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Y&R Recap for today, Jan 6: Diane Makes Plans to Steal From Nikki to Prove Her Loyalty to Jeremy, Nick Nearly Finds Sally’s Secret, and Chance & Sharon Get Closer

Sally talks with Nick in her hotel suite

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, Jan 6, 2023. provides Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Diane makes plans to prove her loyalty to Jeremy, Nick almost finds out Sally’s pregnancy secret, and Lily & Billy talk about their therapy session. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon thinks there’s a link between Audra & Tucker, and Daniel confesses what really happened with Heather and Lucy.


Lily and Billy come into the restaurant and sit down on a sofa. Billy asks if Lily would like something to eat, and Lily says she isn’t hungry.

Billy says maybe they should just get drinks instead.

Billy and Lily walk into the restaurant and take a seat

Lily says that therapy was really tough. Billy says that he didn’t expect it to be that hard.

She describes it as “brutal”.

Billy and Lily sit on a sofa in Society and talk about their therapy session

Billy says that he thought their first session would have been more conversational, but the therapist didn’t even chuckle when he told a joke.

He wonders if they should get a new therapist.

Lilly asks if Billy agreed with what the therapist said.

Lily and Billy sit on a couch and talk about their therapy session

Billy says that he did agree, it’s just a lot to process.

Lily says that they have been going in opposite directions for a while, and they have so little in common, that it was destined that they ended up like they did.

Billy waves a server over for a drink.

Lily talks with Billy in Society

After drinks, Billy reassures Lily that they’ll be alright, and that they’ll continue to go to therapy.

Lily says that they need to be honest with each other. It’s been going on for months, and they can’t keep doing this.

Lily puts on her coat as she leaves Billy at the restaurant

She kisses him on the cheek and gets up to get her coat to leave.

Her phone pings. It’s Daniel, asking her how her session went. Lily leaves, and Billy stays in the restaurant, looking dejected.

Billy sits on the couch, lost in thought, while Lily looks in from the outside through a window at him

Sally’s Hotel Suite

Sally’s working on her laptop when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Nick.

Sally types into her laptop while she sits at a desk in her hotel suite

He comes in, and says that he thought she was ghosting him, and wonders what’s up.

Sally welcomes Nick into her hotel suite

Sally crumples up some paper, including her “what to do in the first trimester” paper, and throws them in the trash.

Nick asks what the papers were, and Sally says they were just drafts of some stuff she was doing for Jill.

Sally talks with Nick in her hotel suite

Nick offers to look them over and offer some critiques.

Sally says that’s not necessary, and changes the subject.

Nick asks her if she’s feeling better, and Sally says that her stomach problems were temporary, she’s feeling much better now.

Nick and Sally talk in her hotel room

Nick asks if she’d like to get some dinner and take her mind off of work.

She says she’d like to stay there and work on the pitch for Jill.

He asks if she’d like take-out instead.

Sally rips up some papers and throws them in the garbage

She says yes, and Nick leaves to get some dinner for them.

Sally grabs the papers from the garbage and tears them up before shoving them back into the garbage can.

Nick comes back with a couple of takeout bags from Society, and he says that he got her one of everything.

Sally thanks him, and tells him that he’s the perfect man… Thoughtful, smart, and sexy.

Nick and Sally kiss, takeout bags in the foreground. Sally removes Nick's belt.

They kiss, and Sally takes off Nick’s belt.

They end up in bed together, and Sally says, “Do you think I’m ghosting you now?”

Nick laughs and says, “Why don’t you come ghost me in the shower next?”

Sally tells him that she needs to do a few things, and sends him to shower by himself.

She starts digging through the bags of takeout, and her stomach turns.

Sally looks through the takeout bags. It looks like she's feeling ill.

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The Abbott Mansion

Summer and Kyle are in the living room talking, and Kyle says that they need to talk about “the bomb” that she dropped at the office.

Summer says that her decision to go to Paris with Harrison hasn’t changed, she’s worried about things that are happening with Diane and Jeremy Stark.

Kyle and Summer stand in the Abbott living room, talking

Kyle says that Diane is able to handle Stark.

Summer asks what happens if Stark figures out what Diane is up to, and says that it could endanger their lives.

Kyle says that they’ve taken pains to make sure that Harrison doesn’t know what’s going on.

Kyle and Summer argue in the living room

Summer says that Harrison is smart, and knows that something is up.

Kyle says that Harrison will know something’s odd when they go to Paris.

Summer says she’ll take the nanny, and it’ll be fine. She asks if Kyle would go with them.

Summer talks with Kyle about going to Paris

Kyle says that he can’t leave. He needs to be there for his mother and for work.

Summer says that she doesn’t want anything to come between them.

Kyle says that she’s being pulled in different directions, and that she’s upset with her mother.

Kyle and Summer talk while sitting on the couch in the living room

Summer says not to make it about Phyllis, it’s all about Diane.

Kyle says that Phyllis invited chaos into town, and asks if she’s serious defending Phyllis’s actions.

Summer says that they can’t keep going over the same thing, and asks Kyle to just think about her and Harrison going to Paris, and if he’s dead-set against it, she’ll drop it.

Summer and Kyle kiss

Kyle tells Summer that he loves her, and he just wants to put all this behind them.

Summer says that she wants to protect him as much as he wants to protect her. They kiss.

Crimson Lights

Jack is sitting having a coffee when he gets a text from Diane saying, “I’ve got this.”

