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Y&R Recap for Jan 4: Abby & Devon Heat Things Up, Phyllis Rejects Summer’s Apology, and Tucker Schemes to Oust Jeremy From Genoa City

Devon and Abby kiss passionately, standing up in the living room

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, Jan 4, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Tucker wants Diane to get rid of Stark, Daniel talks with Summer about Phyllis, and Abby & Devon get hot and heavy. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Danny Reunites With Cricket, Billy Asks For Lily’s Forgiveness, and Mariah & Tessa Leave To Meet Delphine.

The Glam Club

Ashley meets with Phyllis in the club, and Phyllis is quick to tell her that Diane is back in town.

Ashley meets with Phyllis, sitting on a sofa in the Glam Club - The Young and The Restless recap for Jan 4, 2023

Phyllis tells her that Summer let everyone in town think that Phyllis made Diane flee town.

Ashley says that Jack did the same to her.

Phyllis speaks with Ashley at the Glam Club

Ashley says that Jack blames her, and he’s blinded by Diane.

Phyllis retorts that Diane’s using this to dig further into Jack’s life, and that she’s spun everything to her advantage.

Summer comes into the club, and says that she’s been trying to get in touch with Phyllis.

Summer shows up to the Glam Club to talk to Phyllis. Ashley listens in.

Phyllis says she doesn’t know why Summer wants to talk, but she’s busy right now.

Ashley excuses herself, and leaves Summer to talk with Phyllis.

Phyllis doesn’t want to talk, but Summer apologizes, and says that she’s trying to keep her family safe, and is so worried about Harrison and Kyle.

Phyllis talks with Summer in the Glam Club

Phyllis says, “You’d bend over backward for them, but do they make you think you don’t matter?”

Summer says that she’s sorry.

Phyllis says she knows she made mistakes, but she’d move mountains for Summer, but she keeps believing Diane instead of her.

Summer and Phyllis talk in the Glam Club

Daniel shows up and asks if he should bring drinks.

Phyllis is upset, and says she has to leave.

Daniel shows up at the club and sees Phyllis and Summer sitting there

Daniel sits down, and asks what Phyllis and Summer were arguing about.

Summer tells him that it was about Diane, and how Diane was at the Abbott cabin, and she didn’t tell her mother that.

Daniel says that she’s putting others over her mom.

Summer and Daniel sit on a sofa in the Glam Club and talk

Summer says that Phyllis made an anonymous call to Jeremy Stark that led him there, causing danger to her family.

Daniel says that he thinks their mom is right about Diane, and asks why she blames Phyllis.

Summer says she blames Diane.

Summer holds a wine glass while Daniel drinks from a beer bottle

Daniel says that it sounds like everyone’s being hard on Phyllis.

Summer says that Phyllis is the reason that they’re in danger, and that her marriage is having so many problems.

She says that she’s been going along with everything that Kyle wants, for the sake of her marriage.

Summer and Daniel sit on a sofa in the club, talking

Summer goes on to tell Daniel that Diane has lied to her and the family, and that she told Diane not to come between her and Kyle.

Daniel asks what Diane said to that, and Summer lets him know that “Diane said all the right things.”

Summer explains that it’s hard on Kyle, because he has abandonment issues because she left him so long ago.

Sitting on the couch in the Glam Club together, Daniel listens as Summer talks about Diane and their mother

She tells Daniel she’s glad he’s there, as she needs someone to talk to about it.

She says that Kyle has to stay strong, and she’s worried that Kyle won’t be able to see past Diane’s lies.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack and Diane are in the living room talking, and Diane says that she needs to convince Jeremy that she’s still attracted to him.

She asks if Jack is worried that she won’t be able to pull it off… Or whether he’s worried she will!

Diane and Jack talk in the Abbott living room - The Young and The Restless recap for Jan 4, 2023

Jack says it doesn’t matter how he feels about her plan. He played his part, and the only reason he went along with the scheme is to get Jeremy Stark out of their lives.

