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Y&R Recap for Jan 5: Devon Is Concerned About a Link Between Audra & Tucker, and Daniel Confesses What Really Happened With Heather and Lucy

Devon looks through the window of Society at Tucker

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, Jan 5, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Sally talks with Adam, Devon wonders if there’s a link between Tucker & Audra, and Daniel comes clean about Heather and Lucy. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Abby & Devon Heat Things Up, Phyllis Rejects Summer’s Apology, and Tucker Schemes to Oust Jeremy From Genoa City.

Crimson Lights

Sally calls her doctor and asks to make an appointment.

Adam comes in and sees her on the phone. He asks if everything’s OK.

Adam stands in the doorway of the coffee shop and talks to Sally, who's sitting at a table

She asks if he was listening in, and Adam says that he just saw her hunched over her phone, looking uncomfortable.

Sally says she just wanted privacy.

Sally sits at a table in the coffee shop and talks with Adam

Adam says that she looks tired, and he’s a listening ear if she needs one. He says that it might be good to talk about what’s keeping her up at night.

She glares at him and says, “Don’t you mean who is keeping me up at night?”

Adam stands in the coffee shop, talking with Sally

Adam says he didn’t mean anything by it, and he certainly doesn’t care who she’s sleeping with. He says he understands that she said their relationship is over, he gets it.

Sally says that her new business is keeping her up at night.

Adam reassures her and says that whatever she puts her mind to, it will be a success.

Sally and Adam sit at a table in Crimson Lights, talking

Sally says he’s laying it on pretty thick, and wonders what he’s after.

He says that he just wanted to help, and he gets up, saying that he doesn’t need to take her attitude, he was just trying to be nice.

Adam gets up from the table and stands near the counter in the coffee shop

Sally apologizes to him, and says she has a lot on her plate, she didn’t mean to be in “a mood”.

Adam comes back to the table, and they talk again. He tells her that she can talk to him about whatever is bothering her.

Sally says that she wishes she could talk to him about what’s really on her mind, but it’s not something that she can talk about right now.

Adam sits and talks with Sally at her table in the coffee shop

Adam says he wishes he could help, but he knows that she can handle anything.

She asks why he’s being so nice, and Adam says that she knows why.

Sally asks what he means by that. He says that he has a connection with her, that’s all he meant.

Sally and Adam talk while sitting at a table in Crimson Lights

She looks at her phone, and says she has to go to an appointment.

As she’s leaving, she turns around and thanks Adam.

Sally gets up to put on her coat and turns around, thanking Adam for his support

Devon’s Apartment

Abby comes downstairs to find Devon in the living room of his apartment. He gives her a mug of coffee.

Abby says that she had a good sleep.

Devon tells her that he’s sent Dominic to the park with the nanny, and asks how she feels about last night.

Abby and Devon speak in his living room

They kiss good morning, and she says she felt a little hint of guilt, as her divorce is so fresh.

She says that when she looks at him, she knows she’s in the right place.

Abby and Devon kiss good morning

She says that she feels happier and lighter when she’s with him.

Devon says he feels the same way, and they hug, smiling.

Abby and Devon hug, smiling

Abby says that she has to go home, because everybody would be talking if she wore the same thing two days in a row.

She says it’s weird, going back to the Chancellor mansion, because she’s not even a Chancellor anymore.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News


Lily is on the phone, talking with Jill while Audra sits and listens to her end of the conversation.

After the call, Lily tells Audra that Jill pulled the trigger, and they’re moving ahead with the IPO.

Audra says that it’s a huge step, and will be a success for all of them. They are both excited by the news.

Lilly talks on the phone with Jill

They move into a meeting room, and Devon comes in.

Devon says they’re looking excited, and asks what’s going on.

Audra gets a text, and says she’ll step out to give Devon and Lily the room.

Audra gets a text, and leaves Devon and Lily to talk

Lily tells Devon that Jill is moving ahead with the IPO.

Devon says that he’s surprised they’re making decisions without him.

