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Y&R Recap for Friday, November 18 – Diane Tells Jack About Jeremy Stark, Chelsea Tells Connor About the Hospital, and Sally & Nick Get Closer

A shirtless Nick Newman smiles at Sally Spectra as she tells him of her future plans - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, November 18, 2022. In this episode, Chelsea tells Connor about her depression, Sally and Nick discuss their future, and Diane lets Jack know what happened with Tucker and Jeremy Stark. This recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Sally and Nick get closer, causing tension with Adam, Noah and Allie have a heartfelt talk, and Chelsea meets with Connor.

Chelsea’s Apartment

Connor says how happy he is to see his mother again. He asks if he can decorate his new room however he wants. She says he can, and she’s happy he wants to have a room there.

He asks Chelsea to promise she won’t disappear on him again.

Chelsea and Connor are happy to see each other again - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Chelsea tells him that she has something serious to discuss with him, that she wants to tell him where she was the last few days.

She lets him know that she was in the hospital, and asks him if he remembers the last time she was in the hospital. He says that he thought she was sick, and asks, worriedly, if she’s sick again.

She tells him that last year she needed help because she was having problems telling what was real, and that she was confused, and that she’d recovered.

Connor hears about Chelsea being in the hospital and is comforted by Adam - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

She says that she felt herself slipping again the past few days, and that she felt it best if she went back to the hospital. She asks if he knows what depression is, and he says that it’s being sad.

He cries and says that he never meant to make her sad. Adam says that it wasn’t anything that he’d done, and Chelsea reassures him that it wasn’t him either.

She says that she’s getting better, and that she’s found this great apartment, and that she was just really struggling since Rey died. Connor says it was hard on him too.

Chelsea tells Connor about her mental illness. Billy listens in - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

She says that it was difficult for her – the way that Johnny took the news that she was his biological mom, but she’s feeling better now.

She says that it’s ok, and she’s working really hard with her doctors to see how she can get better. Connor asks if it’s over. She says it’s an illness, and it will take time to get over, but she needs help to manage it.

Connor is comforted by Adam and Chelsea - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Connor asks her if it’s not physical, how bad was it that she knew she needed to go to the hospital? She says it hurt a lot on the inside, and she just wanted the pain to stop, so she knew.

Connor asks if it was so bad that she wanted to die. He says that he’s not a kid anymore, and knows what it means to “unalive yourself”. He says that he’s heard about it online.

Chelsea admits that she felt that for a time, that she was feeling desperate and alone, and thought it’d be easier to just not be there. Connor hugs her and tells her that he’ll help her.

Chelsea hugs Connor after she tells him she'd been in the hospital - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Chelsea says that she’s not going to keep anything from Connor going forward, and Adam says that they’re a family, and that he doesn’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed for his mother.

Connor asks Adam if he can stay with his mom so she doesn’t have to be alone. Adam says sure, that he’ll go pick up his stuff from The Ranch. He leaves to go pick it up.

Chelsea says it’s her job to take care of Connor, and she says it’s the best job in the world.

Adam, Connor and Chelsea talk about her depression - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022


Diane shows up and asks Jack why he’s not responding to her messages. He says he’s busy and hasn’t had a chance.

Diane shows up to Jabot

She says it’s an urgent matter, and Jack says it’s always an urgent matter with her.

Diane says that Jack needs to walk out for Tucker, and that there’s something that Jack doesn’t know about L.A. She says that Tucker wanted her to share documents about Jabot’s financials.

Diane asks Jack to watch out for Tucker - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Jack gets angry, saying that it just goes to figure that she was hiding something, that she should have told him immediately about this. He slams some files down on the desk, frustrated with her.

Jack is upset at Diane's reveal about withholding information - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Diane says that she wanted to tell him, but didn’t want to cause any more drama. Jack says he asked her so many times if there was more between her and Tucker, and she never told him.

She says that she never gave Tucker any information about Jabot, and that he’s planning on using Jeremy Stark to get back at her. She says that Nikki, Ashley, and Phyllis are going to tell Jeremy where she is.

Jack reacts to Diane's revelations about Tucker - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Jack asks how much she’s told Kyle about the situation, and she says that she told him about Jeremy Stark’s release, and that Kyle said that he’d protect her.

Jack says that the last thing he wants is to put his son in a dangerous situation. He asks if she had a hand in putting Jeremy Stark behind bars. She admits that she made a deal… Immunity for turning him in anonymously.