Sharon comes by and says hello. Jack looks perturbed, and Sharon asks what’s up.

Jack waves it off and continues to look thoughtful.

Jack talks with Sharon as he sits at a table in Crimson Lights

Sharon leaves Jack to his musings, and Jack sits there, looking at his phone.

He fidgets, and finally can’t help himself. He sends Diane a text message asking to hear that she’s OK after her meeting with Jeremy.

Jack sends a message to Diane. "Are you done with Stark? I need to hear you're okay."

Chance comes into the coffee shop and runs into Sharon.

Sharon tells him that Mariah and Tessa are seeing the birth-mother today, and asks Chance how he’s doing.

Chance tells her that his job’s OK, and talks a bit about how he’s on a new case.

Chance and Sharon stand while talking in Crimson Lights

Sharon says she was asking how his life was going, not work.

Chance says that life is “weird” right now. He feels like he has to get new habits in place because things are so different.

Sharon says that since Faith is in college, her life has changed too.

Sharon and Chance talk in the coffee shop

Sharon says she has an idea.

Sharon and Chance come back in with a bag of take-out.

Chance and Sharon talk over takeout

It’s Ethiopian, and Chance says that he’s glad she let him choose the restaurant.

They finish eating, and Sharon says that she’s glad he warned her about the heat level of that last dish.

He laughs, and says they need to do it again.

Chance smiles as he talks with Sharon

Sharon says that they really should… Maybe they can venture into a different cuisine next time… Maybe Peruvian, or Turkish?

Chance says, “Next week it is!”

Sharon smiles as she discusses next week's dinner with Chance

The Glam Club

Jeremy is sitting in the club, and has a bottle of champagne in a tub of ice.

Diane comes in and greets Jeremy. They clink glasses in a toast and drink up.

Diane meets Jeremy Stark at the Glam Club. She smiles as he stands up to greet her.

Jeremy says that he’s glad to be at the club, it reminds him of their time in Ibiza.

He says that if they’re going to work together again, they can’t go back to their favorite party spots.

Diane says that if they put their heads together, they can come up with the perfect plan.

Jeremy and Diane have a drink of champagne together while they sit and talk

Jeremy says they could travel separately, since she doesn’t have a parole officer tracking her.

Diane thinks they should stay in Genoa City, and Jeremy agrees.

He says that a place like the Glam Club would be perfect for laundering money.

Jeremy sits in the Glam Club talking with Diane

Diane says that the club is owned by Victor Newman’s grandson. She says that he doesn’t want to cross the Newman family.

Jeremy says that he’ll take her lead on this, as it sounds like she knows the town better than him.

Diane says that it’d be nice to officially be on the same side as him.

Diane sits on the couch in the Glam Club and talks with Jeremy

Jeremy says, “Not so fast, you still have to pass my loyalty test.”

Diane asks what he means.

Jeremy says that he doesn’t feel that he can trust her, she left him once. Is she staying with Jack at the Abbott house?

Diane says that Jack is done with her, and now she’s staying back in the hotel.

Jeremy pours some more champagne for him and Diane

Jeremy says that they’re neighbors, and maybe it would be more cost-effective if they shared a suite.

Diane says that they’ll make enough money with their new venture that they don’t need to worry about finances.

Jeremy says that he’s risking the most, since he just got out of prison, so he needs to know she’s loyal.

Diane asks exactly what he has in mind.

Jeremy sizes up Diane's reaction as he asks her to prove herself

Jeremy says “Something outrageous. Something that would prove that you’d go to the limit for me… And then some!”

Diane asks what he wants her to do.

Jeremy says, “Surprise me.”

Diane looks concerned as she talks with Jeremy

Crimson Lights

Diane comes into the coffee shop after meeting with Jeremy, and tells Jack about her meeting.

Sitting at a table in Crimson Lights, Jack listens as Diane tells him about her meeting with Jeremy

She says it went well, but they need to find a crime for her to commit.

Jack, surprised, says she’s playing with fire.

Diane says that ultimately, Jeremy will commit a crime, and that’ll send him back to jail, and they’ll be finished with him.

Diane sits at a table with Jack in the coffee shop, discussing her plans

She says that to prove herself, she needs to steal something of considerable value.

Jack says they can just open the safe at his house, and take some stuff from there.

Diane says that’d be too easy, and Jeremy wouldn’t believe it.

Jack and Diane talk over a coffee

Jack asks who she intends to rob?

Diane says that she’d have to steal from someone who would never in a million years help her out… She says she’ll have to find something to steal from Phyllis.

Jack says that Phyllis is too much of a wildcard, they can’t trust that she wouldn’t go off the rails and ruin their plans.

Jack reacts in shock as Diane tells him her plans

Diane says that she doesn’t want to target Ashley, as she’s Jack’s sister.

A light bulb goes off over Diane’s head… She’ll target the other member of “the coven”. Nikki.

Jack seems like he’s willing to go along with that.

Diane explains more of her plans for Jeremy to Jack

Next Week on The Young and The Restless

Billy’s at Chelsea’s apartment. She asks what happened.

“It’s over”, says Billy.

Billy tells Chelsea that his relationship with Lily is over

Tucker and Ashley end up in bed together.

Tucker says, “That’s what I missed.”

Tucker and Ashley are in bed together, naked.

Devon tells Lily that he’s worried about a different threat.

He says they have a new traitor in the company.

Devon talks with Lily as Audra listens in