Lily says that he knew about the plan, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Devon steps into the meeting room with Audra and Lily

Devon says that the company is making money, they don’t need to go public right away.

Lily says that Jill has a bigger vote than them, and tells Devon that her vote and Jill’s vote overrides his.

Devon says he’ll never support them going public.

Lily talks with Devon in a meeting room at Chancellor-Winters

Lily says that Devon needs to come up with a solid reason against it.

Devon stalks out of the office, angry.

Jabot Cosmetics

Diane and Kyle talk in the lobby.

Kyle says that there’s no reason for Diane to be at the office, though she’s a dedicated worker.

Kyle and Diane talk in the lobby of Jabot Cosmetics

Summer comes in while they’re talking, and says that she needs to speak to Kyle right away.

She says that Mariah wanted to remind him about the personal time she’s taking off.

Diane says that she’s really hopeful for Tessa and Mariah.

Diane talks with Kyle and Summer in the office lobby

Summer doesn’t look happy to see Diane there, and says she has to pull files in Jack’s office. She leaves Diane and Kyle to talk.

Diane’s phone rings. It’s Jeremy, and she answers the call.

She tells Jeremy she’ll make the arrangements and meet with him later tonight.

Kyle and Diane are in the lobby of Jabot. Diane takes a call from Jeremy Stark

After her call, Kyle says that he’ll let Jack know.

Diane says she doesn’t want Jack following this time, and asks Kyle to keep it under his hat.

Kyle says that Jack and him should be taking care of the problem, not Diane.

Diane protests and says she has it under control. She leaves.

Summer comes out of Jack's office with some files in her arms

Summer comes back in, and Kyle asks her what’s wrong, she obviously didn’t want to talk about Mariah’s time off.

She says that she’s scared with Jeremy Stark being in town, and she wants to leave town for a while.

Kyle and Summer talk in the Jabot lobby

She says that there’s a show in Paris, and wants to go. Kyle says that’s fine, he understands.

Summer says that she wants to take Harrison with her.

Kyle looks upset when Summer tells him she wants to take Harrison with her to Paris

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley confronts Jack in their living room, and asks to speak to him before he goes upstairs.

He says he doesn’t have time, as he’s got to get ready, but Ashley is insistent.

Jack says that he doesn’t understand her vendetta against Diane.

Ashley and Jack Abbott are in the living room of the Abbott mansion, arguing about Diane

Ashley says that she knows that Jack wants his son to reconnect with his mother, but she doesn’t like Jack and Diane kissing.

She says she can’t forgive Diane for leaving her son to cry at night, thinking his mother is dead.

Jack says it’s ironic that she’s opposed to a “viper” coming into their house.

Ashley talks with Jack in the Abbott living room

Jack gets really upset, and says that Diane has changed, and she hates the old Diane.

Ashley says that she hasn’t changed, and whatever she is, she will never be helpless.

Jack says that Diane is really scared of Jeremy Stark, even if Ashley doesn’t believe it.

Ashley and Jack Abbott argue in their living room

Ashley says that Diane is just using Jack to stay under his roof and wants to get in his bed.

He says that if Ashley is so concerned with who is staying in his home, maybe she should stay elsewhere.

Ashley says that she’s not giving an inch to Diane, and she won’t be forced out by Jack’s fixation on Diane.

Ashley and Jack fight about Diane

She goes on to say that Jack may be the president of Jabot, but she’s still an owner.

She says that Diane will never be welcome in her home, or at Jabot.

The Glam Club

Daniel sits in the club, texting with Heather, his wife. His message says that he’s excited to be heading the gaming division at Chancellor-Winters, and how excited Lucy will be.

Heather replies back, “Happy for you. But Lucy needs more time.”

Abby comes into the club and sees Daniel. She says she’s there to see Noah, but he’s not there yet.

She sits and talks with Daniel, asking him where he’s staying, and where Heather and Lucy are.

Daniel says he’s staying in the hotel, but doesn’t really know when Heather and Lucy will show up.

Abby and Daniel talk while sitting on comfy-looking chairs in the Glam Club.