Diane says that she can handle Stark.

Jack says that after it’s over, she’ll be free of him forever.

Jack and Diane sit on a sofa in the Abbott Mansion living room, talking

Diane says that if she wants to make it seem real, that she needs to get back to her hotel room.

Jack says that he wants her to stay at the Abbott home.

Diane says that she can’t do that… If she stays there, then Jeremy wouldn’t know that she faked the fight with Jack.

Diane and Jack talk as they stand in the Abbott living room

Jack says she can stay, and to let Jeremy know that she’s using Jack. He says to let Jeremy know that she is willing to put her family in danger in order to be back with him.

Kyle walks in on the last part of this conversation, and looks surprised by what he just heard.

Kyle listens in as Jack and Diane talk

Kyle sits down, and Diane says that she needs to make this look real for Jeremy. Kyle asks how they can help.

Diane says that she told him that she needs to move back into her suite at the Grand Phoenix.

Jack asks if she’s going to cut off all contact with him and the rest of the family.

Kyle sits in an armchair, while Jack and Diane sit on the sofa in the living room of the Abbott Mansion

Diane says that she’ll tell Jeremy that she still wants to be in contact with her family, but she still wants to be with him.

She says that she has to sound cold and calculating, or Jeremy won’t believe that she’s the one who used to launder money for him.

Kyle says he doesn’t like it, and Jack agrees.

Jack gestures as he talks to Diane while they sit on the sofa

Diane says that she can’t pull it off unless she knows that both of them trust her.

Kyle offers to drive her to the hotel, but Diane says that she can’t risk Stark seeing Kyle drop her off.

She asks again if they trust her, and they say of course they do.

Kyle and Jack stand in the living room of the Abbott Mansion, talking

Diane leaves, and Kyle says to Jack that he’ll do whatever is needed to get Jeremy out of their lives.

Jack says that he’s sorry that Summer and Phyllis are at odds, but he doesn’t feel sorry for Phyllis, as she brought it on herself.

Jack and Kyle Abbott talk while standing in the living room

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Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Devon’s Apartment

Abby drops by with Dominic.

Abby shows up with Dominic to Devon's apartment - The Young and The Restless recap for Jan 4, 2023

Devon and Abby joke about Dominic’s little jacket, and Abby says she can get the same one for Devon so he’ll match.

Abby says that Chance will be dropping by to visit Dominic, and Devon says he’d like to be there.

Devon and Abby joke about Dominic's little jacket

Tucker shows up, standing in the doorway to Devon’s apartment.

Tucker snuggles with Dominic, who looks like he’s falling asleep.

Tucker snuggles with Dominic while sitting on a chair in front of the fireplace

Devon decides to take Dominic and get him settled down for a nap.

Abby says to Tucker that she wants to get to know Dominic’s grandfather, and asks him how long he’ll be in town.

Tucker says that the biggest issue is that Abby doesn’t trust him, and says that frankly, she shouldn’t.

Tucker and Abby talk while Devon is out of the room

Abby says that she knows what it takes to run a business like he’s created… God help whoever stands in his way.

Tucker says that he’s not that person anymore. Abby asks what’s changed.

Tucker says that he had an incident, which changed his life.

Abby talks with Tucker

Abby thinks he was talking about the Ashram.

Tucker agrees that it was his time in the Ashram, and says that he’d never do anything to hurt Dominic.

Abby says that he probably said the same thing about her mother, Ashley.

Abby and Tucker stand in Devon's living room, talking

She says that Tucker only returned to Genoa City after Diane returned, so it seems more like a familiar pattern than a new way of living.

She says that she knew all about his cheating ways in the past, and when she sees him saying that he won’t hurt her mother, she doesn’t believe him.

Tucker talks with Ashley in Devon's living room

Tucker says that he understands, and until he earns her trust, that she gives him the benefit of the doubt, as they will be in each other’s lives for ever.

