in her apartment

Chelsea says sure, and what better to take their minds off of things than a movie?

Billy says he’s not really down with watching a movie, but reluctantly agrees.

Chelsea and Billy sit on her couch, talking

They sit down with some popcorn and start watching a movie.

They laugh about how bad it is. They’re enjoying themselves.

Billy and Chelsea laugh while watching a movie in her living room

Later, Billy has fallen asleep on the couch while Chelsea sits beside him. She puts a blanket over him and turns the TV off and starts cleaning up.

Chelsea covers a sleeping Billy with a blanket. He's stretched out on her couch.

Billy calls out in his sleep, “Chelsea!” He wakes up.

Chelsea looks over, and asks him what’s wrong. She says that she thinks he was having a nightmare.

He says he doesn’t know what that was about.

Billy sits up from a nightmare on Chelsea's couch

Chelsea says that she thinks his nightmare had something to do with that night on the roof.

Chelsea gets him some water and they move to the kitchen to talk. She tells him that his feelings really matter to her.

Billy says that he doesn’t want to burden her with his emotional baggage.

Chelsea is tearing up while she talks to Billy in her kitchen

Chelsea says that she was so caught up in her own emotions, and didn’t think about how it would affect him.

She says they’re the only two people who know what happened on the rooftop, and begs him to talk to her about it. They sit down on the couch in the living room.

Billy says that when he came up onto the rooftop and saw her, he just froze. Then everything was instinct from there.

Billy and Chelsea talk as they sit on the sofa in the living room

Chelsea says that it must have been terrifying, and that she’s sorry.

Billy says that he felt terrified, but guilty.

She asks why he felt guilty.

Billy and Chelsea talk in her living room

Billy says that he had shown her that spot, but never expected to find her up there contemplating suicide.

He says that he didn’t want it to happen again. Chelsea questions him what he means.

He says, “Delia. I couldn’t save her either.”

Chloe looks concerned as she speaks with Billy in her living room

He explains that he didn’t want to deal with something horrible that he would have to live with for the rest of his life.

Chelsea cries and says she’s really sorry.

Billy says that he dreams every night that he doesn’t get there in time, and he doesn’t say the right things, and that it plays out in slow motion, and that it’s like his heart is wrapped in a fist.

Billy and Chelsea sit on her couch, talking

Chelsea says she’s sorry that he had to witness her that night.

Billy says he’s not sorry, that if he’d lost her that night, the pain would be the same. He says they’ve been through a lot together, and look at them… Together again.

He says that she’s a bright spot in his day, and he wouldn’t change it for anything.

She says that the world is a lot better with him in it too.

Chelsea smiles as she talks with Billy

Chancellor Park

Lily is in the park thinking, and Daniel sees her as he’s passing through.

He comes and stands beside her, and tells her that it’s one of his favorite spots in the city, that he used to get inspiration there, so he came out to get the creative juices flowing.

Daniel talks to Lily while standing in the snowy park

Lily isn’t smiling or talking, and he asks her what’s going on. He asks if she’d like to be left alone, or whether she’d like some company.

Lily says that company is nice, but she feels a little talked out.

Daniel says that he can be silent company if that’s what she needs.

Daniel and Lily talk in the park

Lily says that her whole world has been turned upside down, how she talked to Billy about the end of their relationship, and she spoke to Devon who wants to dissolve their partnership.

She says that it’s the type of day, that if they keep talking, that he’ll tell her that he doesn’t want to be her partner anymore either, that everything feels like it’s falling apart at once.

Daniel doesn’t say anything, just puts his arm around Lily’s shoulder and hugs her close. She leans in.

Daniel hugs Lily as they stand in the park

Daniel says, “Can I speak now?”

Lily says that as long as he doesn’t say stuff like, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” She doesn’t want to hear platitudes.

They sit down on a bench, and he says that he wasn’t planning on platitudes. He says he’ll be there for her, and what’s happening with her sucks… That she deserves more from people who say they’re in her corner.

Lily and Daniel sit on a bench in the park, talking

She says that she chose to be with Billy, and to be a partner with Devon, and that she’s failed personally and professionally.

Daniel says she didn’t fail, she tried to see the best in Billy. He says she’s an amazing business woman, it was a great idea to merge her company with Devon’s.

Lily says that she wants to find a way to fix it, but she doesn’t have control over it.

Daniel and Lily talk while sitting on a bench in the park

Daniel says that he’s come to understand that she can’t control everything, and that she’ll feel less horrible as time passes.

He says she’ll find things that will bring her joy and contentment, even if she doesn’t feel it right now.

Lily asks if that’s what he felt when Heather left.

Lily and Daniel talk while sitting on a bench

Daniel says no… He was wallowing in pity and self-doubt. He says that if she needs a checklist of what not to do, to just ask him.

Lily says she’s probably checked off the list already.

Daniel says that he should have focused on the joy of his family, but he dragged them into his misery, and ultimately, drove them away.

Daniel and Lily talk while sitting in the park

Lily says that she can’t imagine what a reality check it was when they left.

Daniel says that he went on a self-destructive binge.

Lily says that he’s being too hard on himself.

