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Home » Y&R Recap for November 17, 2022 – Tension Builds Between Nick & Adam, Connor Reunites With His Mother, and Noah Tells Allie About Audra

Y&R Recap for November 17, 2022 – Tension Builds Between Nick & Adam, Connor Reunites With His Mother, and Noah Tells Allie About Audra

Chelsea and Connor hug, and he says how much he missed her - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, November 17th, 2022. In this episode, Sally and Nick get closer, causing tension with Adam, Noah and Allie have a heartfelt talk, and Chelsea meets with Connor. This episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Adam wants Chelsea to wait to tell Connor what happened to her, Sally and Chloe meet with Nick, and Chelsea gets a new apartment.


Sally meets with Nick for dinner, and she sees Adam there at the bar. She says hello, and gets a snarky greeting from him.

She says that she doesn’t need any problems, she’s just there to have dinner with Nick, and says that Adam doesn’t need to be angry that she’s meeting with Nick, that it’s no longer his business, and he did it to himself.

Adam sees Sally and Nick at Society - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Sally says that he broke up with her, so it shouldn’t bother him that she’s with Nick. They go to their table, leaving Adam at the bar, as Sally doesn’t want to be around him and his attitude.

Nick talks to Adam - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Crimson Lights

Allie comes into the coffee shop and sees Noah. She says that she went to the club and saw him there with Audra in his arms.

Allie confronts Noah about seeing him and Audra embracing - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

He tells her it’s not what she’s thinking. He says that he’ll tell her everything, but not at the coffee shop.

The Glam Club

Noah and Allie show up at the club, and he reveals how Audra told him that she was pregnant with his baby and had a miscarriage.

She says she’s sorry, and asks why Audra waited until now to say anything. Noah says that their relationship was on the rocks, and he left her before she could tell him.

Noah tells Allie about Audra's pregnancy and miscarriage - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

He says that it hurt him that she had to go through that alone, and that he hugged her to comfort her, and that’s what Allie walked in on.

Allie asks how Noah’s feeling about it all. He says he’s having conflicting emotions about almost being a father, but he’s trying not to dwell on it too much.

She asks if the news made him see Audra in a different light.

Allie listens while Noah explains about Audra - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

He says that nothing has changed in the way he sees Audra.

He says that he feels terrible that she had to go through it on her own, and that she was too upset and too proud to let him know before, but it doesn’t change who she is or how toxic their relationship was.

He tells her that it’s the past, and that the present and future is there with Allie. She smiles and they kiss, saying that she’s happy they talked this over.

Noah and Allie kiss while Audra looks on - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Audra happens to show up at that moment and sees them kissing. Noah makes eye contact with her, and she leaves.

Noah makes eye contact with Audra and she leaves - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Chelsea’s Apartment

There’s a knock at the door, it’s Sharon and Billy. They’ve packed up her hotel suite and have brought everything over to her new apartment.

Sharon and Billy bring Chelsea's belongings to her apartment - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

She tells Sharon that she didn’t need to do this for her, but Sharon says that she had to give her the keys. She hands them over.

Chelsea is grateful, and says that it’s challenging, changing homes again.

Chelsea is grateful for the apartment  - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

She says that she’s juggling a lot of emotions, that it’s hard for her to accept that she doesn’t have a safe haven at this stage in her life. Sharon says that she hopes that this will become her haven.

Billy says that she shouldn’t ruminate on that, and she can take time to settle in. Chelsea says that she wants to tell Connor today about everything. She thinks that it’ll be best if she can tell Connor about the crisis she went through.

Billy and Sharon reassure Chelsea that talking to Connor is the right thing to do - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Billy and Sharon think that she’s going to do what’s right for Connor and Adam. Lily messages Billy, and he leaves, wishing Chelsea well.

Sharon says she hopes that Chelsea doesn’t mind if she sticks around, as she has something very important for Chelsea. She brings out a picture of Chelsea and Connor together, and gives it to Chelsea.

Chelsea smiles and says that it’s the most important thing, not just for her, but for when Connor gets there. She says he’s done with practice, and that she’s counting the minutes until he gets there.

Chelsea prepares for Connor's arrival - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

She calls Billy to see what’s happening, and he agrees to bring Connor over to talk to her.

Sharon says that she’s happy for this, and she says to trust her instincts. She asks if there’s anything else she can do for her.

Chelsea says that she just needs some time to mentally prepare for the visit with Connor. Sharon says to let her know, and leaves Chelsea to get ready.


Billy’s phone rings, it’s Chelsea. He asks her to hold on a minute, and puts her on hold, walking past Sally and Nick’s table to go outside.

Billy gets a phone call from Chelsea - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

He says that he’s glad she called, that he’d gone to the hospital, but they said she’d already been discharged. He asks how she is.

She says that she’s feeling better, thanks to Sharon, and tells him that she’s renting the apartment above Crimson Lights from her.

Billy accepts that Chelsea is going to tell Connor about why she was missing - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

She asks if Adam can bring Connor by after he picks him up. Adam asks if she’s thought about it, and she says that she hasn’t changed her mind, that she spoke to her therapist about it.