She asks what he means by that, and he says that he’s Dominic’s grandfather, and will be there for him, and she’ll be bound to Devon by Dominic as well.

Devon comes back downstairs from tucking in Dominic.

Devon and Abby talk with Tucker

Tucker gets a message on his phone, and says he needs to leave. He gets up and heads out the door.

Devon apologizes for leaving them together, and asks what she and Tucker were talking about.

Abby says that she and Tucker were having an honest conversation, since they’re going to be spending more time together.

Devon and Abby talk in his living room

Devon says that there was a “weird vibe” between Tucker and her, and asks what that was about.

She says that Tucker just said that they’re going to be in each other’s lives because of Dominic, and she’s not sure how she feels about that.

Abby smiles and looks deeply into Devon's eyes as they talk

Devon says he appreciates that, and asks how she’s doing otherwise.

Abby stares into his eyes, and says that when they’re together, things feel uncomplicated and easy… It just feels right.

Devon smiles at Abby as they talk in his living room

Devon says he feels the exact same way, and they share a long, passionate kiss.

Devon says that he wants her to stay.

Devon and Abby kiss passionately, standing up in the living room

She says she wants to stay too, and they get undressed and make out on the living room sofa.

Diane’s Hotel Suite

Diane’s unpacking her bags, when there’s a pounding at the door.

Diane is unpacking her suitcase into the dresser, when there's a knock at the door - The Young and The Restless recap for Jan 4, 2023

A voice calls out, “It’s Jeremy Stark”… It’s obviously not, though, and then the voice says, “It’s actually Tucker!”

Diane opens the door to find Tucker there. She calls him a name, and he comes in.

Diane opens the door to her hotel suite to find Tucker standing there

He sees that she was busy with her suitcase, and wonders where she’s going… Does she have a room at the Abbott house?

She ignores the question and asks why he’s there.

Tucker says that he wants Jeremy Stark out of town, and he’s there to make sure that Diane’s going to get him out.

Diane smiles as she reacts to Tucker as they talk

Diane asks why. He says that he thinks that Stark will get in the way of his plans.

Diane says that she’s forced to deal with Jeremy Stark because of the threat that Tucker brought to the town.

Tucker makes himself comfortable, lying down on her bed, and playing with a small box. She snatches the box back from him, and says that she’s checking back into the hotel, not leaving.

Tucker makes himself comfortable on Diane's bed and plays with a box there

She says that she’s lost Jack.

Tucker scoffs, and says that she’s got Jack wrapped around her finger.

He gets up off the bed and leaves, saying he’ll see her around.

Diane smiles as Tucker leaves

The Abbott Mansion

Diane comes back to the Abbott mansion, and lets Jack and Kyle know that she moved back into the hotel.

Jack says that she can let her guard down with him, and find the perfect way to get Jeremy Stark out of her life for good.

Diane kisses Jack on the cheek in the foyer of the Abbott house - The Young and The Restless recap for Jan 4, 2023

Diane thanks him, and kisses him on the cheek.

Ashley chooses that moment to come home, and walks in while Diane is kissing Jack.

She asks what’s going on now.

Jack reacts as Ashley comes into the foyer of the Abbott house while he's with Diane

Crimson Lights

Tucker comes into the coffee shop, and sees Phyllis sitting at a table.

Phyllis is in Crimson Lights talking on her cellphone, leaving a voicemail for Amanda - The Young and The Restless recap for Jan 4, 2023

She’s leaving a voicemail for Amanda, saying that her daughter abandoned her, and says that she wants to see Amanda… She pleads for Amanda to move back to town and hangs up.

Tucker says that it sounds like she needs someone to talk to.

Tucker offers Phyllis an ear to talk to as he sees her in the coffee shop

Phyllis says she’s impervious to his charms, and that if she needs a friend, that she’ll go find some of hers.

Tucker says that they don’t need to be friends to have a beneficial relationship.

Phyllis holds up a hand at Tucker as they talk in the coffee shop