Lily and Daniel talk

He laughs and says he’s not. Now he’s on a mission to make a better life for himself.

Daniel says that Lily is kind and fair, and she didn’t let anyone down. He goes on to say that Billy failed her, and Devon failed everyone by wanting to split the company up.

She asks what he means by “Devon failed everyone.”

Daniel and Lily talk in the park

He says that by walking away from their partnership, he failed her and everyone involved in the company. He says that Devon failed himself, too, because he won’t have Lily’s brilliant mind working with him.

Lily says that even with his wonderful words, she’s still feeling like a loser.

Lily gets up and leans on the fence. Daniel follows and joins her.

Daniel joins Lily as she leans on a fence in the park

She says that she’s feeling a lot better, and thanks him for talking with her. She thanks him for being a good friend, and helping her process life’s struggles.

Daniel laughs and says that’s what friends are for.

She says that she wants him to know that he’s going to be a success, with Omega Sphere, and everything that he puts his mind to.

Lily talks with Daniel

She tells him that she’ll do everything in her power to bring his dream to fruition. He thanks her for that.

Lily says that she hopes that Heather and Lucy will see it too, that she knows he’s doing it for them.

He laughs and says that Lily really knows him.

Lily laughs as she talks with Daniel

Lily says that she may be the last one standing at Chancellor-Winters, but she’s 100% behind him and his project.

He gives her a hug, and says that they can’t fail.

Daniel and Lily hug, smiling, as they stand in the park together

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The Glam Club

Nick meets Noah in the club and has a drink.

Noah asks his father how serious his thing with Sally is.

Noah speaks with Nick in the Glam Club

Nick says, “How serious is Sally? How serious are you with Allie?”

Noah says that he’s really happy with Allie, that she offers support, consistency… It’s really nice.

Nick says that he’s happy for him, but Sally and him aren’t in that place… At least not yet.

Nick talks to Noah in the Glam Club

Nick says, “Cheers to you for having it all.” He raises his drink in a toast.

Noah says, “Not yet with Sally, or not ever?”

Nick says that they enjoy each other’s company, and neither one of them feels like pushing it faster before they’re ready.

Nick and Noah speak as they sit in the Glam Club

Noah says that things can change in a blink of an eye.

Nick says “Thanks for the advice, old man, but I have some idea of how things can work out.”

Sally’s Apartment

Chloe asks Sally how she’s feeling. She says that she doesn’t want to push, but the clock is ticking.

Sally says she’s focused on getting the presentation ready for Jill tomorrow.

Chloe says she’s not going to ignore the elephant in the room. She says that Sally needs to start making decisions about her pregnancy.

Chloe stands talking to Sally in Sally's hotel suite

Sally says that she doesn’t have time to talk about it right now. She says they can talk about it tomorrow.

Chloe says that the pregnancy could change everything, and that Sally may want to forget about it, but she can’t.

Chloe shows her some prenatal vitamins that she brought over, and tells Sally she should start taking them.

Chloe shows Sally a bottle of prenatal vitamins

Sally tells Chloe to put them away, she doesn’t need them.

Chloe asks if she got a false positive, or whether she got her period?

Sally says that her period shouldn’t be a part of the conversation right now.

Chloe says that if she doesn’t trust the home test, she should go to the OB-GYN to get a real test.

Chloe and Sally talk in Sally's hotel suite

Sally says she already got one, and it came back positive too.

Chloe says that it’s a scary time, and she doesn’t have to face it alone. She says that she’ll be there for Sally. She asks whether she has the baby support father.

Sally says that she hasn’t talked to Nick about it, and that her being pregnant isn’t part of the plan. She doesn’t want Nick to think that she’s trying to trap him.

Chloe talks to Sally

Chloe says that if she just sits down and talks to him, they can figure it out as a team.

Sally says that she’s not ready.

Chloe says that pregnancy won’t let her wait, it’ll tell the world for her.

Sally and Chloe talk in Sally's living room

Sally says that she doesn’t want to talk about the pregnancy any more. She says they’re good for the presentation. She says she’ll go see Nick and have drinks and dinner.

Chloe asks her how she’s going to explain to Nick that she’s unable to have any alcohol. She says that Sally’s going to have to face the facts, that Nick will figure it out.

There’s a knock at the door, it’s Nick.

Sally answers the door to her hotel suite, it's Nick come to pick her up

He says that he didn’t expect to see Chloe there. He asks if he should wait in the hall while they finish working on the pitch. Sally says no, they’re finished.

Nick asks if Chloe would like to join them. Chloe says that she has to take care of the kids, so she has to decline.

As they’re leaving, Chloe carefully places the neonatal vitamins on the table, to be found later.

Chloe leaves a bottle of neonatal vitamins on Sally's coffee table


Sally and Nick are sitting at a table in the restaurant. Sally looks over the menu, and says she can’t decide on what to order.

Nick smiles and says he’s happy that her stomach is feeling better, and that she should order everything on the menu.

Sally looks at a menu as her and Nick sit at a table in Society

He asks if she’d like a glass of wine, or maybe a spicy martini?

Sally looks uncomfortable at the suggestion.

Nick talks with Sally as they sit at a table in Society