She says she’s ready to tell Connor the truth, and hopes that Adam can support her decision.

Chelsea speaks to Adam about bringing Connor up to see her - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Adam continues to resist the idea. Chelsea explains how the doctor told her to talk to him.

Adam agrees that he’ll go get Connor and bring him by shortly. Frustrated, he looks in the window at Sally and Nick enjoying their dinner.

Nick and Sally enjoy their dinner while Adam watches jealously through the window - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Sally and Nick are almost finished the appetizer, and they playfully argue over who’s going to have the last of it.

“Carpe Diem! Seize the day”, he says. She jokes that she thought it meant “Seize the last appetizer!”.

Nick and Sally enjoy their meal - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

He mentions how he learned Latin at boarding school in Switzerland.

She exclaims that it must have been great there, what with the skiing and chocolate.

Nick tells Sally about going to boarding school, and how he left it - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Nick laughs, and says it was tough, he never followed the rules, and one day he just snuck off campus, flew home, and told his parents he was never going back.

He says how he likes being back in Genoa City, and how much he loves his family, even though they have their issues. Sally says that’s a perfect segue, to hold him to the promise he made.

Sally asks Nick about what he wants in life - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

He asks what she means, and she says that he promised to tell her what he wanted out of life. Nick says that he has almost everything he wants.

He says he’s happy with his position and his work, has four incredible kids, and has solid relationships with Sharon and Phyllis, who will always be a part of his life.

Nick tells Sally that he's happy with his life - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Sally says that she admires how he and Sharon value and care for each other, and how Noah and Faith must really appreciate that.

Nick says that he wants Sally to know that he’s not pining away for Sharon like Adam suggested. She asks where he is, emotionally speaking.

He says that he would like someone to share his life with. He laughs and says that he just wanted to be honest with her, that she shouldn’t take that as a loaded comment.

Chancellor Park

Billy meets Lily at the park. She asks how Chelsea is, since she seems to be his main focus lately.

Billy and Lily meet at Chancellor Park - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

He says he wants to clear the air, and that Chelsea gave him the go-ahead to let her know what was happening.

He tells Lily that Chelsea tried to take her own life.

Billy tells Lily that Chelsea tried to take her own life - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Lily says that Billy had told her that she had needed help, but she didn’t know that it was that bad.

Billy explains that everything just compounded and led up to this, how she felt that she never had anyone after Rey died.

Lily wonders why having Connor’s need for her wouldn’t help to pull her out of her pain. Billy says that she couldn’t see any other way out, and she wanted it to end.

Lily wonders why Chelsea was in such pain - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Lily is stunned, and relates how when she was in prison, that she was depressed and felt so guilty, though she’d never been suicidal over it.

She says that she understands how serious it must have been for Chelsea to get to that point. Billy’s grateful that Lily understands, and why he needed to be there for Chelsea.

Billy tells Lily how he had to support Chelsea through her pain - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Billy says that it wasn’t about him, and Lily says that it must have taken an emotional toll on him. She asks why he didn’t tell her about it sooner.

He says that it wasn’t really his to share with her, as it was a delicate story, and it was extremely personal for Chelsea.

Lily asks where Chelsea has been for all this time, and he tells her that she was in a mental health facility, and now she’s staying in the apartment over Crimson lights now that Tessa and Mariah have moved out.

Lily figures out that Billy saved Chelsea's life - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Lily says that she just hopes that Chelsea is going to be OK. She asks how Chelsea is now, and Billy says that after therapy, she’s in a better headspace.

Lily puts two and two together, and figures out that he was on the rooftop when Chelsea was about to jump. She realizes that he didn’t just support her, he saved her life.

Crimson Lights

Connor and Adam walk in to the coffee shop, where they meet with Sharon.

Connor asks if his mom is meeting them there, and Adam and Sharon let him know that she’s upstairs in the apartment.

Connor and Billy arrive at Crimson Lights - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Connor says he’s happy, that he never liked her staying in the hotel. He goes to get a treat for Chelsea from the counter while Adam speaks with Sharon.

Adam thanks Sharon for letting Chelsea move in upstairs, and that she knows that he has concerns about Connor finding out what happened with her. She says that she thinks that Chelsea is ready for it.

Adam tells Sharon that he's still unsure if Chelsea should tell Connor what happened - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

He says that he appreciates her candor, but doesn’t think it’ll be any easier. He sends Chelsea a text message, “We’ll be up in a minute.”

Chelsea responds, “I’m ready.”

Chelsea’s Apartment

There’s a knock at the door. Chelsea calls out that the door is open, and Connor and Adam show up. She invites them in.

Billy and Connor arrive at Chelsea's apartment - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022

Adam says that they just stopped by downstairs because Connor wanted to bring her the caramel brownies she loves so much.

Chelsea says how happy she is to see Connor, and they hug. Connor says he missed her so much, and didn’t know why she was avoiding her.

Connor hugs Chelsea and says he missed her - Y&R Recap for Nov 17, 2022