He asks Abby how things are with Chance.

She tells him that she and Chance split up.

He looks uncomfortable and says he has to get going. He gets up and leaves Abby in the club.

Danny exits the club, leaving Abby sitting alone

Abby sends a text to Noah asking where he is.

When she finishes texting, she looks down at her wedding ring.

Abby looks down at her wedding ring

After some hesitation, she takes off the ring. She looks sad and uncomfortable.

Abby looks sad and contemplative after she's taken off her ring. She rubs where the ring used to sit on her finger.

Tucker’s Hotel Suite

Audra comes to Tucker’s room, and Tucker asks her right away how things are going at Chancellor-Winters.

Audra meets with Tucker in his hotel room. He's angry, his hands are on his hips.

Audra says that Devon is opposed to going public with the company, and Tucker gets upset, asking that she convince Devon to support the IPO.

Tucker yells that she needs to fix the situation, and Audra says that she has to get back to the office before Lily and Devon get suspicious why she’s left.

Audra is riled up, and she leaves Tucker’s hotel suite.

Angry, Audra leaves Tucker's hotel suite


Devon comes into Society, and asks a server if Abby is around. She’s not there at the moment.

Devon comes into the restaurant, Society, looking for Abby

He sees Tucker sitting at a table, who asks him to come sit down and talk.

Devon tells Tucker that he’s a bit upset about the issues at the office. Devon says that Jill and Lily want to take the company public, but he’s opposed to it.

Tucker sits back in his chair and closes his eyes

Tucker says that if he’s so bothered by it, maybe he should consider taking Hamilton-Winters back, and run it himself. He says that he knows someone who could help him with it.

Devon says that he doesn’t want Tucker to get involved with his business.

Tucker says that he’s sorry, he just wanted to help.

Tucker and Devon talk while sitting at a table in Society

Devon says he’s not looking for advice about his business.

Tucker says that he wants autonomy in his business, and he should know that it’s ok to go after what he wants, and that he might just be the guy to help him with it.

Devon says that he needs to leave, and Tucker wishes him farewell.

Devon gets up to leave Tucker, and Tucker's phone beeps a notification

Tucker’s phone beeps as Devon leaves. Devon remarks on the “unique” notification sound, and Tucker laughs and says it came with the phone.

Devon is outside of Society, making a phone call

Outside the restaurant, Devon makes a quick call, and asks the person on the other end to find out what they can about a connection between Tucker McCall and Audra Charles.

Devon looks through the window of Society at Tucker

Crimson Lights

Lily comes into the coffee shop and sees Daniel sitting there having some coffee.

Daniel sits in the coffee shop, deep in thought

She asks him how he’s doing, saying he looked a little glum.

Daniel hems and haws, and after a bit of pressing, he says that he doesn’t want her to judge him.

She says she never would judge him.

Daniel and Lily talk in the coffee shop

Daniel says that he made some mistakes with Heather and Lucy, and there was a lot of jealousy and insecurity on his part.

Lily says that doesn’t sound like him.

Daniel says that he pushed Heather and Lucy away, and now he’s landed on solid ground again.

Daniel smiles as he talks with Lily

He says that he feels really good to be working on something that could be so lucrative, and maybe it’ll allow him to change the way Heather and Lucy feel about him.

Lily tells him that there’s nothing in his contract about having to stay in Genoa City, and says that he can go anywhere and work from there.

Daniel says that he needs to stay in Genoa City in order to stay focused.

Daniel and Lily sit and talk

Lily says that she’s there if he needs anything, and looks at her phone. She says she has an appointment and needs to go.

Daniel says she’s looking worried, and Lily says she has a lot on her mind.

She gets up to leave, and gets a text from Billy. He says he’s outside of the doctor’s office.

Lily gets a text message from Billy on her phone

Sally’s Hotel Suite

Sally is lying on the couch, holding an instruction sheet.

The sheet reads, “What to expect in your first trimester.”

Sally lies on her bed with a doctor's note in her hand

She groans and says to herself, “What do I do now?”