Jack learns more about Jeremy Stark from Diane - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Jack thinks she made the right decision, and Diane says that Ashley is still coming after her. Jack says that he talked to her and asked her to back off.

Diane says that Ashley hasn’t backed off, in fact she’s coming after her even harder.

Abbott Mansion

Abby arrives crying, and immediately hugs Ashley. “Mom it’s bad. Really bad.”

Abby tells Ashley that things are really bad - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

She says that she thinks her marriage is over with Chance, and that he doesn’t think that he’s the right person for her. Ashley asks if he wants to leave the marriage because he cheated on her.

Abby says that it wasn’t Chance… She cheated on him!

Abby tells Ashley that she cheated on Chance - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Ashley asks if it was a one-off, and that she assumes that she’ll never see this person again. Abby says that he’ll be involved with her life forever… And Dominic’s.

Ashley figures out quickly that it was Devon, and says that sometimes, things just happen. They hug.

Abby and Ashley talk about her indiscretions with Devon - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Ashley says that if she wants to continue having a relationship with Chance, that she has to change her relationship with Devon. Abby reluctantly agrees.

Jack comes home, and asks to speak to Ashley alone. Abby says that she has to leave, and heads out.

Jack asks why Ashley is still going after Diane - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

He asks Ashley why she’s still going after Diane, after he asked her to leave her alone.

Ashley says that he knows what type of person that Diane is, and yet, he’s constantly going to battle for her.

Jack says that Tucker is using Ashley, and tells her that Diane told him that Tucker had tried to get Diane to get Jabot’s financial information, but turned on her when he couldn’t get that information.

Sally’s Suite at the Grand Phoenix

Nick drops Sally off, and she asks him in for a drink. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want to talk about his loan offer.

Sally invites Nick in for a drink - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Sally asks what he thinks about Nate as the new CEO. He says he’s not sure how he’ll do, and that he still misses the old CEO.

She says that she has actually considered his offer, but she wants to make sure that he knows that she’s not trading for romantic favors.

Sally and Nick talk about the CEO position - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

He says that he doesn’t think that’s the case. He says that his offer has nothing to do with their relationship, that he thinks that she’s very talented, and he wants to help her start her own fashion line.

Sally says that she doesn’t want to start another fashion line. She says that running Newman Media gave her a taste of something bigger, that she doesn’t want to take a step backwards.

Nick and Sally talk about her future - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Nick asks what she’s looking to do. She says that maybe an event planning business or interior design… She’s not sure yet. Nick says that she’d be successful with either of those two choices, or anything she puts her mind to.

He tells her to just take it one step at a time, and he’ll be right by her side to help her figure it out.

Sally asks about Her and Nick's relationship - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

She says that she has to turn down his generous offer, because she doesn’t want anyone thinking that she’s only succeeded because Nick Newman bankrolled everything. She asks if that makes sense, and he agrees.

Nick says he can’t wait to see her rise to the top, and she says that maybe he can be by her side in a different way. He says he wants to spend more time with her.

Nick and Sally kiss passionately - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

She asks what they are, if they’re just friends, or if it’s going somewhere. He says he sure hopes so, and they kiss passionately. They end up in bed together.

Afterward, they talk about celebrating what they’re going to do in their new chapter of their relationship, and about her new business venture.

Nick comes out of the shower to find Sally drawing up plans - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

He invites Sally to come have a shower with him, but she has an idea, and starts drawing something on a tablet.

He comes out of the shower, and she shows him what she’s come up with. He thinks that it’s fantastic, and can’t wait to see what comes of it.

A shirtless Nick Newman smiles at Sally Spectra as she tells him of her future plans - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022


Phyllis is having a drink at the bar when Tucker walks in. She asks to buy him a drink, but he says he’s waiting on a take-out order.

Phyllis asks to buy Tucker a drink - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

She says she’d like to propose a toast to the information he fed to Ashley. They drink to it.

She leans in close and asks him what he plans to get out of everything.

Phyllis asks Tucker what he's getting out of this - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Tucker says that his whole focus is on Ashley. Phyllis says, snarkily, that it sounds like he’s done some soul searching.

He says that he wanted only wanted to know more about Ashley, but Phyllis doesn’t seem to believe that’s his only motivation.

Diane tells Phyllis and Tucker to watch out, that she's ready for them - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

Diane shows up and sees Phyllis and Tucker together, and tells Phyllis that she’d better watch out about coming after her, she’s ready for them.